Sandra the Slutwife

by Dsimp

Copyright© 2010 by Dsimp

Erotica Sex Story: A loving husband offers his wife up to random strangers, much to the pleasure of everyone involved.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Slavery   Cheating   Slut Wife   Wimp Husband   Cuckold   Rough   Swinging   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Sandra looked around the apartment, making sure everything was tidy. It was Saturday, and everything had to be perfect as always.

"Honey, you just about ready?" her husband's voice called from the bedroom.

"Just about baby, I still have to get dressed."

What to wear tonight? It really wouldn't matter; in a little over an hour they'd be in a crumpled ball in the corner of some room. Still, she liked to look cute. She chose a pink sundress.

"Devin, how much time do I have?"

"About a half hour. You're good." He walked out into the living room and smiled. "You look beautiful."

Sandra smiled back, but quickly went back to her perfectionist mode.

"Any clue what tonight will be like?" she asked, teasing her long blonde hair in the mirror.

"Same as usual. Fun."

Sandra giggled. "It's always fun." She looked at herself in the mirror. She was in her mid 20s but was still regularly carded, which didn't bother her at all. She'd hold on to her tall slim frame as long as she could. Devin walked up and gave her a light smack on the ass.

"Any plans for tomorrow?" he asked, leaning against her back and locking his arms around her waist.

"Grocery shopping. And dinner with my parents."

Devin let out an exaggerated groan. They'd been married for nearly 4 years but her parents still never seemed to like him.

"Oh shush. They like you. They're just good about showing it, not like..." a sharp knock at the door interrupted her.

"Shit, he's early," she grumbled.

"It's fine! You look beautiful, the apartment looks great, let's just have a good time." Sandra nodded and walked over to the door with him, feeling a little nervous, just like she always did. Devin opened the door.

"Hi! So you must be Eric!" Devin said, welcoming the tall, muscular man in excitedly.

"Yeah, I am," he said awkwardly. "And this is Sandra?" He eyed her up and down. She was better than in the pictures.

"Yep, that's me." The guy's appearance was always a surprise, but Devin knew what she liked and it was almost always a pleasant surprise. Today was especially pleasant.

"Come on back to the bedroom with us," Devin said, ushering them both toward the open door. Eric started at Sandra for a few moments longer, wondering if this was really all some sort of trick. He then followed them into the bedroom. It was worth the risk.

Devin and Sandra sat on the bed next to each other, their arms around each other.

"So I told you in the emails how this was going to work, got any questions?"

"Is this ... is this all really for real? No catches?"

"Nope, you spend about an hour with my wife while I watch, then leave."

Sandra nodded in agreement. "I'm really looking forward to it," she said with a seductive smile.

Eric looked down at his watch. His own wife and kids were at home. When he'd answered an online posting looking for guys that wanted some sexual release he'd never thought he'd get a serious response, and then never thought he'd go through with it. But here he was. And more importantly here she was. And she was gorgeous.

"So how do we start?"

"Well, I've got some costumes if that's your thing," Sandra said, having memorized the spiel by then, "and some old clothes if you want to take them off of me ... actively."

"Active sounds fun."

Devin smiled and went over to sit in a chair in the corner of the bedroom. From now on his job was to silently watch as his wife was used by another man; he couldn't ask for anything better.

Sandra nodded and disappeared into a walk-in closet for a minute. She felt a pang of regret and guilt at what was about to happen, but Devin loved it so much ... It had always been his idea and he'd always run the show. Still, she couldn't help but feel a little bad. She slid on a tight white t-shirt that accentuated her C cup breasts and a tight black pair of shorts.

"Ready for me?" she called, suppressing all her emotions other than lust.

"Of course I am," the still apprehensive Eric replied. She walked out and all of his second guessing disappeared. She was gorgeous.

Sandra walked over and lay on her back on the bed. "I'll let you set the pace," she said with a smile. She knew that Devin had told him what the limits were and what sort of things he liked to see.

Eric looked down and for a brief moment saw not Sandra, but every woman that'd ever wronged him. His old girlfriends that had cheated. His wife who's constant refusals had driven him here. It was time to get even.

He reached down and grasped the shirt between his hands, pulling it apart. It slowly ripped as Sandra's breasts spilled out, finally exposed for Eric to see.

"On your knees whore," he said. Devin smiled. He loved dirty talk.

Sandra quickly complied, looking up at him expectantly. He quickly pulled off his shorts and boxers, leaving his hard cock hanging in front of her face. Again she felt a pang of guilt as she looked over at her loving husband. He was beaming though. She took the tip in her mouth.

