The Golden Rule Really Rules!

by MuffDiver

Copyright┬ę 2010 by MuffDiver

Erotica Sex Story: After 20 plus years of marriage Alan is frustrated with a wife who has lost interest in sex and refuses to accommodate his erotic desires. One day in a big traffic jam he performs a generous act of kindness for a strange and beautiful woman and reaps rewards far beyond his wildest dreams.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   BiSexual   Heterosexual   True Story   Cheating   Slut Wife   Cuckold   Wife Watching   Incest   Father   Daughter   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Voyeurism   Slow   Prostitution   .


One of the most common aphorisms, or sound bites, that one often hears about the kind of life one should live is the Golden Rule:

"Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

I believe in the Golden Rule and I try to live by it because I also believe in another common aphorism that says,

"You reap what you sow,"

and I try and sow good things in the hopes that some day good things will be returned to me. A couple of years ago I had an experience that changed my life and has really convinced me of the wisdom in that prescription for living.

It was a nice Friday afternoon about 3:00 pm in April and I had just left work and was on my way home on the parkway. I lived about ten miles away in a little subdivision right outside the beltway and the commute usually only took about 20 minutes at the most. I was in the left hand lane zipping along pretty briskly when all of a sudden after about a mile of travel all traffic in the two lanes in my direction jammed up and came to a halt.

"Oh no...", I thought in dismay, " ... not another traffic accident on a Friday afternoon."

Traffic was moving at a snail's pace with constant stop and go movement at about 1 or 2 miles per hour. This had gotten to be a not so rare occurrence on Fridays over the last year so I resigned myself to at least another hour or two before I would get home and settled down to creep along with my mind in neutral just letting random thoughts and ideas float across my consciousness.

My wife, Helen, had left on Wednesday morning for St Louis to play in a regional duplicate bridge tournament and would not be back home for about two weeks. The tournament would last for five days and be over on Sunday, but then she was heading up to Chicago for about 9 or 10 days to visit some mutual friends of ours who were also bridge players.

I was wondering how she was doing in the bridge tournament and also wondered if she had found another female bridge player to share her hotel room. She usually tries to team up with some other woman bridge player to share a hotel room with to keep expenses down, or at least that's what she usually tells me that she intends to do, but she hadn't tried this time. Then I started wondering if the reason why was because she had planned to meet some male bridge playing friend or friends to sleep with during the tournament.

Even though Helen and I had not had any sex with each other in a very long time, my imagined vision of her fucking and sucking off other men and gobbling down their loads of cum always excited my imagination and was guaranteed to turn my cock into a rigid, hot piece of meat. And as I sat there stalled in that traffic jam in the high riding cab of my 4x4 pickup truck, I thought it would be a good time to leisurely beat my meat and get my rocks off.

So I began zoning out and conjuring up in my mind different fantasy scenarios about how Helen might be sucking some guy's cock and eating his cum and fucking his brains out at night after a day of bridge playing, or maybe taking on two or three guys from one of her bridge teams to let all the members of her team fuck her in her cunt, ass, and mouth at the same time. It was particularly erotically exciting to imagine her with a cock n her cunt, and a cock in her ass, and a cock in her mouth, all of them shooting cum into her body and filling her up with thick, creamy cock sauce.

Now you might think that is a very bizarre fantasy for a man to have about his wife, especially a wife that he isn't fucking on a regular basis, so maybe I ought to offer a little explanation for having that kind of fantasy about my wife.

Helen and I were both 41 at that time. We first met in our freshman year in high school when we were both 15 years old and had been sweethearts all through high school. She was a real knockout- a beautiful blond virgin with a perfect hourglass figure of soft but firm flesh sitting on two long slim legs and topped by two spectacular big tits. Every stud in school had made a run on her cunt hoping to be the one to capture her cherry, but she turned them all away, and for some reason that I will never really understand, she picked me!

