Frank and Diane

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2010 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: He went home early. Need I say more?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   .

The day showed no signs of being a disaster when I woke up. The alarm went off at five and my wife Diane reached for me and pulled me back down as I started to get out of bed. She kissed me, slipped me a little tongue and her hand reached for my cock. Twenty-five years and the woman could still turn me into a quivering wreck. She pulled me on top of her and as my cock parted her nether lips she said:

"Make it a good morning lover; make it a very good morning."

I pushed into her and she moaned, "Oh God yes lover, do it hard lover, do it."

She moaned, she cried, she dug her nails into the cheeks of my ass and pulled me to her and then she came just seconds before I did.

She got up to fix the coffee while I took my showered and then I fixed us breakfast while she showered. We discussed what our days were likely to be like as we ate and then she asked:

"Meatloaf and baked potatoes okay for dinner tonight?"

"Sounds great. I'll stop at the bakery and pick up a loaf of fresh French bread and maybe a pecan pie."

"Ooooh, pecan pie. Out to spoil me are you?"

"Can't think of anyone I'd rather spoil."

We kissed and walked hand in hand into the garage, kissed once more and then we both headed off to work.

The drive in was uneventful and so was the first half of the morning. Around eleven Harry (my boss) called me into his office.

"We have a situation in St. Louis. Baker caught Smithers with his wife and now Baker is in jail and Smithers is in the hospital. There is no one there to run the office. I hate to do this to you on such short notice, but you have to catch the two-twenty flight, get to St. Louis and take charge of the office.

"I don't know how long you will be there. I guess it will depend on just how bad Baker fucked up Smithers. If it is too bad he might not get out of jail for a while and Smithers might not get out of the hospital anytime soon. Even if the both get out soon I don't see how they will be able to work together. I'll have to think long and hard on it, but I can't see anyway other than to let one of them go. Which one I don't know. I'll need a lot more information before I can make that decision."

"Seems cut and dried to me. Smithers fucked with Baker's wife. Smithers should have expected Baker to get pissed if he ever found out."

"I don't know for a fact that Baker caught Smithers with his wife or that Smithers is even guilty. All I've got is what the secretary told me when she called. Maybe you can find out more for me when you get there."

I called Diane to let her know what was going on, but her secretary told me that she was in a meeting. I told her I'd call back and then I headed home to pack a bag.

Diane's car was in the driveway when I got home and I wondered what was up with that. She was supposed to be in a meeting. When I walked into the living room I saw that she was indeed in a meeting, but it wasn't the kind of meeting I had envisioned when her secretary told me she was in one.

There was a trail of clothing on the floor leading from the couch to the stairway and some of those clothes were men's clothes. At the foot of the steps there was a pair of men's trousers and I picked them up and found a wallet in one of the back pockets. I took it out, opened it up and read the name Stanton North on the driver's license. I put the wallet in my pocket and then looked around the room and saw a suit coat over the back of the easy chair. It yielded a checkbook and I put that in my pocket too.

I walked up the stairs and as I got close to the top of the steps I began hearing what was coming from the bedroom.

"Fuck me. Fuck me hard."

"Like it do you?"

"Oh God yes. You feel so good in me. Fuck me baby, fuck me."

"I would never have believed you could be such a hot little slut. Like my cock?"

"Love your cock. Just keep giving it to me."

I walked into the room and saw a man pounding into Diane and she had her legs wrapped around him and her hands on his ass pulling him to her.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me" she was moaning as I walked past on my way to the closet. I was almost to the closet door before Stanton North saw me and he stopped in mid-stroke and said:

"Oh shit!"

Diane had her eyes closed as he fucked her and when he stopped they popped open and she cried:

"Don't stop. Damn it, don't stop, I'm almost th..." and then she saw me and cried "No. Oh God no" and started trying to get out from under North.

"Don't stop on my account" I said as I entered the closet. "I just need to pack a bag and then I'll get out of here and leave you two love birds alone."

I had my back to them as I took socks and underwear out of the dresser drawer and put them in the suitcase, but I could hear them behind me. Diane was saying "Get off me damn it" while North was saying "Christ what a mess." When I turned to go back into the closet for a garment bag I saw North heading out the bedroom door and Diane scrambling to find something to cover herself with. As she scrambled she was saying things like:

"What are you doing Frank? Why are you packing" and uttering nonsense like "It isn't what you think Frank" and "I can explain Frank."

