Diane's Diaries

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2010 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: All was fine until...!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Cheating   Gang Bang   .

I was sitting at my desk at work and looking at my co-workers. There were sixteen of us the large open area. The boss didn't like cubicles; he said that they cut down on employee interaction and he thought it inhibited productivity. I was sitting there looking at the nine men and seven women — there used to be thirteen men, but that comes later in the story — and I wondered if the men were like me and the women like my wife. What secrets were there that I couldn't see? Were the men as clueless as I had been? Were the five married women cheating on their husbands? Were the two single women spreading for some other woman's husband? What brought out that curiosity? That's the story.

Diane and I met during our last year in college. We were both business majors, but somehow in a little over three years we had never had a class together. The first time I saw her was on the first day of Business Strategies. I thought she was a damned good looking lady, but then I put her out of my mind. Not that I didn't think that she would be nice to date, but I was semi spoken for. I had a more or less steady girlfriend and she met my needs just fine and yes I do mean that like it sounded.

Mae and I were 'fuck buddies' pure and simple. There was no undying love and devotion, just a lot of sex. We were never going to get married and we knew it. The reason we were only going 'more or less steady' is because every so often Mae would wander away to try out the cock of some other guy who had caught her eye and when she would tire of him she would come back to me until 'wanderlust' took her again. She wouldn't marry me, even though she claimed she loved me, because she wanted to be free to go after cocks if the mood took her. I wouldn't marry her, although in most respects she was perfect for me, because she would always be dropping her panties for some other guy, but we got along well together so I saw no reason to make any changes until we graduated and went our separate ways.

I had nothing to do with Diane except for nodding hello politely as we passed in the hall or entering or leaving the classroom. Then, about mid-term the class was split up into groups of five or six and assigned projects. Diane and I ended up in the same group. The group divided up what needed to be done to complete the project and Diane and I ended up working together.

We met a few times in the library or school cafeteria and then one day as we were in the library doing some research she asked me if I was doing anything on Friday night and I said I wasn't and then she asked me if I could do her a favor.

"What kind of a favor?"

"I need a date for a party I want to go to Friday night."

"You're kidding me!"

"Why would you say that?"

"Get serious Diane. Guys should be lined up at your door begging you for dates so what is with you having to ask a guy?"

"I don't have a line outside my door. I had a fiancé up until two days ago and most of the guys who know me don't know that Jack and I have broken up."

"And you can't just go alone?"

"I could, but I would be projecting the wrong image."

"And that would be?"

"A woman who couldn't get on with her life and had to dog her ex and look pathetic."

"Tell me what I'm getting myself into if I say yes."

"I caught jack screwing one of my sorority sisters and I threw my ring into his face. Jack will be at the party either with that bitch Cyndi or some other skank. If I am there alone I'll have to put up with Jack's smirk and looks of pity from everyone else there. If I don't go at all the word will go out that I'm all heart-broken. I can't give that asshole the pleasure. I need a date so I can show that he is nothing to me anymore and that I'm getting on with my life with a new beau."

"I haven't even said yes yet and I've already been promoted from date to beau?"


During class and when we worked on our project I'd never seen Diane is anything except baggy pants and loose sweaters and sweatshirts. I knew she was a fox from the neck up, but I was not prepared for vision that came down the stairs when I picked her up at her sorority house. Tight, but not trashy. Nice cleavage, but not enough to look slutty. The skirt was short, but not too short. The heels were high, but not too high. I took in the sight and figured that this Jack guy was an idiot to have been messing with another girl when he had what was walking toward me. I gave the proper 'wolf whistle' and got a one thousand watt smile in return. I gave her my arm and we headed off.

As we drove to the party Diane told me not to be surprised if she hung all over me and I told her to hang all she wanted and I was thinking that if I could parlay this party into several more dates I would be seeing a lot less of Mae.

