Joining the Club

by DaddysSickSecret

Copyright© 2010 by DaddysSickSecret

Sex Story: Stan was dragged by coworkers to a night on the town. Kiki went club hopping with friends. Neither expected what happened when they got there. Membership has its rewards.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Coercion   Blackmail   Heterosexual   Hermaphrodite   Rough   Humiliation   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   .

Useful Definations: Cosplay - dressing up in costumes not on Halloween. Frequently associated with the Anime/Manga world. Bishonen - "beautiful boy" and reference to male characters who are as pretty as girls and often mistaken for them Bishie - slang for Bishonen Maid Cafe - Japanese cafe where the waitresses dress as french maids

It was a cool night but most of the girls in line were still wearing mini skirts and micro tops. Most of the guys were the stylish kind and wore tight pants with designer shirts. I walked the line looking for the right pair. Newbies. Singles. Trying too hard.

I'd found Her - a pretty little cosplay kid dragged to the club by her hip, trendy, boring cosplay friends. But I hadn't found Him yet.

It always had to be one of each. They didn't have to arrive together even though they almost always left way. Some pairs even came back, became regulars at the club. There was a pair like that in line tonight. They had nodded to be polite but generally ignored me. They knew you never got picked twice.

I heard a group arrive and bitch about the length of the line. Seven of them - three girls, four boys. One was dressed in off-the-rack suit pants and a white button down shirt. Promising. I followed them to the end of the line. The others talked incessantly; he never said a word.

I walked the line one more time. Cosplay girl was looking miserable as her friends discussed all the hook-ups they'd had inside. They were lying, of course. They weren't members - only members got to hook-up in the club.

I went to the front of the line and signaled the doorman that I'd made my choices. He'd call the owner's office while I gathered my prizes and got them ready. I smiled as I headed back for the boy. I had a good feeling about tonight.

I found the group again. Fifty more people were in line behind them. It was going to be a busy night.

"Hey." I approached the group and eyed them appraisingly. "You all together?"

"Yeah." One of the girls seemed to recognize that I worked for the club but the other two snickered at my appearance. I was used to it. It helped actually. "Quiet, you guys!" The smart one admonished.

I'm tall and thin, with long hair and slightly almond eyes. Manga cute; most people at the club called me 'Bishie' and I tend to foster the image by wearing men's clothes and women's makeup. Androgynous by design.

"You." I stepped as close as the rope line would let me to my candidate. "This is what you club in? What, you come straight from the law firm?" I sneered.

"Aw man!" One of the guys whined. "I knew we wouldn't get in 'cause of you!"

"Look, I — sorry." My candidate sighed. "It's ok. I'll take a cab home. You guys stay. It's cool."

"Yeah." I nodded and opened the rope. "You need to get out of line. Come on." He started to turn the other way as I closed the line. "Hey, Law Boy, this way."

"Wait, what?" One of the idiots with him seemed to start to catch on. "He's getting in? But what about us?"

I shrugged. "You're in line. You'll get in eventually. Come on, Law Boy. We've got to get you into something else."

"I — uh..." He hesitated. "But what about my friends?"

I shrugged and headed to my girl. Behind me, I heard his friends badgering him into following me. He caught up before I got to the cosplay girls. He introduced himself I but didn't even react; no one will care about his name.

There were five of them, wearing school girl uniforms and wigs with the same page boy cut but in five different colors. Mine was wearing pink.

I pointed to her and waved my finger up and down. "This your idea?"

She blushed. "No."

I opened the rope. "Come on."

The other four squealed and moved forward. I stopped them. "Not you; just her."

"But we're together!" The blue one insisted.

"Her." I insisted. "Not you."

They looked at each other. Then the green one hugged her. "Kiki! Go!"

"We'll see you later." The purple and orange ones giggled.

Kiki paused for a moment and then stepped out of the line. I closed the rope and headed for the door.

"Hi, I'm Stan." Law Boy said behind me.

"Kiki. Hi."

We paused at the door where the cashier handed me a key. "Law Boy, what's your friend's name?"

"All of them? Frank Wallis..."

I cut him off. "There are six with Wallis, three and three. There are four that look like her. No charge." He nodded. "Show the man your ID kids." There was never any problem with ID. They could have been six or sixty. Once I selected them, they were getting in.

