Donna' S Story

by Mendon Fishers

Copyright© 2010 by Mendon Fishers

Romantic Sex Story: A tale of a selfish woman who forsakes her family for her own pleasure and pays a price.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Cheating   Rough   Sadistic   Slow   Violent   .

My flight home was a little rough. There were enough "bumps" that the Fasten Seatbelt light never went off, there was no beverage service, and you didn't have a chance to get to the rest room unless you sat right next to it. Of course the pilot said we were experiencing a "little turbulence".

I'd hope I never experience his idea of real turbulence.

We finally landed and I deplaned. I was expecting to see my husband and children waiting for me once I was out of the secure area. They must have had car trouble and were running late, but why hadn't they called my cell phone to let me know.

When I got my cell out of my purse, it said "no service". So I went to the baggage claim and waited to get my luggage. After pulling it off the carousel, they still weren't here. So I went outside and waited by the pickup, looking for my husband's car.

When I had waited about thirty minutes, I decided to find a pay phone and call my husband's cell. Instead of him answering or getting his voice mail, I got "Number Unknown". I assumed Version had screwed up again, so I called our house. I got a message that, "This number is no longer in Service".

Now I was pissed! Tom must have changed phone carriers and forgot to tell me. This was something that brainless asshole would do. He'd think he was saving a few dollars by changing, but forget to tell anyone, so I would need to straighten out everything. Boy was he going to hear about it when I get home.

By now an hour had passed and I wanted to get home, so off to the first Rent-a-Car counter I went. It was there I found out none of my credit cards worked. The clerk said they were all cancelled.

Since I had only $20.00 in cash on me, I went looking for an ATM. Once I found one I had my next surprise. We normally kept a couple of thousand dollars in the account. The ATM indicated there was only $100.00. I took it all out and caught a cab home.

About 45 minutes later, we were pulling up in front of my very dark house. There was no sign of life. My car was in the driveway. It had no license plates on it. I loved my BMW, but there was a notice on it that the leasing company had repossessed it. What had that idiot husband of mine done now? I let him control our money and pay all the bills. How had he managed to screw up so bad? We both made good money. I was a junior partner in a successful law firm.

I looked at my status symbol house. All the windows and doors were covered with plywood. There was a notice nailed to the front door indicating the bank had foreclosed.

My life was coming apart. I trusted my husband to handle these things. It looked as if I was going to be required to take over all responsibilities now. I'd have my PA handle all this now. I'll teach Tom to mess up and inconvenience me this way.

As I was standing there, the neighbors from across the street walked over. They explained that my husband and children had moved out two weeks ago and left me this envelope. (I had spent the last two weeks with my boyfriend pretending to be at a conference in Las Vegas.) I opened the envelope, in it were two letters. The first one I opened was from my children. My girls said they were moving away with their Dad because he had always loved them and I was always working and too busy for them. They wished me good luck. Neither of them signed "love" to the letter.

The second letter was in my husband's handwriting. It listed a storage locker with a key taped to it. A receipt indicated the locker was paid for a month. He said all my belongings were there.

My neighbors let me use their phone. I called a girl friend of mine and explained my predicament. She agreed to pick me up and let me stay with her a few days until I could get back on my feet.

While I was waiting for my ride, I started getting very mad. I was a damn good lawyer. I was going to make my husband pay and pay dearly for all this.

My current boy friend was also an attorney at the same firm. He was a partner and very powerful. He'd help me. I was the best lay he ever had.

That's why I started sleeping with him in the first place, his power at the firm.

Now I must admit that I was drawn to his aura of power. He dressed in $2000 suits, his home was in an exclusive neighborhood, people bowed to him. The only drawback was that he was a very selfish lover. He could care less about my feelings as long as he got off.

All I was to him was eye candy. A beautiful, well built woman to have on his arm, someone to show off to his friends, someone to brag about, someone to degrade.

I can't remember having him ever give me an orgasm.

Why did I stay with him? He promised to divorce his wife when the time was right, and I would take her place. That's why I put up with his gross behavior. He was worth some serious money and I would not sign a prenup, unless I wrote it.

Sheri finally pulled up with her boyfriend du Jour. He helped load my suitcase in her car and off we went. I could tell by the way the boyfriend was talking that he thought he was going to get lucky and was going to be part of a three some.

Boy was he going to be disappointed. I really didn't see what Sheri saw in that loser, but she did tell me that he had a big dick once.

