Wife's Weight Loss Mistake

by SW MO Hermit

Copyright© 2010 by SW MO Hermit

: Wife decides husband is too heavy and tries to force him to lose weight by withholding sex and threatning to cheat or leave him. His retribution.

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   .

My world fell apart several months ago and after I managed to control my hurt and anger I began to retaliate against the cruel, unnecessary attack I suffered through. Like most mid aged persons I (more than my wife) have that roll of fat around my waistline. My wife Ann and I have discussed toning up and losing weight for a couple of years but c'mon. Life is good and we love to eat and drink. Finally, I hit 250 and the crap hit the fan.

Ann and I had begun going to the YMCA to exercise and had watched our diets for about four months. We both lost weight. Unfortunately, she kept losing but I first plateaued, and then regained some of what I had lost. I admit it; I didn't look "buff" like I had when we married. I am retired Army and I met, wooed and married Ann when my first wife got fed up with my career and divorced me. Ann had been a paralegal at the law firm that represented me. She said she at first felt sorry for me the way my wife treated a "genuine American Hero". She has told me in the past that she then fell in love with my "Buff Bod" and my kind, considerate demeanor.

I fell in love with her caring personality and her kindness. The icing on the cake was her trim, 38-24-36 figure on her 5'8" frame. All her attributes combined with her personality made her the most perfect woman in the world to me. I loved her more than any woman I had met before or since-including my first wife.

After I retired (at age 48-she was 42) we moved back to my hometown. I must admit, she was really angry with me for doing it and for a while I wasn't sure she would move back home with me. I was beginning to believe I was headed back to divorce court when she had a miraculous change of mind. At the time I was extremely pleased and asked her why she had not only agreed to the move but was now almost looking forward to it.

Ann told me she had called an old friend of hers to tell her about the move and that she wasn't sure she would make it with me. She said the old friend was really happy because it turns out she would be living only about 45 miles from us. They could rekindle the friendship. I gathered they had been really close during college and they would be so again.

We had never talked too much about my hometown or my relationship with people there. I had thankfully listened to friends-both within and outside of the military-when they advised me how to hide assets outside the country so when we divorced, my first wife got almost nothing. We had been married such a short time I managed to keep my pension and only got stuck with monstrous child support payments and alimony.

Thankfully, Jane (the first wife) couldn't keep her knees together and ended up pregnant and remarried within a couple of years so I not only managed to regain custody of my children, but I got out from under the alimony. It sure is nice to have friends isn't it? My friend at the pharmacy is just amazed the birth control pills he sold her failed to work-imagine that! LOL. We are both glad she never had the prescription tested! Any way, between that, and friends that followed and took the pictures necessary, she was not only married, but adjudged an unfit parent and my little family was back together and I had my revenge on the bitch.

Well, back to my story. After we had been back in my hometown for a few months, Ann began to complain about the way I now looked and we began the exercise program I described previously. A few days after I had weighed and found out I regained the weight, I came into the house from the pool and overheard Ann and her friend Carol talking in the living room. I still remember Carol saying "Ann, think about it. He looks like crap. He is pudgy and his belly hangs over his belt. You know how much better those young studs would look hovering over you slamming their steel hard cocks into your cunt. Think how it would feel. It would be like it was back when we were in college; you, me and our studs."

I almost lost it and ran into the living room to throw Carol out when I was once again stopped by the conversation. My Ann, the love of my life first built up my ego, then stabbed a knife into my gut and twisted it as she pulled my guts out with it. "Ohhhh Jesus. That's why I first fell for Jim. He was so fine and he was the best fuck I had ever had. Cock wise, he is just a little above average but he can eat pussy and fuck better than almost any one I have ever had. I still cum when we do it but watching him hovering over me almost turns my stomach. I think I am going to give him one more chance then ... well, I am not sure what, but I just can't take much more of his flabby looks. I love him dearly but I just can't take someone who looks like he does. I am going with the plan we worked out and we will see what happens then. Get your list ready because I bet you we will need it!" she said as she giggled into her coffee cup.

I stood there a moment trying to decide what to do. My first thought was to storm into the living room and kick both bitches out, and then reason surfaced in my mind. I had been respected for my planning ability in the military. I was one of the youngest Colonels in the service and really upset a lot of people when I decided to retire. I ran a multi million-dollar financial empire during my service and I still ran it. I needed a plan and I needed to be sure my assets were still protected before I began my attack. I quietly walked back to the door and closed it noisily, then walked back into the house. Ann met me in the kitchen with a peck on the cheek. I almost cried but I managed to act normally I think.