The party was a typical college bash. A room cleared of furniture to make a dance floor; a bowl of non-alcoholic punch that would be spiked before the party was an hour old and a beer keg in the corner. I noticed a lot of eyes on us when we walked in and I noticed one guy with a look of surprise on his face. I whispered:

"At your four o'clock in the blue shirt."

She looked up at me and smiled and whispered back, "Yep, that's asshole."

We when to the keg and got a beer and then we walked around. I knew a few of the people there and Diane introduced me to a dozen more. We set our beers down and moved out onto the floor. It was a slow number and Diane pulled me close, pressed her tits into my chest and licked my right ear lobe. It sent shivers down my spine and my cock twitched. She felt it and smiled at me.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw blue shirt watching with a scowl on his face. I kept an eye on him and noticed that he made several trips to the beer keg. I wondered if he was trying to drown his sorrows over letting Diane get away or if he was trying to build up his courage to do something. I didn't have long to wait to find out.

An hour after we arrived I saw him chug his beer, put the cup down and head for us. We were on the dance floor swaying to a slow tune. Diane was plastered to me and had her hands on my ass pulling me into her and blue shirt walked up, grabbed Diane's arm and said:

"Come on Di, we're getting out of here."

"Get your hands off of me asshole."

"Oh come on Di? You know it didn't mean nothing. Just some fooling around. Nothing was gonna happen."

"Bullshit! Cyndi was bragging the next day about how she took you from me and she told everybody that you told her she was better in bed than me."

"I told you that it didn't mean nothing. Now come on, let's go."

He grabbed her arm again and I slapped his hands away. "Get your hands off my girl asshole."

"Your girl? In only two days? Don't make me laugh. All she is is a date. She is my fiancé."

"Not the way I heard it. She caught you cheating on her and told you to fuck off and die. And I thank you for that. She wouldn't be my girl now if you hadn't fucked up."

"Bullshit! I know her. It took me a month to get the first kiss and she's your girl in only two days? Again dude, bullshit! She probably doesn't even know your full name. She picked you up for this party to rub my nose in it."

"I told you that I had you to thank for it. She was so pissed at you for what you did that she said yes when I asked her out and she gave it up on the first date. Told me up front that she was only doing it to get back at you and that she was going to let you know about it the next day. Funny thing though; she liked it so much that we haven't stopped."

"No way man. She's not that way. I know her well enough to know that even if she did do you on your first date to get back at me she's too inhibited to keep on doing it."

"Again dude, I've got you to thank for it. If she would have had a decent lover before maybe she wouldn't be my girl now. But again I have to thank you. You never got the job done so it was a big surprise to her when she found somebody to show her how it was really supposed to be. Hell man; once I got past the used part and started touching her where she had never been touched before she went nuts and couldn't get enough. She won't leave me alone and I'm glad because I've never had a woman as hot as she is."

He swung at me and I'd been waiting for it. I blocked his swing, stepped inside and drove my fist deep into his gut and he grabbed his stomach and fell to the floor. I looked down at him and then turned to Diane.

"You have anything you want to add honey?"

"No. He is pretty pathetic. He can't fuck and he can't fight. I don't know what I even saw in him in the first place. I'm well rid of him. I'm horny baby; get me out of here."

Once in the car she asked me why I had said all those things. "I wanted to goad him into taking a swing at me. I was having a good time and I wasn't going to keep on having a good time unless I got rid of him. He would have screwed with us all night if I would have let him."

"But you made me sound like an easy slut."

"So what? After my little speech every man in that room is going to be thinking of you. Your dance card will always be full from now on. You will have to beat the guys off with a stick. You will be able to pick and chose. Just do a better job of it next time."

"What next time? You just told half of the people that I know that I'm your girl."

She slid over next to me and put her hand on my leg.

"He was telling the truth you know. It did take him a month to get his first kiss and another six months before I gave him my virginity."