But don't misunderstand me, I wasn't a nerd or a geek or anything like that. But I also wasn't one of those larger than life, big time star athletic jocks that all the girls used to swoon over so much. You know- the kind that the girls would just lie down and spread their legs for and offer up their cunts on a silver platter. I was just an average good looking guy, but not a Greek Adonis; an average good varsity athlete, but not a superstar; an average C+ to B student, but no Einstein.

BUT, I did have one very big thing going for me. I had an 8 inch cock when it was hard and ready for action and my buddies labeled me with the nickname, "Hose". It was pretty common knowledge around school why I was labeled with that nickname. I used to think that was the reason that Helen chose me for a boyfriend, but I don't anymore as I will explain shortly.

Two months after we started going steady in our freshman year I broke her cherry and for the next three years we fucked and sucked each other off like rabbits. Helen loved to suck my cock and eat my cum and I got my cock sucked off almost every day and often more than once a day- especially on those days when she was on the rag. But right after our senior year started we screwed up, and I knocked her up. I did the "right thing" and married her and one week after graduation she had twin baby girls. We were both just barely 18 years old and so up to the time of this story, we had been married for 23 years- almost 24 years.

For the first ten to twelve years of our marriage our sex life was great but then it started to taper off in frequency and intensity. Helen had started playing duplicate bridge several years before and her skills had developed rapidly and she was deeply involved in the game. At the same time that her interest and participation in duplicate bridge began taking off with increasing intensity, so did her interest in robust sex seemed to have began declining with a corresponding decrease in frequency and intensity.

She began competing seriously at duplicate bridge, going off frequently on short two day weekend trips to play in local club duplicate bridge tournaments around the metro area and nearby towns, and continued to build her reputation in our region as a top flight bridge player. Over the next four or five years sex between us had become so perfunctory and routine that it just didn't excite me any more.

Helen stopped giving me blow jobs and stopped initiating any kind of sex with me and on the few occasions when I was horny enough to want to cunt fuck her with my cock, she would just lay there and let me poke my cock in and out of her cunt until I shot my wad. And so I started casting around for something to spice up our sex life or at the very least, spice up my sex life.

It was at about this time that our twin daughters, Sandra and Amanda turned 15 and had developed into two really beautiful, blond, hot, little teenage sex pots with great tits, tight cunts and asses, and long tapered legs. All of a sudden, in my sex starved state of mind, I found myself fantasizing and obsessing about fucking my daughters and having them suck my cock and eat my cum.

While I never knew for certain at that time, I was positive in my own mind that my twins had become little fuck sluts at their high school which only exacerbated my overwhelming desire to fuck their little brains out over a very bad twelve to eighteen month period during their last two years of high school when all I could think about was fucking them and having them give me cum eating blow jobs.

I'm very glad today that I was able to resist those primitive, animalistic urges until they left for college because they are now 25 years old and both of them have been high class call girl whores for almost three years. I would have been totally engulfed in remorse and guilt if I had seduced and fucked them both when they were teenagers, which would have made me think that I was the cause of their becoming whores.

I found out they were whores about three years ago when I paid them a visit when they were living and supposed to be working in New York. Helen and I thought they were working in journalism because that's what they studied in college, but they admitted to me they were call girl whores. They also told me that they knew that I had wanted to fuck them in the worst way when they were sexy young teens and they used to have fun by "accidentally" flashing their tits and cunts around me to get me all worked up with a hard on.

They said that at one time they started to seduce me, because they wanted to try out my huge cock. But then they thought better of it since they were afraid Helen might have found out and created a big problem for them, and they were already getting plenty of fucking at school as high school fuck sluts and didn't want to screw that up. They were very happy that I had visited them without Helen (she was at a bridge tournament) because that gave them a second chance to sample my 8 inch cock and they made the most of it.

