My Reward

by SW MO Hermit

Copyright© 2010 by SW MO Hermit

Erotica Story: Man in Iraq finds out his wife is cheating on him back home. His actions to remedy the situation.

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Gang Bang   .

As I walked down my driveway for the last time I wondered if there was anything I could have done different to save my marriage. How could I have kept my wife-the woman I loved above anything else, the one I wanted to spend my entire life with-from taking another man to be her lover? How could she profess her still undying love for me after she had not just fucked him but begged him to fuck her over and over as she screamed out her ecstasy? I felt the tears trying to run from my eyes as I walked up to my trusty powerstroke and opened the door. How I remembered my attempts to ward off this day.

It seemed like yesterday when I told my wonderful wife to stay away from Alan Dawkins, that smooth slimy womanizer. Alan cut a wide swath in our small town. He was probably the most well to do man in town and was a known womanizer. My wife ran a small pastry and coffee shop, not because we needed the money but because she liked to keep busy and liked to talk to people. I operated a very successful computer-consulting firm and was in the Army Reserve. You might see it coming now. With our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, I, like many other reservists was activated for a tour of duty overseas.

One time when I managed to catch Harriet with a phone call she was all excited. She had made the most interesting friend. He was so considerate and understanding and had so many interesting stories about people in town and the places he had visited. Yes, you guessed it-good old Alan. I told Harriet at the time that she should stay away from Alan, that all he wanted to do was get in her pants. She said she didn't think he was that kind of man, that she was sure he was just misunderstood because he was so friendly to everyone. I remember saying during that first discussion of Alan "Well, you just watch out for him and stay as far away from him as you can. I couldn't take knowing you were one more of his conquests. That would end anything good we had together."

Harriet got defensive and angry at that comment. She told me he was her friend and I didn't have any right telling her who she could and could not have as a friend. She said, "You have a lot of friends I don't like and now you just have to get used to me having a friend you don't like."

I yelled "I can tolerate him as your friend if you force me to but if he becomes your lover I'll get rid of your cheating ass. And I don't EVER want to hear of him stepping foot in my house."

Harriet said "You son of a bitch. It's my house too and I'll have anyone I want over to visit." Then she hung up on me.

I tried to call back but she didn't answer. There was a long line for the phone and I relinquished my place to the next man. A couple of my friends saw my face when I came out of the phone center and asked me if something was wrong. Of course I said no, nothing. For the next few minutes we walked in silence then went into a small coffee shop where the questioning began again. I finally admitted there was a problem at home and told them what had gone on.

LTC Dale Sanford, my Battalion Commander (I was the Executive Officer) said, "Oh shit Jim. I live 70 miles away from you and I have heard about that Bastard. You have a major problem. If he ever gets her alone..."

Our Supply Officer Gene Guinn said, "What are you going to do?"

"Well, I don't guess I have much choice do I? I'm going to spend the last three months of this damn tour worrying about Harriet and whose bed she is sleeping in aren't I?"

We all looked at each other a few minutes, finished our coffee and went back to duty. A few days later, Gene came to my office and asked if he could talk to me for a few minutes about a personal matter. My first thought was "oh, shit, with all the problems I have now I have to listen to his?' But then my sense of duty (after all, helping my officers with problems WAS one of my duties) as well as my friendship for Gene (he was one of my best employees in our civilian job) made me smile and say "Sure. Come on in and sit."

"Major. Maybe I should just let this lay but I got a letter from my wife yesterday and I ... well, I think you need to read part of it. Here." He said as he handed me a piece of paper.

I leaned forward and took the letter. My eyes fell to a line highlighted in yellow "Honey. I don't know how to say this but I saw the most disturbing thing yesterday. (Gene's wife Jasmine is day manager of the Holiday Inn in a town about 40 miles from where we live). I was walking out of my office and I saw Harriet Samuels come out of the dining room with Alan Dawkins. What is worse, they didn't leave, he put his arm around her and they entered the elevators for upstairs. Do you think Jim and Harriet are having problems and should we say anything?"

I just sat there a few minutes and I felt the tears streaming down my cheeks. I felt myself crumple up Gene's letter. I don't know how long I sat there in angry denial. But I finally heard Gene saying "Jim. Jim." then I heard LTC Sanford asking Gene what the problem was. He told him about the letter, and then Dale closed my office door and sat down.

"Jim. Jim you need to get a hold of yourself. Here, drink this." And he handed me a shot of highly illegal whisky. That shocked me to my senses and I just sat there staring at my friends a few moments.

Dale said "Jim. What you do about this, if she did anything wrong is up to you but between your friends and mine we can find out if there is impropriety or if there is just the appearance of it. What do you want to do? Should we have some discrete investigation of this matter initiated or do you just want to wait until you get home?"

I thought for a few minutes then said, "I want evidence. If she is fucking that Son of a Bitch I want to divorce her cheating ass and I want to make his life a fucking nightmare."

"OK. Jim. I have some friends that owe me a big one. Between them and your people we will find out what is happening. Leave the scut work to Gene and Me. Why don't you take the rest of the day off and get yourself back together? I came in her to tell you I got our date for rotating home at this mornings Commanders Call. We return to Ft Lewis in 6 weeks for out-processing. By the time we are done there we should know the score with Harriet."

I was sent back a few days earlier as Commander of the Advance party and true to their word, I got a phone call from the group of friends who were doing the investigation on Harriet. I made arrangements for one them to meet me in Seattle and paid the airfare. Brent Jackson, a friend of Dale's was the man who arrived with a very large briefcase full of the damning evidence. From the airport we went to the hotel for his "report" and for me to see the pictures. It was bad, but even knowing what I was about to see, when I first saw my beautiful Harriet I felt my cock twitch and a yearning to hold her.