She put her hand on the hard bulge inside my trousers. "It isn't going to take my new boyfriend anywhere as near as long. My sorority house is out so do you have a place? I'm especially interested in that part about being touched where I've never been touched before."

"That was just talk to crank him up. I have no idea if it might be true or not."

"Then we just have to find out don't we."

I took my time undressing her and I licked and sucked on her breasts and rubbed her pussy until she moaned. I gently pushed her down on the bed and feasted on the sight of her lying there spread out and waiting. As I undressed she said:

"I'm really not this kind of girl. I'm not the kind to give it up this quick. I made Jack wait six months and I thought I loved him. I barely even know you, but for some reason I feel that I have to do this. Can you understand that?"

"No. All I know is that the sexiest woman I have ever seen is lying on a bed waiting for me and regardless of why she is doing it I am not going to waste the chance of tasting heaven."

I got on the bed and began licking and sucking her tits and then I slowly kissed and licked my way down her body, across her flat stomach, stopping to rim her belly button and then on to her pussy. She moaned and pushed her hips up at me and I worked my fingers into her and worked on her. Her moans were louder and her hips drove at my hands and then she stiffened and cried out as my mouth found her 'little man in the boat." She dug her fingers into my hair and pulled me tight to her as she moaned and whimpered. I kept licking and sucking until my cock couldn't stand being inactive anymore. I pulled my face out of her hot pot and moved up. My cock slid into her like a hot knife into butter and she went wild on me. She bucked and thrashed, and pushed and kept crying out and moaning until suddenly she went stiff as a board on me, cried out "OH MY GOD" and started shaking like she had chills and a high fever. One more cry, "Oh fuck! Oh sweet Jesus" and she went limp on me.

I didn't know if she had passed out or what, but I was seconds away from my own release so I kept fucking. Just as I was about a second from cumming her legs came up and gripped me and her arms came up and went around my neck and she moaned:

"Do it! Do it baby; cum in me give it to me cum in me" and I did. I felt her pussy try to grip me and hold me, but I kept pumping until I was too soft to make it go in anymore. I finally pulled out and fell to the bed next to her.

"Oh my God" she murmured, "I never knew."

There were several moments of silence and then she said, "You didn't lie baby. You touched something that has never been touched before. Jack never made that happen. How long before we can go again?"

"On my own? Twenty minutes to a half hour."

"If I help?"

"Maybe ten."

She slid down, took my cock in her mouth and had me ready in five.

When it was over and we were dressing she asked, "I never asked. Do you have anyone special? Am I going to have to fight to keep you?"

"No one special, but why would you want to keep me?"

"You just turned this poor girl inside out and you have to ask?"

"I'm no one special sweetie. Any man who wants to make it good for the woman as well as himself will do the same."

"Doesn't matter. You told everyone that I was your girl and I don't want anyone to think that you are a liar and I can't just drop you and have everyone thinking that Jack was right and that I was only with you to rub his nose in it. There is a small problem though."


"Jack was probably doing others behind my back besides Cyndi and after hearing your little speech last night they are probably going to want to see for themselves if what you said was true. Especially the part about touching places that Jack never had. I'm going to have to fight them off right? Or am I?"

"What do you mean by that?"

"It won't do me a lot of good to try and fight them off if what you want is to give then a try."

"Not to worry sweetie. With the exception of Mae I don't have anyone else. I'm usually a one woman man."

"Who is Mae?"

I explained my relationship with Mae to her and then said, "If you are serious about saddling yourself with me I'll tell Mae that we are over."

"Just don't go giving her 'one to remember me by.' You are mine now."

"Yes dear. Whatever you say dear."


"Yes dear."

Four months later we graduated and five months after that we were married.

We decided to wait on kids until we were financially stable and then we set out on our careers. Diane did not like the feel of condoms so she went on birth control pills and backed them up with a diaphragm. We both did well with me rising to district manager and Diane becoming her boss's personal assistant which, as she explained to me when I kidded her about getting a degree just to become a glorified secretary, was as close as you could get to being a vice president without having the actual title.

