Private Miller

by Alicia Bishop

Copyright© 2010 by Alicia Bishop

Drama Sex Story: When Eric and Shannon Rogers went to the airport to pick up their son returning home from basic military training, they knew that he was bringing a friend home with him for the two weeks. They had assumed that, like their son, Private Miller would be a teenager. They were wrong.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Mystery   Cheating   Wife Watching   Aunt   Nephew   White Couple   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Slow   .


Shannon's body moved slowly in the seat, responding to every little touch, each caress.

She didn't know which was the slowest ... his mouth exploring the inside of her trembling thighs as it moved up from her knees or the excruciatingly slow descent of her soaked thong being drawn down her legs. When they met half way he didn't ignore either one. Instead, he licked and kissed his way around the flimsy garment, taking time to enjoy the soaked lace by gently rubbing his face in it. The fragrance was so sweet, so enticing. A hint of what was to come. He knew he would keep them.

Minutes later when his mouth finally reached his target, he had already gently lifted one of her legs from his shoulders just enough to allow him to remove her thong from her right leg, intentionally leaving it on the left one to dangle on her foot. The thought of her legs swinging over his shoulders in the air behind him with her thong dangling was just too erotic to pass up. He wanted to make this last, to tease her unmercifully until she begged.

Yet he knew now was the time to coax the slow extraction of her first orgasm. First. There would be others. He knew that. Once she had totally relented to his mouth she would be too weak to deny him, to deflect any other advances. She would be seeking, totally open to anything he offered.

He was right! Shannon moaned out loud and glanced out into the darkness before closing her eyes for her final surrender.

What in the world was she doing?

How had it come to this?


(Baggage claim area Dallas Airport, one week before)

"Thirty Two. I'm thirty two."

Eric and Shannon Rogers glanced at each other quickly. They were embarrassed. Their new visitor had read their minds.

Trey knew it. Obviously his appearance had caught the couple by surprise. He smiled wryly and glanced at his young friend who also happened to be the couple's son.

"You didn't tell them, did you Private Rogers?" He was trying to make fun of an awkward moment. And it was awkward for all of them.

He turned to the couple.

"I'm sorry. It's obvious you thought that I was Dustin's age. He must have skipped that little part." He looked at Dustin again as if "How did you do this?"

Dustin shrugged. He hadn't given it any thought. Nobody had asked. Trey was his buddy. In basic military training you made very close friends very, very fast.

Eric broke the awkward moment.

"Welcome to our home, Robert."

"Thank you. Trey. I'd rather be called Trey."

"Trey it is, soldier." Eric wanted to clear the air and let things proceed. They were at the baggage area of the Dallas airport and had several hours drive ahead of them.

Shannon smiled broadly and nodded.

"Our home is your home," she offered. And she meant it. Any friend of Dustin's was a friend of theirs and was welcome in their home.

Especially this guy. Dustin had been a little bit of a discipline problem at home and they were concerned about him and the Army. But right after he had left for basic training they began to hear about "Private Miller." As their son's little stories became more and more specific the parents had agreed, "Thank God for Private Miller." Evidently this new acquaintance had a good head on his shoulders. More than once he had steered Dustin away from trouble and, more important still, had kept his attention on the job at hand.

As fate had it they were both going to the same unit and both had been informed that they would be immediately deployed to Afghanistan soon after that. When Dustin asked if he could invite his friend home for the two weeks before they reported to their unit they had no objections even though they had questions about why Private Miller wasn't going home. The answer they got back was "There's an unhealthy situation at home." They could understand that and gladly gave their approval.

And now the surprised couple was standing in front of him.

As she looked at them Shannon had to admit that the months of training had "bowed up" her son. But this other guy ... this Trey guy ... wasn't just bowed up. And he damned well wasn't a kid. No, he was a hunk of a man ... a physical specimen that could only have gotten that way through years of either hard manual work or a rigorous routine of working out. Later, she would find that it was from years of hard physical labor. That would empress her ... add to his mystique.

