Maggie Misbehaves

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2010 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: A drunken wife taken advantage of.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Cheating   .

It was a birthday party for Bernie and we were having it at the Landing Strip Lounge. There were maybe fifteen of us crowded around four tables in the back and away from the dance floor. The party had started at eight and was rolling right along. I was more of an observer than a participant because I'm a non-drinker; everybody else was on alcohol and you could see them all loosening up as the evening progressed. Bernie was getting shit-faced because everybody was buying him drinks including a lot of people who knew him, but who were not actually at the table with us. Bernie's wife Maggie was putting away her fair share, but on her it looked good. Maggie got real loose when she drank and it showed up when she was on the dance floor. Maggie made "Dirty Dancing" look tame. If you went out on the floor with Maggie it was a given that you would return to the table with a lump in your trousers. It happened to me several times that night and I got nasty looks each time from my wife Stella. Stella was putting away a little more than her fair share and producing a fair amount of hard dicks herself when she hit the floor. I guess she figured it was all right for her because she was drinking, but not okay for me because I wasn't.

By last call there were only two of us in any shape to drive; several thought they were and we tried to convince them otherwise and failed, among them Bernie and Maggie. But I can't save the whole world so that night I opted to save Bernie and his wife. Several people wanted to party on and Stella suggested that we take the party to our house. Mike, who was the only other guy fit to drive, had a Suburban so I told him to take Stella and the others who wanted to party to my house and I'd meet them there as soon as I dropped off Bernie and Maggie. Dave offered to go with me in case I needed help in getting Bernie into his house. Maggie wasn't happy about it, she wanted to keep on partying, but I wasn't going to take them to my place, carry Bernie in and then carry him back out at the end of the party and drive them home. Besides, Maggie was so fucked up I wasn't even sure she would still be awake by the time we reached her place. We put Bernie in the front with me and Dave got in the back with Maggie and we headed on out.

It is about a half-hour drive from the Strip to Bernie's place and maybe five minutes into the ride I heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper being operated. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw that Maggie's tits were exposed and in Dave's hands and that Dave's cock was exposed and in Maggie's hands. I was about to say something, but then figured what the hell, they were both grownups and consenting adults so I kept my mouth shut. Neither one was paying any attention to me so I adjusted the rear view so I could watch what was going on. I'd always know that Maggie had nice tits from the way she looked in sweaters, blouses and tee shirts, but exposed they just about took your breath away. They were cone-like with half-inch nipples that stood right out and looked slightly engorged as Dave played with them. My dick started to get hard watching the two of them go at it. Another couple of minutes went by and then I saw Dave put his hand behind Maggie's head, but before he could even try to push, Maggie's head went down and she started sucking Dave's cock. I couldn't take it any longer and I took my dick out and started playing with myself. As I watched Maggie's head going up and down I wondered if she and Dave had a thing going on or was it just coincidence the he volunteered to help on the night she decided to let go? Or was Maggie so drunk that she didn't know what she was doing? Another couple of minutes went by and I heard Maggie make a noise and she jerked her head off of Dave and I saw a jet of cum shoot out of his dick. It must have just been the surprise of his cumming that made her pull away because her head immediately went back down

I gave them two more minutes and then I pulled over, "Your turn to drive Dave and my turn to be in the back seat."

Dave and I switched places and I waited to see if Maggie would protest, but outside looking just a bit confused at what was happening she just sat there and looked at me. She looked from me to Dave and then back at me and then her head went down and she started sucking me off. I had my hands on her tits and I was pleased to find that they were every bit as firm as they had looked. I started rolling her nipples between my fingers and Maggie moaned and her head started to bob faster. Just then we hit a chuckhole and the jolt bounced me up off the seat and drove my cock against the back of her throat. I felt myself getting ready to blow and I told Maggie to get ready and she pushed her mouth down on me and held steady while I blew my load down her throat. Maggie kept her mouth on me and I felt myself begin to grow again. Maggie pulled her mouth off me and began to push her jeans down and taking her cue I pulled my pants off too. It took a minute of maneuvering to get situated on the back seat and Maggie moaned when I slid my fresh hard on into her.

"Suck my tits, please suck my tits" and I bent and took the right one in my mouth and started to scrape the nipple with my teeth. Maggie moaned and bucked up against me and that together with all the chuckholes we seemed to be hitting made it a most memorable fuck. Dave kept telling me to hurry up so he could do her before we got her home, but there just wasn't any way I could cum faster, not after Maggie had just drained me with her mouth. I finally got off just as we were pulling into Maggie's driveway. Maggie was moaning, "No, not yet, please not yet, I'm not ready, please not yet."

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