There were many pictures of Harriet and Alan but the one I remember most vividly was the one that was taken in the Holiday Inn where Gene's wife worked. It turns out Jasmine was in on the "investigation" and let our friends into the room while Harriet and Dale were out of it. They had installed several cameras and the pictures were great. I would have definitely wanted to own a copy of the video if it hadn't had my wife as the star. They didn't even have the door closed before they were in a clinch and undressing each other.

After they were nude, they locked in a deep sensual kiss as Dale slowly walked Harriet toward the bed. He pushed her back on it and she lay back, pulling her knees up. Alan knelt on the floor and buried his face in her shaved pussy. A pussy the bitch would never shave for me! I listened to her moan and cry out as he ate her through two orgasms. On the second one, she pushed his head away begging him to quit playing around and fuck her. "Alan, Please. Just fuck me. God, I need it so badly." Harriet said.

Alan said "Well sure honey. You just slide back up there on that bed and spread those legs. I'll fill that pussy full of my love." As he crawled up between her splayed legs I heard her panting and saw her reaching out eagerly for him. As the tip of his cock touched her cunt lips and began spreading them apart she tilted her hips upward to help slip it in.

I watched his cock disappear into my wife and I heard her sigh "Ohhhh God. That feels so good."

I watched as they set up a rhythm fucking back at each other like they had practiced a lot. The pace kept picking up until I didn't think they could go any faster, then Harriet locked her heels behind Alan's thighs and slammed her cunt up against him repeatedly as she grunted out "Unh, unh, unh" while she had a monstrous orgasm. I watched in almost physical pain as her cunt tightened and released with her orgasmic contractions.

Alan said "OHHHH Shit!" and slammed his pelvis down hard on my Harriet. They strained together and I watched his balls draw up against the base of his prick and pulsate while they shot his sperm into my soon to be ex wife.

After he had finished, Alan supported himself on his arms a moment then leaned down and kissed Harriet. They said something I couldn't understand and she giggled happily. Alan rolled off Harriet and lay on the bed beside her. I watched globs of sperm drain from her deep red, gaping cunt and onto the bed.

After a few moments Alan rose up and leaned toward Harriet. "You ready for that special fuck I promised you honey?" he asked her.

Harriet looked at him in surprise then said, "I thought I just had it."

"Oh, no, that was just the warm up act as it were. Remember I told you I had a couple of friends that thought you were hot and wanted a piece of your ass? Well, this is your lucky day. I told them how hot and horny you were what with good ole Jim being gone and we decided to give you a fucking you will remember for a long time-or at least until we do you again anyway."

Alan reached for his cell phone on the bedside table, dialed a number and said "OK guys. She's wet and ready. Come on in.", and set the phone down.

The connecting door to the room opened and in walked two already naked men. One had one of the largest cocks I had ever seen. They walked up to the bed and the one with the large cock-at least 8" if I could guess right on the video-crawled between Harriet's legs while the other one slipped a nipple into his mouth.

Harriet started to try and keep the one between her legs from impaling her with his monster and Alan grabbed her hand. "Listen Bitch. We talked about this and if you ever want another shot of my cock you'll just lay there and enjoy my friends."

While he was saying that, his friend just kept on until his cock was nudging up against Ann's labia. When his cock head stretched her open and began its journey down her love canal I heard her moan "OHHHHH", then I saw her pelvis tilt upward and her legs spread apart. Ann had the most lustful look on her face as she reached for his ass and pulled him deeper into her. Again I watched my wife ride through a fucking. From the sound, she had one of the strongest Orgasms she had ever experienced. She was almost constantly fucked for the next two hours. I don't know how many orgasms she had in that time. We watched as the three men dressed and left Harriet lying in a pool of cum. She had dried cum crusted all over her body.

There were more pictures, some of which showed Harriet and her fuck buddy Alan actually screwing in our bed, some of which were in other places.

By now, my rage was frightening. If I hadn't been nearly 2000 miles from home I might have killed Harriet and her lover. As it was, Brent calmed me down and suggested we go out for supper. While we ate, I found out that Brent came because he was a divorce attorney and Dale had asked him to handle the case subject to my approval. Naturally, I gave it and we began talking strategy. I gave him power of attorney to take any actions necessary.

In a way I was sorry Harriet had her own business because I wouldn't leave her destitute. In a way I was thankful because Brent thought we could keep her hands off my consulting business because of it. In case of this unfortunate outcome, I had been transferring money out of the country ever since I had read that damning letter. The funds were coming to me in Iraq and then disappearing. I had several friends who had been writing Harriet complaining to her about me losing much money in "friendly" poker games. They had told her I was gambling like money meant nothing to me and I didn't care if I won or lost. The end result was I emptied our bank accounts and had even taken "loans" out against our business. All these funds were now safely in a bank in Abu Dhabi where she couldn't find them.

After the divorce, I could bring the money back into the country and be well ahead of the game. While I hated losing my wife and lover, I was looking forward to the next few hours as the script unfolded.

"What the FUCK?" I heard as I sat watching the computer monitor in my hotel room. Some of my team and I had wired my soon to be ex house that morning and we were watching my wife when she returned home from work. My first impression was how gorgeous she was then I thought to myself she sure didn't dress that sexily and revealing while I was home to enjoy it. I controlled my seething anger and sat back to watch the rest of the show.

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