Dallas airport is huge and they had parked in the wrong place. It was a considerable walk back to their car. Shannon gave her son all her attention, hanging onto his arm as if he were about to run away. She didn't care if it embarrassed him in front of his friend. But inside her twirling brain Dustin wasn't getting all of her thoughts. No, she wasn't able to just ignore the two men walking behind her and carrying the luggage.

Trey walked directly behind her. At times he had to make a deliberate effort to move his head around to look back and acknowledge Eric who walked behind them all. Otherwise, his eyes were dedicated to an absolutely wonderful ass displayed by a pair of form fitting shorts that stopped only a few inches down from ass. The subtle suggestions coming from those tight cheeks belied her years. She could easily pass for her late twenties.

He loved the extremely short cropped hair she wore. There was something extremely athletic about her appearance. Oh, her body wasn't absolutely perfect. After all, she was over forty. He was accustomed to being around women mostly in their early twenties and thirties ... not forty. The fact that she had held her own for that long was a real turn-on to him. One thing was for sure. As a basketball coach she certainly hadn't just been standing around and blowing a whistle during practice all those years. It didn't surprise him to find that she was somebody's "Mommy." But it was astonishing that she was a soldier's "Mom."

"Damn, Dustin. You said your mom was nice looking. You didn't say she was hot!!" The thought was one of several that were suddenly going through his mind.

Yet, not all his thoughts were about her. One of his thoughts concerned the gentleman walking behind him.

There was no way any of the party involved could know how astute Trey was when it came to women. Especially wives. And especially their husbands.

Earlier, the couple had been late arriving at the baggage area and Dustin had spotted them from some distance away. It had taken Trey only a few seconds to pick up on everything. First, he had to get past the shock that this really attractive brunette with the long legs and nice body was Dustin's mother. Then, he noticed how far her husband was walking behind her. Maybe nobody else but Trey would have noticed or cared.

As usual, Eric was lingering far enough behind his wife that he could see the looks the other men were giving Shannon, especially as they passed her then looked back at her ass.

"Does your Dad always walk so far back?" Trey asked quietly.

Dustin thought a minute and then said, "Yeah, I think he does. Maybe Mom walks fast."

"Probably," Trey had mused. But he wondered.

His illicit thoughts got a little bit of support as the couple neared. If one took time to notice, Eric was sporting an ill concealed hard on that was quite visible through his loose shorts. And Trey had noticed. To the astute Trey, it could mean only one thing ... this guy really got off on watching other men admiring his wife. The question would be did it stop at just "admiring?"

And now, as they walked to the car, Trey wasn't the only one thinking about that. As a matter of fact, only Dustin wasn't thinking about it. Behind them, Eric was getting harder and harder, pleased that the younger man in front of him was very obviously appreciative of his wife's pert ass. And in front of both men, the center of their attention, Shannon knew full well what was going on behind her.

Eric had selected her shorts for her that morning as he did on a routine basis. As usual, he wanted her to wear something to showcase her tight cheeks for other men to enjoy. This wasn't new. For the past fifteen years he had delighted in the attention she got and had, so many times she couldn't possible count, expressed his desire to watch her with another man. He cajoled her about it on a regular basis. She never did. If he wanted to have that erotic notion as a stimulus to get a hard on, that was fine with her. She always enjoyed the sex.

That wasn't to say she didn't harbor the same thoughts at times ... she just didn't admit it to him and had neither the nerve nor the opportunity to do so. It was s-o-o-o dangerous. You were always hearing stories.

It was amazing that in that short time, still at the airport, Trey so quickly sensed it ... was correct with his diagnosis of the Rogers situation.

Of course, he had been given a huge amount of training in his life. And much of that training over the past fifteen years had been hands on.


And, as they opened their home to this handsome stranger, the unsuspecting Rogers' had no clue.


Trey had never known his father. A freak accident when he was young prevented that. For a long time his mother could handle it but barely. Even with an only child there were expenses, hardships that she didn't want him to endure. When he was thirteen the expenses became too much and she moved her sister in with them so that there would be two incomes.