What I never knew, (and until recently, thought that Helen didn't know either-which I'll tell you about later) was that after the twins left home for college, that they had supplemented the meager allowances that I could afford to give them while they were in college by working as escort girl type whores fucking and sucking off their clients, and they enjoyed it so much that they decided on their own to become full time professional whores when they graduated college three years ago.

They now have a very lucrative high priced call girl whoring business called Sandy-Mandy Professional Services Enterprises. Their business card reads:

Sandy-Mandy Professional Services Enterprises

The S&M Twin Delights

Two for the Price of One

Don't Be A Dreamer. Be A Doer, and Do Us!!

Incalls: 1-800-696-6969 Outcalls: 1-800-696-9696

They are making a ton of money- at least five or six times as much as I earn for sure. I'm not surprised either, as I got a first hand introduction to their amazing sexual skills that first time I visited them three years ago and had a fantastic two days and nights letting them fuck and suck my brains out. Since then I made up nine other bogus "business excuses" to make trips to New York where I would lay back and relax to let them get on top of me to fuck me, suck my cock and eat my cum, and then sit on my face so I could suck the cream pies out of their cunts.

On each visit I urged them to move their business to the Washington metro area where they would have access to a much larger and more diverse pool of clients who would pay even more for their services than they were getting in New York, with the added bonus of getting to keep more of what they earned since their living expenses would be dramatically lower than it was in Manhattan. (And of course that would make it a lot easier for me to fuck and suck out their cunts a lot more often.) They made me very happy when they finally took me up on the idea and moved to a nice condo apartment in Maryland just two blocks north of the DC line and set up business about nine months ago. Those twins are really good to me and I really love fucking them on a regular basis now.

Anyway, I'm digressing again, so back to my story about the Golden Rule.

I finally succeeded in diverting my passion for fucking my twin daughters when they were still at home going to high school, by focusing all of my energies over the next few years on trying to get my wife to agree to start swinging and urging her to fuck other men, or maybe work up to fucking other men by starting with some lesbian affairs. I had confided in some friends at work about how stale and infrequent married sex between Helen and I had become.

They told me that when that had happened in their marriages, the thing that turned it around and made sex exciting again was when they and their wives started swinging and began fucking and sucking off other partners. They said nothing was more erotic and sexually exciting than watching their wives hump their cunts on other men's cocks and then suck off the cocks of those other men and slurp up their cum.

I thought a lot about their suggestions and did a lot of web surfing on the internet about the subject. The more I thought about it, the more I became excited by just thinking about and visualizing fantasies of Helen straddling other men and riding their cocks with her cunt with her great tits bouncing up and down and then sucking out their cocks and eating their cum.

I tried to convince Helen how much it would turn me on and put some much needed passion back in our sex life if she would fuck and suck off other men for me while I watched. But she said she was satisfied with our sex life and that I was just going through a typical male mid-life crisis that would eventually pass. She said she would try to help me get the old zest for sex back again, but not the way I wanted her to do it. She said what I wanted her to do was to be a whore and she wouldn't turn herself into a whore for anything.

I then told her that I didn't actually have to watch her fucking and sucking off other men and women, but that she could do it in private and then later if she would just talk dirty to me while I was fucking her and tell me what she did to them and what they did to her and how much she liked feeling their big cocks in her cunt filling it up with their hot cum, or how it felt and tasted to have that hot cum or cunt juice flooding her mouth and slithering down her throat while I had my cock in her cunt, that would be enough to drive me wild for her body and drive me to orgasm and shoot my cum deep into her cunt...

I was hoping that she would take the obvious unspoken hint that I was trying to give her without being explicit about it was to realize that she wouldn't have to actually have sex with other men or women, but that all she had to do was to make up stories about fucking other men or sucking out cunts and as long as she never admitted they were fake and let me believe that she really was fucking other men, that would be enough to turn me on.