While she was babbling I heard the front door slam shut and I wondered where North was going. Diane's car was the only one in the driveway so he must have arrived with her.

I ignored Diane as I finished packing and I didn't respond to her "We need to talk Frank. You have to let me explain."

I walked out the front door without having said a word since walking into the bedroom and telling them not to stop on my account. As I walked to my car Diane was hollering:

"Wait Frank; don't go. Please talk to me."

As I opened my car door I looked around but saw no sign of Stanton North. Maybe he was hiding somewhere watching and would come back when he saw me drive away. Diane was running down the front walk and almost had her hand on the passenger side door handle when I pulled away from the curb.

It is an absolute wonder that I made it to the airport without killing myself or someone else. My mind was definitely not on my driving. How had it happened? Why had it happened? I would have bet all that I had that Diane and I were rock solid. I looked back on our life together and I didn't see anything — not one thing — that would ever have led me to believe that what I had just seen was even remotely possible. My God! How could she have done what she did to me when we got up that morning and then do what I had just seen her doing?

Diane and I met when my father received a promotion and had to move the family fifteen hundred miles away. The move was a bitch as far as I was concerned. I was taken away from the kids I had grown up with and gone to school with and then dumped into a school where I didn't know a single soul. I was sitting alone at a table in the school cafeteria at lunch time and feeling sorry for myself when the most beautiful girl I had ever seen came over to the table and sat down with me. She set her tray down and said:

"Hi there new kid."

She reached across the table and stuck out her hand and said. "I'm Diane." It took me a second or two before I realized she was offering me her hand to shake. I took it and said:

"Hi Diane, I'm Frank."

"Where you from Frank?" she asked and then we spent the rest of the lunch period getting to know each other. She had joined me at my table because she had known what I was going through because the same thing had happened to her the previous year. By the time the bell rang we had made a date for her to show me around the town.

Within six weeks we were going steady and like all typical teenagers we were making out like mad. Being a guy with raging hormones I naturally tried to get Diane to go all the way, but she wouldn't do it. She was determined to honor her promise to her mother to go to her marriage bed a virgin. Luckily for my sanity she broke that promise on her eighteenth birthday.

We had some serious discussions after the night she gave me her cherry. I told her that I wanted to marry her, but that I didn't want to get married until I finished college. She wanted to get married right away and she wasn't happy with me because I wanted to wait. I was telling my mom about it when she surprised the hell out of me. I'd always thought of my mom as being a bit on the prudish side, but she said:

"So move in with her and live together until you graduate."

"How can I do that? The reason I want to wait is so that I can afford it. No way I can support a wife and go to school at the same time."

"You might have to get a part time job to help out with the groceries, but you college fund has enough in it to let you rent a small place off campus."

I thought about it and then brought it up to Diane. We talked it over and decided we would both get part time jobs and do it. We went looking and found a small apartment that I could afford and then we went to do the hard part — tell her parents.

Her mom was horrified that Diane hadn't kept to her promise on holding on to her virginity. She cried and blubbered while Diane's father called me every name in the book and some that he made up on the spot. Then he told Diane that he absolutely forbid it and furthermore she was never to see me again. Diane looked at me and asked me to wait in the car. Ten minutes later she came out carrying two suitcases.

She never told me what went on when I left the house, but it was three years before she ever talked to her parents again and only then to tell them that they had a grandson. Suddenly I was a great guy, there daughter was lucky to have found me and on and on and on. But the damage had already been done and on my part I tolerated them, but that was all. Diane eventually forgave them and they became part of our lives. They were great grandparents to our three kids, but like I said, I just tolerated them.

The years past by, the kids grew up and set out on their own and now this. At least the kids wouldn't grow up having divorced parents.

I got to the airport early, checked in and then sat down in one of the many airport coffee shops to wait for my flight to be called. I took out North's wallet and checkbook and began going through them. Behind his driver's license I found a card the said "Emergency Information." It gave his blood type and some other information, but the part that caught my eye was the part where it gave his emergency contact. Arlis North and under "Relationship" it said "wife" and it gave a number where she could be reached. I took out my cell phone and called it.


"Mrs. North?"


"My name is Frank Bellows. I'm sorry to be making this call, but I just found your husband in bed with my wife and I thought you should know."

