by happyhugo

Copyright© 2010 by happyhugo

: Jasmine is an unfaithful woman. Not just to her husband, but the rest of her family as well. This includes her husband, son, sister and eventually her mother. The story is how they deal with her and how they resolve their own issues.

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Cheating   Prostitution   .

This is a story that has been on the shelf for awhile. It is about a bunch of people that interact with each other. Not a particularly happy story. Jasimine might be a good study as a psychiatric subject.

"Hi Hon, you're going out with Sherry tonight, right?"

"Yes. Why, do you have to work late again?"

"Yeah. Two more weeks and then I'm home every night. It has been a rough three months for both of us, I know. I'll make it up to you, I promise.

"It's not been that bad as long as Sherry has been willing to go out once a week. We have a couple of drinks and I am always home by nine. I have been home before you every time except once."

"You got it. Have fun."

The project I had been working on was winding down. Jasmine had been good about it after the first couple of weeks since she had convinced her sister for a night out. Usually I wasn't too enamored with my sister-in-law, but she had kept Jas off my back. Jas had found a good baby-sitter so she could get out of the house. Tonight I was working alone in the office and then I had to drop some papers off at the hotel over by the airport and they would go out with my out-of-town counterpart, Kent. He had finished his end of the project earlier today and was waiting there for me.

I walked into the hotel looking for my co-worker. Kent was married, but he hit different lounges when he was away from home. He claimed he loved his wife, but I don't think his marriage vows kept him in check. I found him standing next to the entrance to the restrooms. "Hey Jimmy, I got something on the hook. Two hot babes and they promised to go up to my room. You're welcome to sample either one."

"I need to talk to you about a couple of things about the project. It'll take at least three-quarters of an hour."

"You had dinner?"


"Why don't you get dinner? I suspect these two are married, because they said they had to leave by eight-thirty. That still won't make you too late getting home. You sure you don't want to join me upstairs?"

"No. You go ahead. I'll be up later." I wanted to see who Kent had lined up, so I backed around the corner where I could see him and his babes. I saw all right. It was Sherry and Jasmine. I felt like I was just kicked in the gut. I watched as the three headed for the elevator. Both girls were giggling and Kent had his hand cupping their butts. They acted as if they loved it. I saw Jasmine reach over and rub the front of his trousers. An older couple were passing and the woman got a disgusted look on her face. The man looked envious.

I headed for the bar. To hell with eating, I wouldn't be able to swallow anything solid. I downed a scotch and ordered another. I couldn't let go of what was happening upstairs! I called Kent's room. "Kent, maybe I will join you. When I come up, let me in will you?"

"Sure, these babes are hot and one has drained me already. I need help." In five minutes I was standing outside his room knocking on the door. Kent had slipped on a pair of boxers. I could see one woman in bed with her head covered. "Where is the other one?" I whispered to Kent.

"In the bathroom taking a douche. She'll be out in a minute. Take a look at this one." He walked over and pulled the cover totally off Sherry.

Sherry lay their naked. She had her eyes squinched closed with a big grimace on her face. That didn't last long. When she opened her eyes a look of horror came over her face. She made a grab for the sheet, but Kent thought she was playing by acting shy and wouldn't let her have it. Finally Sherry jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom door screaming for Jasmine to open it. I watched her all the way. She was nowhere as beautiful as Jasmine, being shorter and thicker through the middle.

Kent, puzzled by the action of Sherry, asked, "What's the matter with her?"

"That Kent, is my sister-in-law. I suspect you have just finished having sex with my wife. This was girls night out while I worked. I guess they like playing a different game when I'm not around."

"Man, I didn't know."

"Hey don't sweat it. I'm not blaming you. Leave them in there. Let's get this project finished." I strung out my business with Kent for almost an hour. I knew both were watching from the bathroom.

Jasmine's cell rang. It was lying on the table beside the bed. I picked it up and answered it. It was the baby-sitter wanting to know when Jasmine would be home. "I'm with her. It will be an hour before we get there. Will that be too late for you?"