What an astonishing change of life for a teenager.

"Aunt" Rhonda was twenty four at the time, barely ten years older than Trey. Unknown to Trey and his Mom, Rhonda's family was happy to see her move away far across the country. Being the youngest of her family she had become an embarrassment to them. Nothing was proven but the rumors around town were rampant. Rhonda had spurned single suitors in order to feed a very voracious appetite for other women's husbands.

Rhonda was immediately smitten with the young boy. Within a year his forbidden education secretly began. By the end of his sixteenth year she had shown him how to expertly coax an orgasm out of a woman with his hands and cock. By seventeen he was accomplished at the fine art of cunnilingus. The teenage girls around him became putty in his hands and he quickly lost interest in them, mostly because Rhonda warned him against the consequences.

"Watch out, Trey. Careful. They're young, inexperienced and nothing but trouble."

He quickly found that she was right. It seemed that every time he extracted a massive orgasm out of an innocent young girl they heard wedding bells.

So, with a great amount of caution and a huge amount of one on one instruction, Trey's sexy aunt introduced him to her own personal specialty ... detecting couples who were looking for excitement. How to look for signs, not just that a woman might be available but that her husband would be just as excited about that prospect.

And one of those lessons, carefully pointed out to him in "field trips" made to malls and a number of other public places, was to watch for men who trailed considerably behind their wives when they are out in public. How to detect those men who were putting their wives on display. And she was right. Almost always, given careful observation, there would be the inevitable hard on.

Trey learned well. He picked up on it, sensed the willing, the reluctant and the absolute "hands off" of the world of wives. It wasn't always easy, sometimes even dangerous. He learned fast to approach only those women whose husband's might harbor erotic fantasies concerning their wife and another man. That way, if caught in action, it may not be terminal.

And, on a fairly regular basis over the years, he was sure that he had indeed been discovered. Never once was he ever approached about it but it was just a gut feeling, a sense he had that somehow the husband knew. Trey wasn't too sure that some of the wives hadn't even tattled to their spouse. Rhonda warned him that sometimes strange things like that could happen. But there was a difference between a seduced wife curling up in her husband's arms and admitting in erotic detail the blow by blow happenings of how she had fulfilled his ultimate fantasy and the wife that would instead flaunt it in front of him like a trophy. Trey feared the latter.

Of course he preferred the lady to be young and attractive but that wasn't always the case. Once, when he was twenty three, he had an explosive session with a redhead about forty who was twenty years younger than her husband. They had done it in a cabin that the couple owned up in the mountains and it turned into an all day no holds barred session. A week or so later his car broke down and she insisted he take it in to her husband's garage to let him look at it. Trey was nervous about the situation but was short on cash.

When it was repaired the older gentlemen held up his hands and smiled, refusing the cash payment.

"It's on me this time, Trey. You did your thing well."

Trey was a carpenter by trade. He'd never done any work for the man. He knew his face was beet red and thought he could hear the man laughing at him as he left. It crossed his mind that maybe he wasn't the first younger man that had serviced that bride!

But shit happens. Of all things, soon after he became thirty he began to break his own rules. His aunt was long gone by then. He began to mess with unmarried women, most of who were looking for a long term relationship and some who were willing to get pregnant to seal the deal.

After a very close call with an absolute doll that would have been a terror to live with, Trey astonished everybody by enlisting in the Army. Some women sighed. Those who needed his carpentry skills cried.

He left within months with no intention of ever returning to that town. That life was behind him.

And that was who was carefully observing the undulating ass of Dustin's mother. And who had already detected a familiar pattern in the relationship between the nice couple.

Trey couldn't help but wonder. Old ways died hard. Like the hair on the tingling back of his neck, his cock was sticking straight up.


Their home was as nice as Trey would have expected. Dustin was an only child, Shannon had taught school for years, and Eric had a really nice business as a mechanic. Maybe the gods were looking after Trey because they hadn't been home for an hour when he hit a home run.