I had let some of my cover slip after returning home because many of my old friends and neighbors knew about my connections with local businesses. Neither the corporation nor I owned any of them outright. We loaned money, took small ownership positions and made "suggestions" when we felt something needed attention or changing. Ann knew many local businessmen greatly respected me and asked for my input from time to time. She knew I was a "consultant" for an offshore corporation that had some interest in many of the local businesses. She also knew I did not receive salary from them, only "perks". For example, since I passed information to the corporation about their investments, they furnished me a nice vehicle and we took trips on their account from time to time.

Ann never seemed to question where the amount of money over and above my pension came from. I had always been careful to let on I made some lucky bets from time to time and she seemed to accept that but I was going to make sure the ownership stayed well hidden just in case.

Later that night, Ann came into the den and cuddled up next to me on the couch. She laid her head on my shoulder and said, "Jim. I am worried about you. You just don't seem to be trying to lose the weight you agreed we needed to lose. I am almost back to my weight when we got married and you are still 60 pounds over. Jim, I love you to death, but I have decided I have to take some action to make sure you lose weight and get back in shape so you will be alive and healthy and we can enjoy our retirement together."

Ann leaned over and picked up a printed sheet from the middle of one of her magazines. As she handed it to me, she said, "I have written down some rules I expect you to follow to reach the goals I set for you. Jim honey, I hate to be this way but you just won't get with the program and I am forced to do it."

I took the list from her and began to read it.

1. I expect you to lose 60 pounds. To ensure you do this, there will be no sex until you began meeting goals set by me. I have based these goals on input I obtained from a fitness trainer and doctor so I know they are attainable and will not impact your health adversely. Your weight loss goal is 5 pounds a month. 2. Any week you fail to lose at least one pound you will be penalized. I will go out that Saturday night and will enjoy myself without you. I will begin searching for a new man. I WILL NOT break our wedding vows unless you force me to do so. I want to make love to a fit, healthy man, not what you have become. The more you fail to meet goals, the worse your health will become, therefore the more chance there will be that I will need to find another husband so my search will continue. 3. You can force me to have sex with you because you are larger than I am and stronger. To control this, I will promise you that anything sexual you attempt with me, I will allow some man of my choice to do, therefore, you control what goes on during my nights out. If you meet all your goals and do not attempt anything sexual with me, I will stay home or go out with you as we have in the past. If you fail to meet goals, you pay the penalty. 4. If you meet goals for an entire month, you get one day of sex-any way we have done in the past, for as long as you care to do it, up to 24 hours. If you fail to meet your goal in any given month, I will go out and search for a lover. I will not take a lover UNLESS you begin regaining weight, then I reserve the right to do so at my sole discretion. 5. If, after 14 months you have not met your weight loss goal, I will visit a divorce attorney. At that time, this agreement will be null and void.

I stared at the paper for a moment, then, shaking in rage, I turned on Ann. It was all I could do to hold my temper and speak in a nearly normal voice. "I agree I need to lose weight. I am working on it and was doing that before you chose to damage our relationship with this ridiculous piece of paper. I hope and pray we can get over this but right now, I am tempted to tell you to get your ass out that door. The only reason I don't do that is because I still love you deeply and it is never a good idea to make a decision in anger." Ann turned white when I said this, then began crying when I continued, "I will promise you that if you EVER break our marriage vows you will be history. If I even think you are doing it, you will be history. If I catch you, or even hear that you have allowed any other man to do those things that are considered improper there will be retribution."

At that, Ann jumped up and stood, hands on her hips glaring at me. She said, "You arrogant, insufferable bastard. Don't you dare threaten me. You brought this on yourself and you will have to pay for your indulgence. I'm going to bed."

I sat a while longer thinking, then wandered back to the bedroom for a troubled sleep. It is sure a good thing we have a King size bed. Ann made sure she was hugging the edge of her side all night.

A couple of nights later, I woke up after Ann hit me. She said, "You son of a bitch. You must not have believed me. Keep your damn hands to yourself. Friday night Carol and I are going out. Some hunk just got lucky and will get to maul my tits like you just tried to do. Now, get back on your side of the bed and go back to sleep or you can move to the spare bedroom."

I remember trying to tell Ann that I had been asleep and didn't know I was cuddled against her back, my hand cupping her breast but she refused to listen. I once again became furious. Well, I would call the friends I had lined up for times like this and we would take any action in retribution that was necessary.