"No, Mr. James. She just has never been this late before." I had seen the women peek out while I was talking on the phone.

"What are you going to do?" Kent was getting worried now.

"I'm taking all of their things. Clothes, phones, money and everything. I imagine if they call the hotel management they might furnish something to cover themselves with. You can pay their taxi fare to Sherry's home as I have the keys to her car. Tell my wife not to come home tonight. Relay that I have to work tomorrow and she will find the baby at her mother's. I'll drop him off on my way. Kent, tell me how was my wife anyway? Be honest, I'd like to know."

"She gave me some of the wildest sex I've ever had."

"That's good to know. I'm glad for you. It hasn't been that great for me recently. Well, I'll see you one more time when this project is completed at the end of next week. See you." I walked out with clothes and their bags bundled under my arm. The only thing I left them were their shoes. Security didn't even glance my way when I passed them in the hall.

I went home and paid the baby-sitter and looked in on my son. Poor little tyke. His world was going to be seriously turned upside down. I went to bed. The phone rang and I let it go to the answering machine. It was Jasmine saying she was at Sherry's but Bill was raising hell and she wanted to come home before the cops were called by the neighbors. I took the phone off the hook and went back to bed.

At four-thirty the police were at the front door. Jasmine was standing behind the officer. The baby was wakened by the doorbell and he was crying for his mother. Jasmine could see him whimpering in my arms. She started to come by the cop. He held his hand out stopping her from coming near me. "Can your wife come home? Her brother-in-law kicked her out and she needs a place to stay. I suspect as violent as he was acting he has been arrested by now." I opened the door wide and stepped out. Jasmine came by the officer and I handed Punky to her. She rushed into the house cooing to the baby.

"Will you two be all right? No fighting or anything?"

"Sure, I'm not a physical person."

"We'll be checking off and on."

"Be my guest. I've never raised my hand to her even if she is a cheating slut."

Jasmine had stopped to see what the officer would say to me. He looked at her with a question. "I'll be okay. You can leave. I'll be safe enough." The officer left shaking his head. I guess he had been in all kinds of domestic situations.

"Jimmy--" Jasmine started to say something.

"Jas, don't say a damn word to me. You've just about killed me. Now I'm going to be the butt of the company gossip. If you were going to cheat on me, why did it have to be with someone I know? Go on, get out of my sight. I'm sleeping in the guest room. You can take care of Punky."

I looked into our bedroom when I got up. Jas was sleeping with Punky cuddled in her arms. I made coffee and left the pot plugged in for her. I ate breakfast at the diner near where I worked. When my boss showed up, I requested a meeting. "Pete, I caught my wife cheating last night. Kent picked up two women at the hotel bar. It just happened to be my wife and her sister. I want a transfer out of town to another division as soon as possible."

"I don't see how that is possible."

"I quit then."

"Whoa, don't do that. I need you right here. Think about it for a few days. Have you talked this out with your wife yet? What about your kid? You going to leave him, too?"

"No. Oh God, I don't know. I'm seeing a lawyer later today if I can get an appointment."

"Use the company attorney. That's what we pay him for. I'll set it up for you. I take it you're worried about gossip. I'll call Kent and tell him to keep his mouth shut. He will because he won't want his wife finding out. The company doesn't approve of our managers picking up women in bars. I'll get on his supervisor's ass to give him hell. Where are you on the project you are working on?"

"I don't have much to do on it this week. The staff will put it together. With some long days, I'll be able to wind it up next week."

"Take a few days off. Get things settled and decide what you're going to do about your wife. Leaving the company just isn't an option. I know you must be terribly hurt. You have to decide what is going to hurt the least, keeping her or divorcing her. Good luck."

I went home and pulled the lawn mower out of the garage and did the mowing. I trimmed around the flower beds and pruned the lower branches on the flowering crab tree. Jas came out and stood waiting for me to recognize her presence. "Jimmy, I made you a sandwich. Would you come in and eat it?" I put the tools away and went in and cleaned up. I sat down. "Jimmy--"

I cut her off. "Jas, if you have an excuse, I'll listen to you. I can't think of one that I could conceivably accept, but I will listen. Punky is nineteen months old. How much thought have you given him? I have a meeting with a lawyer this afternoon at two. Maybe he can advise me what to do, for I surely don't know."

