Your Legs or Your Wife

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright┬ę 2010 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: A debt has to be way or another.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Cheating   Gang Bang   .


It happened so damn fast that I didn't even have time to do a thing. One minute I was watching TV and the next I was pushed against the wall and had five guys threatening to break both my legs.

I was watching Monday Night Football when the doorbell rang. I hollered for Maggie to get it, but she must not have heard me. It rang twice more and then I got up to answer it, and then - boom - I was against the wall. I was surprised, sure, but I knew what it was all about as soon as I saw Mike walk in. Attracted by all the commotion Maggie came into the room and I damn near died of embarrassment; no makeup, her hair in curlers, wearing a ragged flannel nightgown and fuzzy pink slippers. To top things off you could tell she was at least four months pregnant.

"What's going on here?' she asked.

Before I could say anything Mike said, "I'm here to collect a debt" and then he turned to me and said, "And if I don't get what I came here for I'm going to break both of your legs."

"Hey Mike," I said, "I told you I'd pay you as soon as I get that 289 rebuilt and sell it."

He snorted, "You been telling me that story for over six months now and I'm not going to wait any longer. You got the money?"

I shook my head no.

He said, "That's too bad. Louie, go get the baseball bat!"

As Louie left the room Maggie asked in a frightened voice, "What are you going to do?"

Mike told her that he was going to break both of my legs and, "make an example of this limp dick you married. When everyone sees him hobbling around on crutches with a cast on each leg I don't figure anyone else will welch on their bets."

Maggie asked how much I owed and Mike told her. "You got the money to bail him out?' and when Maggie said no Mike said, "Too bad. I don't like doing what I got to do, its just business, you know?"

Louie came in carrying an aluminum baseball bat and Maggie freaked, "You can't do that. If you break his legs he won't be able to work and we got another kid on the way. We need his paycheck. Please don't hurt him."

I saw an evil look come over Mike's face and he said, "You want to pay his debt?"

Maggie said, "I already told you I don't have any money."

Mike leered at her and said, "Who said anything about money? You give me one of those great blowjobs you used to give me and I'll call things even." Maggie turned red and I shouted "No!" and tried to break loose from the guys holding me against the wall. Mike said, "Gag him and tie him to one of those dining room chairs. While the guys were tying me down Mike was saying, "Come on Maggie. What's a little sex among friends? I remember when you use to beg to fuck you. And you did it for nothing. This time you'll be getting something for it."

I need to give a little background here. Maggie used to be the town punchboard before I married her. I don't think there was a male in town between the ages of fifteen and fifty that hadn't dipped their wick in Maggie's puddle. Why had I married her? Because she got pregnant and told her folks it was mine. Her folks went to my folks and the next thing I knew I was the guest of honor at a shotgun wedding. Surprisingly enough, the marriage was a good one, not that the first six months weren't rough on Maggie. But that was my fault, not hers. She worked hard at being a good wife and making me a home, but I was bitter at having to marry and support the slut that everyone in town had been fucking. Supporting some other asshole's bastard was not what I had planned to do with my life. With as many cocks as she'd had I'll never know how Maggie knew that I was the father, but when little Roy popped out with a full head of red hair like mine and the same big honker of a nose that me, my dad and granddad sported in the middle of our faces, there was no doubt about who the father was. And Maggie was a changed person. Oh, the guys still came sniffing around and tried to hustle her, but she remained true to me and the two of us eventually came together and ended up falling in love.

And now here was Mike trying to drag her back down to what she used to be. "It ain't being unfaithful, not when he knows. He can even watch. How about it? You going to save your old man some pain?"

Maggie had her head hung down and she whispered, "I can't. I'm not that way anymore."

"Pity" said Mike, "Louie, hand me that bat." He walked over toward me, got a good grip on the bat and just as he started his back swing Maggie shouted, "Stop! Don't do it. I'll do what you want, just don't hurt him."

Mike tossed the bat aside and said, "Good girl. The man doesn't appreciate what he's got in you."

They lifted me up and carried me into the living room so I'd be forced to watch. Mike peeled Maggie's nightgown off her and stepped back to look. "I swear, nothing looks sexier than a pregnant lady. Even with those curlers in your hair you are one sexy broad, but them pink slippers have to go. One of you guys find their bedroom and see if you can find me some sexy high heels, something that will counter balance them curlers."

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