The only down side to our success was that we both had to travel as part of our jobs. I was gone at least eight days a month visiting the offices in my district and Diane would be gone once or twice a month when she accompanied her boss to meetings or negotiations.

We were close to making the same money and had started saving for a house. On our eighth anniversary we bought ourselves a four bedroom house in a pretty good neighborhood and set a target date for starting our family. On our tenth anniversary the birth control pills and the diaphragm would go into the trash can.

It was one week after our ninth anniversary when it all came apart. Diane was in Pittsburg with her boss and my car started acting up and I took it into the dealer to have it looked at. Rather than rent a car I took a cab over to Diane's office. She had ridden to the airport with her boss and had left her car in the company parking lot. I used my set of keys to unlock it and then drove it home.

Diane and I had different tastes in music so I decided to take her music out of the CD player and put mine in. The CD unit was under the passenger's seat and I opened the back door and took a knee. I pushed the button on the player that ejected the cartridge that held the six CDs, put it on the floor and then slid my music into the slot. As I picked up Diane's CDs I saw something wedged between the driver's seat and the center console. I pulled it out and saw that it was a journal or diary of some kind. I opened it and on the flyleaf I read

"Number 6. May of 04 to..."

I had no idea that Diane kept a diary. This was volume 6 and went back six months to May. I wondered when volume 1 started. I quickly thumbed through the pages and saw that the book was half full. Six months and half full would seem to indicate that the book would hold a years worth so if the other volumes were the same size Diane must have started keeping a diary five and a half years ago, Five and a half years and I didn't know? I debated reading what was there and then said no. It was her diary and her private thoughts and it would have been an invasion of her privacy. If she wanted me to know she was keeping a diary she would have told me.

I went to slide it back where I found it just as a wasp flew through the open door and I swatted at it and dropped the book. It fell to the floor and landed in the open position and when I bent to pick it up the words "pulled out his cock' leaped up from the page at me. I stared at it for a second or two and then I picked it up and read the page. The entry was from the previous Sunday — the day before she flew out to Pittsburg with her boss.

"I was a nasty girl again. We had a barbecue today and had several people over. About two hours into the party we ran out of ice and hubby left to get some more. Ben, the only one of hubby's coworkers we associated with who had never fooled around with me, came up to me as soon as hubby was gone and asked me why I had done things with Dan, Rich and Andy, but not him. I was horny so I led him into the house and locked us in the upstairs bathroom. I lifted my top and bra and told him to suck my breasts. He squeezed, licked and sucked them while I unzipped him and pulled out his cock. I went to my knees and went to work on him with my hands, lips and tongue. He fucked my mouth until he came and then I told him I'd fuck him the next time hubby leaves town"

I knelt there and stared at the page. It had to be a joke! It just had to be. Diane couldn't have done that. She loved me. I know she did. There had to be a reasonable explanation for what I was holding in my hand. She liked reading porn stories on a couple of Internet sites so maybe she was trying to write one of her own to send in. It had to be something like that. It just had to be.

I stood up and went into the house and got a cup of coffee, sat down at the kitchen table and turned to the first page.

"May 2, 08. A good trip to Denver. Donny (her boss) set me up with Marcus and Alan and I came through for the company again. I fucked the both of them into exhaustion and they signed on the dotted line. That makes five closings for me this year already. I'm on track to beat last years nine. Then — "giggle, giggle" — Donny took his soppy seconds."

I moved ahead to August.

"Aug 4, 08. Hubby gone this week. Donny and four of his friends came over to keep me company. My God, I must be a nymphomaniac. I just can not get enough. I wore out the five of them. I asked Donny to bring more with him the next time."