When we finally arrived at Sheri's apartment, got me settled in the guest bedroom, I got on the phone to my boyfriend. We communicate via disposable cell phones, so that there's no record of our calls. As expected, his call went to voice mail, but he'd call me back when he was free of his wife. I left him a very detailed message of what my husband was trying to do.

About 5 minutes later, Sheri informed me that a man was on her phone for me. I identified myself and then my boyfriend went off on me. It seems that when he got home from his trip, he wife had packed up his things and put them on the front lawn.

She had thrown him out.

He was staying at his club until he got an apartment.

She also had him served with divorce papers, reason Adultery and guess who was named as the "other party". She even had pictures of us in various motels having sex.

He said that he never wanted to see me again because it was "my" entire fault for not keeping my husband in line.

I guess my husband's revenge was spreading. I felt a twinge of pride in my wimp husband for what he'd had the courage to do.

It was just a twinge; I was still going to make him pay.

My now former lover hung up, I started to break down. Sheri and her boyfriend held me for the next couple of hours and tried to cheer me up.

I cried myself to sleep on the couch. I couldn't believe how badly I had screwed up.

Sunday morning I started putting together a plan to get my husband and family back. I knew deep down that he loved me, and I would manipulate those feelings to my benefit.

It would be just a repeat of 20 years earlier when I first met him.

My mind drifted back to those early years. I met my husband Tom when we were juniors at an eastern college. One of my girl friends pointed him out to me as a good catch. She said he was very bright and would probably be rich some day. He wasn't athletic, but had a pretty decent body and was kind of cute in a nerdy way.

I proceeded to check him out over the next few weeks. I found that he was a Business major w/ a Computer minor (That's why the nerdy appearance). He was on a full scholarship. He carried a 4.0 average. He didn't really date. To make matters even better, there were a couple of businesses trying to get him to sign on with them before he graduated. I was impressed because we were still juniors and business didn't usually recruit until just before graduation.

My parents were successful. My father was the head of a medium sized law firm and my mother was enjoying the benefits of his success. It was decided that I would go to law school and become an attorney in my father's firm. It was either that or get a job right out of high school.

I may be a natural blond, but I was far from stupid. I picked law school.

After my freshman year, I realized that a lot of the girls were not trying for a degree, but actually trying to land a husband to provide them with the good life. As I thought about it, I didn't think that was such a bad idea, so I became a real "party" girl.

I kept it cool at my college, but when there were parties at nearby schools, I went and partied hard. I can remember the first time I woke up in a frat house. I was in a bedroom on a mattress on the floor in one of the bedrooms. There was a guy sleeping on either side of me and all three of us were nude. I was lying on my back; one of the guys was asleep with one of my breasts in his hand. The other guy was sleeping with one hand between my legs and a couple fingers inside of me.

If it wasn't for the nasty headache and the need to pee, I wouldn't mind waking up like this all the time. I managed to get up without waking them. I couldn't find any of my clothes in the room so I took off completely nude for the bathroom. I didn't care, I had to go!

If you know anything about fraternities, you know that they are usually set up in very large old homes. This one was no exception. The bedrooms were on the second and third floors with a bathroom on each floor. I was on the third floor. The bedroom I was in was on one end of the hall and the bathroom was on the other end. I debated with myself if I should make the run down the hall nude or look for something to cover up with.

The need to pee won and I was off running down the hall.

When I got to the bathroom, I discovered it was not what I expected. It had been converted from a regular bathroom, to something more appropriate for a large group of guys. There were two toilets with no enclosures, just sitting along one wall, a couple of urinals on another wall, a few sinks, and a large shower room.

I guess guys just didn't need the same level of privacy we women did.

There I was sitting on one of the toilets getting rid of last night's beer when the door opened and in walked a guy. He paid no attention to me and walked up to one of the urinals and let go. I had nothing else to do but watch him. Actually, he was kind of cute and wearing a towel around his neck and that was all. I couldn't help but notice that he had a pretty cute butt.

It might have interested me at another time, but right now my head hurt too badly.

I finished my business but continued to sit there. I felt as if I had to get a little better just to die. He had finished and was standing at one of the sinks going through his shaving kit. The next thing I knew he was standing in front of me with a glass of water and some pills. I got a real close and personal look at his equipment, thinking, "Not bad, maybe he'll ask me out some time,"

He said, "Here, take these. They'll help with the hangover."