I think she really did understand that she could fake it, but for some reason known only to her, she purposely chose not to humor me because she wanted to make me expose how kinky and weak, and in her mind, what a degenerate pervert wimp I had become, by forcing me to humiliate myself by begging her to make up fake stories to help me with my problem. But I still had some tiny bit of my self-respect left and I absolutely refused to sink that low.

So at that point our sex life continued over the next couple of years on a downward spiral of fewer and fewer instances of attempted fucking and zero instances of cock or cunt sucking between Helen and I until it reached the point that on the rare occasions when she felt horny enough for some reason to try and initiate sex with me, I could not even generate a hard on.

When that happened she would complain that I must not love her anymore if I couldn't even make my dick get hard enough to fuck her when she wanted me to make love to her and she started accusing me of being a closet queer if I couldn't even make my cock get hard enough to fuck a cunt.

I told her that of course I loved her and would always love her, but that my inability to get a hard on had nothing to do with love and that she knew how to turn me on if she really wanted to. Then she would reply if I meant that it would require her to become a whore and fuck other men and give them cum eating blow jobs like a common whore, that she just couldn't do that and that would end things until the next time she would feel horny and try again with the same result.

It was during that period of our marriage that she really started playing a lot of big time tournament bridge and going off for long 6 to 10 day trips to play in big regional and national duplicate bridge tournaments. She had been playing bridge for about fifteen years by then and had developed a reputation as a top flight bridge player so I didn't think it particularly unusual for her to start going to big regional and national tournaments. I just thought that she might be replacing the lack of sexual intimacy in our married life with her passion for bridge.

In my case, I just renewed my earlier adolescent passion of beating off my meat a lot to take care of my needs. And for the last three or four years or so I would beat off every day and some times two or three times a day.

Then about a year later I had come home a day early without warning from an out of town business trip. (It was another trip to New York where I actually had some real business to conduct during the days, but I spent my nights letting my two whoring daughters cunt fuck my cock and have them give me cum eating blow jobs after which I would suck out their cunts and eat their delicious cream pies.) When I arrived at my house that evening about 10:00 pm, I saw a strange car parked in the driveway so I parked on the curb in front of the house.

It wasn't that I was suspicious or anything, but I had this strange little feeling begin to come over me making the hairs on the back of my neck start to stand up and so I walked up to our front door and quietly let myself in with my key. (Many months later when I thought about that night I decided that "strange little feeling" was the beginning of an erotic, hopeful, state of anticipation that I would finally find Helen fucking some strange man or maybe sucking off his cock and eating his hot cum.)

Anyway, when I quietly walked through the front door and stepped into our foyer, I could hear moaning and groaning interspersed with staccato little cries coming from our living room. I crept down the hall and when I peeked around the corner of the wall into the living room, I saw a pair of pants, a shirt, and some jockey shorts along with Helen's dress, bra and panties strewn all over the floor with Helen on our living room couch naked on top of Phil Hessler, another bridge player, with his cock stuffed deep in her cunt.

She was cunt humping that hard piece of meat for all she was worth with her big tits bouncing up and down crying out in ecstasy and it sounded like she was starting to hit the peak of an orgasm as she cried out,

"Fuck me Phil ... Fuck me hard and shoot me your hot cum baby ... Oh God ... I'm cumming ... god I'm cumminnnngggggg!!...",

and Phil was gasping, "It's boiling up out of my balls baby ... I can feel it cumming doll..."

At that moment Helen pulled her cunt off his cock and quickly slid her face down over his cock just as it started shooting out cum. The first wad hit her square on her nose and then she got her lips wrapped around that spurting cock and began sucking up and swallowing all that hot, creamy cum as he filled her mouth with his hot love juice.

Helen then laid her head in his crotch licking up all the cum that had escaped her mouth off his cock and balls with her tongue as she came down off her orgasm and then said,

"God Phil, you are a fantastic cocksman baby and your cock sauce is the best I have ever tasted. Let's smoke a joint now sweetie and rest for a little while and then I want you to ram your magnificent love rod up my ass and fuck me in my ass hole doggie style and fill it up with your hot cum."