"Jimmy, I--" She stopped and then started again. "Jimmy, you--" Again she stopped. She finished with, "Jimmy, I don't have any excuse that you could accept. I do want to say I'm sorry. Not for myself, but for you." She got up and left and I heard her go up to the bedroom. Soon I could hear Punky come down the stairs one at a time, for he slid on his butt so he wouldn't fall.

He came running out, as a kid his age could, to where I was still sitting at the table. "Mommy crying. Does 'he have boo boo?"

"Yes I think she does, but it is inside where we can't kiss it and make it all better. Maybe if you went back up and hugged her she would stop crying." After he got up there, I shouted up the stairs, "I'm leaving. Punky is with you isn't he?"

Jas came to the head of the stairs and looked down. "Yes, he is. Please come back Jimmy." I turned and went out the door without answering. hr My first session with the attorney wasn't of much help to me. He was cautious about giving me advice. When I said something about it, he reminded me that he was being paid by the company and they had indicated they definitely wanted to keep me. He did give me several options. I just had to pick the one I was most comfortable with. "Don't make any snap decisions. I'll give you the name of a marriage counselor. They help sometimes. Most of all you probably want to know why she was doing this to you. The counselor can usually find that out. You may not like what she comes up with, but then again, it might not have anything to do with you.

"Most of all, if you think you want to keep your wife, don't be mean. She probably knows what a big mistake she has made and is looking for forgiveness. If you want to live the rest of your life with her, you will have to give her that. Just don't forgive unless it is unconditional. If you do, that is a sure road to unhappiness and will cause more resentment. Resentment I guarantee will lead to a divorce and by that time it will be on her conditions.

"Of course the whole thing amounts to trust. If you think you can never trust her, you can never forgive her. For the time being, show as much respect as you can even when you know she doesn't deserve any. You have a child together so you will have contact with her for the rest of your life even if you feel you have to divorce her. It is not easy if you divorce and both remarry, especially for the child. So, it is your decision and I will start proceedings if that is what you feel you want."

I returned home and before I spoke to Jasmine, I made a call from the den to the marriage counselor. It would be ten days before I was able to get an appointment. It was going to be costly, but for the moment it would be worth it and I could terminate the services at any time. I could, but the only way for Jasmine to stop was not to be present.

I came out of the den and Jasmine was waiting for me. "Are you divorcing me?"

"I don't know yet. There is no hurry. Of course if you want one, I'll bow to your wishes and start the proceedings. Do you?"

"No Jimmy, I want to stay married to you and I want you to love me and trust me again."

"How can I be sure? I mean, I've trusted you ever since we were married. How many time have you been unfaithful?"

"Jimmy you know I was unfaithful. Do I need to tell you that?"

I studied her. Would I get the truth? I thought I would but it would hurt me to hear her confession. I decided to wait until she talked with the marriage counselor. "Jas, I've made an appointment with someone that counsels broken marriages. It will be a week from this Thursday. I can't make it that day, so you will be taking the first appointment by yourself. That is if you want to keep this marriage together."

"Is it a man or woman?"

"It is a woman and she comes well recommended."

"I can talk to her if you insist. Maybe she can show me how I can get you to trust me again. Is there anything else you want me to do?"

"Yes, I want you tested for diseases. Kent told me you were in the bathroom douching. That tells me he wasn't wearing a condom. I have an appointment at the clinic for myself tomorrow."

"Oh God!" Jas ran up to the bedroom and shut the door. Ten minutes later Punky came down and told me his mother had another boo boo.

Before dinner was started, my mother-in-law was at the door. "What's going on, Jimmy? Bill kicked Sherry out and she is staying at my place. He spent the night in jail for domestic abuse although she only has some scratches, but they drew blood. Where are Jas and Punky?"