I knew from the shape that they weren't aspirin, and just looked at him. He took one of the pills and after swallowing it, said, "Just prescription pain killers."

I took the other pill.

He went back to the sink brushed his teeth and shaved. By the time he was finished I was starting to feel a little better. It then dawned on me, I was completely nude and having no effect on him. He was treating me as if I was one of the guys.

I assumed he was gay.

I wiped, flushed and walked up to the mirror over the sink next to his. I almost screamed at the image looking back at me. No wonder I didn't affect him. I looked like hell. My hair was a mess and my make-up was all over my face. Looking closer, I spotted the tell tale signs that some guy (guys?) had ejaculated on my face and into my hair.

I looked like a real slut.

I asked the guy if he knew where I could get a towel and stuff so I could take a shower. He reached into his shaving kit, handed me a bar of soap, a small hotel shampoo/ conditioner bottle, and said we'd share his towel.

I said thank you.

He then went into the shower room and turned on a few of the shower heads. I waited by the sink trying to feel a little more human before joining him in the shower. When I finally entered the shower, I wet myself down and just leaned against the wall under a shower head with the hot water just beating against my head. It felt great!

After what seemed like a week, but was actually just a couple of minutes, I felt his hands washing my hair. I was startled at first, but then remembering he was gay, I relaxed and enjoyed his hands. He rinsed my hair and then turned me around to face him.

With a wash cloth, he cleaned my face and commented that I was "looking good." He continued washing me. He did my front and then turned me around and did my back. He then grabbed the bar of soap and started washing my legs. I stood there with my legs spread, leaning with my hands on the wall, just enjoying the feelings. When he got to the top of my legs, he started on my butt. I jumped when he first touched my rectum, but relaxed when he only washed it.

I never felt so clean back there before. And I must admit that I was enjoying all the feelings, when he turned me around so that I was facing him. He started washing between my legs. He had long since lost the wash cloth and was using just the bar of soap and his hand. It felt so good!

"For a gay guy he was hitting all my spots," I thought and was reacting. I felt myself getting wet and not from the shower.

I suddenly realized that he was standing before me so I just started kissing him. Soon I felt his erection between my legs poking at my entrance. I put one leg around his waist and guided him into me.

I guess he wasn't gay after all because he hit all the right places. Somehow I found myself on my back on the tile floor of the showers. My legs were around his waist and I was cuming like crazy. He finally ejaculated and rolled off of me. I opened my eyes and found 4 other guys in the shower watching us. They were nude also and stroking themselves.

Before I could come down from my sexual high, the next guy was on me and in me. I put my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck and just enjoyed all the feelings he was producing in me.

For about the next hour, I enjoyed all four of them. I had orgasm after orgasm until I passed out from all the pleasure.

To make a long story short, I spent the weekend there. I never found my clothes, but running around nude with all those guys was a real turn on. To be exact, I got so turned on, I had sex with most of the guys that lived here.

Monday morning, wearing some guy's sweats, I was dropped off at my dorm. I was so sore I just about could put my legs together, but I was smiling from ear to ear.

I spent the next two years visiting that frat on every three of four day weekend. I was their play thing. I never wore a stitch of clothing while I was in their house.

I was a very happy girl.

In my junior year, I decided that I needed a steady boyfriend. One reason was to have him handy for parties and stuff, another reason was to kill the rumor around my campus that I "liked" girls, and someone to show off to my parents when they visited.

Well Tom was the perfect subject. So I began my campaign. He was so easy. He really didn't know anything about women. I didn't even have to sleep with him before he was following me around like a puppy. I played the virgin role to a tee. He was an OK kisser, and did feel my breasts nicely, but he really didn't excite me. I was still doing all those guys at another campus frat. They satisfied my sexual needs.

We became a couple in our senior year. By that time I was giving him head and hand jobs. He was a very happy guy. For my part, I taught him all the things I liked when I received oral sex. He was a quick learner and I was a happy girl. He may have been a so-so kisser, until he got between my legs. There he was a great kisser!

I kept telling him I wanted to be a virgin on my wedding night to keep him from wanting more. Like I said earlier, he was easy to control.

We graduated and moved on. I was off to law school and he was off to another school for his Masters and PHD. While I had him "trained" exactly the way I wanted, he would probably find another girl and make her very happy.

