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Sex Story: Tammy a sexy fourteen old schoolgirl and her mother seduce her teacher

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I first became involved with Tammy as her form teacher. I taught Math's at Hazlehurst Grammar and like most young teachers the sexual provocation from the girl students seemed to be almost everlasting. Each school year brought a new crop of young girls whose hormones were doing their best to motivate the girls to seduce any eligible male within the orbit of their daily lives.

I was unmarried, basically because I had not yet met the right girl. Not that I had been searching strenuously, but as far as I was concerned, it was a case of love them and leave them. I knew that one day some female, would get her clutches into me, and then I would become a respectable married man.

Never did I imagine that I would be attracted to young teenage girls, and normally I was not; But one day as I was driving home from school I saw young Tammy having trouble with some boys from another school. She was upset and crying and her coat was slightly ripped. I stopped my car and went to her aid and I sat her in the passenger seat, she was upset and crying, and I got her calmed down a bit, and then I suggested we went to a nearby Kentucky Fried Chicken so that she could tell me all about it.

I ordered our meal and drinks, and Tammy went to the toilet and got herself cleaned up, and when she came back she was a new girl. We talked for about an hour and she told me a lot about her mother and her home life, later I took her home and dropped her outside her house. I thought no more about it other than I had enjoyed her company.

That following weekend I went to the local park, and I sat feeding the ducks when Tammy came and sat down beside me. It was the first time that I had seen her out of school uniform and she looked lovely. She had done her hair slightly differently, and was wearing stone washed jeans and a lovely white blouse. She wore a little make-up and her whole appearance made her look five years older.

After a while she said "Look sir I have some Sandwiches and rolls I brought for lunch would you like to share them with me." In hindsight had I refused, then perhaps my whole life would have taken a different course."

But I looked at her and I heard myself say. Yes I would love too under one condition, and that is you call me Tony out of school."

She looked at me with a cheeky grin and said "OK sir Tony."

She had a rug with her, and we lay down on the grass by the lake and it was true she did have a pile of sandwiches, but then we were joined by her mother. Her mother Jane was on her lunch break from her job, which was near the park and she was a slightly older version of Tammy, just as lovely, and just as damned sexy.

She thanked me profusely for helping Tammy, and we had quite a lovely carefree lunch with lot of laughs, and the girls between them gradually starting to tease me gently calling me a stuffy old schoolteacher, and daring me to go to a dance with them one night.

During the next two weeks I got quite friendly with both Jane and Tammy. I knew that Jane was married, but there was little reference to her husband, who I gathered was a long distance lorry driver and was away for quite long trips on to the continent.

One day during the lunch break, it was pouring with rain, and once again I decided to go to the park to, sit in my car and eat my sandwiches. Suddenly Tammy appeared and she was wanting to come and sit with me. I saw no problem in that, and we had quite a nice chat as we ate, but suddenly and I am not quite sure how it happened I found Tammy in my arms and we were kissing.

We broke the kiss and I looked down at her and said. "Oh god Tammy what are we doing - you are lovely, and such a big temptation."

"Am I?" Tammy's big blue eyes looked up at me as she bit her lip playfully.

"Do you still love me?"

"Yes Tammy I love you,"

"Will you prove it Tony by making love to me then please."

As she spoke she was climbing on to my lap."

I held Tammy the fourteen year old in my arms and she was only barely that; Tammy's birthday had been just a few weeks before.

"Tammy we shouldn't, I will get into trouble?"

Tammy had her arms around my neck, pulling herself close as she kissed me, her young body rubbing against mine.

As we were kissing I let my hands slide down her back, across the cotton school blouse she wore. As we kissed she was straddling my lap and there was no way she could not feel my hardness.

"I love you so much Tony and I want you to be my lover."

"I love you too," I told her. "But this is all wrong".

"No Tony not if we love one another."

Tammy was quickly pushing her small pink tongue into my mouth. I knew by now that she'd seduced me very successfully. She straddled my lap, my zip was now very deftly undone, and my cock was now being expertly fondled by Tammy, as I in turn felt under her skirt for her pussy.

"Where's your panties?" I asked, breaking our long kiss, and Tammy giggled with mischief.