"They are upstairs. Punky is upset because his mother is crying. I told him that she had a hidden boo boo. If I was like Bill she would have more than hidden ones. I get mad every time I think of my co-worker telling me how wild a piece of ass my wife is and I never get to experience it."

"You mean she has been unfaithful? Sherry wouldn't tell me what Bill and she were fighting about. She did let it slip that Jas was involved, but that is all. I'll talk to her. How did you find out?"

"I caught them in a hotel room when I delivered some work to a co-worker. Sherry was naked in bed and Jas was cleaning up in the bathroom. Before you talk to Jas send Punky downstairs to me. Brenda, I can't think of why Jas did this. She has admitted that there isn't any excuse. Four years we have been married. I know we jumped into marriage pretty quick and I don't know much about her life before me. I do think I would have had some indication of something like this though."

"I know. I could believe this of Sherry, but not Jasmine."

Punky came down the stairs saying that Grammy was here, but didn't want to see him, just Mommy. He was kind of hurt, so I took him out into the backyard to run around.

The upstairs window was open and I heard the conversation that was taking place in my bedroom. "Jasmine, what in hell were you thinking? Why did you do this? You were so lucky to have him fall in love with you. You are just so damn dumb."

"Last night was the next to last time, honest. Next week was going to be the end of it for the rest of my life. Don't you think I love Jimmy and Punky?"

"Sherry was behind it all, wasn't she?"

"Yes, I had to do it. God, if I could only let myself go when Jimmy and I have sex, I would never even think about another man. Sherry must have known I was holding back. If only she didn't have those damned pictures of me at the frat party taken when I was in college. I wish now that she had shown them to Jimmy as she threatened. He would have believed that I had put it all behind me. Now he never will. Mom, I'm still hoping he will keep me even if he doesn't trust me. I'm going to be so true to him."

I could hear her burst into tears. When the sobbing stopped, she continued, "Mom what am I going to do? I think Jimmy wants me to stay, but he needs to know I won't ever do something like this again. Just two times being unfaithful has destroyed my whole life."

"I know Dear, but it only takes once. Has he seen a lawyer yet?"

"Yes, this afternoon. The lawyer suggested counseling and Jimmy has set up appointments. I think he wants to find out why I cheated and then he will make a decision. Do you think I should tell him about Sherry before I go to her?"

"He might more likely believe you, but then he might believe the counselor when she has drawn it out about you. Damn Sherry, the little bitch. I wish I had never adopted her. Talk about bad seed. If I had only known."

"I know Mom, this isn't the first time I have been taken in by her."

"How did you get sucked in?"

"I honestly thought she had changed. When Jimmy started working such long hours, at first Sherry and I went out for drinks. Then she picked up a man and claimed Bill wasn't taking care of her. She claimed she was a little afraid, so I went along with her up to the guy's room and they got it on. I admit it did make me horny. I had absolutely no thoughts of joining in though. That went on for a couple of weeks and then Sherry told me that if I didn't join her, she was going to show Jimmy the tapes of me that she has kept.

"I balked and she gave me two weeks to think it over. Then she said she was going to send them to all of the people that Jimmy knew, including those he works with. I had to go ahead then. That was a week ago and last night was the second time. Next week was going to be the end of it."

"And you were going to believe her?"

"What choice did I have?"

"Jas, I think it is a good thing that Jimmy caught you before you had to find out. More and more I think you should level with Jimmy. If he doesn't believe you, he is less of a man than I think he is."

I took Punky inside. Jas and Brenda came down the stairs fifteen minutes later. I had some thinking to do. "Jas, watch Punky. I'm going out for a beer."

"Come back soon. I think we have something to talk about. I'm not as bad as you might think."

"Yeah, I bet. Remember where I found you last night. If there was any talking to do, it should have happened before this." I turned and slammed out the door. I drove by Brenda's house and Sherry's car was parked in the driveway. I pulled in and went into the house. Sherry was lying on the couch, waking up as I entered.