As they had been driving home things had been a little awkward in the car. Idle chatter, funny stories about Dustin, lots of polite questions about Trey. He answered them as honestly as possible. There was so much that he did not want them to know. He told the truth about why he had joined the Army so late ... to escape women. He didn't miss the obvious pleasure that Shannon seemed to get from that. And was that a smile on Eric's face? H-m-m-m.

But what was really obvious albeit unspoken was the fact that for a little over two weeks Trey would be in their home and have absolutely nothing to do. He had known it all along and had assumed that Dustin's family would, too, but unknown to him Dustin had failed to mention Trey's age. Trey could not and would not be hanging out with Dustin most of the time. All of Dustin's friends were still teenagers, many still in high school. None of their parents would appreciate them hanging around with a thirty two year old soldier. Especially their daughters!

But as they were looking at their really nice home swimming pool, lightening stuck with a simple statement from Shannon. Trey jumped on it.

"I've always wanted a cedar pool deck over here but we've never got around to it. It's so-o-o expensive."

Trey jumped on it. Salvation!!

"I'll build you one while I'm here. I'm a master carpenter by trade."

He thought she was going to kiss him. Was hoping, anyway. Would've been nice. The thought of those perky breasts pressing against his chest was exciting.

The next day was Sunday but he had Eric take him to a lumber yard where he calculated the cost. By using borrowed tools he could do it well within their range.

The Rogers were thrilled and all of a sudden Trey had a mission, a reason for being there.

And did it ever come with a bonus!

The following day was Monday and with both Eric and Dustin gone, Trey found that while he was working on the deck Shannon Rogers would spend many hours a day at the pool dressed in tiny, revealing one piece swim suits. Low cut on both the front and back, there was ample enough tits and ass on display to demand his riveted attention. Right away he couldn't help but notice that, like him, she was drenched in sweat the whole day. He, from the sun and the labor. She, from the sun and the constant laps up and down that pool. No wonder she was so fit!

He asked her how many laps a year she did. She laughed. "Thousands" was her answer. He believed it.

The attention he was giving her was obvious but Shannon tried to mask all the attention she was giving him in return. She didn't want him to notice, to suspect. But the honest fact was she couldn't keep her eyes off of him. Who was this guy, really? Surely he was aware of the effect he had on women, including her. And was that true, that part where he said he had left home to avoid women? At his age? At times she had to avert her eyes from him, even if he weren't looking at her. Was it her imagination or could he actually see when the little bolts of electricity shot between her legs and to her brain?

With Dustin gone constantly and Eric working every day, the two of them would be thrust together constantly. She would be his only source of entertainment.

She squirmed, clamping her legs together at times. She closed her eyes. She tried to suppress it. Still she could feel the excitement, the tingling that shouldn't be there. She hit the water for temporary relief from the constant messages her brain was receiving from every heightened sensory. But he was such a mystery, such a hunk. Everything ... the sweat pouring off of him, even the way he went about his job ... was so intriguing, so titillating!

And it was always there. His constant, massive hard on ... an unmistakable sign that he definitely was aware of her presence. The swim suit she wore when just the two of them were present was much more revealing than in the evenings when the other guys and Dustin's friends were around. She'd worked hard over the years to maintain that shape and now she couldn't resist the temptation to display it to this welcomed stranger. She wondered how much of this he noticed. Was she being over sensitive, making things up? He was years younger than she. What could she be thinking? Surely just months before he was seducing women twenty years younger than she!

Not to worry, Shannon! Trey didn't miss a thing. The fact that she wore those revealing suits only when they were alone. The way Eric paraded her in front of Trey in the evenings when Dustin wasn't around. (If Eric had his way about it during those times she would be wearing that red thong suit that he knew she had in her closet. He even suggested it but she refused.)

And Trey couldn't miss the times that she would steal a moment when she thought he wasn't watching to lightly caress her hardened nipples and between her legs. He was amused that she thought she could do it every time she went in the pool without him noticing. He was sure that at times she took a dip for the sole purpose of consoling the bundle of nerves between her legs.