The next morning, a Thursday, I called one of my team leaders and put them on the job of following Ann and Carol as they went about their bar hopping on Friday. I called one of my managers and gave him the sad news. Carol would soon find out she had lost her job because of a consolidation of responsibilities in her department. I am sure she would find it nearly impossible to find another position within a close distance of our small town. If she worked, she would have to drive over 65 miles one way daily or move.

I made sure to stay around home Friday morning because I wanted to see what happened when the shit hit the fan. Sure enough, about 930 Carol first called Ann, then came over to our house crying. I laughed to myself while I listened to her telling Ann about getting fired. For some reason, she said no one in the business had known about the upcoming consolidation and it was only her job that was consolidated into another. I listened to them talk it through, and then Carol asked Ann if she thought I had anything to do with it.

I glanced at the office door to be sure it was locked, and then turned back to my computer monitor. I once again appreciated my foresight in placing microphones and video cameras in every room of the house and patio area. I had already amassed a lot of useful information. Of course the recorders on the phone lines helped too.

Ann comforted Carol a few more minutes then said, "I guess you want to cancel our trip tonight after this don't you? Damn, I was sure looking forward to letting some hunk get a hold of my breasts. I have to admit I have really been horny and when Jim mauled me yesterday morning I almost came. I am sure glad he finally slipped."

Carol looked at Ann then said, "Oh, hell no. I'm going out and drown my sorrow, then get my ass fucked off. I'll begin looking for more work Monday. You sure you don't want to sample a little dick with me? It would be like old times again."

Ann laughed and made a comment that caused my stomach to clench again. "No, Carol. I really want to but I'm sure Jim will lose it soon and 'force' me to find a different cock and, when I do, it damn sure won't be a 'little' dick!" Oh, I was sure looking forward to tonight. I could finally get a little revenge.

Sure enough, Carol and Ann got all dolled up and hit the bars about 9 p.m. After my friends followed them they began taking pictures when something occurred that we wanted to document. For the most part, Ann was behaving appropriately. She danced with several men but we began noticing there was one young man she seemed to prefer. Every time he tried to touch her ass she stopped him. Finally we saw her whisper something to him. He smiled, and then moved his hands up her sides to the sides of her breasts. She moaned and seemed to melt into him as his thumbs flicked across her turgid nipples.

After the set of dances ended, they returned to her table. He seated her and whispered into her ear, then walked toward the restrooms. As he entered the hallway, three of my friends followed. They forced him past the restrooms, down the hall and out the door into the parking lot. After they got him into a secluded place, they had a short discussion with him. It was explained to him the lady he had been fondling was married and he should leave her alone. He was told to tell his friends this also.

The young man was built well and thought he was tough, but he sure wasn't very smart. He began giving lip to my three friends and instead of getting a talking to; he ended up with two dislocated thumbs. They explained to him they had seen his thumbs where they didn't belong and he had to take the retribution.

After my friends had left, Ann's friend returned to the bar. He walked straight to her table and began picking up his coat. We saw Ann say something to him, and then heard him yell at her. "Listen Bitch. Your tits, hell, even your damn pussy isn't worth getting beat up over. Why don't you take your married ass home and leave me alone?"

We laughed as Ann leaned back in her chair and looked at him in shock and, perhaps, a little fear. She stared at him as he left the room. I told the guys I was going home in case the shit hit the fan. I asked them to keep me informed.

The next day, Joe came by my home and gave me an update. He said after I had been gone a short time another one of Ann's admirers asked her to dance. Strangely, he, too, was allowed to play with her breasts. Finally, he too, went to the rest room and had the same discussion with my friends as had the first one. This time one of the guys was close enough to hear what he said to Ann in detail as he too left her alone.

"Lady, you're dangerous. Look at this. Both my thumbs are broke. Three guys jumped me and told me I got the same thing as the first guy you let play with your tits. They told me I was just damn lucky I hadn't had my dick in your cheating cunt yet."

Ann and Carol looked at each other. They said Ann turned white as a sheet, and then Carol said, "That Bastard." I told you he was messing with us."

After she and Ann talked a few more minutes, Carol picked up her cell phone and called the police. She told them that I had been in the bar and that some of my friends and I had beat up two men that had danced with my wife and that we had made threats against her.

Well, I could take it from there because a squad car was sent to my house. Imagine their surprise when I answered the door and they saw the city attorney and their chief of police sitting in the living room having a beer with me! We assured them we had been together all night and they had our word we had never beaten up or threatened anyone. They never asked where we had been and then left after apologizing for bothering me. This was already starting to be fun!