I took them inside and through the door immediately to the left. The inside door always catches people off guard because it was painted so that it was nearly invisible. Behind us, the inner door closed and the main club opened for the night.

We went up a narrow staircase and turned a corner. There was an elevator and I pushed the up button. The key was for a room on the fifth floor.

So that's where I took them.

It was a large simple room. Both the left and right hand walls were lined with cherry wood closet doors. The back wall held an ornate full length mirror. Above it was a blinking red light.

In the center of the room was a king-size matress. There was a quilted cover protecting it but no sheets or blankets. There were no dressers, no chairs and no doubt why you were in this room.

I locked the door.

"This is a very simple offer. The owner of the club would like to watch you two fuck. If you say yes, you will receive some compensation. If you say no, you will spend a rather embarrasing evening here."

Both of them turned bright red at the word 'fuck'. Law boy shook his head. "I-I-I-uh, I should go."

"You both stay or go together. If try to leave without playing the game, you will regret it." I pushed a button on the wall to the left of the door. "If you are saying no, select a garment." The doors smoothly rolled open and revealed a staggering aray of bad club wear. "You may keep what you select but a member of staff will escort you the entire evening. He or she will be carrying a paddle."

"Why?" Law Boy managed to ask. I gestured to the closet. Every item had a large exposed area for the posterior and the words 'spank me' above it.

Pink Girl gasped. Law Boy turned pink. "I - uh - I - uh -"

"We should go." Pink Girl blurted out.

"If you leave, there are staff waiting for you." I said mildly.

"Are you threatening us?" He said, finding some bravado.

"Yes." I replied.

Law Boy glared at me. Then he took Pink Girl's hand. "Come on. We're getting out of here." He pulled her unnerved form to the locked door. "Open this! You can't keep us here!"

This was a common response. I calmly reached up and tore the collar of my shirt. "Agh! Stop! What are you doing to me!" I yelled. There was a tap on the door in reply. "That was a security officer who will swear, under oath, that he heard me cry for help and when he got the door open, he found me being brutally raped by two people."

"But - but -" Pink Girl sputtered. "I can't stay! I'm still a..." She looked away as I grinned.

I glanced up at the red light. "Oh I think the owner would pay double for that!."

Law Boy stepped protectively between she and I. "Leave her alone! What the hell are you?"

"Oh how sweet. A hero." I ripped my shirt further. "No don't." There were two raps on the door. "Three strikes, you're out." I cooed. And then I waited.

No one had said no yet. Not to me.

I tore the shirt almost in half, revealing my tiny tits under a lacy training bra. Puffy pecs or flat boobs? I saw the look of confusion cross both of their faces.

"Think of what your friends will say when the police take you away." I stepped closer to them. "Think of your jobs when your pictures appear in the paper. Club employee attacked." I dropped my voice a bit. "Don't you think she's pretty?"

"That..." His voice squeaked and cleared his throat to try again. "That has nothing to do with it."

"I picked her because she was so hot." I caught her eyes over his shoulder. "I did, you know. It's always the innocent ones. The shy ones. They are the ones that scream. When they cum, the whole building cums." I stepped in closer, causing him to step back, pinning her against the door. "Don't you want to see that pretty pink pussy she's hiding? Don't you want to push your big hard cock inside that warm wet pussy?" I pushed my crotch against his and rubbed. He was hard, whether he wanted to be or not.

I moaned softly. "Oh yeah. I feel it. You wanna fuck. Don't you? Don't you? Say it." I gasped and moaned in his ear. "Say it."

"I-I-I'm not ... I don't ... I haven't..." He sputtered and shook as I rubbed my body against his.


"Two virgins?" I stepped back. "You have to stay; the owner will be more than generous. You won't be untouched for long if you go to prison." I tore the shirt completely. I opened my mouth to scream but Pink Girl rushed forward.

"Please! Don't! I'll do it." There were already tears brimming in those sweet brown eyes.

"Ohhhh. Angel. Don't cry. You're going to be very happy you stayed when this is over." I looked at Law Boy. "You can try to leave again, Hero, and make this angel cry. Or you can stay and make her feel like a Goddess. I will have fun either way. Your choice."

He glared at me but he was visibly panting. He wiped his hands on his pants leg. "What do you want me to do?" He practically snarled.

I gestured to the red light. "Smile for the camera." I hit the button and the closet rolled shut.