I felt I would never see him again.

The next time I saw him was five years later. I had passed my bar and was a very junior attorney in a very large firm. While I wasn't exactly sleeping my way up the corporate ladder, I wasn't exactly trying not to either.

I just had too much completion from other women trying the exact same tactic.

Anyway, I was assigned to a team to that had the goal to help a new business incorporate and grow. We didn't have the job yet. We were just going to give them a song and dance about how great we were and how we could help him. I was just there as eye candy good because I had never done this before.

Well imagine my surprise when one of the senior attorneys ushered in our meeting with the prospective client. It was my old boyfriend Tom. He looked around the room and then saw me. His smile lit up the room and he put both arms out to me and started walking over. I knew that I could get his business if no one else screwed up the presentation.

We hugged and kissed and then explained to the rest of the room that we were college buddies. My supervisor studied me. I winked at him. We had Tom's business before the afternoon was out. I made sure my supervisor and the senior attorney knew that it was because of me they got the business.

I had started my climb up the corporate ladder.

I was assigned to Tom's project. Not as anything important, but just to keep the client happy. So I started to see if I could still wrap him around my little finger. We met for lunch the next day. Our stated reason was to catch each other up on our lives since college. My real reason was to see if he still "had it" for me.

He told me that he finished his Masters and PHD and started a computer software company with a buddy. He never dated since the two of us parted company five years ago. He said his business was successful and making money faster than they could spend it.

Tom also said that he missed me.

I explained to him that I had dated a few guys while I was in law school, but nothing clicked. I also brought him up to date with my career as a lawyer, noting that I had no relationships at present. As lunch was finishing, I told him that I had missed him too.

From the look on his face when I said that, I knew he was mine to control again.

The project continued along at a rapid pace. If Tom had any problems with what we were proposing, I just smiled my best smile at him and he wilted. During these meeting, I found out that Tom's "little" company was worth some serious money, and it was the best in their field. I never really understood their business, but it was making a lot of money. I found out that Tom was a multimillionaire.

I was called into one of the partner's offices a few weeks later. There were five of the senior partners there. They congratulated me on my part in winning Tom's business for the firm and then they started grilling me. It was as if I was taking an oral bar exam again. When the questions stopped, they told me that they were happy with my answers, and would I like to be more involved with some of their other clients. What they wanted was me to be the firm's eye candy when needed. I accepted. All my legal training notwithstanding, I was really being paid to look good and flirt with the more important clients.

I realized that this "job" wouldn't last forever, so I set my sights on Tom.

Since his company was over 500 miles from where I worked, Tom and I communicated via email and phone calls. Whenever he came into town I made sure we were inseparable. If something needed his signature or approval, I was on the next plane to his location. To save costs, I stayed in his home. It was huge! My guest room was a two bedroom suite with its own bath and hot tub.

I could get used to this lifestyle.

After a little maneuvering by me, Tom soon professed undying love for me and wished we could be together forever. I had been taking inventory of him these last months. He was attractive, well built, well dressed, educated, and very rich.

What more could a girl want? I knew that he was great at oral sex, but what I didn't know was how he was at intercourse.

I had told him when we were in college that I wanted to remain a virgin until I married. Well he remembered that and never really tried anything with me.

So I had to plan a way to seduce him. I just couldn't jump his bones as it wouldn't fit with my "image". I didn't want him to find out that I was really experienced, a slut.

After all I was the main attraction at a lot of gang bangs, and I liked it.

So my plans were made. I gave up any sex so that I would shrink up a little. Now I knew that I couldn't re-grow a hymen, but I could blame its loss on horseback riding when I was a kid, if he noticed.

I was such a devious person.

About two months later, my plans came together. I was at his house to get some papers signed, when a winter snow storm hit hard. All the roads were impassable and the airport was closed. I was staying at his house when I began his seduction. First I took off the jacket to my business suit. I had made sure that I was wearing a very thin and very clingy blouse with no bra underneath. He had trouble keeping his eyes on my face after that.

My next garment to go was my pantyhose. I told him they were uncomfortable. After I came back from the guest room, I mentioned that I didn't have any underwear with me so I was "commando" under my skirt.

I could see him start to sweat.