"Sherry, I'm buying you a beer. I want to know some things about Jasmine and you're the only one that can tell me about her."

"Beer is good."

I took my sister-in-law to a little bar that was not one I frequented. I took a booth in the back and ordered. "Okay, now tell me everything about your family. I don't know how long it will take and it might take until the bar closes, but I want to know everything. Especially I want to know about Jas. I may have just been set up by her and your mother."

"That doesn't surprise me. What specifically do you want to know?"

"Her high school years and after. Her relationship with your mother. Yours too for that matter."

"Relationships. I don't know how to tell you, but both Jas and I are adopted. Mother has always got along better with Jas than me. We came from the same orphan home at the same time, but I have always been treated as a poor relation. Maybe because she is prettier than me. Anything that Jas does is okay with mother. After we got old enough and in school, if a boy wanted to get fucked, Jas was the girl to go to. I know I'm talking about the love of your life, but I can give you names to verify."

"What about you? Did you also have sexual relations?"

"Yes, but only by my steady boyfriend at the time. I had three of them from middle school through high. When I got to college I didn't have a boyfriend until my third year. Jas was the one to go to all the frat parties. There is no doubt that Jas is a lot smarter than I am. I had to study when she was able to go out."

"Okay, tell me about the last few weeks you have been going out. You were both compromised last night. I was there." Tears started forming in Sherry's eyes. I ordered another round of beer.

"Jasmine has been making me join her. She has had the perfect cover with you working all of the time. Did you know she wants to become an adult book author? She can write about her previous experiences, but the wild life has changed in the last two years. The program has been for her to find us someone and she goes for a quickie and then watches me so she will know what to write in her stories. That's the way it has been for the last seven weeks. After next week she has someone else besides me to go with her in the afternoon while my mother watches Punky."

"You said things have changed in the last two years. What did you mean? Jas and I have been married for four years."

"You poor fool. Jas has been fucking around on you since you met her. She has had an amazing run of luck not to get caught. You might want to get Punky's DNA checked."

"Oh God, no."

"Jas has never said he was anyone else's, but you should know for sure."

"He is always going to be my son."

"Whatever. You know I'm glad you caught us last night. This frees me from being blackmailed ever again. I also found out what kind of a husband I have and how violent he is. I'll probably get tagged at the divorce proceedings as an adulteress, but I can now start my life over."

"What does Jas hold over you?"

"I don't mind telling you now. It always seemed to involve getting me drunk, some ecstasy and then me performing with one or more men. It happened the last year of college and then the first time we went out seven weeks ago. I hated it, but it is all behind me. After the way Bill treated me, I will never go back to him. What are you going to do?"

"I don't know. If I could believe you, I would do one thing, but you may not be telling me the truth. I better get you back to your mother's. I'll leave you up the street in case she is home already. You know, I have never liked you very much, but that may have been because of Jas. Would you do me one favor and not tell your mother or Jas you have been out with me?"

"Of course, Jimmy. That was understood. Good luck with Jas. I hope you resolve this without too much pain."

"Two more questions. Did you ever receive any money for what you have been doing?"

"I never did, but Jas may have."

"Did you tell your mother about last night and where I found you two?"

"Of course I did."

I dropped Sherry off as agreed and found Brenda still at the house. She soon left after telling me that Jas was sorry about where I found her and she would make it up to me. Think of Punky and what it would be like if he didn't have a father here to love him. Who to believe? Sherry or Jasmine--or maybe neither.

The three most glaring inconsistencies were that Brenda and Jas were talking for my benefit. They knew I could hear them for after I sat down in the backyard, Jas leaned out the open window and looked down at me. She couldn't know that the tipped over glass lawn table was as good as looking into a mirror. And then Brenda declared not to know why Sherry needed shelter or what went on last night. The other item was the three $50 bills that were in Jas's purse when I brought it home with me last night. I would call Kent and find out if he had paid for the service of fucking my wife and who took the money.

