Carrie Anne

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2010 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: Like mother, like daughter????? (The cheating code needs a question mark after it)

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Cheating   Gang Bang   .

At sixteen she was sweet, young and innocent. At seventeen she was a virginal, blushing bride. And now? She's only eighteen and is already an accomplished slut. Not that I mind all that much, after all, I'm the guy who made her one.

I was twenty when I met Carrie Ann, and, as I mentioned above, she was only sixteen. I knew the minute that I laid eyes on her, without a single doubt in my mind, that she was meant to be my soul mate for life. In most places, and under most conditions, it would have been impossible for me at twenty to have anything to do with her, but circumstances this case were not normal.

Carrie Ann's dad had died in Vietnam and her mother had become the town drunk and part-time whore and it was as one of her mother's customers that I first met Carrie Ann. I'd come naked out of her mother's bedroom to get a drink of water and found Carrie Ann sitting in the kitchen doing her homework. I was embarrassed, and not for the reasons that you might think, but because the woman I was going to marry (I swear that I knew it the moment I saw her) had just seen me come out of her mother's bedroom. Carrie Ann might have been young, but she was definitely old enough to know what was going on behind those closed doors. The look she gave me said, "Another one of mother's dirt bags" and I stopped on my way to the sink to look at her and say, "That's no way to look at your future husband."

She gave a loud snort at that one and went back to her schoolbooks.

"I mean it!" I said as I walked back into her mother's room to get my clothes.

I'm not going to waste the time describing my courtship of Carrie Ann other than to say that it took me six months to break through her shell and get her to go out with me (it probably helped that she didn't see me with her mother again - although I was still fucking her). It took me another six months to fully convince her that I fully intended to marry her and that she might as well get used to the idea. We were married by a justice of the peace and Carrie Ann moved into my apartment.

In the sex department Carrie Ann was totally inexperienced, but her youthful exuberance more than made up for that lack of experience, and I was teaching her how to do and enjoy the things that I liked doing. The were however, a few glitches in the program - Carrie Ann did not like to suck cock, she would do it, but only halfheartedly, and she absolutely, positively would not let me fuck her in the ass. Fortunately, for me at least, there was someone available to take care of my needs in both those areas - her mother.

Mona gave the best blowjobs I'd ever gotten; that woman could suck a bowling ball through a garden hose, and she positively loved taking dick in her poop-chute. I used Mona on a regular basis to satisfy those two needs and the interesting thing was that Mona wouldn't take my money anymore.

"I can't charge you. For Christ's sake, you're family."

It was my relationship with Mona that was Carrie Ann's downfall.

It started when the company I work for decided to expand the plant. The low bidder was a construction company from out of state, and while they did hire a lot of local talent, they brought most of the heavy equipment operators with them. I got to know these guys pretty well, showed them where the best bars were and got in the habit of stopping with them for a few beers after work. One night one of them asked me, "Where can a guy go in this town to get his ashes hauled?"

I immediately thought of Mona and I told him to wait a minute while I made a phone call. I called Mona and filled her in, but she told me:

"I can't do it tonight Hon, I'm already booked, but I don't have anything going for tomorrow."

I told her I'd check with the guy and get back to her. "Can she handle more than one?" asked my new friend.

"She has before" I replied.

He said, "Ok. Set it up for tomorrow and tell her there will probably be five of us."

I called Mona back, "I don't care how many there are. If their money is good, I'll pull the train."

The next day I gave the guys the directions on how to get to Mona's and they took off. I decided to stop for a beer on the way home and was surprised to see Mona sitting at the bar - she was falling down drunk. I sat down next to her at the bar and said:

"What are you doing here? You were supposed to meet some guys at your place."

Mona looked at me with bleary eyes, "Today? I thought it was tomorrow" and she tried to stand up, but couldn't quite make it. She settled back onto her barstool and motioned for Bill, the bartender, to bring her another drink. The guys would be pissed at me tomorrow, but there was nothing I could do about it now. I kept Mona company for about an hour and then I headed home.

I didn't worry about Mona because I knew Bill would put her on the cot that he had in the back room and let her sleep it off. He would probably fuck her a few times while she was there, but I guess you could call it a fair trade. I got home and found the house strangely dark. I turned on the kitchen light and noticed a piece of paper propped up on the table and picking it up I read:


I've gone to mom's to get some of the clothes

that I left there. Be back soon


C. A.

I dropped the note on the table and was headed to the fridge for a beer when an ice-cold hand clutched my heart - the sudden realization that Carrie Ann was at her mother's place and I had sent five very horny guys over there. I ran for my pickup and I ignored every speed limit sign I saw on the drive to Mona's. I kept telling myself not to worry. Maybe Carrie Ann had already gone before the guys got there. If not, surely she could explain that a mistake had been made - these were nice guys, they would understand.

I pulled up in front of Mona's house and the Barton Construction Company Chevy Carryall was still there. What was worse, so was Carrie Ann's Chevy Nova. I ran up the front steps and went in the front door and stopped dead. There was no one in sight, but from the bedroom I heard Carrie Ann's voice:

"Next! Come on guys, don't wimp out on me now. I still need some more..." and then muffled sounds, like some one had put something in her mouth while she was talking. Then a man's voice, "Feed it to her Bill" and a different voice. "God, but I can't believe how tight her cunt is for a whore." And then another voice, "Turn her over, I want to fuck her tight ass again," and then Carrie Ann's voice, "Oh yes. Fuck my ass - I love it" A man's voice, "Stop talking and put your mouth back where it belongs. Yeah, that's right. God, but you do suck a mean cock."

I quietly went back outside and circled the house hoping that I might be able to see in the bedroom window. Luck was with me, the blinds were down but the slats were in the open position and I could see in. It was just turning dark and with no light behind me I guessed that they wouldn't be able to see me. I watched for an hour and a half as the five guys took turns on Carrie Ann. They fucked her face, they fucked her cunt, and they fucked her ass. What killed me the most was the look on her face - she loved it. And to my great surprise, so did I! I had a stiff cock the whole time I watched. I didn't even go limp when I jacked off and blew a load onto Mona's vinyl siding.

Finally, the guys had had enough and they all dressed and left and as each one went out the door he put money on the dresser. I waited until I heard the Carryall pull away and then I went out and got in my truck. What do I do now, I thought, and then the anger hit me? Not at Carrie Ann, or even the Barton Construction guys - I was angry with myself. I loved the silly bitch with all my heart and I should have just gone into the bedroom when I first got here. I've no clue what might have happened except I would have been there for her if she needed me.

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