He was right! For Shannon, each hour became more and more difficult to mask her excitement. It just seemed to be a hypnotic mixture of the hot sun, the bronzed sweating bodies, and the haphazard way the two of them had been thrown together in such proximity with nobody around.

And her husband. That night in bed, the constant teasing ... the hopeful suggestions that maybe something lurid had happened that day between her and Trey. The begging in his tone for more details. More than any other time in their marriage he certainly wanted it to happen. Eric knew that everything was so prime ... her age, Trey's age, the way they were being thrown together. Best of all was the slow, wonderful sex while he pleaded his erotic fantasy in her ears. Sex had never been better for either of them! Each night it was two or three times a night.

It was less complicated for Trey. Sort of.

Within the first forty eight hours of meeting them he knew that he had sized up the situation. He had been there, done that. Had the tee shirt! All the signs were there. Eric was so obvious it was comical. Trey knew, could easily tell, that Shannon was as sexually agitated as he. By noon on Monday he had rid himself of all clothing except a very loose bathing suit that had no support under it. After that, he never wore anything else except when Eric and Dustin were around. He made absolutely no attempt to contain his constantly stiff cock to keep it from protruding or from being obvious. She was exhibiting her wares. So would he.

For Shannon it was all so frightful, so unexplainably thrilling.

For Trey, it was an unanswered question. There could be no doubt about Eric's desires but was he absolutely reading Shannon right? To be wrong would be devastating. He could just imagine showing up to his new unit with Dustin telling others what had happened when he tried to be nice and invite Trey to his home.

For Eric, this was a dream. A scenario being played out in his mind if not in reality. The first night he came home from work he had a hard on and wistful expectation. He wasn't getting everything he wanted but the excitement was so real, the notion so incredibly erotic. He had dreamed about this so long!

By Tuesday afternoon the curiosity was too much for Eric. He made an excuse at work at noon before sneaking out and parking his truck a little bit down from their house. A quick peek between the wooden slats of their fenced in back yard told him they were both out there. Slipping in the house through the front, he watched through the drawn curtains at the two out by the pool. He had to be careful. Already, he had called Dustin on his cell phone to see where he was. Couldn't chance Dustin walking in and catching his Dad spying on his mom. Especially with his hard cock in his hand!

Even though there was nothing illicit about what he saw, it was still incredibly erotic. The first thing that jumped out at him was both of their attire. He smiled. Ah, there was the tiny bathing suit that he so wanted her to display and that she had refused. Hum-m-m-m. She wouldn't wear it when the three of them were together but would when she was alone with Trey. And my god! Trey's hard cock was obvious even from Eric's little hiding place.

Eric saw things exactly as they were. Nothing "real" was happening although the two of them were playing a little erotic cat and mouse game. Eric was hooked. He was back two hours later. Again, the sweating bodies, the glances they were giving each other. And Trey's inevitable hard cock! Of course, Eric had no idea that his wish was quietly evolving, that Shannon's senses were exploding from the sexual attraction between her and Trey.

After that, Eric would arrange a carefully planned and orchestrated trip three or four times a day. He would be the one that would always leave work to "go out for parts."By subtle questioning he figured out their routine, when to expect them outside. At times he voided the trip, unsure of where they were. But most of the time he was spellbound by what he saw.

At night he probed, hoping to draw Shannon out a little, hoping she would admit to what he was seeing. He got nothing he was seeking but instead was rewarded with a slow, mind blowing fuck. Their sex had never been better!

Shannon tried her best to tell herself that this verbal teasing, this erotic questioning from Eric, had no effect on her. But it did and deep down she knew it. My god she came hard time after time.

And both knew that, each time they were having sex, Trey was a third person in the room with them, not in person but certainly in each of their fantasies.


Stalemate. Wednesday, day four.

Unspoken, erotic inactivity. Unintentional teasing? Wistful thinking? Expectations?