"You're joking, right?"

"No ma'am, I'm afraid not."

"Well I don't believe you Mr. Whoever you are. My Stan would never do a thing like that to me."

"Tell you what. When he gets home tonight ask him if he knows a Diane Bellows and then ask him to show you his wallet and checkbook. He won't be able to because I have them. I took them out of his clothes when I found them lying on my living room floor when I went home early. I am at the airport right now waiting to catch a flight to St. Louis. When I get back home I'd be happy to hand deliver them to you."

"You are really serious about this?"

"I'm sorry, but I am."

"When will you be back?"

"I don't know. I have to go and fill in for someone who is off sick and I'll be there until he can get back to work."

"Could you mail me the wallet and checkbook?"

"I could I suppose, but I'll let you know this ahead of time. Your husbands wallet has eighty-seven dollars in it and after what I saw when I walked into my bedroom I feel a crying need to get drunk and drown my sorrows and your hubby is going to foot the bill for it. There will probably be some left, but I have no idea how much."

"Send it to my office." She gave me the address and I wrote it down and then she said, "If you can send it overnight and I'll reimburse you."

"I can do that. They just called my flight so I have to go."

I said goodbye and disconnected. North got lucky. My original plan was to leave his wallet and credit cards on the counter in the bathroom and hope that whoever found it would go on a spending spree, but getting in touch with his wife changed all that. Hopefully she would make his life a living hell.

My cell had been going off almost from the moment I left the house and every time I looked it was Diane so I didn't take the call. It rang again as I was leaving the coffee shop and I looked expecting it to be another call from Diane, but this time it was from the office. I called back and got Harry.

"You need to call home Frank. Diane just called me and she is frantic because she can't get in touch with you."

"There is a reason for that Harry. I'm not taking her calls. When I went home to pack she was there and she wasn't alone and she was doing things she shouldn't have been doing. I talk with her when I get back. Maybe by then I'll have calmed down enough not to wrap my hands around her throat and squeeze. Make things easy on yourself and tell the receptionist not to take her calls."

The first thing I did after seeing to it that the office was running smoothly and that there were no immediate was to hit the Post Office and send Mrs. North her husband's wallet and checkbook. I included the information on where I was staying so she could call if she had any questions. That taken care of I called the police and found out where Baker was being held and if I could see him.

Outside of bruised knuckles and a broken finger Baker didn't look too bad. He hadn't had a bail hearing yet because the powers that be were waiting on word from the hospital on just how bad Smithers was so they would know what charges to file. I told him about Harry's concerns and asked him for the story.

It sounded all too familiar.

He had returned home during his lunch hour to pick up something that he had forgotten to take with him in the morning and he'd walked in on Smithers who was using his lunch hour to pork Baker's wife. While he was stomping the shit out of Smithers his wife was on the phone to 911 telling them that her husband had gone crazy and that she feared for her life. The cops showed up, Smithers went to the hospital and Baker went to jail.

My next stop was to the hospital to see Smithers. He had a broken nose, two broken ribs, two cracked ribs and they had removed his right testicle. From him I got:

"It wasn't my fault. The bitch came after me so of course I tapped her. I'm single and I like pussy as much as the next guy. If anybody is at fault here it is Baker. If he took care of the bitch and gave her what she needed she wouldn't be out looking."

He got no sympathy from me. I called Harry and told him the story and said that my recommendation was to transfer Smithers out of the office unless he could find some grounds for firing the guy and I told him I would take a hard look at things in the office and see if I could find something that he could use.

Baker's hearing was the next day and bail was set at two hundred and fifty thousand. The only way he could come up with the money was to put his house up as collateral, but his wife refused to sign off on it so he was going to have to sit in jail until his father and brother could arrange something.

The next morning at nine-thirty I got a call from Arlis North. She told me that when her husband came home she asked him if he knew a Diane Bellows and she said that his face lost all of its color as he said that he didn't know a Diane Bellows. She asked him if he was sure and he said that he was pretty sure. Then she asked him for his wallet and checkbook and he patted his pockets and said that he must have left them on his desk at work.

"Then he changed the subject and asked what was for dinner. He knows he is in deep shit, but he doesn't know how deep it is and he won't know until tomorrow when I ask him for his wallet and checkbook again. Do you have any idea of how long it was going on?"