"Aug 5, 08. Went to lunch with Jim Carstairs. An afternoon in room 416 got me a signed contract. I really enjoyed getting that signature. Jim has a nine inch cock — the biggest one I've ever seen. I told him he could call me any time he was in town and I'd find some way to get to him. He gave me his number and told me to call him anytime I was in Salt Lake and you can be damned sure that I will. Nine inches — MY GOD!"

I put the diary in my briefcase, finished my coffee and then headed for work. I had some time mid-morning and I took out Diane's book and opened it.

"Sept 9, 08. I was bad, really bad tonight. I had to work late (well, not really — Donny wanted a blow job before we closed the office) and I called hubby to let him know I'd be late. He said no problem since he had to work late also. I finished Donny and then thought I'd go over to hubby's office and if he was close to being done maybe we could go out for some dinner together. When I got there Hubby was already gone. Rich was still at his desk and he told me that hubby had left half an hour ago (I gave Donny a long, long, long blow job) then he stood up and took out his cock and told me it had been a month since I'd last fucked him. I walked over to hubby's desk, pushed everything to one side, took off my panties and got on the desk. Rich was fucking me hard and I was moaning and telling him to fuck me harder.

I looked over and saw Amos, the colored janitor watching. I'd never had a black cock before so I waved him over and told him to take it out. I opened my mouth and he put it in. I was a little disappointed. I'd always heard that black men had large cocks, but Amos's cock wasn't any bigger that Rich's and it didn't taste any different than a white cock. Rich came in me and then I had Amos take his place. He didn't fuck any different than a white man either. There was a puddle of cum on hubby's desk when I got up and I thought of leaving it there so hubby could look at it and wonder what it was, but decided not too. I gave Amos some tongue and made him promise that what we did would be our secret and that maybe some day we could do it again.

When I got home hubby was in the basement working on one of his woodworking projects and I did a quick clean up job and then hubby and I went to bed and made love. I just love giving hubby used pussy and kissing him after I've had some other man's cock in my mouth and swallowed his cum. I'm just such a bad little slut."

I took the book to the copier and copied all the pages. That night I put the book back where I found it, drove her car back to where I'd picked it up and parked it in the same spot. I cabbed over to the dealership and picked up my car and drove home.

After heating up some leftovers in the microwave and eating I went looking for the other five diaries. I didn't waste any time on our bedroom or the garage because I was sure that she wouldn't hide them in any place where I spent any amount of time and I didn't think she would use the basement storage area because I did occasionally go down there to look for things. I went through the spare bedrooms and even went so far as to take the covers off of the heating vents and cold air returns, but didn't find anything.

You needed to bring in the eight foot ladder from the garage to get up into the attic and I hadn't been up there in years so that is where I went next. The attic is where we stored stuff that we never needed. There was blown insulation between the joists and we had put down 4x8 sections of plywood to make a floor over the insulation. It wasn't nailed down, just placed down so we could stack boxes on top of it. I went through everything and found nothing and I was getting ready to go look somewhere else when something caught my eye. The last time I had been up there all of the pieces of plywood had several boxes stacked on top of them, but now there was one piece that only had two small boxes on it. I moved the boxes and lifted the sheet of plywood and there they were. I gathered up the five books and took them down into the kitchen.

I leafed through the books until I found the one that said Volume 1. The flyleaf said Volume 1, April 99 to May 01. The first entry was April 4th.

"Dear diary. Oh shit! That is no way to start this. There is nothing "dear' about it. What this is is a confessional. I need to tell somebody, but there is no one I can tell without ruining my life. My outlet has to be these pages. Instead of writing it in this book I should be telling it to my husband and begging him for forgiveness, but I know if I told him what happened he would be out the door and on his way to being my ex-husband or possibly on his way to jail. Where to start. Stupid question Di, start at the beginning. Not at the beginning of what happened, but where what led to it began.

"It started when Donny called e into his office and told me that he wanted to make me his personal assistant. I told him no thanks, that I hadn't worked my butt off just to become a glorified secretary. He told me that I wouldn't be doing the work of a super secretary. He wanted some one to handle negotiations when he wasn't around; some one more familiar with the cost and control end of things to help keep him from giving the store away and blah, blah, blah. The job paid a third more than I was making so I took it.

