Maui Sunset

by StephanieB

Copyright© 2010 by StephanieB

Erotica Sex Story: Being angry and a little drunk can make for some bad decisions. But they can also be fun. Let me tell you of a time when alcohol and anger turned into a night of hot passion.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Drunk/Drugged   Cheating   Oral Sex   .

I was angry. I know that's no excuse, but that's how I felt. I had planned our trip for weeks, suffered through crowds of people and long lines, not to mention a ten hour flight getting to Maui. And what does Bill do? He scheduled a business meeting for our first day!

"Well screw him!" I thought. I was going out to enjoy myself.

That's how I found myself at a tiny bar, less than a block from our condo. It had awful Hawaiian music playing for any tourist that happened to find it, but it was the view that had attracted me. It was on the beach and separated from the water by nothing but white sand and clumps of rough grass. I slowly sipped a fruity drink with more alcohol than I would normally have in a month.

It was still too early for dancing, and a little late for dinner. Even if I wanted to eat, I was too angry to order anything. Instead, I watched the sunset while I very quickly got drunk. Somewhere between my third and forth drink I noticed him. His powerful arms raising and falling through the water with perfect timing. It seemed that he was swimming directly toward me. Where he started from I could only guess.

Once he got close to shore where he was able to stand, he walked with powerful strides through the remaining water. Each step revealing more of his athletic figure and tanned skin. Brushing his hair back with one hand, he pushed as much salt water out as he could before walking across the white sand. I didn't realize I was staring at him until he smiled at me and winked. Quickly turning away I tried to find something else to look at, sure that I was blushing terribly.

"Enjoying the view?" he asked from behind me.

If I hadn't been drinking so much I'm sure I would have come back with some witty comment to such a cheesy line. But instead I smiled and replied, "I love watching the sunset here. The colours are so beautiful."

Stepping behind the bar he pulled out a large colourful beach towel, and dried his arms and face before attacking his hair. When he removed his towel I laughed. His hair was a tangled mess and covered half his face. Running his fingers through it he combed out the tangles. I knew if I attempted doing anything like that I would just get more tangles, but he seemed to be able to make himself presentable again.

"There's nothing better for my bar that a woman's laughter," he smiled.

"Your bar?" I asked. Pointing to the dark skinned man who served me I said, "I thought this was his bar."

"Ricky?" he asked with a tilt of his head. "No Ricky just works the bar when I go for my swim."

"My name's John," he added while offering me his hand.

Gently shaking his hand I introduced myself, "Stephanie."

While I thought he would get dressed again before going back to work, I was pleasantly surprised when he didn't. Even doing a simple task like mixing a drink was a feast for my eyes. And I took full advantage of the free buffet.

Placing a fresh drink in front of me and removing the latest victim of my thirst I asked, "How did you know what I was drinking?"

"It's what I do," he explained with a smile that sent butterflies through my stomach.

Over the next hour or so, we chatted about anything and everything. Without eating, and drinking as much as I was, it was difficult to focus at times. I knew I should have left, gone back to our condo and just slept it off, but I was enjoying John's company. Knowing I would have to make my way home soon, I started to drink more water than anything else. When John announced last call to the few people there I was sure I'd be okay. However he insisted that I wait until he could walk with me.

"I hope I'm not taking you out of your way," I said as he closed and locked everything. "I'm sure I'll be alright."

"I live upstairs," he explained. "And I wouldn't feel right unless I know you made it home safe."

"Upstairs you said?" I exclaimed with an evil thought. While he attached and closed his last padlock, I kicked off my heels and ran for the stairs. I found his door unlocked when I burst into his cute little bachelor apartment. A queen sized bed took up most of the room, while a small number of other furniture pieces filled it without making it look cramped. Jumping on his bed I stretched out across its entire length.

"Hey, you're not supposed to be up here," John complained.

"Aw, I was expecting a king size bed," I said with a pout. I rolling over and looking at him while raising one knee and running my bare foot up my leg. This had the effect of pushing the hem of my dress up, gathering it in my lap.

"I don't have room for a king," replied John while getting a very good look at my panties. "But I thought size didn't matter."

"Sorry," I chuckled, "size matters." Looking at his swim trunks I had a good idea that size wasn't going to be a problem. Before he got too 'uncomfortable' I turned to kneel on his bed and look up into his crystal blue eyes. I slowly moved closer to him, hoping he would take the hint. Reaching down, he ran his hand through me hair and gently pulled me closer.

Our lips met with an explosion of tingles that quickly spread through my entire body. Capturing his lower lip between mine I pulled playfully on it before kissing my way along his jaw line. A gentle nip caused an eruption of goose bumps down his neck that made me smile. Placing one hand between his shoulder blades and another on his taunt butt I pulled him against me, flattening my chest on his.

I heard more than felt the zipper of my dress as he pulled it down. When I pulled away from him I let it drop from my shoulders onto his bed, exposing my bare breast to his gaze. While he took in the shape and size of my chest, I reached for the growing bulge in his swim shorts. Pushing my hand inside I pulled him out, freeing it from his spandex confinement.

"I'm sure you've never had any complaints about size," I complimented him. Holding myself up with one hand, I bend down to take a closer look at my prize. He was hard and warm in my other hand as I gently stroked his length.

"That feels good," he moaned while running his hands through my hair. He gently pulled me closer, showing me what he wanted. Closing my eyes and opening my lips I gently ran my tongue across his sensitive skin, tasting him, teasing him. A clear drop appeared at the tip and I quickly licked it up before it got away. Its salty flavour reminded me of the ocean he had appeared from.

My finger could barely reach around him as I held him at the base. I opened wide and slowly slid my lips down his length, rubbing my tongue against the smooth underside. When my lips touched my fingers I reversed direction, sucking on it until I reached the tip again. John's hand in my hair encouraged me to continue, but I had no intention of stopping. Holding him tighter I pulled him into my mouth while I rocked back and forth again and again. His moans quickly got louder and louder until I felt him swell to an even more impressive size. I knew he was close and I debated on tasting him or watching him erupt. Making my decision I held him with only the tip of his penis resting on my tongue. Stroking him a few more times his warm, salty cum exploded into my mouth. I savoured it before swallowing, then milked the last few drops out. Swiping my tongue across his head I tasted him again.

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