Getting Even With Annie

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2010 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: They were going to teach her a lesson.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Gang Bang   .

I hate cock teasers with a passion and God must hate me because he pushes so many of them my way. The latest in this long line of despicable creatures is my Cousin Larry's wife Annie. Larry met Annie when he was stationed in San Diego, married her, and then brought her home with him and inflicted her on us. Larry's parents, my Uncle Sal and my Aunt Sophie, threw them a party to welcome Larry home and to introduce his new bride to all the family and friends. Annie wasted no time and by the time the party was over every male there over the age of thirteen (and quite possibly some of the younger ones) had a case of blue balls. For the married guys, or the single guys with accommodating girl friends, it probably wasn't a problem, but for the rest of us who had no female companions, it was hell. And then it got worse.

Larry had been in the Navy for four years and when he got home he started having parties and inviting people over for dinner to renew old friendships and catch up on everything that had gone on while he was gone. Annie, curse her black heart, used these occasions to torment the men, married or single, who attended and Larry, poor schmuck, never noticed.

After about six months of this a couple of guys tried to tell him that he needed to talk to her, but Larry laughed it off. He said that Annie was just a "natural flirt" and it was all done as good, clean fun. Let me describe one of those episodes of "good, clean fun." Larry had come to work for the same company I work for and he had joined our bowling team as a substitute bowler. He invited the team members and their significant others to a party one Saturday night and at one point during the evening I found myself alone with Annie in the kitchen. I saw her look around to make sure we were alone and then she came over to me and asked:

"Does this dress show too much of my tits?"

I looked at the low cut dress and said, "I don't think it shows enough."

She laughed at me and then walked to the other side of the kitchen table (out of my reach) and then she pulled down the top of her dress exposing her bra-less tits, "How's that baby!" and then she pulled up her dress and left the room. An hour later I was out on the patio getting some fresh air when she came up to me.

"Tell me the truth, did you like my tits?"

I said, "They were okay."

"Okay?" she said, "Just okay?" and she reached down and groped me. I was hard (I'd just watched her walk toward me) and she giggled, "You like me. You really like me."

I grabbed her shoulders, pulled her to me and kissed her on the mouth. Her tongue darted in and we stood there necking for a good minute and then I reached down and touched her tits. She pulled back from me and slapped me with her open hand, "How dare you!" she sputtered and then she turned and left me to watch her walk indignantly away.

It went on like that for a year and then one night several of us were playing poker and the subject of Annie came up. Everyone at the table (seven of us) had an Annie story to tell and then George Herman said:

"What the bitch needs is for everyone she has teased to get together and gang fuck her."

This was greeted with shouts of "hell yes" and "count me in" and "right here on this table."

It suddenly got very quiet around the table and after several moments of silence Phil Means said:

"How can we make it happen?"

Then the conversation got general as everyone came up with a plan to see that Annie got her just desserts. Almost all of the plans were far fetched and would have required a James Bond to make them happen, but one sounded like it could be made to work. As we talked it suddenly became apparent to everyone present that we had gone from the joking stage to the point where everyone wanted to see it happen. The plan was grounded in the fact that most of the wives and girl friends of the men that Annie teased didn't like it either. Tom Shipman, whose wife Mary was very vocal on the subject of Annie, said he believed that he could get Mary to invite Annie over some night and all of us could be there waiting for her.

Cries of "yeah, that'll work" stopped when Cal Usable said, "Won't that be rape?"

More silence and then I said, "Not if we stick together on our stories. She has teased us for a year now, and has finally let us know that she likes group sex and the whole thing was her idea. Why else would she have come to a house to meet with seven men? She's only crying rape now because she thinks Larry is going to find out and a girl has to protect herself, right?"

Everyone nodded and what had started as joking around was about to become a reality.

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