Phil said, "You got it doll. But first sit on my face for a little while so I can suck the delicious cunt juice out of your sweet cunt. That heavenly nectar will help me to quickly build up another big charge of creamy cum to fill up your ass with."

My cock was hard as a rock and I was so erotically excited watching my wife cunt hump Phil's cock and then sucked the spurting cum out of his big cock and swallowing it down her throat that I needed to beat off in the worst way. So I sneaked back out the front door and beat my meat there on our front porch until I spewed my cum out all over our porch. Then I decided to go find a motel to spend the night while I thought about how to use this knowledge about Helen fucking and sucking off Phil to my advantage.

I had been trying for almost five years to get Helen interested in trying a little wife swapping and engage in some group sex with other couples and this seemed like a golden opportunity that I did not want to waste.

The next morning I stood watch on my driveway in my car from a couple of blocks away down the street until I finally saw Hessler leave my house at about 12:30 and I waited about another two and a half hours before I returned home. Helen would have been expecting me to arrive around 1:30, but I guessed that she and Hessler had been fucking and sucking each other all morning and I wanted to give her plenty of time to clean herself up and wash all of his cum off her body and out of her hair before I arrived.

When I finally showed up around three o'clock, Helen met me and gave me a quick perfunctory kiss, more like a little peck on the lips than a kiss, and she asked if I had had a good trip and I replied that other than the hour and a half take-off delay for a minor aircraft maintenance problem that morning, it had been very satisfying and inquired how the last few days had been for her. (I was dying to tell her that I had spent three straight nights in bed with Sandy and Mandy fucking them and eating out their cunts and having them give me great cum eating blow jobs, but I resisted the impulse knowing that there would eventually be a better time to surprise her with that piece of information.)

She said that it was the same as usual for her and that she had played bridge every day that I was gone. That night when we went to bed we gave each other our usual perfunctory good night kisses and, as had become our usual custom since we had stopped fucking each other, turned away from each other to lay down on our sides to fall asleep. Only this time I sidled over to cuddle up against Helen's back with my stiff hard cock pressing into the crack of her ass cheeks and put my arm around her body to caress her firm tits.

It felt really good to feel her warm soft body against mine. I suddenly realized what I had been missing more than anything- even more than having regular fucks with Helen- and that was missing having a soft, warm, female body to fondle and cuddle with at night.

Then I felt Helen's body stiffen as she exclaimed,

"Oh my God, is that a hard cock poking me in the ass? It's been so long since I felt one that I've almost forgotten what a hard cock feels like", as she reached around and wrapped her fingers around my cock and then said, "My God, I believe it is a hard cock and it feels so wonderful." Then she turned to face me and said, "Does this mean you have solved your problem honey? How on earth did you do it baby?"

I replied with a laugh,

"It was you angel! You did it sweetheart! I saw you darling!"

She then got this questioning surprised look on her face as she pulled away from me and said,

"You saw me? What ever are you talking about Alan? What do you mean you saw me? Saw me how?"

The surprised look on her face was beginning to turn into one of real apprehension as I replied,

"Honey, I saw you last night on top of Phil on our couch with his cock deep in your cunt and you were humping up and down on that hard rod for all you were worth with your beautiful tits bouncing up and down."

"And then as he started to reach his orgasm, you pulled your cunt off his cock stuffed it into your mouth and sucked up all of his cum and ate every drop of it. It's the most erotic thing I have ever seen and I had to rush out to the front porch to jack off my cock!"

I then told her the story of how I arrived home a day early and heard her and Phil grunting and groaning and saw her fucking his brains out and then sucking off his cock and eating his cum, and then how I decided to spend the night in a motel so as not to disturb them because I wanted her to completely fuck his brains out and hoped that he would fuck her in her ass and she would suck off his cock again completely draining his balls of any cum so she would have lots to tell me when I fucked her tonight.

