I Never Knew

by SW MO Hermit

Copyright© 2010 by SW MO Hermit

Erotica Story: Husband visiting at a party finds out his wife is a cheater. His investigation and solution to the problem.

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Cheating   Gang Bang   Group Sex   .

My wife Clarice and I were at a party at a friend's home. We had just finished our meal on the patio and some of our old friends had begun drinking in earnest. I was standing beside my best friend Tom while we watched our friends make fools of themselves once again.

My wife Clarice and I had moved back to my hometown two weeks before and this was the first social function we had been invited to since.

My best friend Tom and I were talking and watching Clarice dance with some of the other men. She had danced with three of the men and was now dancing with the second one again. Tom mentioned how great she looked and that it looked like she was really having fun. I agreed she seemed to be letting her hair down tonight.

We watched a while longer and Clarice and her partner Harold walked off the dance floor toward the house. His arm was on the small of her back but when they entered the patio door he first pulled her closer to him, then ushered her into the house ahead of him.

Tom looked at me, opened his mouth, and then closed it again. He took a deep breath and asked, "Dale, how long has Clarice been cheating on you?"

He saw my face then said, "I know it's not any of my business but why do you put up with it-or are you in the Lifestyle?"

I angrily told him Clarice wasn't cheating on me as far as I knew and asked, "What do you mean by the Lifestyle?"

Tom told me the Lifestyle was what some people called swingers. He also said he could almost guarantee Clarice was cheating. He pointed out how she was always keeping her eye on me and tried to keep her dance partners between her and me so she could watch better. He pointed out she was always as far away from me as she could get when talking to or dancing with other men. He pointed out her hard nipples and flushed look as she and Harold left the patio. He also mentioned that Harold was a known womanizer with a line a mile long.

Then he asked a killer of a question. He said, "I bet it has been a long time since you got any pussy after any party you attended together or any night she had been out without you hasn't it?"

I opened my mouth to deny it, then thought 'damn, he's right. She's always too tired and promises me a good one the next day-which she usually delivered on. I did remember she was always soooo wet the next morning when I got into her. I also remembered she would never let me go down on her until after I had fucked her. I began to wonder.

"You know Tom," I said. "I had never considered the possibility she would cheat or that she was doing it but you could be right."

"Well Dale, I am pretty sure we can prove it in the next few minutes but before we do, we need to talk. Janice had been acting a lot like I have seen Clarice act these last two weeks and some friends and I followed her. We caught her with a cock in her cunt and I was ready to dump her ass. Sam kept me from storming into the room and beating the crap out of them when he presented me with the same proposition I am going to give you."

Tom said, "Sam said to me, you know how Jim, Alan, George and I have talked and teased you about wanting to fuck Janice. We have all caught our wives acting a little strange at these affairs and suspect them of doing things that may not pass the husband test. What say we check up on all of them and if they are all cheating, lets confront them and tell them it is either the highway or they put out for all of us and no one else. What the hell, if that doesn't work we can still dump their cheating asses can't we? And if it does work out we all get different pussy when we want it. Of course the wives will get what they want too-different cock from time to time."

"That is what we did. All of our wives except Alan's were cheating. Joan had been talking to the others about it but hadn't fallen. We keep our eyes on her but so far she has stayed true to Alan so he is not one of the gang. Now we all fuck each other's wives whenever WE want. Joe isn't here tonight but we caught his wife cheating too and she agreed to be on call for all of us then went out and took other lovers too. He divorced her and managed to keep almost all of their assets. She had tried to counter sue for his adultery with our wives but we all testified against her. He had pictures and she didn't' so..."

Tom said, "Come on Dale. We may be able to catch Clarice tonight. Harold isn't one of our group and he never will be. Some of us work with him and have to invite him to some of our parties or he never would have been here tonight. I bet he either has her in the back of his car or somewhere in our house." As we walked past his hall closet Tom got a good digital camera.

We checked all the rooms and found the master bathroom locked. We could hear moaning coming from within. Tom looked at me and mouthed, "Bingo, What do you want to do? Wait on them to come out or open the door and catch them in the act?"