A bubble to be burst. But how?

Sun block lotion. Who'd a thunk it!!

"You're getting sunburn."

Trey looked at her.

"Am I?" He sure didn't want to be shipping out with a medical problem.

"Yeah. I think so. Middle of your back. Hard for you to reach there."

He'd take her advice on that. So far he had been able to hold his own with the hot Texas sun but he wasn't above crying "Uncle" if it was getting the best of him.

"Here" She motioned for him to come over as she reached for a bottle.

He turned and she rubbed it in. Was it his imagination or was she taking a little longer than was necessary? A lot longer.

"My turn," he laughed and took the bottle from her.

It caught her by surprise when he didn't ask but instead squirted some on his hand and gently covered the expanse of exposed skin on her back. And there was a lot of exposed skin on her back. The suit she was wearing virtually had no back, dipping down far enough that the crack of her ass was showing. A whole lot of crack when she was sitting!

But that little bit of rubbing was enough for now. He knew timing was everything so he reluctantly walked away, his hard almost painful.

She swore she could feel the wetness gush between her legs.

That was at ten in the morning.

Shannon didn't anticipate a repeat event anytime soon even if she actually wanted it. As casual as it was, it was still a bit intimate considering that they were alone.

And that is where all that experience, all those years of having the right stuff, came in to play for Trey.

That afternoon, as soon as she came out of the house and headed for her favorite chair, Trey ran a calculated intercept.

"How about getting my back again. I'd better watch myself."

He saw her hesitate but he knew it was too awkward for her to say "no." Maybe it wouldn't happen this time with Shannon but, in the past, there had been a number of conquests because it was simply awkward for the lady to say"no."

Shannon took a sharp breath. Deep down she wanted it. She couldn't deny the excitement caused by his strong hands.

"Sure," she smiled. One word. One fateful word.

Surely they both knew what was about to happen.

Earlier that morning he had hesitated before touching her. This time he knew he would not. His limited time with her was measured in days, not months.

Carefully, timidly, she applied the lotion to the center of his back where they both knew it was needed. Then her hands crept, moving into new territory as if she were "sneaking a feel." To her it was a bold unplanned move instantly regretted. To Trey it was a telegraphed signal

She may have well sent him a written invitation. He couldn't miss the fact that her hands were shaking.

"I'll get you now." It was a directive, not just an offer.

She hesitated but didn't move. Didn't say "no."

That's all Trey needed.

This time it wasn't just an application. This time it was a three minute massage using the sun block as a lubricant. Shannon caught her breath when his hands came up and over her shoulders, under the bathing suit straps before moving down to the point that his fingertips were brushing under the low cut cloth barely covering her breasts. She tensed, wondering if he saw her nipples harden. His fingers had come so close!

He saw the little buds harden. He was tempted to press the situation, to try her out now. But he had the experience, the sense, to know when to back away. He'd already accomplished what he wanted.

If Shannon wasn't aware of exactly what Trey's thoughts or intentions were, she could certainly see the immediate results.

At that close quarter she silently gasped at the size of the swollen cock standing straight out under his swim trunks. While sitting beside her his trunks had come down quite a bit and his bloated head slightly protruding out of the top of them. She was sure she saw the clear liquid oozing out of the tip of it.

She wasn't the only one in awe.

Twenty feet away, Eric was giddy with an erotic rush before he carefully closed the curtains. This time there could be no mistake about what he had just seen. What he had witnessed wasn't just an application of lotion, it was an extended erotic rubdown and his wife had not objected. And every man knows ... either you object or you are willing. She had definitely been willing.

As he scampered out the front door he rued the fact that he couldn't hang around longer. His cock needed attention and what else was in store that he might miss?

He couldn't wait for the next day.

He wasn't disappointed.

At 10:30 Thursday morning the scene was almost a repeat. Eric had been hiding behind those curtains, watching for nearly thirty minutes before anything happened and he was starting to think he was going to have to give it up ... go back to work. It was quiet out there. Trey had been working slowly, Shannon innocently sunning between laps.