Helen then screamed at me,

"You perverted son-of-a-bitch! You mean you spied on me don't you? You filthy bastard! I can't believe you did that damn you! If you think I'm going to let you fuck me in the cunt with your pathetic prick so you can hear me tell you all about how I loved being fucked in the cunt and ass by Phil and how much I loved the feeling of his hard cock shooting his hot cum deep into my cunt and then sucking his cock off to feel his delicious hot cum sliding down my throat and spread ing out all over my insides warming me up from my throat to my ass hole, then you are a more sick, delusional, degenerate, pervert than I ever thought you were. You know how I feel about sex- that I regard any sexual acts that I may be involved in as something extremely sacred and private between just me and the person I'm involved with! I guess this means you now want a divorce don't you!? Well you can just damn well forget about it because I'm not giving you one!" And then she broke down and started crying and sobbing.

I had never been more frustrated or disappointed in my life than I was at that moment. It was a hundred times worse than the moment I found out my daughters were whores. (I quickly got over my dismay at finding out they were whores as soon as they fucked me and sucked off my cock eating my cum and I experienced how good they were at being whores, and I then became very proud of their expertise and talent at delivering such exquisite sexual pleasure.)

But this reaction by Helen profoundly disappointed me. I expected her to finally realize that I really did mean it when I said that I wanted her to fuck other men and that would make her eager to please me, but instead the opposite had happened. She was fucking and sucking men behind my back for her own sexual pleasure and was selfishly refusing to share with me the details of the sex she was having with other men to allow me to share in that pleasure to satisfy my own kinky sexual needs and desires even though she knew how much I wanted and needed her to do it for me.

As soon as she calmed down and stopped crying I said to her, "Helen, you are the first and only woman that I have ever fucked and I love you and only you and I have no intentions of divorcing you." (I didn't think that it was a good idea to reveal to her at that particular time that I had also fucked two other women, our two luscious twin daughters, and so I told that little white lie). I continued, "In every way but just this one area, you have been a perfect wife to me and a wonderful mother to our daughters,"

(That last was also a slight fib because I'm sure that Helen unknowingly contributed significantly to our daughters becoming whores when she put them on the pill when they were 13 thinking that she was actually protecting them by removing the risk of an accidental pregnancy if they went to far with a boyfriend like she did with me when I knocked her up. But in fact what she really accomplished was to make it easy for them to become fuck sluts at school which started them on the path to becoming whores.)

And I continued, "I don't know why I developed this kinky compulsion to watch you have sex with other men, but I did, and I have been desperate to find a way to enjoy having great sex with you like we had for the first ten years of our marriage and it is profoundly disappointing to me that you are so selfish and self-centered as to be having sex with other men and won't share those experiences with me even though you know how much I needed you to do that. So now tell me please, how long have you been fucking other men anyway and how many lovers have you had?"

By then Helen had calmed down and like a chameleon her whole attitude and demeanor softened and she responded very sweetly and said,

"I'm so sorry darling, but you know I was a virgin when you and I began fucking each other in high school and you eventually knocked me up. I had never known any other cock in my cunt except yours until about ten years ago when I began wondering and having day dreams about what it would be like to have sex with other men. And then one day when I was away at a bridge tournament this guy I was playing with invited me to his room after the game for a drink while we went over the hands."

"I wasn't stupid and I had a feeling he was going to make a pass at me and so I thought to myself, 'Why not? Here's my chance to get laid by a good looking man and find out how it feels to get fucked by a strange man and to know what it feels like to have a strange cock deep in my cunt filling me up with hot cum.' He was a great lover with a magnificent cock and I ended up sleeping with him for the next three nights and loved it so much that I ended up becoming addicted to sleeping with strange men."