I thought a minute and said, "Catch them. But I am going to leave and let you do it. Can you open the door and as you take the pictures shout, "I finally caught you breaking our agreement didn't I June?" (June was Tom's wife).

"When you have the pictures, get rid of Harold, then why don't you put the moves on Clarice? Get her started in the program. Hell, have some of the other guys come up and do the old gang bang routine. Don't let her know I know what she has been doing. I am going to check back where we lived before and see what I can dig up before I confront her. After you are done with her, let her clean up a little and escort her back to me. I will play the befuddled unknowing husband for a while. I want more evidence in case she gets holier than thou and decides to go for the divorce."

It was over two hours before a tired looking Clarice came walking dejectedly onto the patio and up to me. I boomed out, "Finally. I was beginning to think you were off somewhere with some man. Where have you been? I have been looking for you."

Clarice looked frightened, then said, "Oh, here and there. I have been talking to some of your friends. They insisted we get to know each other better. In fact, they have invited me to lunch with them next week."

"Well that's fine. You need to make some friends around here now. Just be sure lunch is all they give you. I wouldn't trust those guys as far as I can see them with someone like you."

Clarice sniffled and asked me if we could just go home. She said she was really tired.

When we got home, I tried to get some pussy just to see if I could. She shut me down cold. I know this wasn't proof of her cheating before but it at least verified what Tom had said about her wanting to make me wait.

The next few weeks would have been funny if I wasn't so upset over Clarice. My friends kept her on her back with her pussy filled most lunch hours and they told her to be darn sure she gave me more pussy than I could handle or they would let it slip she was screwing around on me. She always made sure to offer pussy when we woke up in the morning and looked embarrassed when I commented on how much more horny she was since we retired and moved back home.

I finally got the Private investigators report from our old city of residence. Of course since they couldn't follow Clarice they had no pictures but they found several people who would sign affidavits attesting to her cheating on me. They even found one couple that had divorced because the man was having an affair with her. His wife had caught them and taken a picture that she used in the divorce. She didn't know Clarice so couldn't contact me about it. Clarice had skated by that time. I remembered a period several months back when she had been very nervous and very loving to me so I suspected that was when she had gotten caught.

We had all the ducks in a row now so it was time to confront her. I wasn't sure just how to do it, then decided to give her a little of her own medicine. I had Tom invite us back to his place for a party and to just have the members of our little group as guests. I was going to make sure I got there early and Clarice caught me in bed with the wives. In order to do that, us guys were supposedly going to fish that day and we would all meet at Tom's house that evening to BBQ and party. Clarice was to drive over alone and meet me there.

What really happened was all us guys spent the morning fishing then we went to Tom's house about noon. We all played around with the ladies. My three friends made sure they didn't wear themselves out because they were going to gangbang Clarice that night after she watched me with their wives.

Tom let Clarice into the house when she arrived and I heard her asking for me. Tom told her I was busy and would be there soon. He moved in on her and began kissing and fondling her. The other two men advanced on her too. About the time they had her sandwiched between them Janice screamed out in orgasm. She said, "Oh, god Dale. That feels so good."

I could hear Clarice yell "What the fuck?" then I heard running feet as she burst through the bedroom door. "Dale you cheating son of a bitch. You are going to regret this day for the rest of your life. I'll be filing for divorce Monday. How could you?"

I believe she was pretty shocked when I just turned to look at her then slid my cock into Sandra. She moved to the bed and tried to hit me but Tom and the others stopped her. They held her until I gave Sandra an orgasm and I pumped my seed into her.

I pulled from Sandra and got off the bed. I stood in front of Clarice and told her to not get too hasty with the divorce talk. I walked past her into the dining room where we had the paperwork spread out. The others stripped her and themselves then pushed her into the room with me and the other 'ladies'.

Tom invited everyone to sit down then he sat at the head of the table while I was at the foot. I looked at Clarice and said, "Clarice you brought this onto yourself. I loved and trusted you for our entire life then you cheated on me not once but several times. I was just a stupid cuckold until Tom pointed out what you were doing to me at his first party. We caught you with Harold and decided to get our ducks in a row then offer you the same choice these other wives were given."

Clarice was staring at Tom and the other men with anger etched deeply on her face. "What do you mean by that?" she spat.

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