Finally, some action. This time, though, it took on a whole new meaning ... a new level of permissiveness. Something that each of them now anticipated?

Eric watched and trembled as Trey walked over and, without any invitation, helped himself to the oil before offering to assist her. There was hesitation but still no rejection from Shannon. Again, wandering fingers that invaded her top. Had he seen her eyes close? Was that a subtle movement in her hips in response to his fingers?

But it didn't stop there. This time there was a little bonus. A lengthy neck rub doesn't seem much but in the context it was pushing the limits. It wasn't so much what Trey was doing but more what Shannon didn't do. She didn't pull away ... didn't brush him aside.

As Trey finally moved away Shannon was shaking inside. What the hell was she doing?

Trey knew what he was doing. That wasn't just a neck rub ... it was a huge intimate stepping stone.

And the watching Eric was more than just hooked. He was totally immersed in what was unfolding in front of him.

He knew there was no way he could stay away. Business was starting to suffer a little but he was definitely hooked. He knew this wouldn't last forever. He dropped into work for a minute to see how things were going and begged out for the rest of the week. He'd let the others have his work. He told them that he had company at home.

Instead, he'd play hide and seek with the couple in his house. And he didn't have to wait that long.

At two that afternoon it was finally the moment, crème de la crème for the older man hiding in the curtains. It wasn't total surrender yet was far more than he had reasonably expected.

There was no way to miss it, even from his distant perch. This time Trey caught Shannon lying face down on her lounge chair when he applied the lotion. He started with her back but instead of delving into the top of her suit he instead moved his attention and the lotion to her legs. With her head pointing away from Eric and her legs spread wide there was absolutely no doubt that, as he was applying lotion to her legs, Trey was intentionally brushing her crotch with his fingertips. Not once. Not twice. More. Many, many more times. Five minutes to apply sun block?

It was intentional yet when he first did it, Trey winced. He knew he had to move on, to advance the situation. What would be her reaction?

Shannon was so surprised, so out of her zone, she did the only thing she could. She let out a tiny involuntary moan that only she and Trey could hear. Trey's heart skipped a beat. But what was really telling, what defined the very moment, was the subtle rising and lowering of her hips, thrusting her crotch in reaction to his fingers each time there was contact there.

Trey was exhilarated by her reaction but knew not to push it. By the time he stopped several minutes later he was sure that he had felt her body move in sync with his exploring fingers. Again, he had accomplished every thing he had wanted.

Maybe more.

As he walked away without speaking and leaving her to catch her trembling breath, Trey hoped that what had just occurred was enough to satisfy even her watching husband.

Oh yeah, Eric. Trey had a silent message for you.

Curtains don't move by themselves. And Trey had definitely seen curtains move for the second day.

Later that night when the couple was alone in their room there began the usual grilling, the hopeful questions from Eric. Shannon moaned a soft "no-o-o-o-o-o" to each of the probing whispers. It was hard for her to answer. He was already deep inside her and his slow strokes filled her receptive pussy. Again, they both knew that there just as well have been a third person in the room.

But this time they were almost right.

Trey knew how excited she had to be from his teasing that afternoon. And there was no doubt her husband was about to explode. Surely they would be too distracted to sense his presence just outside their bedroom door.

It was barely audible. Trey could detect the questions, probing her for information. Eric's voice would whisper, followed by a low, quivering, "no-o-o-o-o" from Shannon except for an occasional, "I don't kno-o-o-o-ow."

It was that "I don't know" that caught both Eric and Trey's attention. Indecision on her part? Some level of faltering strength? A sensual admittance?

Trey tried to visualize what was going on in there. What they were actually doing.

If he had been able to see, he would have been gazing at the oddity of Shannon Rogers wearing the same bathing suit she had worn in front of Trey earlier that afternoon, the same one she was wearing while Trey was stroking her pussy. Eric had insisted she put it on.