Sherry sure got trashed by Jasmine. I listened to her repeat word for word what she and Brenda said upstairs earlier this afternoon. She was even able to turn on some tears when telling how much she was under Sherry's thumb and made to do these horrible things and might lose my love because of it. I said I would think about it. I was so disturbed, I guess I would go to bed. Jas wanted me to sleep with her even though I wouldn't want to get intimate. No. That was my answer.

I was in and out of the house during the day. Punky loved having me home and when I went out, I took him with me. Most of the time I ignored Jas. I did get three meals that were above the usual.

Monday I was going to return to work and it was going to be long days for me to finish the project I was about to complete. I made one stop and made some arrangements with an investigator. I wanted to know what went on at home, so I hired someone to install some items. Friday I asked Jas if she wanted to go as a family to the small local theme park. She jumped at the chance.

We spent the day away from the house, more than the three hours that I was told was needed. If anyone saw us, they would think Jas, Punky and I were the most loving family in town. Jas was all over me, touching and clutching my arm or holding my hand. Hey, she wasn't the only one that could put on an act. Deep down, I suppose I was hoping it wasn't an act on her part. If I didn't have any more proof than I had right now, I would have to consider forgiving her for last night.

Sunday evening, Jas told me how much she loved me and just knew we were going to be a happy family again. She could tell I was going to forgive her. I countered with, "We still have some issues. Don't forget you have an appointment Thursday."

"Do you think that it is still necessary for me to go?"

"Yes, I do. If you don't, I will think you aren't serious about getting things straightened out."

"Okay, I will go, but I don't see why."

Monday night it was almost nine-thirty when I finished my work. Sherry was standing beside my car. "Jimmy, I wanted you to know Punky was at mother's all afternoon and had to stay until seven-thirty tonight. Mom is not speaking to me and cut me cold. I didn't work this afternoon as I was out hiring an attorney. When Jas dropped Punky off she was dressed as sexy as I have ever seen her. I think she connected, for she was frazzled when she picked Punky up."

"Thanks Sherry, I think I have it covered. If I can do anything to help, let me know."

"Still not sure about me are you?"

"I want to be, but give me some time. How long are you staying with Brenda?"

"I'm moving back home tomorrow. I instituted a restraining order on Bill, so I have the house until the court says otherwise. That will be a relief for Mother. She won't even talk to me now. Call me sometime. Not for anything, but you are the only one that has been treating me anywhere nice at all."

"Thank you. I may call, but it will not be before this time next week."

"That will be fine. 'Night Jimmy."

That was the way the week went--late every night. I called Sherry on Wednesday, just to say hi. Jasmine was always freshly showered and made up when I got home. I only saw Punky a few minutes in the morning before leaving for work. I missed the little fellow, but this would soon change. Thursday evening, I questioned Jas about her appointment with Sarah Collins, the family counselor. "I don't like her. She asks too many personal questions. I don't think I will go next week."

"Yes you will. I will be with you. I'm curious about her. I've never been to someone like her. Is she old, young, pretty or plain?"

"She's old. She said she has been counseling for more than forty years. She says she is neutral, but I can tell she doesn't like me."

"Well, we can find someone else if I don't think she will do us any good."

"Don't I have a say in this?"


The project was completed Friday at noon, and the boss took my crew out for lunch, both liquid and solid. I sat next to Kent, who was back in town for the project wind-up. His first comment when we had some privacy was, "The old man called me, you know. He told me to keep my mouth shut. I would have anyway. My wife would divorce me in a minute if she found out. You won't need me to testify if you divorce your wife will you?"

"I'll try not to. Question, did you give Jas any money for being with her and Sherry?"

"I gave Jas $150 and she said she would give Sherry her cut. Why?"

"No reason. I was just curious if she was charging, that's all."

"Actually I feel cheated. I was going to let you have Sherry and I was going back for more with your wife. I've met some experienced women, but none like her."

"Ouch, that hurts. Come on and I'll buy you another drink."

"Sorry, man."