Ann came home as the police car was leaving. She and Carol came storming into the house laughing and talking about me getting my just deserts. They stopped dead when they saw my friends and me sitting there talking. Ann said, "Jim. What the hell are you doing here? I mean why aren't you..."

Carol looked at Ann and said, "It's late. I need to get home and sleep. I'll call you." Then she left.

Ann looked at me a minute and let me tell you if looks could kill, I would be dead, then she turned without another word and flounced out of the room toward our bedroom. The guys and I laughed a little, then after a few more minutes, they too went home.

Well, the first month finally ended and I had lost 7 pounds. Ann looked happy but didn't' seem too excited about the pending 24 hours of sex. She asked me when I wanted to start and broke down crying and ran into our bedroom when I said, "I don't have any intention of fucking your potentially cheating cunt until you can not only assure me, but prove to me you intend to uphold our marriage vows as I have. You know the ones I mean-love, honor, cherish, forsake all others?"

I have to admit, I sure wanted some pussy, but I laughed my ass off when I listened to the tape of her and Carol's phone call the next day. Ann was crying as she told Carol I had refused to have sex with her.

Carol said, "What? The sex maniac refused to sleep with you? OK honey, that proves it. He's getting some on the side. You need to forget this silly agreement and get some strange too."

Ann said hesitantly, "No Carol. He really hasn't had a chance to get any strange. I think he's just so pissed at me he is refusing to give me any."

"Honey, I don't believe it. We need to check up on him." I just laughed to myself. Even if they followed me it would cost them, and since I hadn't been cheating on Ann, it would do them no good. If they tried to hire someone to follow me not only would it cost it would be really hard to do. I had cancelled Ann's credit cards except for one that had a $500 limit and I kept the bank account drawn down so low she couldn't pay the retainer for a PI.

After they ran into this snag, Carol told Ann she would pay and Ann could pay her back after the divorce. Well now, this was news to me. Was a divorce being planned or was it Carol's wishful thinking? I was somewhat reassured when Ann immediately said, "Carol. I told you I wasn't divorcing Jim unless he forced me to. Now let it drop."

My next project was Carol. I needed to get rid of the bitch. No, as much as I would like her really hurt or dead, I mean I needed to get her out of town permanently. My position in town pretty much assured her unemployment unless she wanted to flip burgers or something like that. HEY! Brilliant idea. Carol was a beautiful woman. I had interests in some of the nightspots. Maybe she would be enticed into working in one of them.

Sure enough, her bills were so high her unemployment didn't give her enough to meet them. I had a friend walk up to her on the street and try to hire her for work at his bar. The first two times she refused him, but finally she agreed to work for him. This bar was a pretty high-class operation but he did have a strip bar across the parking lot from it. Now the strip bar, because of state laws did not serve alcohol so the horny men had to walk across the lot for booze. Between the costume and Carol's good looks, she got hit on a lot.

My plan was working. Some of the guys had a line on them you wouldn't believe and finally they began getting into her pants. Next, all it took was a camera and recorder. One of her "friends" asked Carol if she would spend the night with him and have anal. Carol refused anal as I knew she would because Ann had told me she didn't do it. The guy offered her $40 and Carol didn't refuse, she said "oh, hell no, I couldn't even consider it for that small an amount." The guy just said, "Oh, sorry honey. Don't be mad at me. That's just all I have to spare tonight. Maybe I can see you later huh?"

Now Carol fell for it. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and said, "That's OK honey. Just forget it."

My friend took the tape to the Prosecuting Attorney and played it to him. He was complaining about Carol Hooking. Elections were coming up and our dear Prosecutor jumped on this. He started sending undercover operatives out to check on the girls at Joe's bar and they found only Carol even sounding like she was charging. Finally she made a mistake. When one of the wired men asked to take her for coffee after work, then take her on home he said "I only have $100 honey but I really want to spend the night with you."

Now I am sure she didn't plan on hooking but she made a mistake when she answered. Carol said, "Oh, honey don't worry about it. That's ok." Well, that wasn't the first time she messed up. A couple of the guys she had been with had left $50.00 on her coffee table after they had spent the night with her. The money was by her purse as if it had fallen out but they swore it was payment for services rendered. Their statements plus what was on the wire was all it took. Carol was arrested right after she 'agreed' to take the $100 for the rest of the night. She was fired by Joe as she was led from the bar crying.

Carol didn't make bail and Ann couldn't help her because I refused to give her the money to do so. At the hearing, the plan fell apart as we were pretty sure it would but the damage was done. No one within several miles would now hire Carol because she was tainted. She had the reputation of a hooker. Finally she gave up and left town. Ann was heart broken and blamed me but she couldn't prove anything.