Pink Girl began to weep and Law Boy swore.

"Now, now. Relax. This will be fun." I pulled the weeping girl to the bed. "First let's get you to relax, hmmm?" I sat her down. "Come here, Hero. Get on your knees and rub her feet." I began massaging her shoulders.

He was clearly reluctant but moved next to the bed. He knelt down and began untying her cute little saddle shoes.

"Knee socks too." I reminded him when he began squeezing her foot with it still on. "Now, gently, caress. Feel how soft her skin is. Lovely. Kiss her toes." He looked at me, eyes a bit wide. I flicked my eyes to the door and looked back at him. He made a sour face and kissed the top of her toes dryly. "Tsk! Not like that! Kiss it, lick it, make her tremble. Treat it like a test you have to pass if you want to reach her tits." I ran my fingers through the fake pink fluff until I found a pair of hair pins. I pulled them and then removed the wig. Her black hair was locked under a hair net. It tumbled out over her shoulders with a slight tug. "Oooooo. That's much better. Does that feel good Angel?" I ran my fingers through her hair.

She sniffed. "Yyyes."

"Now, now. Don't feel bad that you like it. You're supposed to like it. I'm the the pervert getting off on making you do it. The owner's the freak getting off on watching it. See? Perfectly normal. Do you like the way Hero's making you feel?"

"Oh!" She shivered slightly. "Yes."

"Good. Hey, Hero. Switch feet. Now Angel, rest your toes on that bulge between his legs. Yeah, like that. You like that, Hero?"

"No." He moaned, eyes closed.

"He's lying, Angel." I slipped down behind her so I could run my tongue lightly along her neck. "He loves it. He can't wait to get that stick inside you." She gasped. "Squeeze him, Angel, stroke his dick with your toes. Is he hard?"

"Yes." She whispered.

"Then he likes it." I whispered back. "Ask him if he's ever eaten pussy before."

"Oh, I couldn't..."

"I could still cry for help, Angel. But I don't want to do that. Ask him, Angel. Go on. Ask him. Hero -"

"Hero -" she dutifully whispered.

"Louder." I wriggled my tongue around her bright pink ear.

"Hero -" she started again. "Have you ... do you..."

"Have you ever" I prompted.

"Have you ever"

"Sucked pretty pink pussy?"

"S-s-s-sucked pretty - pretty -"


"P-p-p-pink p-p-p..."

"Pppuuusssssyyyyy." I dragged the word out, blowing in her ear and she shivered again.

"Pussy." She groaned.

Hero didn't respond. I looked down and found him somewhat engrossed in the curves of her toes. "Hey, Hero. The lady asked you a question."

"Oh. Uh. Sorry." He blushed. "I didn't hear."

"Ask him again, Angel."

"I couldn"t."

"You will." I bit her neck gently. "Now."

She was shaking again. "Hero. Stan. Stan, have you ever ... do you know how ... I, um..."

"Have you..." I prompted again.

"Have you ever s-s-sucked p-p-u-u..."

"Pretty, pink..."

"Pretty pink pussy." She blurted out. "Haveyoueversuckedprettypinkpussy."

"Oh." He turned scarlet. "Uh, no."

"Would you like..." I drawled in her ear.

"Would you like..." She repeated.

"To suck"

"To suck"

"My pretty pink pussy?"

"My - my - my pretty - uh - my um pretty pink..." She was shaking again and as charming as her virginity was, it was getting old.

"Say. It." I growled in her ear. "Say it or I'll make you choke on that dick you're playing footsie with."


His eyes hit me first but then shifted back to her. He looked at me again and I frowned. His eyes narrowed. "Yes, Kiki, I would like to suck your pretty pink pussy."

I couldn't help grinning.

"Here boy." I whistle like he was a dog. "Up here, on the bed." He glared at me. "Don't be that way. It's your turn."

I stood up and walked behind Law Boy. "I love the starched white shirt." I said, reaching around him to unbutton it. "So straight laced. Classic. Angel, be a good dear and take off his shoes." She got of the bed - not yet enthusiastic but not longer half paralized.

"We don't have to go all the way, you know." He said quietly to me. "I - I don't know what all you had in mind but why not let her go and I'll stay."

"And you can fuck me instead?"

He hesitated. "Yeah."

"You want to fuck my pretty pink pussy instead of hers?"

He shivered. "Your ... Uh. Yeah, ok."

