The Emwerald Green High Heels

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2010 by Just Plain Bob

: The shoes told a tale.

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   .

The wife and I hadn't been getting along too well lately, for a number of different reasons, most of them financial. We were both working long hours, taking on overtime whenever it was offered, trying to work our way out of debt. Our love life sucked, in fact, it was virtually non-existent. We hadn't mentioned it to each other yet, but I think we both knew we were on the brink of breaking up. I couldn't speak for Alice, but divorce was the last thing I wanted. I had been in love with Alice since sixth grade and we had gone steady off and on all the way through high school. Oh sure, there were others along the way, for both of us, but we always seemed to come back together and it was no surprise to anyone we knew when we got married. I did not want to lose her, and I hoped that she felt the same way about me.

Just when things were looking their blackest an opportunity came up that offered us a chance to relax and enjoy a rare evening out together. Maybe a nice dinner, some drinks and some dancing would heal a few of the wounds we had been inflicting on each other. My parents were celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary and my older brother Al had rented the local Elks lodge hall for the evening. Anybody and everybody who knew my folks had been invited and there would probably be over two hundred people there and a five-piece band had been hired for the evening. The night of the party I watched Alice dress and I wondered, for perhaps the ten-thousandth time, how I had been lucky enough to get her. Shoulder length auburn hair, sparkling hazel eyes, a nice tight body, and a smile that could light up the inside of an arena. In her green cocktail dress and matching emerald green high heels she was going to turn a lot of heads that night and probably cause more than a few hard ons like the one she was giving me. I wanted her bad as I watched her dress, but past experience had taught me that she did not like to get "mussed up" after she'd started to get ready to go somewhere and so I kept my hands to myself and contemplated the enjoyment I'd have when we got home.

The evening was everything I had hoped it would be. Alice was having a great time and I was enjoying watching her. Alice loves to dance and while I'm okay on slow dances I'm a spastic when it comes to the fast stuff so Alice always has a steady stream of guys lined up at our table asking her to dance. It is not uncommon for Alice to get up at the beginning of a set and stay on the dance floor until the band takes a break. The only thing I have to watch at these kinds of affairs is Alice's alcohol intake. She dances up a thirst and comes back to the table and gulps down her drink and then its back to the dance floor. I tend to water down her drinks to keep her from getting pissy-eyed drunk. If she reaches that stage she ends up doing all kinds of stupid stuff and then she spends the next month apologizing to everyone she thinks she might have upset or offended.

While Alice was on the dance floor I circulated among the guests, talking to old friends and relatives and catching up on all the rumors and gossip. I was talking with Kenny Hicks, an old friend that I'd played high school ball with and he said he needed to get some air so we walked out into the parking lot. We were walking along the lot, talking about our old classmates and where they were and what they were doing, when we heard a woman's voice from back among the parked cars.

"Oh yes, oh God yes."

Kenny laughed and said, "It sounds to me like some body is getting some of that good old back seat loving. I wonder who it is?"

He headed towards where the noise came from. As we drew closer we heard low moans and what sounded like: "Ohyesohyesohyesfuckmefuckmefuckme" all strung together like it was one word.

"I wonder who she is, and if she'd be interested in helping me get rid of a load or two."

From the car came "Don't stop, don't stop, fuck me baby, fuck me."

Kenny said, "Whoever she is, she sounds like one hot slut."

Just then someone opened one of the lodge hall doors and the light that escaped was enough for us to see a leg thrown over the front seat and another leg waving in the air and a set of white buttocks moving up and down between them. With a sick feeling in my stomach I saw the emerald green high heels. I grabbed Kenny and said, "I don't think we should get any closer. I know I wouldn't want anyone to interrupt if that were me."

Kenny shook off my hand and said, "You can go back if you want to, but I gotta see who that is and see if maybe I can get me some."

The walk back to the lodge was the longest I'd ever taken and all the way I tried to convince myself that someone else was also wearing emerald green high heels that night. Once inside I looked everywhere for Alice, but she was nowhere to be found. I went back to our table and sat down and watched the side door to the parking lot and about twenty minutes later I saw Alice come in followed a minute or so later by Kenny. Alice went straight to the ladies room and when she finally made it back to our table I could see that my attempts to water down her drinks had not been too successful. She dropped into the chair next to me and grabbed the drink in front of her, "Whew, but dancing sure makes you thirsty."

She finished the drink and asked me to get her another one, but by the time I got back to the table with it she was already back out on the dance floor.

I kept a close eye on Alice from that point on and about half an hour later I saw her go out the side door and about a minute later Jerry Douglas followed her. Fifteen minutes later Alice came back in and headed straight for the ladies room. A couple of minutes later Jerry came in. I began to wonder how many trips to the parking lot Alice might have made tonight and was tonight the first time it had ever happened? I thought back to all the parties we had been to over the years and the way I had always encouraged her to get out on the dance floor and have fun while I walked around and socialized. Had this been happening back then too?

It was almost eleven when Alice came back to the table and said she didn't feel well and wanted to go home. I started to get up, but she said, "No, you stay. It's your parent's party and you need to be here. Bill and Debbie are leaving and they said they would drop me off."

She gathered her things, kissed me on the cheek and told me to stay and enjoy myself.

"You have the band until two and then you have to stay and clean up so I probably won't be up when you get home."

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