My Mother in Law Is a Bitch

by Sirdar

Copyright© 2010 by Sirdar

Sex Story: Tony breaks with his girlfriend basically as she shows symptoms of becoming intolerant and bossy like her mother. He goes to a porn movie for the first time in his life and there he meets and becomes intimate with his ex girlfriend's married sister

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   .

It was a Friday evening, I was bored. I lived on my own and I was single and it was raining quite hard, my girl friend and I had just broken up the week before, and I was feeling lonely, and there was nothing of interest on the TV, so I decided to go to the local cinema, but there was nothing on that interested me. So I decided to go to a local porn movie theatre close to home as it was easy to get to from my apartment, and afterwards I would then go and have one of my favourite curries in the restaurant next door then home to bed.

My relationship with Sadie my girlfriend had been on the rocks for some time. Mainly I thought that it could have been because her mother was an interfering miserable obnoxious bitch, in fact Sadie my girlfriend seemed to be the best of the three daughters, but she was well under her mothers thumb, but as time went on, even she had started getting more like her mother in temperament. This worried me and I suppose the fact that I had become aware of this trait in her personality induced me to begin looking elsewhere.

In public she was the sweetest kindest girl you could meet, but behind closed doors she started producing the sour domineering personality of her mother. I often wondered how her father had ever got up the courage to have sex with his wife and produce three lovely looking daughters, even though they now seemed to have temperament problems.

I had a couple of brief flings while I was with Sadie, but nothing serious came up, but Sadie despite my increasing discouragement still tried to maintain our relationship. She even sent her mother to try and arrange a marriage date, and for the first time I was actually very rude to her mother, and told her "To get on her bike and depart" I told her in the unlikely event that Sadie and I decided to marry, we would make the decision, not her"

Sadie and I never had sex, because she maintained that she did not believe in sex before marriage, neither was she a very affectionate person, but the previous week after her mothers visit I told her quite bluntly we were finished, and I told her why. She parted in tears.

For some reason that evening, I wanted to be with other people. I did not even look to see what film was showing, and I had never been to one of these places before. Inside I found that most of the seating was double seats which reclined, obviously designed to accommodate courting couples.

There were quite a few young couples and plenty of single people in the theatre, but I did not look to see if it were either men or women. The first movie I found very boring, and had very little dialogue, just two people fucking, and I thought it was a complete waste of money. I contemplated leaving, but not having any idea what to do next if I left the theatre I decided to lean back and shut my eyes.

I realised after a while that the programme had changed and so I started to watch the film. It looked quite good, and had plot of sorts, and involved some young school girls and an older man. I was not quite sure who was seducing who, but I was quietly enjoying the picture when a young girl and a young man came into the cinema which had now filled up. There was only one double seat left on the back row which they took, and so when a lady on her own came into the theatre she asked me if that was a spare seat next to me, and I said it was, so she settled down beside me. From the sound of her voice she was not very old, and I thought she was probably about my own age, maybe a bit older. But I had a strange feeling that I knew her from somewhere, but I could not place her.

The lady who had asked to sit with me stood up and took off her wet mackintosh, and settled down with it across her lap to watch the film. After a few minutes she nudged me, and pushed a packet of crisps into my hands, I thanked her, and we shared the crisps without speaking while we watched the film which was quite soft porn.

After a while I realised that somehow we were sitting closer than before, which was not of my doing and obviously quite easy to do in double seats. Not being averse to a bit of female company if that was what she was offering, I lay my left arm along the back of the seat. After few minutes I noticed that she had pulled my hand down lower so that my one hand was resting across her shoulder and down on to her breast.

The action on the screen was 'hotting up', and I noticed that her body had now turned slightly towards me, and her head was now resting on my shoulder, just like a pair of lovers. The erotic smell of her perfume assailed my nostrils. Somehow she had also placed her mackintosh across our laps, and when she took my free hand and placed it between her legs. I soon found that she was wearing no panties, and so my hand was able to play with her pussy. By now I was totally ignoring the film, and I started gently finger fucking her. She reacted by moaning and kissing my neck then a proper kiss on the lips. At the same time I could feel her hand playing with my Zip, and soon she was inside my under pants and playing with my cock.