The first taste of a new cock had always been exciting. Sandra was convinced that she could have told Devin or any of her old boyfriends just from having their cock in her mouth, and from her vast experience on her knees she was probably right. She twirled it around with her tongue, looking up at him to make sure he was enjoying himself.

"Fuck..." Eric moaned. "More ... more..." he said, almost pleading.

Sandra nodded and began to slowly bob her head up and down. This apparently wasn't what he had wanted though, as he grabbed the back of her head by the hair and pushed it down with all of his might. At first Sandra gagged, but as her chin slid against his balls she relaxed her throat as she'd learned to do long ago.

"You're a little fucking whore, you know that? All women are." Eric looked over at Devin. "At least your husband accepts that. At least he likes how you're a little slut."

He held her face there for several seconds enjoying the sensation and the feeling of dominance, but soon wanted even more. He pulled his cock out and threw her back across the bed.

"Thank you, thank you," Sandra said, panting. She wasn't thanking him for stopping though; she was thanking him for what he'd done.

Ignoring her Eric reached down for her shorts. They were made of a very thin fabric and were easy to rip, and had likely been purchased solely for that fact. He ripped a slit out of the front and back, leaving the bulk of the shorts intact but offering easy entry.

He pulled her up by her arms and positioned her facing Devin.

"Bend over and lean against him," Eric ordered.

Devin smiled; this was far from a first. It had always bothered Sandra a little bit but that made it even better. Reluctantly she complied, bending over and exposing her pussy while placing her hands on Devin's thighs.

Eric stepped behind her and rubbed his cock against her pussy, admiring how tight and well groomed it was. She really was built for life as a fuck toy, and it would have been a shame if she kept herself to only one man.

Without warning he slammed his cock into her, not worrying about warming her up at all. Luckily she never had any trouble getting wet on Saturdays...

As her breasts rocked back and forth her grip on her husband tightened. She looked him in the eyes, a little angry. He knew just how much she hated using him like a prop like this. Still he insisted that they allow it, since so many of the guys that he invited over seemed to like it.

"Talk to him," Eric ordered, furiously pounding away.

"I love you baby," she said, her eyes pleading with Devin for an answer but knowing she wouldn't get one. He never spoke during these ordeals. She knew he loved her though. "I love being your slut. I love making you happy."

Hearing the girl he was fucking from behind tell her husband that she loved him was too much for Eric, and he knew he was going to blow his load in her far before he'd intended to. Still, had to make the best of things. He harshly grabbed her waist and pushed his cock as far into her as it would go, closing his eyes and squirting his semen deep inside her.

"Sorry it was so quick," he panted, pulling out and sitting down on the bed.

Sandra walked over and sat next to him, wrapping her arms around him and nuzzling his neck, ignoring the semen dripping from between her legs.

"No, no, it was perfect," she said, wanting to make sure he was having fun. "You're so big ... it felt so good."

She looked over at her husband. He was still smiling from ear to ear.

"I've never been fucked like that," she lied, "so hard, so strong."

"So do I leave now?" Eric asked, still a little upset that he'd spent so little time with her.

Sandra giggled. "No, of course not. As long as you can still get it up..." she said, her voice trailing off into a smile.

Eric smiled. He'd treated her like a whore, but maybe she deserved to be treated a little better. "For you of course I can. Now what did you say about costumes earlier?"

"Well, I've got a few you might like," Sandra said, thinking. After a minute she decided to suggest Devin's favorite; she hadn't work it in months and she knew he was missing it. "What about my wedding dress?"

Eric's jaw dropped. "Your ... wedding dress? You want to have sex with me in your wedding dress?"

"Sure," she said with a smile. "It isn't quite ... traditional, but I think you'll like it." Eric nodded and she disappeared into the closet again.

Her dress was in the back of the closet. She took off the ripped shorts and began to slide it on. She'd decided back when she was married that she didn't want the frills that a regular dress had. It was white and obviously a wedding dress, but it only came down to just above her knees and exposed her cleavage more than her father had been comfortable with. Oh if he only knew...

She walked back into the bedroom and sat next to Eric, taking a picture from her dresser to show him.

"See? Wedding dress," she said, letting him hold the picture of her wedding day. It didn't seem like four years ago, and then she'd have never guessed that she'd be wearing the dress again for another guy. Oh well, life takes unexpected turns.

Eric quickly began running his hands up her toned legs. "This is incredible. I mean, everything else was too, but this..."

"You're incredible," Sandra said, unexpectedly leaning in and kissing him. She pulled back, unsure of how he'd react. He seemed to like it though, as he leaned in for another, deeper kiss. Soon they were holding each other and making out like teenagers. Sandra loved it when guys let her kiss them. For some reason it made her feel less like a slut.

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