"I just know that it was. I walked in on them and then I left."

"What does your wife have to say?"

"No idea. I haven't spoken to her since walking into the bedroom and catching them and I won't be talking to her until I get home."

"When you do talk to her call me. I'd like to compare their stories."

"Will do. I'd like to hear both sides too."

I had a dozen calls a day from Diane, but I didn't take any of them. Harry must have told her I was in St. Louis and she must have gotten the office number from information. Dixie, our receptionist, told me that I had a call on line three and when I picked it up it was Diane.

"What do you want Diane?"

"We need to talk Frank. I need to explain that what happened isn't what you think."

"I'm in no mood to talk to you right now. I'm still at the point where I want to strangle you to death and then take my shotgun and go looking for your lover and kill him too."

"He is not my lov..."

"Save it Diane. Don't call here anymore. We will talk when I get home and not before" and I hung up on her.

In mid-afternoon I got a call from Baker's father telling me that bail had been arranged and that he would be released the next morning. In a way I was sorry to hear that. As long as Baker was in jail and Smithers was in the hospital I didn't have to go home and deal with Diane.

I had dinner and drinks on North again that night and made it back to my room about seven. The phone rang and since only Harry and Arlis North had the number I answered it. It was Arlis. We exchanged hellos and then she filled me in on the latest from her end.

"When he got home I asked him again for his wallet and checkbook and he said that they were gone from his office when he got there. He said that someone on the night cleaning crew must have taken them and that he would file a complaint when he went in to work the next morning."

I had to laugh at that. "Just how long does he think he can put it off?"

"I don't know how long he thought he could, but I put an end to it. I asked him just how stupid that he thought I was. I told him that he knew he was busted when I asked about your wife and then asked for the wallet and checkbook. There was only one way I could have put the two of them together and he knew it. Then the dumb shit said that he didn't know what I was talking about. That pissed me off so I took his wallet and checkbook out of my purse and threw them in his face. Then I told him how I'd gotten them and that I'd called his office and found out that he worked with the woman he claimed he didn't know. Then I fibbed a bit. I told him that when you got home from St. Louis you were going to stop by and show me the pictures you took with your cell phone camera before they knew you were there."

"How did he take that?"

"He finally realized that he was caught and he broke down, begged forgiveness and swore that it was the only time that he had ever been unfaithful. He said he couldn't help it, that your wife had chased him for months and that it was hard to ignore a beautiful woman who was hot for your body."

"Too bad I wasn't thinking a little more clearly when I walked in on them. My cell phone does have a camera; I just never thought to use it. Do you believe his story?"

"That she chased after him? It could be true. She wouldn't be the first. Was it only the one time with her? That could be true too, but he was lying through his teeth when he said that it was the only time he ever cheated. I know of at least three times that he has strayed. Well, that's not quite true. Three times I've had people tell me that he ran around on me when I was out of town visiting relatives. I've never confronted him on them, because I really didn't want to know if it was true."

"You said that his saying that Diane chased him could be true and that she wouldn't have been the first. Why did you say that?"

"Stan is rather well endowed and some women when they hear that want to check it out."

"A week ago I would have said Diane would never do anything like that, but that was before I walked in on her and your husband."

"I've got to go, but if I learn anything else I'll give you a call. Don't forget; I want to her hear side when you get home and talk with her."

"I won't."

At eleven the next morning Ray Baker called me to let me know he was out of jail on bail. He was going to have to take the rest of the day and the next day to take care of personal business. His wife had taken out a restraining order on him and he needed to find a place to stay and make arrangements with the court to get into his house to get his personal things. He said that he would be in on Thursday.

I called Harry and brought him up to date and then I told him that in checking into things at the office I had found that Smithers had been fudging his expense reports and that could possibly be grounds for letting him go. I told him I would probably fly home Thursday evening and that I was going to need to take Friday off to handle my personal affairs and I would see him Monday morning.

I managed to get through the next two days without incident and on Thursday morning Ray was back at work. I brought him up to date on what was going on in the office and then because I was going through something similar I asked him how things were going on the home front.

"The restraining order only keeps me five hundred feet away from her. I can access the house whenever I want as long as she isn't there. If she is there and won't leave when I want to go in I have to get someone from the court to go in with me. I just waited down the street until she went to work and then me and my brother went in and got everything that I wanted. I have no need to go back.