Then she suddenly put her head up and whispered "Kiss me properly " So I leaned down and kissed her very passionately on the lips. It was a very long and very passionate French kiss. Then I heard her whisper

"Are you alright?"

I whispered back and just said "Of course. I am!"

"Oh its just that we don't know each other."

"In what way?"

"I don't know, but I don't know you, and you don't know me. We are a bit like ships passing in the night. But it's quite fun getting this close to a stranger without any commitment."

I did not answer, but my mind was ticking over, somehow the voice sounded vaguely familiar.

A few minutes later, she boldly straddled my lap facing me, and I felt my cock gently directed by her hand into her very warm wet pussy. Her lips locked again on to mine and her arms were locked round my neck as her hips started to move around my cock. She started quietly mooing in my ear and she was obviously enjoying it, as I was.

Looking around, I could see that we were not alone, and I could see at least two other couples in the row in front, in a similar sort of embrace. The management obviously did not actively discourage this sort of encounter and I thought. "Well it is a porn movie after all."

But the lady and I were too busy to watch the film just then.

Suddenly she came in a long and obviously very enjoyable orgasm, and I was only seconds behind her. After a while with some more necking and fondling, we gradually cleaned ourselves up, and she gave me a long kiss and then said. "Goodbye" With that she stood up and left the theatre. By now it was pitch dark outside, so it was easy for me to follow her. I followed close behind her, curious to find out just who I had just had the pleasure of having sex with.

I followed her to the adjoining curry house where she sat at a table for two, so I joined her sitting down opposite her. Now in the light of the restaurant I recognised her, she was my ex girl friends married older sister Katie. We had largely ignored each other on the few occasions we had met, and as soon as I sat down she said.

"What do you want Tony I don't need your company tonight thank you?"

"You didn't object in the cinema just now!" I told her

Her face went quite pale, as she realised what she had done, and with who.

Then she became aggressive and said "I didn't know that you visited such places?"

"You obviously do" I countered. "And you obviously go there for a reason."

"Just you wait until I tell our Sadie where I saw you." She said trying to be aggressive but there was little conviction in her voice.

"That's OK but be sure you tell her the whole story. Anyway, we are no longer an item, so you tell her what you like."

I stood up and she asked. "Are you going to tell anyone Tony?"

Suddenly I realised, she was married to a local curate in the Church of England.

She was, I could see a very frightened lady and I sat down again. "Lets order a curry and you can tell me why I should not tell anyone.!"

I was beginning to feel a bit sorry for her, but I did not know quite why.

We ate in silence, and then Katie looked up at me. "I am sorry about you and our Sadie I always liked you, and I was I suppose in a way I was a bit jealous of our Sadie. You see my excuse for doing such a daft thing is the fact that Ralph my husband doesn't like sex, and I admit that I am very highly sexed. I want children, but I am never going to get any in my marriage. Perhaps he should have become a priest in the Roman Catholic Church instead?. I dare not have an affair with anyone, we would soon get found out, and that would hurt Ralph, so I thought of this as a way and tonight was the first time I have actually done that. I was so desperate."

"And where does he think you are tonight Katie.?

"I don't know, he is at a church meeting in York and will not be home until tomorrow afternoon.

"Well Sadie if you want to finish what we started, I have a double bed as only one half is in regular use.

To my surprise she burst into tears, and yet she was smiling through her tears, as she stood up and for moment I thought she looked really beautiful. It was the first time I had ever seen her smile. We walked in silence to my car holding hands and we were soon home.

Then she turned and said. "Tony I want you to know, I have been there twice before, but I have never done what I did with you tonight. The opportunity did not arise, or I suppose I might have done, and that is the truth."

I took her to the shower and found her a spare dressing gown and after I too had showered we sat while she went on to talk about her life and her marriage, and she told me that before her marriage she had led quite an active sex life, but she could never ever keep her boyfriends. She supposed, as I well knew from my experience with her sister, that her mother used to frighten them off. She hinted also that her mother and her husband did not get on.

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