He prepared a simple dinner for us. (I liked a guy that cooked) After dinner we were sitting in his study talking when I decided to take it up another notch. I "accidently" spilled my drink down the front of my blouse. By time I got done, It looked like I was staring in a wet-shirt contest. The liquid made my blouse outline my breasts perfectly. The cold made my nipples stand out. His mouth fell open and he stared. I let him look a while before breaking the spell and asking for a shirt or something to wear.

He blushed and escorted me to his bedroom closet telling me to select anything I needed. He then politely left the room so I could change.

Now Tom's 6 ft tall and I'm only 5'4" so his shirts covered completely. But that wasn't what I wanted. I wanted one that showed me off a little so I could continue my seduction. Well I finally found one that had an open neck and just barely covered my behind.

I checked myself out in his full length mirror, bending and stretching so I could see what I would be showing him. I liked what I saw and returned to his study.

Upon entering the study, I noticed that he had started a fire. I loved the smell of a wood fire and the feeling of its warmth. About that time all the lights went out. Tom commented that this happened any time there was a bad storm. It was usually a tree taking down the power lines. I pulled a few pillows of the couch and placed them in front of the fire and lowered myself down.

Tom joined me. I pulled myself over to him and gave him a long, loving kiss. I then climbed on to his lap and curled up on him. I loved cuddling with him.

It just felt right.

I guessed that I fell a little in love with him then. But soon I mentally slapped myself alongside the head, and snapped out of my revelry. It was back to my plan.

Tom was rubbing my back and holding me closely. I wiggled around on his lap until the shirt was up around my waist leaving me naked from there to the floor. Tom must have noticed as I felt his growing erection against me.

I raised my head and put my arms around his neck. I felt the shirt creep up some more. I kissed him again. This time with everything I could muster. The hand he was using to rub my back, dropped down to my behind and continued my massage...

He was moaning as he rubbed my bottom.

I pushed back on him until he was on the floor and I was on top. I wiggled and kissed him. A few minutes later, I complained that his belt and pants were hurting me and started taking them off.

He helped me.

When I lay back on him, I made sure that my shirt was pulled up under my arm pits. I wanted to have as much of my body against his as possible. Both his hands were now on my behind. He was using them to rub me against his hardness.

It felt very nice.

I put both my legs around his body and rose up a little. When I was high enough, I started removing his shirt. By his breathing and his body's movement, I could tell he was losing control. I slid down a little on his body until I could feel him between my legs. I then started twisting my hips so that he was moving up and down the softness between my legs.

I was getting very wet. It felt really good.

I kept up the movement, feeling us both coming closer and closer to our climaxes. When we were almost there, I reached back between my legs, grabbed his erection, and slipped it into me. We both hit orgasmed at the same time within one or two strokes of him entering me. I felt him filling me up with his ejaculate. It triggered my second climax.

We were laying there recovering, when I noticed he was crying. He kept saying that he was so sorry for taking my virginity before my wedding. I told him that I loved him and it was my gift to him.

As I laid there holding him, comforting him, and drying his tears, a little voice in the back of my mind said, "Gottcha stupid".

We were married three months later.

At his suggestion and let's face it nagging, I went off the pill. We had a beautiful baby girl about one year later. Our second child was a boy who was born about three years later.

I went back on the pill. Two kids were enough.

Let's face it; I was too self-centered to enjoy motherhood. Tom had enough money so I hired a nanny. She took over the day to day raising of the children. That left me the free time I needed to go back to work.

I started with a local law firm. About one year later, the local firm was merged with my old firm. Since all the senior managers knew me, I was placed in charge of the local office. I was required to visit the home office about once a month to report and be updated.

On my out of town trips, I used to opportunity to start my sex parties again. They were great! I usually had between 4 and 6 guys at a time. Some of the parties also included another woman. At first the thought of another woman going down on me freaked me out. But after it happened, I actually enjoyed it a lot.

Soon I was returning the same favor to her.

Now I don't want you to think that I was neglecting my husband. With him it was completely different. He would hold me, and make tender love to me, and cuddle afterword. It was nice, but it wasn't as exciting as my monthly sex parties. I was a selfish bitch. I wanted my husband and my affairs. My children came in a distant third.

As I moved up the corporate ladder, my husband began to spend more and more time at home with the children. He arranged his work schedule so that he could be there with the children when they got up in the morning, put them on the bus for school, and be there waiting when the bus dropped them off. Evidentially, he moved his office to our home so that he could be there with the children. He let the nanny go and took over everything.