"I don't know what the stupid cunt is thinking. She got the order, but that was all. She didn't touch the bank accounts. I cleaned them out yesterday."

"I thought that this was a no fault state and that everything had to be split fifty-fifty."

"In a divorce that would be true, but I'm not talking divorce; I'm just walking away. If she wants a divorce she can pay for it and when she files she will be entitled to fifty percent of our assets at the time she files and that will be zip. We took out a second on the house to finish the basement and make it into a recreation room so there is no equity in the house and the money I took out of the bank will be long gone. I can claim that I needed it all to set me up in a new place when she barred me from the house. That reminds me. I need to call Harry and get my insurance and all of that other crap changed."

"She tell you why she did it?"

"I haven't spoken to the whore since the cops hauled me away and I have no intention of talking to her. It doesn't matter why she did it; it only matters that she did."

I decided to get a good night's sleep before going home and having to talk to Diane so I called the airline and made reservations for the morning flight.

I was rested when I got up and I had a good breakfast before catching the airport shuttle and I was home in Denver by eleven. I hit the bank, cleaned out the savings, cashed in five of the nine certificates of deposit in the deposit box and put all the money in the checking account.

Diane was at work when I got home so I would be alone until six. I got on the phone, got pay off balances for all of our credit cards and then cancelled all but five of them. I kept the American Express card that I used primarily for business expenses and two of the other cards in my name and put two in Diane's name. I went back to the bank and arranged wire transfers to pay off the cards using the money in the checking account. That done I took half of the money left in checking and opened a checking account in my name only. I arranged for another safe deposit box in my name only and put two of the remaining four CDs into it and then went back home.

When the kids had grown and moved out I had converted one of their bedrooms into a home office and den and the other two where kept as spare rooms for when the kids came home to visit. I picked the spare bedroom next to the den and moved all of my things into it. I was all moved in and set up when Diane came home.

I heard Diane come in and call for me. "Frank? Frank? Where are you?"

I ignored her as I heard her walking through the house looking for me. She finally came upstairs and I had my back to the door when she came in.

"Frank? I ignored her. "Frank? Please Frank; we need to talk."

I turned to face her. "Where is it written that I have to talk to an unfaithful whore?" She winced when I said that and then I said, "However we do need to talk about finances."

"Finances? Why?"

"Because your actions have made changes necessary. Go on downstairs and take a seat at the kitchen table and I'll be down in a minute."

She left and I sorted through the papers I had been working on, picked up the ones I needed and then followed Diane down to the kitchen and took a seat across from her.

"While I was gone I had a lot of time to think about what I should do and in the end I decided to do nothing."

I saw relief on her face when I said that, but it faded when I said, "By nothing I mean that I will be having little or nothing to do with you. I can't see wasting money on divorce attorneys especially since at my age I don't see another marriage in my future so I'm not going to need single status. If you want a divorce you can go for it and pay for it. For now though there are some changes."

I explained all that I had done with the credit cards, the savings, the CDs and the checking account. "You can have the original deposit box, but I would recommend that you open your own checking and savings accounts and we will leave the old joint account in place and call it the household account. With me so far?"

"But why are you do..."

"You know damned well why Diane. Okay now, the household account will be used for household expenses." I slid a piece of paper across the table to her. "That is a list of what it takes to run the house. House payment, electric bill, phone, gas, water and sewage, taxes and insurance. What we are from now on is roommates. You will need to deposit half of the amount on that paper into the household account every month from now on. We will share the house with the exception of two rooms. You will have the master bedroom as your room and Carol's old room will be my bedroom."

"Why are you moving into Carol's room? You need to be in the master bedroom with me."

"After what I saw taking place in that room? There is no way I'm going to stay in that room, sleep on that bed or have anything to do with the woman I saw doing what she was doing on that bed."

"That's what we need to talk about Frank. What you saw isn't what you think."

"Of course it was what I think it was. It was you fucking another man in our house and on our bed."

"Okay Frank, but what you need to understand is that is all that it was — fucking. There was no love or affection involved; it was just me satisfying my curiosity. I love you Frank. I always have and I always will. What I felt for Stan was just a little bit of lust and that's all. It was a one-time thing to satisfy my curiosity and if you had not have come home you would never have known and it would have never happened again."

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