Fair Is Fair

by Wayac

Copyright© 2010 by Wayac

Drama Sex Story: When Richard catches his wife in the act, she makes him an interesting proposal.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   BiSexual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Swinging   Group Sex   .

"Honey, I'm home!" Richard yelled, closing the front door behind him. He'd lucked out and gotten the day off early and wanted to surprise his wife, Helen. When he didn't hear a reply right away, he walked up the stairs toward their bedroom.

Puzzled, he looked down and saw a bra laying on the ground, as if it had been stripped off and discarded there. Down the hall he could hear some sexy music coming from the bedroom. Richard smiled to himself, remembering the last time this had happened.

It had been a day just like today, Richard coming home early to find his wife behind a closed door with the music turned up. When he walked in he found his stunningly beautiful Helen moaning at the top of her lungs as she plunged a bullet sized vibrator in and out of her pussy.

Needless to say, Richard had the real thing rammed into her in under ten seconds. Helen came immediately and powerfully and they fucked each others brains out for the rest of the night. It had been the best sex they'd had in years and Richard got hard just thinking about it. Grinning from ear to ear, he loosened his tie and strode into the bedroom.

His jaw dropped.

There on the bed was his wife, her back turned to him, completely naked. She was bouncing up and down moaning more pleasurably than he'd ever heard her. Two hands gripped her sides, kneading the smooth soft flesh of her back.

"OH YES YES FUCK ME! FUCK ME BABY MAKE ME CUM AGAIN!" she yelled, humping even harder on the stranger. Then she screamed as her orgasm hit her. The hands on her back tightened and from the way her body bucked up and down, Helen was obviously getting pounded from below.

Richard saw the hands move from her back to squeeze her breasts, causing Helen to explode into a chain of intense orgasms. Each shriek of climax hit him like a dagger to his heart. His wife of ten years was cheating on him!

Several emotions erupted in Richard: confusion, despair, anger. They all collided inside him and nearly knocked him off his feet. He staggered backward, unable to say anything. Then he turned and fled down the stairs, accidently bumping and shattering the vase they had displayed in the hallway.

He was sure they'd be able to hear the crash over the music but he didn't care. Fighting a strong wave of nausea, Richard ran to the sink and quickly filled a glass of water which he started chugging like his life depended on it.

"Richard?" Her voice was quiet behind him.

Slowly, he set the glass down, then turned to his wife.

"How ... how could you?" he could barely say the last word before choking up. Before their ten years of marriage they'd been together for four years in high school. They'd lost their virginity to each other and had pretty much been fucking each other ever since. Not once had he thought of cheating on his wife and he thought she felt the same.

"Oh honey, I didn't want you to find out this way. I wanted to tell you when we were ready." She looked pained, but he couldn't tell if that was for real or just out of guilt.

Either way, her sad face cut him to the heart, draining his anger away. He'd dedicated his life to making her happy, making sure she never looked as sad as she looked now.

"Did I do something wrong?" he asked. "Did I somehow push you away?"

She rushed to him, putting both her hands on his face. "No no no no. You've been perfect to me. You've made me the happiest woman in the world."

Richard could feel some of his anger returning. "Then what was THAT? How are you the happiest woman in the world if you're fucking some stranger instead of your own husband?"

"I'm not fucking a stranger," she said quietly.

He paused. "Who is it?" He wasn't sure if he wanted to know.

"Our neighbor."

Richard barely stifled a cursing spree. Their neighbor, Chris, had to be the most peverted womanizing man he'd ever met. No only was his personality ugly but his exterior was as well. This wasn't helped by the fact that he didn't seem to care at all for hygiene. Richard could feel the nausea swelling up inside him again just thinking about Chris fucking his sweet wife in his own bed.

"I don't believe this," he snarled. He was about to just charge out of the house and drive until he cooled off, but Helen grabbed his arm.

"Honey, wait. There's more."

For some reason he stayed. Everything in him screamed at him to leave her in the dust, go find what was left of his life and try to enjoy it. But feeling her touch on him gave him a slim hope, a foolish hope that somehow this could be better than it was.

Even though he didn't turn to her, she saw she had his attention so she continued, "This isn't the first time. We've been ... seeing each other for about a week. Remember how sometimes you and I would talk about having sex with other people, or maybe have a threesome? Recently I've been thinking about it a lot, and last week, it kind of came up."

Richard remembered their conversations. He'd never been serious about being unfaithful, but found it turned them both on a lot. They always had great sex afterward, but he'd thought that was all they needed to spice things up.