I had to chuckle. "You weren't sure, were you? Are you wearing an undershirt?" I pulled off his button down to find a white teeshirt beneath. "Too classic!" I lifted the tee, showing his chest to the camera. "Angel, get on the bed. Kneel, in front of him."

I stroked his chest finding a few curly hairs and a pair of taut nipples. "Here, Angel, give me your fingers. Play with Hero's little titties."

I let her fingers do the walking for a while then stretched to pull her face down. "Kiss them, Angel. Lick them like you want him to lick yours." They both groaned.

Angel was mine. Hero ... not quite yet.

"Hero." I pitched for his ears only. "She has to cum. I maybe able to argue with the owner if you fuck me not her, but she has to cum. You both do; that's how you join the club."

"I can do that." He said, sounding a bit short of breath.

I pulled his shirt over his head and kissed his shoulders. Then I reached around again and started on his belt. "And then, I get to fuck you."


I chuckled again. "Hero. I'm hurt. You get to fuck me; don't I get to fuck you?"

He stammered for a moment and then pushed away from me entirely. "Wait. You said..."

"Poor Hero. So stuck in conventional." I took off the remains of my shirt and slipped off my shoes. "Angel. Come here and pull off my pants."

She looked at Hero then back at me.

"Don't do it, Kiki." He shouted.

But she was already mine. "Come here Angel. Don't make me end this."

She swallowed hard and moved to me. Her hands shook as she unbuckled, unbutton and unzipped. She looked up at me and I gave her my sternest look back. She tugged my pants down.

I don't wear underwear; I find them too constricting. I like my clit/dick to hang as far down as its four inches of fun will let it. I call it my clit/dick because even though I pee with it and it gets hard, there is a fully operational pussy where my balls would be.

I was pretty hard now and as I stepped out of my pants, my full length bobbed in front of Angel. "Kiss the clit/dick, Angel."

"Oh. My. God." Hero gasped as Angel whispered it.

I took off the lacy bra I wear more for affect than support and stood before them naked.

"Ok children. Play time is over." I said it low and mean. "Naked. Both of you. Now!"

They both hurried to remove what was left. Hero only had his pants but Angel was still fully dressed. While she fumbled with the buttons on her top, I reached out and snatched her plaid skirt down. Under, she was wearing plain white cotten panties.

"You two are a pair." I sneered, knowing they would look great on the video. I grabbed the waist on either side of the seam and ripped. She let out a strangled cry and tried to catch them as they slid down her leg. "Come on, Angel. Show Law Boy your matching white bra." I yanked her shirt causing a couple buttons to pop.

Again, she hesitated and I could see fear beginning to creep back into her face. I put an arm around her and pulled her against me. "As soon as you are naked, I'm going to make you feel so good you're going to smack your little hero for not doing it first." I let her go and yanked her shirt all the way off. She did the rest herself.

"All right both of you, on the bed - lie flat."

I picked well. They were both in good shape. Neither was model perfect but I like a few flaws. It adds something memorable. Perfection is boring. He had a thick seven inch cock. that made his whole body quiver when I fingered it lightly. She had round hand-sized tits with thumb-nail sized nipples. I stroked both of them, keeping my eyes on the little red light. Eye contact is so important. When I had satisfied myself, they were both panting and nervous.

"Ok. Hero roll over here." I didn't really give him a chance to move, just grabbed his hair and yanked his face to her pussy. "Lick."

"I -" is as far as he got before I smashed his head down and held it there.

"I will let you breath when she cums so get at it."

He may have been inexperienced but he wasn't stupid. Soon she was gasping and twitching.

"You like that, Angel?"

"Oh! Yes! Oohhh!" She couldn't catch her breath suddenly. "Oh God - oh God! Oh -" She started shaking and for a few seconds, her back arched.

I took my hand off the back of Hero's head and he pulled away panting. I pushed him lightly and he rolled onto his back. "Here, this will help." I said gently and helped him hang his head over the edge of the bed. "Now me." I straddled his face while he was still oxygen deprived and too stunned to complain. I shoved my clit/dick into his mouth and felt his nose rubbing against my slit.

Then his teeth came down around me. Hard. The pain was blinding but not unfamiliar. I let my body fall foward, grabbed his dick, pulled and twisted. Under me, the teeth released as Hero screamed.