"But I have never stopped loving you and all the fucking I have done with other men over the last twelve or thirteen years has just been to satisfy my craving for illicit sex experiences with other men besides you, and had nothing to do with love. I can tell you honestly dearest, that no one, absolutely no one I have fucked over that time has satisfied me as much as you did during that first ten years of our marriage when we were having great sex with each other."

"But after I broke the ice and fucked Tom Burton at my first regional bridge tournament, I guess I sort of got addicted to fucking and sucking off strange cocks, and I guess I have had about a dozen affairs that lasted anywhere from 4 or 5 months to the longest which was about 11 months and on top of that maybe 25 to 30 other men with which I had a series of quickie fucks over maybe two or three week periods. Then there were the many random one night stands that I've had at bridge tournaments, and I haven't attempted to keep track of how many of those I've had because there were so many of them.

But the two most important things you must understand honey is that first, I have never found a cock that could so completely fill my cunt and satisfy me the way your cock did when you were on the top of your game, and before you developed that perverted compulsion for me to become a whore, and second, I never asked for, nor was I ever paid a penny for any of the sex that I had with any of the men I fucked and sucked off. I am not a whore. The sex I had with all those men was personal and private and not one of them ever knew that I had fucked any other man, besides my husband, and their own selves."

I was stunned! I couldn't believe my ears and after a very quick rough mental calculation I said,

"My God Helen, you mean to tell me that over the last ten years or so you have fucked at least 42 other men besides me!?

She replied, "That sounds about right, but it could have been as many as 70 or 80 because there were quite a few that I only fucked once because the experience was not very satisfactory, or it was just one of those quickie random one night stands at a bridge tournament."

Then I couldn't help myself and said,

"Well I'm sorry to bust your bubble honey, but just because you didn't ask them to pay you for sex, doesn't mean that you aren't a whore. Honey, any woman, especially any married woman, who has sex with as many as 10 or 15 separate men, not to mention as many as 80, would be considered by any rational person to be a whore. But don't misunderstand me baby. I'm excited that you're a whore darling. I absolutely love the idea. Look at how hard my cock is right now sweetie. I'm as hot this very minute for your cunt as I have ever been in my life."

Helen said, "Well I'm sorry honey. I can't help what other people think a whore is. I was raised to believe that a whore was a married woman who either sold or willingly gave her body to men for sex and then talked and bragged about the kind of sex she had with them in detail and that that was about as low as it was possible for a married woman to descend into the depths of sin and complete depravity. What you want me to do is to become that kind of whoring woman and I just can't bring myself to do it- no matter how much I love you, I just can't do it. When I fuck or suck off a man, that's a very private affair between only me and him and no one else. So you can just go ahead and jack off that hard on of yours because if you expect me to tell you all about how I sucked and fucked other men while you are fucking me to help you have an orgasm, then you are going to wait for a very, very long time. I've told you many, many times that I can't do that and I won't."

"But listen baby, why don't you try fucking other women? Maybe all you really need is a little strange pussy now and then just like I like to have strange cocks on occasion. Its ok with me honey if you fuck other women. I won't mind at all. You're a handsome 39 year old man in great physical condition with a very nice eight inch cock when it is big and hard which any woman would love to have stuffed in her cunt or to suck off. Maybe what you need is a little variety in your sex life and if you are a little reluctant or shy about making advances to other women, then start out by using a few whores which will help you break the ice."

"The only thing I ask is that you don't fuck any of our mutual women friends and also don't tell me about any of the women that you might be fucking besides me. I don't need to know any of the details and it won't help me to enjoy having sex with you any more than I used to. If the word got out among my female friends and acquaintances that you were fucking other women, I would become the object of their pity and gossip and I don't think I could stand that."

I said to her, "Helen, I am truly stunned. I thought I knew you but I can see now that I never really knew anything about you. I can't believe that for the last nine or ten years you have been fucking your brains out with other men and giving them cum eating cock suckings and satisfying all your own erotic desires, and for at least the last six years you just let me suffer with my problem when you knew how easy it would have been to help me by just humoring my harmless, kinky needs."