"Anyway," she continued, "One thing led to another and soon we were fucking each other. I knew it was wrong, I knew I should've told you, but I couldn't stop. Each day it got worse and worse, we'd fuck longer and longer. Today you'd barely left before I was completely naked and getting plowed."

Despite all his anger and heartache, his wife's sexy descriptions were getting him hard. He cursed his weakness at letting himself get aroused when he should've been furious. Still he waited for her to finish.

"Richard, you know I love you and only you. Yes I was unfaithful, but I'm still as deeply in love with you as ever. Can't we move past this? The sex has been great and I know now that it doesn't affect how I feel about you. We've always talked about spicing things up and I know you won't be swayed by it either."

He finally turned to face her. "So now you want me to fuck some random woman, is that it?"

For the first time since her multiple orgasms earlier, he saw her smile. "No way, fair is fair. You only get to fuck who I fuck and vice versa."

Once again Richard had to fight off nausea. "Are you kidding me? There's no way I'd ever fuck Chris just so you can get you rocks off!"

Helen looked shocked. Richard wasn't expecting that otherwise he really would've stormed off. Then she burst into laughter. He wasn't expecting that either.

"Oh Richard," she gasped as she finally calmed down a bit. "This whole time you thought I was sleeping with Chris? That PIG?"

Now thoroughly confused, Richard started to mumble, "then who... ?"

"When I said our neighbor, I thought you'd make the obvious conclusion which one."

Richard felt like an idiot. While Chris the slob lived next door on their right, Justine, a sexy beautiful blonde lived on their left. "Wait ... you've been fucking Justine?"

Helen gave him sly look and nodded. Thinking back, Richard remembered the hands on his wife's naked back had seemed a bit feminine, it just hadn't registered. Then something else clicked in his memory. "Fair is fair..."

"That's right, darling," she said, grabbing his hand and pulling him back to the bedroom. "Since I fucked Justine it's only fair that you get to as well. Unless you don't want to..." She reached down and felt his penis through his pants. It was rock hard.

"Looks like you do," she whispered in his ear, then pulled him into the bedroom.

Justine was lounging on their bed, wearing a sheer silk robe that she left open. Richard was in awe. Her breasts were slightly larger than Helen's, perfectly round and inviting. Her pussy was shaved clean, connecting the longest, sexiest legs he'd ever seen.

Mustering his last remaining bit of willpower he turned to his wife. "Honey are you sure?"

Helen reached up and kissed him tenderly. "Richard I did this for us. I know you won't ever stop loving me just like I'll never stop loving you. So why don't we have a little fun while we're at it?"

Richard didn't need any more encouragement and scooped his wife up, then laid her gently on the bed. As he started to undress, Justine reached up and kissed Helen passionately on the lips.

"I'm glad you were able to convince him to stay. He sounded pretty mad."

Helen giggled. "He thought you were someone else. He thought you were Chris."

"Oh GROSS!" She turned to Richard. "Your wife has much better taste than that."

As if to display her agreement, Helen began sucking and licking one of Justine's breasts, causing the blonde to moan. They both reached a hand out to Richard, who had finished undressing, and guided him onto the bed.

Helen lay to his right, kissing and licking his chest, while Justine began sucking his cock. Richard took his wife's head in his hands and brought her up to kiss on the lips. It was the most passionate kiss they'd shared in a long time and left both of them panting.

"Does that mean you forgive me?" Helen asked in an innocent voice.

He grinned at her. "I guess I can let it slide." Then he pulled her in for another long kiss. Slowly he pulled her higher, so he could kiss her breasts, then her tummy, then finally she was kneeling above his head, her pussy above his mouth.

Richard grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her throbbing mound to his mouth. Helen gasped and gripped the head board as her husband's tongue assaulted her cunt. Justine looked up and smiled. Unable to resist any more she got to her knees and straddled Richard's raging hard on.

She slowly impaled herself, now moaning loudly like Helen. Both women began bouncing up and down, writhing in pleasure. Their tits bounced up and down in unison as they each climbed to orgasm. Helen came first, screaming. Justine followed soon after, mauling her own breasts to increase her pleausre.

Richard had to fight for all he was worth to not cum on the spot when Justine's walls began spasming in climax. Miraculously he managed to stave off his orgasm despite Justine's lasting so long while impaled on him.

Although neither woman had time to recover, the blonde grabbed her neighbor by the shoulders, turned her around and kissed her deeply. Helen returned the kiss and soon both women were moaning again and rubbing their hands all over each other.

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