Jenna Visits the Neighbor

by jenna shoes

Copyright© 2010 by jenna shoes

Erotica Sex Story: This time this is a fantasy and not reality I got this idea watching my neighbor work in his yard. Then talking to someone else on this site this story came out. Here is some info about me. Just turned 41. Still attractive if I dare say so. I am more a prudish, conservative looking woman but I have left my instincts taking me in new directions

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Cheating   Rough   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Water Sports   Cream Pie   Size   .

I walk into my neighbor's yard wearing my pink sundress and my pink sky high wedge espadrilles. I am looking for the new neighbor as I just moved next door. He is working on his patio fixing something. I get closer and say "hello neighbor, sorry to barge in but yesterday you said I could come in anytime"

"sure Jenna what can I do for you?"

I ask some trivial question about the power company and move towards the hot tub

"you have a hot tub? How wonderful". I bend down at the waist and check the water. My wedge heels being over 5" it makes my legs look like they are a mile long. You check out my ass shaped so sexy by the high heels. My dress ends just above the knee but when I bend over you can see my thong underwear through the back slit. "oh it is really warm!

Where you about to take a dip?"

I turn around and as I get up and straighten my hair you see my boobs almost pop out of the top "oups Sorry about that". "don't be Jenna.

You look very nice by the way."

I walk around his yard towering in my really high wedge heels as he shows me the flowers.

He guides me by placing his hand on the small of my back but I do not reject it. As I take one step, I stumble a little and he catches me.

"these heels are a bit dangerous font you think Mike?" "maybe but they look amazing on you"

"thank you" I say blushing

"would you like some iced tea?". "sure"

As he pours us some tea, I sit in a very sexy manner with my kegs crossed and dangling one leg. He's checking Ly legs and pours too much tea in my glass. I quickly pick it up and lick what is on the side. His pants have a large bulge forming. I look at it and smile as I lick the glass.

He moves behind me and gently rub my neck and shoulders. "mmmmh that feels good Mike"

As he rubs my shoulders I lean backwards in the patio chair. His hands are getting closer to my tits. He gets bold and slides his hands under the fabric at the top of my dress. "Mike what are you doing?" I do not move but I complain. He rubs my nipples and I moan in pleasure

"Mike don't ohhhh"

He grabs each of my tits in one hand and pinches the nipples. "ohhh Mike

I, please don't. Ohhh no I should go, I'm not that kind of woman"

He knows I want it as I do not fight at all. He moves in front of me straddling my legs and opens his pants.

Quickly he pushes his hard cock in my mouth and I let him push my head down with one hand. I may look surprised but I do not push him away forcefully. I just try to hold the cock back with my hands.

His other hand pulls my dress up and rubs my pussy. It is difficult so he stops fucking my face. He kneels down and grabs my ankles surrounded by straps. He stretches my legs apart and starts eating my pussy as I push my lace white thong to the side.

"Mike. Ohhhhh Mmiiike. Stop it " I moan as my juices flow.

He grabs me by a wrist and pull me over to a chaise lounge. He catches some of that green plastic stretchy stuff to attach plants. He forces me on all fours on the chaise lounge and pulls my dress around my waist. As he pulls the thong off, I mutter "what are you doing. Oh my god I did not come for that, you animal". I am there with my super high heels with sexy straps around my ankles waiting for him. He ties my wrists to the chair and then my ankles.

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