I got home about five. Jas and Punky weren't there. I had a hard week and fell asleep on the couch. The next thing I knew Punky landed on me, giving me kisses. I looked at my watch. It was seven. "I'll get dinner as soon as I take a shower. I've been shopping all day with Punky and I'm filthy. Watch him will you?"

"Hey little man. I've been missing you. I'm going to see you every night from now on. Where have you been spending your time?"

"I have go to Grammy's house ever' day and watch tel'vision. Nobody plays with me. Will you play with me?"

"Sure right now. Where are your trucks?" He went running to get them and we had a garage built in no time out of some empty shoe boxes. Jas came down and started dinner. Punky fell asleep before it was ready. "It's a shame Punky didn't get to eat anything. Why did you keep him out so late?"

"He had something to eat. I stopped at Mom's and got to talking. She fed him something. He's fine. Is your project finished?"

"Yes. I'll be home every night from now on. We'll be a family again." hr Jasmine wanted me back into our room that night. I was tempted, for it was almost a month since I had sex. I was still waiting on the tests to come back from the clinic. Even if I did have them, what if she was out having sex with someone this week? In the morning Jas took Punky and went grocery shopping. I rushed downstairs to my workshop. I had five tapes that were going to tell me if there was any activity at the house during the day. I had gone down every night and replaced the day's tape with a new one but hadn't had time to view them before today.

Jas had been a busy little whore. Once on Tuesday and then again on Wednesday, she had entertained a male guest in our bedroom. The cameras caught money changing hands. Well I knew what Jas liked for sex now. It was way above what I considered a man and wife needed to show their love for each other. This was pornography. The camera even caught where Jas hid her earnings in the bedroom.

I wrapped the tapes up and went out and put them in my car. I went upstairs and lifted the false shelf in the closet. Bundles of money were stashed there, held together by rubber bands. I left three $50 bills that hadn't been bundled yet and took the rest with me. I left Jas a note on the kitchen table saying I would be back for lunch and went down to the bus station and rented a locker.

I next went to meet the private investigator I had hired. He gave me his report which was more incriminating still. Monday and Friday Jas had gone to a small motel and stayed approximately two hours in rooms 17 and 21 respectively. The same two men went into the room with her on each occasion. The names were at the end of the report with their home addresses, taken from the room rental log. I read through the whole report and only found a couple of different things that interested me.

I returned home just as Jas and Punky came in with the groceries. I helped unload and sat and watched as my wife prepared lunch. Punky climbed all over me. I made the decision right then that even if I hadn't sired Punky, I would never give him up. "How about going to a petting zoo this afternoon? Punky would like that."

"Sure, why not. I just love going places as a family. I was hoping the results of the tests you asked me to take would be in the mail today. They weren't so I suppose we will have to wait until Monday."

I made a quick phone call while Jas was putting together lunch. It was another fun afternoon for our son. Jas could feel there was something different about me though. "Jimmy, you're quiet. Is there something wrong with the project you just completed?"

"No that went well. I'm just coming down from the intense attention I had to give it in winding everything up. It shouldn't bother you." I played with Punky that evening until he was too tired and fell asleep at the first pause. I looked at him. He was sleeping with a smile on his face. I took a shower and retired to the guest room where I watched a small nineteen-inch TV that wasn't being used in the den. Jas complained, but I just said I was tired and would most likely go to sleep with it on.

In the morning I awoke refreshed and with a course of action I planned to instigate as soon as possible. I mowed the lawn, washed the cars and fixed the table in the backyard. "I'm going to get barbecue stuff. Do you want steak or just hot dogs and burgers?"

"Steak. I'll make some potato salad. Would you get some pop for Punky? This is fun, much like when we were first married."

"Yes, we were very happy then. Things never stay the same. Sometimes change is good and sometimes bad."

"What are you talking about? Oh you mean the other night. I explained that. It wasn't my fault. Sherry was to blame."

"Maybe, but you were there and I don't know if I can get over it."

"Jimmy, that is all behind us. No more going out with the girls for me. At least you didn't fight with me like Bill did with Sherry. I almost could feel sorry for her if she hadn't blackmailed me into being unfaithful."

