Maude, Claude and My Wife

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2010 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: It was her birthday and he invited some friends to help her celebrate.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Size   .

It was my wife's birthday and for a surprise I had sent airline tickets to her best friend Maude and Maude's husband Claude. They flew in from Kansas City and I had a rental car reserved for them and they were sitting at the kitchen table when Amber got home from work. The surprise was total and Amber's grin got even bigger when I told her that I had dinner reservations made for the next evening and tickets for a play that she had been wanting to see. Then, to give Amber and Maude time to catch up on gossip, I drug Claude out to the garage to show him the 1965 Mustang I was restoring.

The next evening went great. The show was excellent, the dinner was marvelous, and then we headed for a local nightspot to finish off the evening with drinking and dancing. To make the night more fun for Amber I appointed myself designated driver and told the other three to cut loose and have a good time. We closed the place and then I helped all three of the happy drunks out to the car and pointed us home.

Maude and Claude were in the back and about half way home I heard a giggle from the back seat and I looked in the rear view mirror to see what was going on. Even as drunk as they were Maude and Claude were feeling a little on the amorous side. Claude had managed to work one of Maude's tits out of her dress and I was impressed with the size of the nipple and with how firm the tit looked - impressed enough to get a hard on. Luckily Amber was zonked out so she didn't notice the woodie that her friend had given me. Equally impressive was the size of the rod that was sticking up out of Claude's lap. It was a good ten inches long and I was amazed that a girl as small as Maude could handle something that large. While I was watching in the mirror I saw her lower her head and take Claude's cock in her mouth and I almost wrecked the car because I was spending so much time looking in the rear view. Maude had at least half that pole in her mouth and her cheeks were bulging when her head started bobbing up and down and the sight almost made me burst through my pants. It was all I could do to tear my eyes away and concentrate on the road. As much as I loved Amber at that exact moment in time and space I wanted to be the one in Maude's mouth. I managed to get us home alive and then I began the chore of getting the three of them out of the car, into the house and into bed.

Maude and Claude were fairly ambulatory and I managed to get them into the house and into the guestroom. Amber on the other hand was still out and I had to work her out of the car and then carry her into the house. Once in the house I began the chore of getting Amber undressed for bed. Trying to wrestle around 110 lbs. of dead weight can be a chore, but I finally got it done and pulled a sheet up over her and then I headed for the living room. When Amber is drunk she snores something fierce and I long ago learned that when that happened there was no way that I could sleep in the same room with her. I grabbed a pillow and a blanket out of the linen closet and headed for the couch. I made myself comfortable and in minutes I was asleep.

I'm not sure what it was that woke me up, but all of a sudden I was awake and staring up at the ceiling. For some reason I felt a sense of unease and after several moments I got up and headed down the hall to check on Amber. I heard it before I saw anything. The "smack, smack" of flesh hitting flesh is unmistakable and when I reached the bedroom door and looked in I saw Claude fucking my wife. In only took a second for me to take in the scene and in that second two things registered in my brain: Claude was managing to bury all of his huge cock in Amber's pussy on his in-stroke, and that Amber was still asleep. Until my dying day I will never understand what came over me next or why as I watched Claude feed his pole to my wife that my thoughts were not of anger and rage. No, my only thought was, "If Claude is fucking Amber that means Maude is alone."

Now I can honestly say that sneaking across the hall and fucking Maude while Claude was occupied with Amber is not what I had on my mind. What I thought was that Maude must be asleep or Claude wouldn't be able to fuck Amber and I remembered that huge nipple and firm tit that I had seen in my rear view mirror and here was my chance to get a good look. I did have a small fleeting thought that I should stop Claude, but the damage was already done so what good would it do to stop him now? Besides, if I did anything eventually it would have to involve Maude and that might ruin the special friendship that had existed between her and Amber for almost thirty years and it wasn't as if I could "unfuck" Amber.