"In my desk at school ; I took them off just for you," she told me.

My hands were now under her skirt fondling her bare pussy and. Tammy was so small and cute and I was frightened that I would be too big for her.

"Bad girl!" I kissed her quickly on the lips and my cock ached painfully to be inside her.

"Bad boy!" Tammy countered and she was happily fondling my now naked cock Tammy was now quite wet and I knew that I was past the point of no return.

It took a minute of fumbling while we kissed, and smiled into each others' eyes, but soon enough Tammy had my cock free. My cock isn't large, but it's just right for fucking horny little girls like Tammy, believe me. I hoped that if this was to happen she could keep our secret. I had little doubt of that, but I'd have to be very careful about our relationship ion the future.

"Wow," she breathed, closing her eyes briefly as the head of my cock probed at her young sweet little pussy...

Tammy was very tight, wonderfully small inside and not very deep at all. I knew that given time she would stretch though, and tight little pussies like hers were just made to give pleasure to hard cocks like mine. I wanted to grab her tightly and pull her down hard, give her a good quick thrust and drive myself inside her fiery sex all at once.

Tammy was hot inside, and wet; her juices were running down my cock as I entered

her slowly, Tammy knew what she was doing sliding down my cock inch by inch, letting her pussy get used to me. I knew that I was stretching her, the muscles in her sweet little pussy were giving way slowly, gripping my cock with small spasms that made both our bodies shiver. had never experienced anything quite like this in my whole life. Tammy was so sexy, and such a great fuck! She was the one doing the work, working herself up and down on my cock, taking a little more of me every time, until I couldn't help myself. I brought my left hand to her head, digging my fingers in her long blonde hair and kissing her deeply. I pushed my tongue into her tiny mouth, making Tammy moan and wriggle her tongue against mine. My other arm went around her thin waist, holding her tight as I pushed my cock deep inside her as hard as I could.

Tammy gave a muffled gasp and stiffened as the head of my cock drove the last few inches all at once, finding the full depth of her sex with a jolt that we both felt. Tammy shuddered then, quivering in my arms and I felt her tears of happiness on my cheeks as we kissed. Tammy was just Cumming and experiencing sensations that she had never felt before and loving every minute of our time together...

We fucked quickly after that, kissing and whispering words of love while she wiggled her buttocks and rolled her narrow hips. I held her all the while, keeping her tight young body tight against mine, impaled on my cock as it moved just a few inches in and out of her. Short, quick strokes and that was all we needed. Tammy had a massive orgasm, just at the end, and feeling her pussy spasm brought me to a massive climax. I flooded my fourteen year old lovers womb with my seed spraying it right up against her barely mature cervix. It was a wonderful fuck, even if it had lasted only a few minutes.

"I love you, Tony," Tammy sighed, content to rest her cheek against my chest while my cock remained stiff and swollen inside her. She was breathing hard and her face wet with tears of joy; the most beautiful little girl in the world just then.

"I love you too, Tammy," I told her and that wasn't a lie. I just wished that she was older so that I could keep her for ever. But somehow I knew that this was just the beginning of something special. I took her back to school as it was pouring with rain, and I did not care if anyone had seen us. As far as I was concerned I was giving a student a lift.

I knew full well Tammy was just fourteen years old and by having sex with her I was breaking the law, but from that day we found time and places to have sex regularly. It seemed to get better all the time. I don't know whether Tammy had told her mother about us, but I had to assume that she had not. Both Tammy and Jane became important people in my life from then on, but I was never invited to their home when her husband was around. I had a nice home, and I was only to glad to entertain these two pretty natural blondes. When they were free myself. They were good company, both with very vivacious personalities. Tammy was a smaller replica of her also very sexy mother.

I suppose that it was inevitable that my affair with Tammy would not stop there. It was on the Parent Teachers evening at school when Jane and Tammy came to see me. It was a very damp evening, and they both turned up dressed for the weather with umbrellas and mackintosh's.

That evening both Jane and Tammy seemed rather depressed, and I knew something was wrong. I took them into a spare room not in use and I asked them. "What is wrong ladies?.".

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