As the kids got older, he did all their after school stuff. Me? Well I was always too busy to attend. I don't remember when it happened, but my kids stopped inviting me to their events, and soon stopped telling me about them.

I guess it really came to ahead when I returned from a "Home" office visit, to find my son with a cast on his arm. When I asked him what happened, he said he fell on his bike. His cast had signatures from all his friends, his father, and his sister. When I asked if I could sign it I was told, "That's OK Mom, there's no room." That hurt a lot, but even more was the fact that no one had bothered to call me and tell me about the accident. It felt as if I no longer belonged in their lives.

Or even worse, they no longer wanted me in their lives.

I resolved to spend more time with my husband and family, but things kept coming up at work and I refused to give up my trips to the "home" office.

After a very bad weekend with Sheri and her boyfriend, I arrived at my office only to find one of the managing partners waiting for me. He was not happy and had chartered a private jet to see me.

Instead of the usual greetings and small talk, he started right in.

"We have been informed that you and James Green (my company boyfriend) have been carrying on an affair for at least two years and that you have also been conducting monthly sex parties with numerous individuals since you started at this firm. When you started with this company you signed a contract. In that contract there was a 'morals clause'.

We held a senior partner's meeting this weekend and it was decided that your contract would be terminated. As of now you are no longer employed by our firm. You personal belongs are being packed and will be delivered to the address you give me. Here is a check for the monies we owe you. We will not be giving you any severance or recommendations."

And then he added, "Mr. Green has been terminated also. His conduct and your conduct will be reported to the Bar's Disciplinary Committee. You both will probably be disbarred."

I fainted.

When I came to, I called my friend Sheri to pick me up. After I finished the call, security walked me outside and informed me not to return.

I thought my life had hit bottom. Little did I know how wrong I was.

Sheri picked me up and took me back to her apartment. My final pay check was about $800.00. There wasn't very much I could do with that.

Back at Sheri's apartment, I called my husband's company. A very nice young lady told me that he no longer was employed there. I lost it and started calling her stupid. I said,"He's one of the owners you idiot."

She politely told me that the company had been sold to a larger company about six months ago and my husband retired.

My next call was to the family attorney my husband used. He confirmed all my fears. My loving husband had taken off with my children and all his money. The last time the attorney checked, my husband was worth a little over $500,000,000. He also added that my husband, children and all his assets have disappeared.

He also added that he had been receiving calls for me from various collection agencies and needed an address for me so that he could tell them how to contact me.

He also suggested I hire an attorney.

I finally called my mother and Father to ask for help. My father answered. He refused to talk to me, but put my mother on. She explained that Tom and the kids had stopped by two weeks ago in his private jet to say goodbye before flying off to an island in the South Pacific. No, she didn't know which island.

Tom had explained what I had done to them. He even left them DVD's, audio recordings, and a private investigation firms report detailing all my transgressions. She said my Dad never wanted to see me or speak to me again after seeing one of the DVD's I asked if mom if she could send me some money because Tom had left me nothing. She said she'd discuss it with my father and call back. About an hour later she called and asked for my address.

A FedEx driver gave me an overnight envelope letter the next day. The envelope contained a check for $10,000.

When I called to say Thank You, I was informed that the number was changed and the new number was unlisted.

Well here I was living in Miami about six months later. I had used the money my folks had sent me to move down here with all my stuff and buy a small used car. I rented a small furnished apartment and had started looking for work.

Nobody wanted to hire a 40 year old woman with no resume. The only offers I had were for clerking and other entry level positions.

One afternoon my Junker died in front of a Gentleman's Club. It was an upscale club. It even had parking attendants. One of the attendants was trying to start my care when a limo pulled up. Out popped one of my old law firm's clients. He recognized me right off because he was a part of one of my sex parties and asked me how I was doing.

I guess I broke down at that point because the next thing I remember was sitting in the back seat of his limo.

I was crying as i told him about my husband, my children, and my job. I explained that I was having no luck finding a job and was almost out of money. He asked if I was still doing the sex parties, and if I'd accept payment for one.

I nodded yes.

He took me into the club and we walked back to the manager's office. Soon I was in a small bedroom, naked and being serviced by a steady stream of guys.

I loved it.

When the guys finally ran out, I was allowed to clean up in the dancer's dressing room. The girls in the room were all young and pretty. They were in their prime. They looked at me with knowing eyes. They knew what I had been doing.