"The first six weeks were okay. I flew to Detroit, Miami, Atlanta and Kansas City with him and sat in on contract talks. Twice I stepped in and saved him from making a huge error on costs and once he had to leave and fly back to handle an emergency and I ended up finishing the negotiations and getting the signed contract. I was on top of the world. Then came the trip to Philadelphia. We spent the day talking with the people from Tentron and that night Darrel, Sam and George from Tentron took us to dinner. We stopped at the hotel bar for a couple of drinks and someone, probably Donny, put something in one of my drinks. I woke up with Sam eating my pussy and Darrel and George sucking on my breasts. I was confused and didn't know what was happening and by the time I figured it out Sam was fucking me. Between Sam eating my pussy and the other two working on my breasts I was on fire and I gave into it and all three fucked me. It was one right after another and I never got a chance to come down from my orgasmic high until they were done with me. Darrel and George had me twice and Sam took me three times. The next afternoon the boys from Tentron signed the contract.

"It was a set up from the start. Donny explained it to me. Sam had seen me when he had visited our plant and he told Donny that for a night with me he would give us all of his business instead of what we had. Donny thought he was joking, but Sam assured Donny that he wasn't. Since Tentron's business would be worth six million a year to the company Donny said he would find some way to make it happen. The promotion to personal assistant was just to get me where I could travel with him on company business. Donny had taped the whole thing and told me that I was going to spend the night with Sam and that I had damned well better treat him right if I didn't want the tape to go public.

I hesitated and he said by public he meant my mom and dad and all of my other relatives, neighbors and so on. If I could have talked to hubby I know I could have convinced him that I didn't do it on purpose, but Donny didn't give me the time to call Henry. He told me that Sam was upstairs in room 412 and was expecting me in five minutes and told me that if I wasn't on my way up in three I could get my story ready for my mother. I couldn't let my mother see me with a cock in my pussy and one in my mouth. It wouldn't matter if she believed my story or not I could not, just could not let her see that tape. Donny told me not to whine about it. He said I was making great money as his PA and since I was pretty much responsible for getting all of Tentron's business I was going to get a sizeable bonus. I spent the night with Sam and in the morning Donny told me that the next night was his. Just that quick I became the company whore."

Apparently Diane only made entries when she cheated on me because the next entry wasn't until the middle of May

"May 16, 2001. The trip to Baltimore this week cemented my new relationship with Donny. He gave me to Phil from Argus Industries and I was Phil's fuck toy for two of the three nights we were there. The third night was Donny's. Between the trips and the fucking on the couch in is office Donny is getting almost as much as my hubby. I HATE IT and I promise myself that I'm just going to lay there, but once it gets started I can't seem to play dead. I always end up getting into it. I feel so guilty afterward. I do get back at Donny a little. When he comes in my mouth I always spit it out into a tissue. It isn't much as revenge goes, but at least it is something."

"June 7, 2001. "I've was given my wings. I was sent solo to San Diego to negotiate with Spencer Aeronautics. A day of talking, a night of fucking, another day of talking and another night of fucking and I closed a deal worth 1.4 million for the company. I hate to say it, but I am beginning to enjoy the variety. I've had short fat ones, long skinny ones, two long fat ones and two that made me want to laugh."

"June 15, 01. Today I did an evil thing. I am ashamed of having done it to the man I love, but at the same time it was a major, major turn on. Jared (Spritzer and Company) had me call my hubby while he was fucking me. I was actually telling my hubby that I loved him at the exact instant that that Jared came in me. I have to make it up to hubby. Maybe I can find some way to give him my ass. He has always wanted it, but I've always said no. It is only a matter of time before some one I have to fuck for the company will insist on having my ass. It is only fair that my hubby gets it first and not after somebody else has it."