I moved down the hall and quietly pushed open the guest bedroom door and what I saw took my breath away. Maude was asleep and lying on her back. Her tits stuck straight up and looked like two twin mountain peaks. The nipples were a good half-inch long and that was when she was asleep. I couldn't even imagine what would they must look like engorged with passion. But what really got to me was her pussy. Claude couldn't have been long gone from it because it was a wide-open hole with thick, ropy strings of cum running from it. I had the thought that I could probably bend down, look into it and see all the way up to her tonsils and once I had the thought I just had to do it. Maude's legs were spread so I got up on the bed and then laid down with my face only inches from that wide-open tunnel. Then I surprised the hell out of myself. Without giving it any conscious thought I stuck my tongue out and licked Maude's pussy. Don't ask me why I did it because I don't honestly know - it was just there and I just did it. As soon as my tongue touched her pussy Maude squirmed, moaned and her hands came up and grabbed my head and pulled me to her. Was she awake, or was it an unconscious involuntary response? I didn't know, but suddenly I wanted what she seemed to want and I started eating her pussy. The more I licked and sucked the more Maude moaned. I was both disgusted with myself and excited. Disgusted because I was eagerly sucking up another man's leavings when I had never even tasted my own out of Amber, and excited because - well, I didn't really know why I was excited, but I was. After several minutes Maude gave a little shudder and her hands fell away from me. I looked up at her and saw that her eyes were closed and I heard her softly breathing the breaths of someone asleep. Would she wake up in the morning thinking that she had dreamed that someone had eaten her?

I found myself with a very stiff cock and my next thought was "I wonder what that open hole would feel like." I very badly wanted to slide my cock into Maude. But I just couldn't bring myself to take advantage of a sleeping woman, especially a woman who was not my wife. Suddenly I realized that all I had to do to find out what it would feel like was to wait until Claude finished with Amber. I leaned down and gave Maude's pussy one last lick and then I got up and left the room. I carefully peeked around the doorframe into my bedroom and I saw that Claude was still banging away at Amber's pussy. He had her legs up on his shoulders and I could see the full length of his rod going into Amber. I had no idea how long he had been fucking her or how long it was going to take him to get off. He'd already cum in Maude and I knew how long it took me to get my nuts off when I'd been drinking.

His back was still to the door so I was able to stand there and watch Amber's pussy swallow that huge pole and while I stood there watching I wondered how Claude had come to be fucking her in the first place. Did he get up to go to the bathroom, get turned around and end up in my bedroom by mistake? Was he so drunk that he thought he was in bed with and fucking Maude? I couldn't bring myself to believe that he would knowingly fuck my wife in my house with me less than fifteen feet away on the living room couch. Or did he know what he was doing and planned on using drunkenness as an excuse if either Amber or I woke up and caught him? Then it occurred to me that I didn't even care; all I wanted was for him to get done so I could see what it would be like to follow a cock as big as his into a woman. Sick of me I know, but what can I say, I didn't understand it either.

I must have stood in the doorway for a good ten minutes before Claude gave a hoarse grunt like noise and said, "Here it comes sweetie, here it comes" and then he buried his bone deep in Amber and held himself still as his cock spurted his stuff into her hole. I ducked back out of sight and went back to the living room so he wouldn't see me. Five minutes passed and I didn't hear a thing so I snuck back to the bedroom door and peeked around the doorframe. Claude was still in bed with Amber - he was lying on the bed next to her snoring away! Now what? I couldn't let him stay there. For one thing, he needed to be gone when Amber and Maude woke up. For another, he needed to be out of the way so I could fuck Amber. I turned off the light and closed the door to darken the room and then I went over to the bed and shook Claude's shoulder. Nothing. I shook him a little harder; still nothing. I grabbed him and pulled him away from Amber and shook him really hard and all I got was a snort and more loud snoring.

Fuck it! I went and turned the light back on and then I walked back to the bed and looked down at Amber. Her pussy was just as wide open as Maude's had been, and it had the same thick, ropy strands of cum leaking out of it. I scrambled up on the bed and moved between her legs. I just had to know what it felt like to put my cock into a hole that open. I lined myself up and pushed forward and felt nothing but a hot wet slush. I wasn't feeling any friction at all, just a hot, soupy like feeling. It was almost like I had shoved my cock into a bowl of warm pudding and I wondered if I would even be able to get myself off. I put Amber's legs up on my shoulders and I started humping into her. It didn't take as long for me to cum as I thought it would. I guess I was so keyed up from what I'd done with Maude and what I was doing with Amber that I was a lot closer than I had thought and after only a couple of minutes I popped and added my discharge to Claude's.

