Mae Goes to Work

by Just Plain Bob

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Sex Story: She was down on herself.

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My company wanted to send me to Denver to take care of a problem at our Denver office. I did not really want to make the trip because I had already spent five of the previous six weeks on the road. I told my boss that I really needed to stay home for a while because of personal problems. He told me three days couldn't possibly make a difference and when I told him that even three hours could make a difference he asked for an explanation.

My wife, Mae, had recently celebrated a birthday and was now, as she put it, on the uncomfortable side of forty-five. This might not seem like a major complaint to some, but a few other things, combined with passing forty-five had put Mae down in the dumps. Mae has been a sexy woman all her life and her life has been filled with males coming on to her. Recently, however, she says the wolf whistles have stopped, men no longer pay her any attention and she has come to believe she is old and undesirable. Basically, her self-esteem was going into the toilet. During my last two business trips a couple of events occurred that convinced her that what she was feeling about herself was true. With our own kids grown up and gone and me away on business Mae's main social outlet is her girl friends. She had gone out with them one night, following a bridal shower, and they had stopped at a local lounge for drinks. The lounge had a live band and while all of Mae's friends had been asked to dance at least once, no one had paid any attention to Mae. She had brooded about it for a week and when the same thing happened the following week she just knew she was right - she was old and no longer desirable. It bothered her so much, in fact, that one night she had gone out and tried to get herself picked up, but had no takers.

After my last trip I had noticed how cranky and irritable she had become and after bugging her about it she had unloaded her feelings. So, I needed to stay home and spend some time with her - I had to convince her that her life wasn't over. I didn't want to sound like I was overly alarmed, but given the way she was behaving I couldn't rule out suicide if she was left home alone.

My boss looked thoughtful for a moment before saying, "I don't want this to sound crude, Robert, but you do know, don't you, that there isn't a man in this office who knows Mae who wouldn't take a shot at her if he thought he could get away with it?"

I nodded that, yes, I was aware. I knew how desirable she Mae was; after twenty-six years of marriage Mae could still make my blood boil with nothing more than a sidelong glance.

"Tell you what I can do" Dave said, "We can use some part-time help here at the office. See if Mae would be interested - it would get her out of the house, give her something to do, and the boys in the office will give her all the wolf whistles she can handle."

Mae was a bit reluctant at first since she had been out of the work force for quite a while, but she eventually decided to give it a try. I was in town for her first week on the job and I could see an immediate improvement in her attitude. When I left for a three day trip to Salt Lake City I left feeling that I had nothing more to worry about. I returned from Salt Lake around seven Friday evening and when I got home Mae wasn't there. She got home around ten and I could tell she had been drinking. She told me she had stopped after work for a few drinks with the people from the office and then they had gone to dinner.

"Have a good time?" I asked.

"Oh yes. Taking this job has really been good for me. I'm glad you are home, Sweetie, cause I'm horny as hell. Race you to bed!"

'Boy was she wet when I entered her; she would have fucked all night if I could have stayed with her.

Mae was her old self again, but there was a major change in her - she was horny all the time. When I'd get home she would drag me off to the bedroom before I even had a chance to put my suitcase down. She would wake me up in the morning with blowjobs and on one trip I took she drove me to the airport and had me fuck her in the back seat of the car in the parking lot. About a month after Mae starting working for the company I received a promotion to Regional Manager. It came as a complete surprise to me because, even though I had wanted the job, I did not think I was even on the list of those being considered. The new job meant more money, but it also meant more time on the road. At first I was afraid that the promotion was going to cause a problem between Mae and me, but she was now working full-time and she said we would find a way to work things out. Life was good - I was making good money, Mae was happy, and our sex life was fantastic. The only real problem, at least from my standpoint, was that I was spending more time on the road at a time when Mae's sexual appetite seemed to be increasing.

Yesterday, Mae drove me to the airport for a 12:30 flight. I kissed her goodbye and told her to keep her 'honey pot' warm for me. She laughed and said, "Warm hell! I'll keep it red hot!" As I sat in the waiting area waiting for my flight to be called, I wondered if I should give up the job and spend more time at home with Mae. We didn't need the extra money and all the sex we were having had me feeling like a kid again. My thoughts were interrupted by an announcement that my flight was going to be delayed for at least forty-five minutes because of a maintenance problem. An hour later they announced an additional delay of an hour and thirty minutes after that they announced that my flight was cancelled. They tried to reroute me on another airline, but I would have had to fly to Chicago, change planes for a flight to Denver, and then change planes again for the flight to Seattle. I decided to wait and go the next day. I caught the shuttle bus back into the city and took a cab to my office. The office was closed for the day, but as long as I was still in town I thought I would get the latest sales figures and review them before going home. I let myself in and as I was going toward my office I heard noises coming from Norm's office. As I got closer the noises turned into voices and I heard "Harder, harder, fuck me harder. Oh God - yes - I love your cock!"