I thought to myself, what a load of crap. "Different situation. First of all you don't have a job like she does. If I kicked you out, what would you do? You couldn't support yourself. Second, we have a kid that needs his mother. I'm willing to forgive a lot just for him, but there is a limit."

"It looks as if you are stuck with me, doesn't it?"

"Maybe, but I wouldn't push it if you have been unfaithful since I caught you."

"Let's not talk about it."

All week Jas argued about me wanting her to go to the marriage counselor. "You know my conditions. Your choice." Thursday when I reached the office of the counselor, Jas wasn't there. Mrs. Collins questioned me and remarked that this was supposed to be a joint session. "I don't think you will see either of us again. My wife evidently doesn't want to save our marriage."

As soon as I left the counselor, I made a call. "If and when you can find my wife, go ahead and serve her. She might even be at her home address. I'm going there now." She wasn't.

I called my mother-in-law. "Brenda, is Punky with you?"

"Yes he is here. Something has happened to Jas. She dropped Punky off and was screaming she was robbed. I have no idea what she was talking about, do you?"

"No. I'm home and it doesn't look as if the house has been broken into. We don't keep much money in the house. Maybe her car was stolen."

"It couldn't be that. She was driving it. What about Punky? Are coming after him?"

"I'll be there in a few minutes."

I had no word from Jas that evening. Punky and I were bachelors and made out fine. I called in and took a personal day on Friday. After I had him down for the night, I played with our computer. I very seldom logged onto it, but I was curious. Sherry had said that Jas was writing stories and I wondered what they were. I found her file and opened it, reading about some of the dirtiest sex acts I had ever come across.

I found another file that required a separate password to open. I had always cautioned Jas about leaving a password lying around. I hunted and I found where she had written it down and taped it to the bottom of the tower. (How original.)

This was the file that Jas had been blackmailing Sherry with. It was so obvious that Sherry was totally incapacitated and that the scenes were contrived. She could have been a corpse for all the action showed by my sister-in-law. I downloaded the file, erased it and taped the password back where I had found it. There was nothing more of interest I could find on the computer. I hid the disks I had downloaded the files on under the corner of the living room rug where I knew no one would step on them.

Ten o'clock the next morning I received a call from the process server, saying he had found Jas and she had been served. She was found in the motel where she had entertained some clients last week. At noon Jasmine arrived home. She looked like hell. I figured she would be screaming at me. Instead she acted as if she had been kicked in the stomach repeatedly. She said nothing about the lost money at first. "Damn it Jimmy, you didn't wait very long before you had me served. I'm sorry about the appointment yesterday. I had a crisis."

"And that would be?"

"I've been saving money from the household account and somebody stole it. I'll admit I saved it for mad money. Jimmy, I don't have anything now."

"No I guess you don't. You don't even have me. What are you going to do?"

"You're kicking me out? I need a place to live to take care of Punky. I'm still your wife and the mother of your son. You can't make me leave."

"You can stay for a short time. I can't figure you out. There are millions of women that would like to be treated by their husbands as I have been treating you. You haven't had to work. You've had plenty of money and all you've had to do is stay home and be a good mother to our son. Instead you've gone out and messed around and from all reports it has been most of our married life. Even when I caught you, you continued to mess around. Tell me you didn't get laid at least four times last week, twice right here in this house."

"You don't know that."

"I do, and I have the pictures to prove it."


"A private detective followed you when you were out and saw you in the motel. I also had cameras installed in the house. They are gone now, but the detective compiled enough evidence in just one week for me to take Punky from you. I'll show some of the pictures taken from the tapes to your lawyer. He can advise you to fight the divorce and for custody of Punky--or not."

"It is all Sherry's fault. She made me do it."

"That's bullhockey. It is you that is at fault. Everything you said she has done is actually you. She has been working. My eyes are open finally. Why don't you admit you are a prostitute? I could at least give you some respect for admitting that."

"Okay, I'm a whore. Does that suit you?" We stared at each other. "What now?"

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