I pulled back and looked down at my sleeping wife and I couldn't believe how sexy she looked lying there with cum running out of the fist sized hole that was her pussy. I wondered how she would have acted if she'd been awake while Claude was deep dicking her. That thought got me hard again and for the second time that night I climbed on Amber and lost myself in her swamp of a pussy. It took me longer to cum the second time and when I finished and was again looking down at my wife I had the same uncontrollable urge that I'd had with Maude and I buried my face in her pussy. I licked and slurped at the mess between Amber's legs and damned if I didn't get another hard on. I debated going back across the hall and fucking Maude - fair is fair right? And Claude did fuck my wife so shouldn't I have a shot at his? But again, I couldn't bring myself to take advantage of a woman who was passed out (Amber didn't count). A nasty idea did formed in the back of my mind and I laughed out loud as I put the idea into play. I mounted Amber and started fucking her. It was almost ten minutes before I was close to getting off and then I got off Amber and moved over to where Claude was snoring away. I used one hand to hold his mouth open while I used the other one to jack off. A second before I was ready to shoot I pushed my cock in Claude's mouth and held myself there until I had milked out the last drop.

I left the bedroom and headed for the bathroom to clean myself up and then I went back to the living room and sat down on the couch and tried to think about what I could do before everyone woke up. I could use a fireman's carry to get Claude back into the guest room and drop him in bed next to Maude, but what could I do about Amber? How could she help but notice how her pussy felt when she woke up? She would know for sure that it hadn't been me to open her up like that. I nodded off pondering what to do.

It was just turning daylight when I woke up. In a panic I got up and headed for the bedroom. I had to get Claude moved before the two women woke up. As I got close to the room I heard what sounded like a series of grunts. It sounded like "Oh ... oh ... oh ... oh." I peeked around the doorframe and saw that Claude was fucking Amber again only this time Amber was awake. The grunting sounds were coming from her every time Claude buried himself in her on his in-stroke. Her legs were up on his shoulders and she was staring up at him with what I would call a look of 'wild-eyed confusion' on her face. I imagined that what happened was that Claude woke up, climbed in the saddle, and then Amber woke up to find herself being fucked by her friends husband. This time was different though. Claude had gotten enough sleep and he had to know he was fucking Amber and not Maude. This time the circumstances demanded that I do something about it. I had taken one step into the room when Amber moaned and then, "Yes, yes, oh god that feels good." It seemed that I had the answer to my question of how she would act if she were awake and aware that Claude was fucking her - she loved it! "Oh yes, oh yes, so deep, so big, oh god yes, like that, like that, harder, fuck me harder with that big cock." I took a step backwards out of the room and moved away from the door so I wouldn't be seen. Amber was loving it and even though strangling Claude would have given me great pleasure I could not see ruining the experience for Amber. It wasn't her fault. She wasn't cheating on me, just reacting. She didn't have control of the situation so how could I blame her for what was happening to her. She had been asleep and Claude had mounted her and her sexual nerve endings all ready had to be on fire from the night she'd had so when she woke up her body was in control and running things, right? Wrong! The next words out of Amber's mouth ruined my day. "Oh sweet Jesus baby, I've missed your cock. I've missed that full feeling I get when you fuck me. Fuck me Claudie, fuck me lover, fuck me hard and make me cum."

Those words changed everything. Oh I still wanted to kill Claude, but now I had to figure out what to do about Amber. How long had she been fucking Claude behind my back and just how did the two of them figure that they could get away with doing it in my house and with me there? Amber had to know that fucking Claude would be the end of our marriage if I ever found out. Why had she taken the chance? Was my 'happy marriage' happy in my mind only? Amber had never, at least not up to that point, given me any reason to doubt her fidelity or her love for me, but now I had to wonder if she cared for me at all. And I wasn't being hypocritical. I'll grant that my actions that night could be called questionable, but I had drawn the line at fucking a sleeping Maude. I went back and plopped myself down on the couch and tried to fall back to sleep while thinking about where my life was now headed.

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