I took a shower and cleaned up, and dressed.

The manager called me into his office and gave me an envelope containing $5000. He then arranged with me for another party in two weeks. The only difference was that this one would be in the evening and be held on a Friday and Saturday. I needed the money, so I agreed.

That night I cried myself to sleep thinking about how far I had fallen. I was no more than a high priced prostitute.

During the next two months, I had six "parties". One afternoon the club manager asked if I wanted to do a party at a private residence. He said that this one would pay $10,000 for the night. My self esteem was so far down that I accepted without even asking what the "party" would involve. I was only interested about the money/ The night of the "party" I was picked up at the club by a limo. Once underway, the limo driver informed me that I was to be naked when I arrived.

Since the windows were blacked out and no one could see in, I started getting undressed. When I was nude, the driver asked for my clothing and gave me a pair of very high heels. He then closed the partition and I was unable to see where we were going.

The ride lasted almost two hours before we stopped. I was hustled out of the car and into a side entrance. While I didn't get a good look at the house, I had the impression of some real wealth.

I was introduced to a maid who took charge of me. Carmen led me into a room that appeared to be a massage setup. I was told to take a shower and get cleaned up. After I had climbed under the shower, the maid came in. This time she was completely nude. She walked up to me and started cleaning everything I had.

There was nothing sexual about what she was doing.

After she had me finally clean she dried me and led me to the massage table. While I was standing there, she pointed to my pubic hair and said, "he doesn't like hair." Half an hour later I was as bare as a new born babe. She then powered me, added a subtle scent and did my hair in a soft pony tail.

For the finishing touches, she put diamond wrist and ankle bracelets on me. She then completed the entire ensemble with a beautiful diamond choker. She stood me in front of a full length mirror. I looked as beautiful as I did 20 years ago.

She led me out of the room and upstairs.

When we entered the ball room I was surprised to find about 20 couples. The women were in formal gowns, and the men were all in tuxes. My nudity stood out as I was walked over to a very elegantly dressed grey haired gentleman.

He spoke with a slight accent that I couldn't quite place. He introduced himself as my host and "master" for the evening.

His wife complemented me on my beauty.

I was walked around the ballroom. People were introduced to me. They ran their hands across my body. I was starting to get excited. It seemed that I always had a glass of champagne with me and I was starting to get a little woozy.

I'm not sure how it happened but I found myself tied to a pole on a small stage. There was a rubber ball in my mouth held there by leather straps. I couldn't make a sound. Then the lights were turned on me.

My host was saying that I had agreed to be the entertainment for the evening. He ran his hands across by bottom sending a shiver through my body. He then put his hand between my legs and put a finger in me. I was so turned on that the finger slide right in.

I even had a small climax.

He held up his finger to the group and showed how wet it was. They politely applauded.

He then walked over to a small table and picked up a tube of something. He put something from the tube on his finger and then started rubbing my rectum. I had had anal sex before, so I realized what was going on. I was thankful that they were considerate enough to use lube. I hoped that they would be gentle with me when the time came. I did like the "full" feeling anal sex produced.

One time a guy, a few months ago, was a little too rough and I couldn't sit correctly for about a week.

While I was day dreaming, he had returned to the table. This time he again picked something up. But I couldn't see exactly what, but suddenly I felt something being inserted in my rectum. It was round and tapered to a blunt point. As it was inserted, it got larger. I felt myself being stretched. It was starting to hurt.

When I thought I might scream, my rectum slid into a grove and the stretching pain stopped. I felt really full. He leaned over and wished in my ear, "It's all the way in now. Now start enjoying the feeling. Soon it will start vibrating and you'll love it."

He then put a hand between my legs and started rubbing my clit.

I had an orgasm, a really big one. It left my juices running down my thighs.

There was applause. I had forgotten I was being watched.

He went back to the table and picked up a vibrator and walked back to me. His wife had joined us on the stage. She took the vibrator from him and started using it on me. A woman always knows how to please another woman and she was no exception. She soon had me dancing on my toes trying to line up the vibe with my vagina.

I needed it in me now!

And then suddenly it was in me, and I started into another orgasm. When I was almost there, someone hit my ass with a paddle.

I climaxed!

They kept hitting my ass and I would climax with every hit. The pain and the pleasure were just too great, I passed out.

When I awoke, I was lying on a table on the stage. When I tried to sit up, I realized that my arms and legs were chained down.

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