The Zipless Fuck

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2010 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: A chance meeting

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   .

This is about the most amazing and satisfying sexual encounter of my life. I am still having a hard time believing that it happened to me - me, of all people. I am a sixty year old man who loves the ladies, especially the young ones (young to me is anyone under fifty). I am semi-retired and as a result I have a lot of free time on my hands and it was during one of those periods of free time that the following happened.

I had some work to do around the house and I needed some paint and some screws and nails. I live fairly close to a Wal-Mart so I made my list, jumped into my pick-up truck and drove over there. I love going into Wally World during the day because that is when all the young housewives are out shopping and I never get tired of looking at the ladies, or with flirting. Flirting is usually harmless fun since none of the women are going to take a sixty-year-old guy seriously. I pulled in to the lot, parked and headed into the store behind a woman who had a very nice walk if you know what I mean. She pulled a cart out of the stack and then took off her coat and dropped into the cart and I couldn't help but notice that she had an extremely nice looking rack. I pulled my cart out of the stack next to her and she turned my way, nice face, I thought, freshly scrubbed, no make up and very, very appealing. Our eyes met, we exchanged quick little smiles and then pushed our carts into the store where she went right and I went left.

Five minutes later as I was getting some shop towels off of the bottom shelf she came into the same aisle. Once again our eyes met, we exchanged smiles, and she went up the aisle and I went the other way. Another five minutes found me getting a couple of Valentine cards for my grandchildren and here she came again. Again the exchange of glances and small smiles except this time I said, "You're following me, I can tell."

She laughed and said, "Damn, and I was trying to be so discrete about it."

She went right and I turned left. Next it was the paint aisle. I smiled at her and said, "If this keeps up I may need to go to management and file a complaint that I'm being stalked in their store."

This got another laugh out of her and she said, "Please no, don't do that. If you do my husband will find out I spend my afternoons chasing men."

"Okay" I said, "Mums the word."

She went down the aisle and I went the other way. As I pushed the cart I allowed my thoughts to dwell on her; nice ass, great tits, and the clean freshly scrubbed look of the girl next door except that she was no girl - about thirty-five I would guess. I turned down another aisle and there she was.

"Aha" she cried. "The truth is out. You are following me, not the other way round. Truth now! You are one of those dirty old men who haunt malls and shopping centers to take advantage of sweet young girls."

I chuckled and said, "There is some truth to that, but not a lot. The truth is that I come in here and see all you lovely ladies and I wish I was twenty years younger and that just depresses the hell out of me."

She looked at my hand and said, "What about your wife?"

"Well" I replied, "I spend a lot of time wishing she was twenty years younger too." At that, the woman gave out a belly laugh that could be heard all over the store. I went left and she went right.

Five minutes later I was ready to check out so I headed for the checkout counters; there was only one light on and I headed for it and there she was.

"This man has been following me all through the store" she told the cashier, "I don't know if I should be alarmed or flattered."

I smiled at her and said, "Probably a little bit of both. But I'll tell you what I'm going to do. I'll give you a head start out of the parking lot so I won't be tempted to follow you home."

"Damn" she said, "Just my luck! I go trolling and he gets away."

She paid and left, my stuff was rung up, I wrote a check, and when I got out to the parking lot she was nowhere in sight.

I stopped at the Conoco and filled my tank and then headed for home. When I pulled into my driveway a car I didn't recognize pulled in right behind me. Imagine my surprise when the woman from Wal-Mart got out of it.

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