I backed away a step. "You do that again, and you'll leave here with a stump." I snarled. "Angel wouldn't like that, would she?"

"No." He moaned.

"No. Now we're all here to have fun. Don't make me hurt you again." I lifted my clit/dick which had wilted a little and started toward his mouth again.

"Wait!" He struggled to lift his head and talk. "I don't know how to..."

"Relax your throat and suck." I said and shoved back in. He flailed but didn't bite. I waited a minute to see if he'd get the hang of it and he more or less did. I turned back to Angel. "Grab his cock. Not too hard."

She did and instinctively began stroking it gently. He moaned which in turn sent delightful vibrations through me.

"Now Angel, kiss it." More hesitation. "Angel, get those pretty pouty lips on his dick or I'm going to change my mind about what's fun."

"But he - he pees..."

"Now, Angel." She was starting to become a buzz kill. Still, she was more afraid of my vague threats than of what I was asking and slowly her head went down. She kissed it once, twice, thrice. "Ok. Lick it. Treat it like an ice cream cone that's melting."

As soon as her tongue touched him, Hero convulsed. I watched as a small smile crept onto her lips. After that, she caught on fast. Beneath me, Hero began moaning and groaning as he was sucking and smothering. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the moment.

I had maybe two minutes of uninterupted bliss before Hero's hands began desperately - hopelessly - reaching for Angel and his moaning took on a more insistant tone. I reach forward on his behalf and placed my hand firmly on the back of Angel's head. A moment after, she choked as Hero unloaded in her virgin mouth.

It was too much for me and I unloaded on Hero. My internal plumbing - what there is of it at least - is mostly girl so my clit/dick gets only get firm not rock hard but it stays that way all night. When I cum, whoever's down there usually gets a face full and I can come a dozen times, easy. I could feel Hero coughing, trying not to drown, but still waited a minute before I got up and let him breathe.

He sucked in a huge breath of fresh air as he forced himself upright. "Shit!" He coughed for a minute more. Then he grabbed Angel and kissed her soundly.

Got him.

I gave us all a moment to catch our breaths but not too long. The camera was rolling and the owner was waiting for the main event. First...

"Lie down, Angel." I ordered. "You just watch and learn, Hero."

I promised to eat through her and I did just that. I don't like pussy but I love the way a girl being eaten loses all control of herself. They become wanton screaming creatures bent on the next cum. At least when I do it they do. Angel certainly did. First, trembling then shaking and moaning. She screamed when I rammed my fingers in that pin hole she called a slit. She creamed when I stuck my tongue up her ass.

I didn't give her time to recover. I jumped over her still quivering form, and slammed my clit/dick in. It's big enough and firm enough that it feels a lot like a dick. And she wailed holy hell when my pelvis hit hers.

She was tight. Fucking oh my shit Christ on a God damn crutch tight! But she was wetter than all hell too. I started ramming away knowing that I was going to cum hard within seconds.

When it hit, I cried out, "Oh Yes!" and let the spray bathe her inside and out.

Then I pulled out and looked at Hero. "Get over here, Law Boy, and fuck her." I didn't have to ask twice. He was on her in a shot, his cock twice as long as mine and thicker and harder.

Angel started howling as soon as he entered and she punctuated every thrust with a yelp. I thought she might be too far gone until her hand began digging into his ass trying to pull him in deeper, harder, faster.

I straddled behind him and on his next downward stroke I pushed into his tight virgin ass.

"Arrugh!" He tried to pull away but there was no place to go. "Pull it out! Pull it out!"

"You fuck her, I fuck you." I panted. "You got a hot ass, Law Boy. Fuck! I wish you could feel it." I back out to the tip and pushed in again as he shook and moaned under me. "Tell me you liked that. Say it."

"I - I - I liked it." He gasped.

I stroked again. "Tell Angel I'm fucking your ass."

"Kiki," he paused to groan. "He's fucking my ass."

"Tell her you like it."

"Oh God!" He tried to move again but I ground my hips against him causing them both to cry out. "I - I like him fu-fu-fucking my ass. It feels almost as good as fucking you, Kiki." He kissed her and she responded hungily.

These are the moments that the camera can't always catch. The instant that force becomes fantasy. Rape becomes rapture. I get off hard when I win like that.

But even when I get off hard, I stay hard so I can keep fucking Hero's ass. I call that a win-win.

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