Trey listened as her moans became louder, more frequent. There may have been a question about what was happening but there was no doubt about what was about to happen!

Eric was at the side of their bed, standing on the floor with his hands on her hips. Shannon was on her knees on the side of the bed, her hips making large circles in the air, her head down on a pillow.

He had insisted she pull her leg band aside and guide him into her before beginning the slow, slow long strokes that would coax her for both answers and an orgasm. The answers she gave were tentative, incomplete. Her orgasm would not be!!

Trey might have had to listen closely and intently for his questions and her answers, but not when she came!

"U-u-u-n-n-n-g-g-g-h-h-h, o-h-h-h-h-h-h, oh-oh-oh-oh," sounds suddenly poured through the closed door. This one was big, way too explosive to mask from anybody in the house, let alone somebody listening just outside the door. Neither partner cared if their visitor heard them. The thought of it made them come even harder!

It shot right through Trey, especially when her loud climax was quickly followed with what was unmistakably Eric's own orgasm. Eric came as hard as she. And just outside their room, Trey came with them.

As his cum filled his hand he knew the time was now. It had to be now. It was just a matter of how.

What he needed was an opportunity, a platform from which to leap.

He need not have worried. Mrs. Rogers was about to be presented to him on a golden platter.


Shannon's mouth was wide open. A mixture of disbelief and apprehension. She couldn't mask it, even in front of Trey.

"Eric Rogers, you have absolutely, positively got to be shitting me!"

It was the first and only time Trey would ever hear her curse.

Eric stood there with a stupid look on his face. He lifted his palms up.

"I forgot."

It was his only response.

It was nine thirty Saturday morning. A perfect day, albeit already hot. The Rogers and Trey had been sipping their coffee. Dustin had left hours before for Mustang Island. It would be Monday before he got back. (Trey had warned Dustin when he had left that morning that he'd better not come back from a weekend with all those girls and not be smelling like pussy!!)

The three of them were forging their weekend activity. Mostly, nothing but lying around.

That's when the phone rang and it hit the fan in the Roger's household.

"Fantasy football? Your football draft is tonight? You are insane!"

Eric shrugged. He looked really sorry.

"I'll call and pass on it. It's not the end of the world. Jay can go by himself."

Trey wanted to ease himself out of the picture. He could sense that this was going to get nasty. He didn't move fast enough.

Shannon looked at Eric over the top of her sunglasses.

"Ri-i-i-ght," she mocked.

She looked sideways at Trey.

"Ever play fantasy football?"

Trey laughed but found nothing funny about it. His face went a little red.

"Yeah, I'm a junky," he admitted.

"Well, genius here has to either meet up with his friend and go to Houston this afternoon or forfeit a five hundred dollar entrance fee. Their draft starts at seven."

Trey whistled. Five hundred dollars!! His was normally fifty.

"Seriously, I'll cancel. I just plumb forgot." Eric was obviously selling out to sooth Shannon.

Shannon rolled her eyes and grimaced at Trey.

"Don't ever get married, Trey."

Then, to her waiting husband.

"Go ahead, butthead! We'll get by without you."

If she had been astute, she would have been astounded how those few words made two cocks stand straight up!

Instead, it would be hours before she would become totally aware of the consequences of her irrational decision.

Eric pretended to be her savior.

"Hey, the Rockets are playing a twilight game tonight. It starts at five."

Shannon looked at Trey.

"You like baseball? We have a minor league team in Austin. The ball park is new and really nice."

"I'd love it. Sounds great." Trey was already trying to figure how he could make this all work in his favor. He had no idea how much of a conniving partner he had in Eric.

Eric pushed, took a chance.

"You'll be out in time to go to "Khan's", he offered.

Shannon was surprised that Eric offered that. It was a real nice restaurant and her favorite but it could be a little intimate. After eight on the weekends they turned down the lights and it was almost all couples.

"What's that?" Trey asked.

"A great Japanese place. They cook in front of you with all the fancy stuff. You'd love it."

"Only if I get to pay."

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