The Key

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2010 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: He had a way to pen them up.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   .

I get more married pussy than anyone else I know and that includes several husbands. My secret? I don't make passes at them! Yeah, you heard me right, I don't make passes at them and I don't even let them know I'm interested in them. What I do is become their friend, their buddy, and their big brother whose shoulder they can cry on. It is surprising how many husbands are complete assholes where their wives are concerned and those wives are always looking for someone they can talk to, someone who will say "There, there, don't cry, it can't be that bad." The wives confide in you, tell you their inner most secrets and all you have to do is listen closely and pick up on the 'key'. And there is always a 'key' and once you have it you can begin to move things in the direction you want.

Take Maddie for instance. Her husband would stop after work for drinks with his buddies and not get home until late and when he did get home there would be a faint whisper of perfume that was not Maddie's and maybe a lipstick smudge somewhere. Maddie was sure that her husband was fucking around on her. Was he? I have no idea, but the important thing was that Maddie thought he was. One day Maddie was telling me about how her husband had come home late with a phone number in his pocket in what Maddie was sure was a women's handwriting. She said to me, "I wonder how that bastard would like it if I screwed around on him?" and I had my 'key'. From then on every time Maddie would cry on my shoulder I would make sure that the conversation would be steered to the subject of her getting even.

"You can't do something like that Maddie. In this day and age you have to be careful of Aids and shit like that. If you want revenge you better make damn sure that you find someone you can trust completely."

The more the subject of getting even came up, the more the idea appealed to her and eventually she decided to do it and guess who she decided she could trust. Her seduction of me took all of two days and now she gets even with her hubby at my place - two or three times a week. Hey! What can I say, I'm just helping the poor lady out.

Helping ladies get even isn't the only way to get them into bed. There are a lot of ladies who get mad at hubby over something he won't do. Sarah was a case like that. One day we were eating lunch together when Sarah asked me if she could ask me something personal and when I said sure, go ahead, she asked, "What is your opinion of oral sex?"

My ears perked up and I could sense a 'key' coming.

"I love both," I said.

She looked at me curiously and said, "Both?"

"Sure" I replied, "Giving and getting."

She looked at me and said, "I thought most men hated to give a woman oral sex."

Oh ho, I thought, she wants her pussy licked and her hubby won't do it. I had the 'key' to Sarah and from then on the subject of oral sex always seemed to come up whenever Sarah and I were together. It took a month, but one day Sarah asked, "Can I ask you for a big favor?"

"I guess so" I replied.

Sarah hemmed and hawed, blushed deep red and finally said, "Will you let me suck your cock?"

"Whatever for?" I asked.

It seems that all of her girl friends raved about the effect that sucking their man's cock had on the man and it was usually enough to get the man to go down on them. Sarah's old man wouldn't let her suck his dick; "It's dirty. Only whores do things like that!"

I gave her a serious look and said, "I don't know Sarah. That's asking an awful lot of me and not only that, but its pretty lopsided. You would get me all charged up and then I would want to eat your pussy and before it was over I'd would want to fuck you and you are a married woman."

Care to guess how that one turned out?

And then there was Monique. The very first time I laid eyes on her I knew that I was going to move heaven and hell if that is what it took to find her key. I never found it; I didn't have to. It did not take long for us to become buddies and about a month after we met she said to me, "Do you think I'm attractive?"

"Absolutely!" I replied.

"Sexy even?" she asked.

"What's going on here?" I asked, "No woman who looks like you has to ask these questions. You know what you've got."

She smiled and said, "It's just small talk leading up to my asking you if you would like to fuck me."

For a change I was speechless. It had never been hard to get the married ladies, but this was almost too easy. Monique laughed at the expression on my face, "Don't look so stunned. You are already fucking half the women who work here, what's one more?"

It turned out that Monique's husband was getting it on with his secretary and then coming home and getting it on with Monique. It never occurred to the idiot that Monique might notice that his cock tasted different on the nights he came home late and that she would figure out that he had been dipping his wick in another woman. What she wanted now was a cunt full of cream to take home to the asshole to see if he could figure it out. It will come as no great surprise that I helped the lady out or that I have continued to help her for the last six months. The funny thing is that Monique is almost certain that he knows, but he hasn't said anything. In fact, the only change in him that she has noticed is that he is more eager to eat her pussy than he ever was before. All I can say is that if he isn't going to complain, neither am I

Ruby was the most difficult to land. Becoming friends was fairly easy and becoming her confidant not much harder, but she didn't seem to have any problems with her husband. It was almost six months before I saw a glimmer of hope. She came to work one day in a clearly pissed off mood, but whatever it was that had upset her she did not want to talk about. It was another two days before I was able to pry it out of her. Her hubby had gone to a bachelor party for a friend and had not come home until three in the morning. He was smelling of beer, whiskey and, she was almost sure, a faint trace of perfume. Bingo - I had my key, and I slowly began to turn it to unlock Ruby's treasures.

"So what's the problem?" I asked. "Almost all bachelor parties have a stripper or two come in for entertainment. It's no big thing."

Sounds like I'm telling her that hubby hasn't given her anything to worry about, right? I went on, "Usually the talent only screws the bridegroom, and sometimes the best man (Ruby had already told me that the party was for her hubby's best friend - I gambled that the groom's best friend would be best man - bingo again). Ruby burst into tears and I tried to soothe her, "There, there honey, no need to be upset. You know, in less than half of the parties I've been to did the stripper take on everybody there."

Ruby looked at me with tear filled eyes, "You mean she did everybody?"

Inside I smiled as I said, "Don't worry about it. Your hubby doesn't sound like the kind of guy who would go along with something like that" but the tone of my voice said "Of course he fucked the bitch and if she was halfway decent looking, he nailed her at least twice."

For the next couple of days every time we would sit down together the subject would come up and I would 'pooh pooh her fears, but in a tone of voice that plainly said, "You're old man got himself some strange that night." By the following week Ruby was one hundred percent certain that hubby had done her wrong and, by God, she was going to get even.

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