So that's why she finally gave me a trip up the Hershey highway. She told me that it was because all of her girlfriends did it and talked about it over drinks so she decided to give it a try. The only reason I wanted to try it is because I had never done it and I was curious and wanted to see what it was like. It was okay, but nothing to whine over if I couldn't have it and I didn't think Diane liked it at all, but as I read on I discovered otherwise.

"Aug 12, 2001. A four day three night trip to Chicago. The fucking usual. Talk all day and fuck all night. Myron on Monday night, Al on Tuesday and of course Donny had to get his on Wednesday. I'm so sick of it, but Donny has made it clear that quitting the job will trigger everyone finding out just as a refusal would. Only good part was that Al is an ass man and he fucked my butt three times before we dressed and went to breakfast. I like it so much. I wonder why hubby hasn't wanted to do it again?"

Probably my unfaithful whore it was because I never knew. If you liked it so fucking much maybe, just fucking maybe, you should have let me know. You just moaned and groaned. How was I supposed to know it wasn't from pain instead of pleasure? I tossed the book aside, went and took a whiz, got a beer from the fridge and came back. I leafed through volumes 2 and 3 and it was just more of the same. I picked up volume 4 and about halfway through it I noticed a change. Diane was getting more descriptive. Volumes 1, 2, 3 and the first half of 4 were just simple "I fucked, got the contract and Donny got his sloppy seconds" but in the second half of volume 4 things started to change.

"Nov 9. Des Moines this time. Another solo trip. My meeting was with Archie Moore from Spacik Manufacturing. When we broke for lunch Archie told me that he had talked to Donny before I got there and Donny had told him that I would "sweeten the pot." I told him that our prices were competitive, our quality control was unsurpassed and our reputation for meeting shipping dates was the best in the industry, but I could show my appreciation for a signed contract. He told me he would sign as soon as we returned from lunch. I had expected to be there two days before getting a signature if I even got a signature.

"Archie had a very nice cock. It was a little shorter than hubby's but it was almost twice as fat. And it did have a nice plum sized head that was very sensitive. He went nuts when I licked it. He liked to eat pussy too and he was very good at it. He did me missionary first and then we went into a sixty-nine to get him ready again. Doggie the second time and then more of the magic number. Third time I rode him cowgirl. He nailed me again the next morning when we woke up. He wanted my ass, but I wouldn't give it to him. His cock was just too damned fat and while I do so love my butt plugged I didn't want the pain that taking his huge cock would give me. I told him maybe next time. I had figured on being there two days and two nights so 'next time' turned out to be that night. He kept after me for my ass so I told him he could have it, but only if he worked on it long enough with KY and fingers to get it open enough that his fat cock wouldn't kill me or tear me.


I had never been so full and I came and came and came. He came and we washed his cock and I sucked him hard and he went right back into my ass. Four times! It was the first time that I fucked all night and never had a cock in my pussy. Mouth and ass only. For the first time I was glad that hubby didn't seem to want my ass. If he had wanted it when I got home he probably would have been able to put his fist in there."

"May 6. Andy told Rich about doing me on hubby's desk and Rich called me and said he wanted some too. I laughed at him and he told me I wouldn't be laughing after he told hubby about me and Andy. I met him after work and he took me to a Motel 6. He had to settle for some head and one quick fuck because I needed to get home. He told me that I had better find some time to treat him right or I'd be sorry. God! Will this never fucking end?"

I wasn't going to bother reading volume 5 since I figured that it would just be more of the same. I was leafing through the pages though when something caught my eye. About ten pages into the book in big, bold underlined letters was "I'M FREE! THANK GOD I AM FREE!!