Our marriage was still in trouble but it was still there. I was keeping so busy and having so much fun I wasn't eating as much and all of my friends and I were exercising more so I kept on losing weight. It had now been 5 months and I had lost 30 pounds. I have to admit I felt and looked a lot better. When I weighed that time I commented on the progress to Ann and she blushed in anger as I said, "Well, I'm half way to the weight you insisted on. Are you going to be around to enjoy it or will I have to find someone who will?"

Ann hissed, "Watch it Jim. I don't have to put up with your crap. There are a lot of men out there that would pay to get me. Are you going to take your 24 hours this time or ignore me again?"

I looked at her and said, "What do you think?" I turned to walk away, then turned back to her and said, "When you can apologize, convince me you will hold to our marriage vows and ask me nicely I'll do you the favor."

Yeah, yeah. I know. I was pushing it but I was really mad and hurting. At that point in time I wasn't sure I really cared if the bitch left me or not. I did love her but I was so damn angry at her high handedness I could hardly stand it.

I think this was what caused the most serious problem of my diet. The next Monday Ann woke me hissing at me. "You had your chance Saturday and refused. Remember what I told you when this mess started? Now you put that damn cock back into your pants and get away from me."

As I woke, I realized I was once again unconsciously snuggling against Ann's back, one hand on a breast and my rampant cock nudging up between her legs. I felt sick, wondering if Ann would truly allow some bastard to do that to her. I also wondered if she did would it end there or would she actually fuck him? Once again I was angry and sick with worry.

It was a good thing I had money because expenses were mounting. Most of my friends were retired and didn't charge me for their time but I paid all expenses and managed to make them take some "gifts" for helping me. We now had to pay more attention to Ann in case she did try to take it a step farther. Assuming we hadn't missed her cheating on me she was sure to be so horny she would be easy picking if she let a man rub his naked hard cock between her thighs. In fact, I wasn't sure but what I would dump her cheating ass if she did allow that. I was sorely tempted to divorce her over what had gone on so far. Most of my friends were advising me to do it.

I just couldn't make myself take that step because except for the sex and the few arguments we got into over that, she was the same kind considerate loving woman I had married and loved for so many years. The only problem in our relationship was her attitude on my weight and her need for me to look "buff". At least my children were grown and gone. I was glad now Ann and I had never had children.

The next Friday, Ann dressed up and went out with a couple of her friends. We watched her all night and while she danced with some men, she was either being careful because of what happened before or because she didn't find one she liked. She came home about 1 in the morning, looked at me as she walked through the den on her way to bed.

Saturday evening, Ann once again went out and we again followed her. The only strange thing we noticed was that two of the men she danced the most with looked familiar. One of them was the first one whose thumbs we had dislocated. She kept whispering into his ear and they laughed a lot while on the dance floor. This looked like trouble but when the bar closed she kissed him on the cheek and came home alone. I was beginning to relax, but we did keep track of her.

For several days, when Ann left home she just transacted normal business, then on Thursday, she went to the mall. Ann was trying on clothes. After trying on several outfits in three different stores, she went into a fourth store and once again tried on an outfit. In this store the changing rooms were down a hallway and not easily visible from the main part of the store. Ann didn't come out and after 30 minutes the alarm went out by cell phone.

We knew she wouldn't come home as I didn't work and was there or in my home office almost all day. Her car that had the GPS device in it remained unmoved in the mall parking lot. Where could she be? Would she go to a motel? Was she messing with me in the hopes she was being followed or had she made arrangements with one of the men she danced with the previous weekend?

Finally we took a chance and went to the house of the only one of the men she was with the last weekend-the one who had his thumbs dislocated. Jackpot. There was a car in the driveway and the hood was warm. Now we needed to know if Ann was within. It was a small house in an older neighborhood. There were a lot of shrubs and trees but we could still be easily seen.

As we approached the house, we saw all windows covered. We could hear music from within and female giggles and a male voice but couldn't identify them. We placed recorders on the windows and began recording. Some of the voices were loud enough we finally decided it was Ann within. George and I went around the house and did something very illegal. We entered the garage through a small side door that had been left unlocked.

We quietly walked to the inner door and opened it a crack. Like most homes, it opened into the kitchen. We had on running shoes and latex gloves so we quietly crept into the room. We could see a hallway and door into what we assumed was a living room, then we heard the man ask, "You ready honey?"

Ann giggled and said, "What do you think stud?"

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