"Oho" I thought, "Norm's getting a little on the side. He better hope Naomi (his wife) never comes in on him like this."

Curious to see who who he was nailing I crept forward and peeked around the doorjamb - and froze. I was absolutely stunned to see Norm pounding his stiff dick into Mae and from the sounds Mae was making she was loving it. I watched for a good five minutes as Norm fucked my wife and as Mae begged for him to never stop. When finally he did finish and get up from her I was amazed to see Mae dip a finger in her cunt, bring it out covered in sperm, and then take it to her mouth and lick it. Norm put his pants back on and told Mae he would swing by our house later that evening, but Mae told him he couldn't.

"Why not? Robert is out of town, right?"

"Yes, but you forgot that you asked me to go out with Pettigrew tonight. He's picking me up at seven and by the time he gets through with me you'll have to be home in bed with Naomi."

"Damn! You're right. I'd forgotten about that. Well, you be sure to take good care of him - he's one of our best customers. While we are on the subject, can you leave Wednesday open for Gil Howe?"

"I don't know. Robert might be home Wednesday night."

Norm said, "I'll make a phone call and see that he doesn't get home till Thursday."

I was shocked at what I was hearing. My wife was not only fucking my boss, but she was servicing our customers too? I slowly moved away and caught a cab home. I was going to be there when Mae got home.

I was sitting in the den with the lights out when I heard Mae come in. I heard her run up the stairs and a minute later the shower started running. I looked at my watch and saw that Pettigrew was due in thirty minutes. I'd had a lot to think about while waiting for her to get home - about us, about the job, but mostly about us and I didn't much like my thoughts. I was very happy with Mae's increased sexual appetite and it was obvious that whatever she was doing on the side was a major part of it. Our personal relationship was not suffering because of her extra curricular activities - on the contrary, we were fucking more now than ever before. Mae always seemed to be very happy to see me when I came home and sorry to see me leave. I guess what I was really asking myself was could I live with what I had just found out? What would happen if I put my foot down and stopped it? The shower stopped and I still sat pondering on what to do. On the one hand I was pissed that Mae was fucking around on me - on the other, I could not put out of my mind the way I had felt watching her fuck Norm. The truth was that it had excited me! I looked at my watch again - five minutes till Pettigrew.

I walked upstairs and into the bedroom. Mae was standing in front of the mirror, clad only in nylons, garterbelt, high heels, black lace panties and bra and applying make-up.

"My don't we look sexy" I said. Mae was startled and turned to look at me with confusion on her face. "My flight was cancelled" I told her.

Just then the doorbell rang and I looked at my watch, "There's Pettigrew - right on time."

Mae's face turned ashen. She started to speak, but I held up my hand," I don't know what your plans were. Out to dinner? Dancing? Go to his hotel room or bring him back here? Doesn't matter. This is how it is going to go. You put on your negligee, go down stairs and bring him up here. Then you do what ever he wants while I watch from the closet. After that you go on out on your date. While you're gone I'm going to sit in the den and think about things - us in particular. If he wants more of your pussy give it to him, but make sure that you are home by six a.m. We are going to have a long talk before I leave to catch my flight catch my flight - if I leave to catch a flight."

Mae just stood and looked at me. The doorbell rang again. "Go" I said, "We mustn't keep Pettigrew waiting."

She took one last look at me and went downstairs to get Pettigrew and I got in the closet and adjusted things so I could get a good view. Mae was back in minutes with a rather nice looking gentleman of about forty (I would have to remember to rib Mae about robbing the cradle) and she cast several nervous glances my way until Petttigrew took over. He slipped her negligee off and stood back to admire the view. Mae did a slow turn in front of him and stepped forward to begin helping him remove his clothes. Once naked, he pushed her back onto the bed and when she sat down he removed her black lace panties, spread her legs and lent down to begin licking her pussy. Mae loves having her cunt eaten and Pettigrew must have known what he was doing because Mae was moaning in less than a minute and had her first orgasm in less than two. Then the two of them settled down for some serious fucking. Mae had two more orgasms while I watched and I could not believe how erotic she looked with her legs up over her shoulders, high heels pointing at the ceiling, while Pettigrew fuck her with hard, fast strokes.

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