"Dec 4. I'm free, thank God I am free. John, Donny's father and the owner of the company called me into his office and then told me to close the door which I thought odd because he had never had a closed door meeting with anyone in the entire time I had worked there. He told me that it had been brought to his attention that I was performing unethical business practices to get business and he would not allow it to continue. He was sorry, but he couldn't have anyone like me representing the company that he had spent his life building and he was going to have to let me go. I should have been relived that I had a way to leave where Donny couldn't follow through on his threat. He couldn't hold it against me for going if his father fired me. But I got indignant. No way was I going to take the heat that his son caused to be put on me. I told John the whole story from the first time up to the last and why I'd had to do what I had done. He was shocked, but not overly surprised. He either knew his son well enough to know that it was something Donny would do or well enough to know that Donny would say:

"Who me? Bullshit. She's just trying to save her job by lying."

He called Donny into the office and before Donny could say a word John told him that he wanted everything that Donny was using against me on his desk no later than three that afternoon. Tapes, photos, originals, copies, whatever, on his desk by three. I guess from his father's tone Donny knew to keep his mouth shut and just do it. He left and then John apologized for his original attitude toward me. He told me to came back and see him at three-thirty.

At three-thirty he handed me three video tapes and five CDs. He told me that he was moving Donny into production and asked me if I would like to have Donny's job. I would have loved to have Donny's job, but I had to turn it down and explain why. In Donny's job I would be dealing with the same people Donny was forcing me to sleep with and they would expect more of the same treatment. If I didn't provide it I could cost the company the business that I had previously brought in. John said he saw my point and asked me what job I would like. I told him Accounts Manager and John told me to consider it done.

Sorry dear diary, but this is my last entry. I destroyed the material that John gave me and now I can get on with my life."

But it wasn't her last entry.

"Mar 6. Damn, damn, damn and fucking God damn! John had a fatal heart attack and now Donny sits in the big chair. He called me into his office and turned his lap top to where I could see the screen and asked me if I had fond memories of it. It was me being fucked by Darrel. Donny laughed and asked me if I was really so naïve that I believed he had given his father anything but copies of what he had on me? Then he told me to lock the door and then crawl over to him and suck his cock. I am the company whore again."

The next forty pages were more of the "I flew, I talked, I fucked' variety with flat descriptions of who and how. The big change came in the second week of June.

"June 16. I hadn't made a trip in three weeks and I was restless so I told hubby I would be gone on a one night trip and I went out to the airport and sat in the hotel bar and waited for some one suitable to pick me up. It was almost forty minutes before some one I thought I could be interested in hit on me. We talked and I told him that I was in town overnight on business and he said he was in the same boat. Two drinks later he asked me if I would like to join him in his room and I said yes, took his arm and told him to lead the way. We sucked and fucked until we got tired and then we slept until morning and when we woke up we sucked and fucked until he had to leave to catch his flight home. He gave me his cell number and told me if I was ever in Kansas City to give him a call and I told him that I would. And I will. His cock was the perfect size for pounding my butt hole.

"I don't know what is wrong with me. I just can not seem to get enough strange cock any more. I'm getting to where I love getting fucked by men other than my hubby. I always feel guilty afterwards for what I've done to my hubby, but I can't seem to stop. I love him to death and he deserves so much better than a whore like me.

For the next six months she serviced over fourteen different men as she flew around negotiating for her company. Twice she picked up strangers in the bars of the hotels she stayed in. At her company Christmas party she slipped away for a quickie with Donny and at my company Christmas party she managed to slip away four times and give Andy, Ben, Rich and Dan their Christmas gifts.

After that she started doing two or three others to every one customer she did. On my trips she was having men over to the house; sometimes one, sometimes two and some times lots more. Twice she did the four assholes from my office all at the same time and once she had my cousin Tom over for the night. According to the diary entry I was on my district swing and he dropped by to borrow my cutting torch. He was used to just walking into the house and when he did he caught Diane bending over the back of the couch taking Donny up her ass. She told him to bring his cock over to her mouth and then he could take Donny's place in her butt when Donny was through. According to the diary he had hesitated a moment or so before taking out his cock and stepping forward.

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