"If you call that love Helen, then I don't understand that kind of love. Whatever sexual desires I had for you have been completely dissipated, so you don't have to worry about me bothering you anymore. I think I will just take you up on your suggestion to try some honest whores and maybe find me a good woman to be my mistress. I've heard about a couple of new whores who have set up a business in the local area and are reputed to be the best fuckers and cock suckers in the entire metro area." (She still didn't know that her daughters were whores and I sure as hell wasn't going to tell her now. That bit of info might come in very handy later.)

So anyway, back to the Golden Rule tale- I keep getting sidetracked! There I was in traffic reminiscing about all the great sex I had with my daughters and zoning out with my fantasies of Helen fucking and sucking off men at the bridge tournament when a loud blast of the horn from the car behind me in the traffic jam I was in broke me out of my zoned out state bringing me back to the present. I had failed to keep my pickup truck moving and had allowed a big space to develop between me and the car ahead and two drivers who were in the much slower moving right lane jumped at the chance to move over to my lane ahead of me and the guy behind me was really pissed off about it. And then I noticed all that day dreaming and thinking I had engaged in about Helen fucking Phil Hessler and the great fucking I had enjoyed with my twin daughter whores had resulted in giving me a super hard on.

I looked all around and behind me to make sure that there weren't any high riding vehicles like big trucks with high cabs around me that would be able to look down into my big pick-up truck and see me jerking off my cock and then I whipped it out and started beating off thinking about how Helen had eagerly sucked off Phil's cock and swallowed down his thick creamy cock cum and then transitioned to the great fucking and sucking I planned to get from Sandy and Amanda over the weekend.

I was so sexed up horny with that image in my head of Helen bouncing up and down on Phil's cock in her cunt and then sucking it off to eat up his spurting jets of hot cum that it wasn't long before I came like a house afire-maybe 20 to 25 seconds. It usually took a couple of minutes of jacking off for me to cum when I beat my meat. But this one happened so fast that I didn't have time to get the empty wide mouth, 20 ounce, plastic juice bottle out of it's holder on the console that I kept in the truck to shoot my cum into whenever I beat off in the truck. Those wide mouth bottles are perfect for accepting the first inch and a half of my tapered cock head to catch all the cum when it starts shooting out big wads of cum.

The cum boiled up so fast out of my balls that with only two hands I couldn't at the same time steer the truck, aim my cock so I didn't spray cum all over my clothes and on the dash board, and grab the bottle in time to catch my cum. So I opted to hold on to the steering wheel with one hand and aim my cock at the floor board with my free hand and I spurted six big wads of creamy cum out onto the floor boards of my pick-up where it puddled up in a big gob of white sticky fluid right under the brake pedal. Some of it had dripped off the end of my cock on the seat between my legs. I had some wet-wipes on the seat next to me that I kept in the truck for just that purpose and used a couple of them to clean the cum off my seat and the tip of my cock before stuffing it back into my pants.

By that time I had only moved about 2 miles down the road in about 45 minutes, but I could see ahead about 1/4 of a mile and we were getting close to an intersection with a stop light where there was a road feeding into the parkway from the right and there was a long line of traffic trying to get on the parkway. It looked like the problem was a traffic accident just on the other side of the stoplight a couple of hundred yards down and the police had blocked off the right lane with barricades beginning about a hundred yards in front of the stoplight on my side of the intersection forcing the right lane of traffic to merge into my lane just before the light.

When I finally got within about a hundred yards of the intersection I could see that there was a nice ice blue Mercedes convertible being driven by a good looking blond woman at the head of the line of traffic coming in from the side road trying to break into my lane of traffic to go in the same direction I was traveling, but she was not having any luck and seemed to be very frustrated. Drivers of the cars behind her were blowing their horns and some of the drivers were sticking their heads out of their windows and shaking their fists and yelling obscenities at her.

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