My New Hire, Tracy

by Olderneighbor

Copyright© 2010 by Olderneighbor

True Sex Story: This a story about when I was working in LA, San Fernando Valley to be specific. I was a manager of a fast food restaurant and tended to hire cute girls

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   True Story   Cheating   Size   .

I go back in time in this story, a forgotten time that I recently recalled reading other true stories.

The Blond I Hired

Tracy was a true-life stereo-typical blond. I knew I had hired her for her looks, hoping she could catch on to the job, a fairly easy one in the fast food industry. I was the manager at the time, fairly new to that job as well, but I could not help the challenge of training this sexy, young, eighteen-year old. I was 32 at the time, happily married I thought, and in charge of hiring, firing, and well, doing everything in this fast food store.

"I know why you hired her, Steve," my best employee told me. "She has large boobs and cute as a button. Do you really think she can handle this job?" Lori asked. Lori was also only eighteen, not that bright herself, but easily handled the job herself. Heaven forbid the cash register ever breaks down and she would have to figure costs out herself.

"Well, I trained you, didn't I?" I boldly implied. Lori laughed, knowing her own limitations. Lori lived with her boyfriend, but my wife still had time to be jealous of her, since I talked about her all the time at home. I thought I was talking innocently enough, but Lori was a damn pretty girl, and my wife seemed to notice I tended to hire pretty girls, interspersed with a few high school boys. But I needed some more daytime help, not so easy to find, so Tracy fit the bill, so to speak. "Anyhow, Lori, just help me train her, okay? It can't be that hard, and we will know soon."

Between the two of us, Tracy did learn the job. Plus she drew more customers back simply by looking good. Of course she looked better off the street, with long, flowing blond hair, large breasts, and perfect legs. I knew all of this because she would come to work in her street clothes, changing to her work uniform when she got there. Even with her hair tied up and wearing the required hat, her face was magnificent.

A few months into the job, Lori and Tracy had become fast friends, and they both teased me mercilessly. They both knew I was intrigued by them, and they took advantage of it. I, however, was equal to the challenge, and teased them back equally if not better.

"Get those things away from me," I would tell Tracy, as her tits would rub against my arm while preparing the food. "If you're trying to turn me on, it's working," I told her, jokingly. And I was joking, though later I found out she took it seriously, as did Lori. After the rush lunch hour, I always went back to the small office, preparing the money for bank deposit and checking the lunch cash to make sure it was correct, while Tracy and Lori handled what little business we had before the night crew arrived.

Well, one day as I was doing this, I overheard Tracy and Lori being extremely playful. "Go back and see what he actually does back there," I heard Lori telling Tracy. "I can handle it up here myself, you know."

Suddenly, they both appeared as I was finishing the books. I turned my office chair just as Lori gave Tracy a shove into my lap. Her soft butt immediately eased around my legs. "Oh, Steve, you shouldn't," she teasingly said, implying that I had drawn her to this position. My cock immediately responded and my comfort level was compromised. "You're wife must like that," she noticed as I grew even harder.

Just then, the sound of the ringer indicated a drive-threw customer, and Lori said she could do it herself. As she left, Tracy raised her ass and put her hand near my inner thigh, where she could feel my growing pain. "Oh my, Steve," this little blond fox exclaimed, "is that for me?" And she rubbed it through my pants.

"Tracy, you're hurting me," I exclaimed now innocently, "you little tease." But I withstood the pain of my ever-increasing hardness and placed my hands on her large tits, drawing her ass back down onto my lap. As I squeezed them, I noticed that she had removed her bra, her nipples already hard against the fabric of her button-down blouse. Now she leaned back so I could see her cleavage from an already one unbuttoned blouse.

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