Overreacting Angry Husband

by Winterfrog

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Erotica Sex Story: Husband overreacts in a silly way when he finds his lovely wife cheating.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Cheating   .

I'd like to thank Dennis for his editing of this story.

I worked about 30 kilometers from my Scandinavian hometown and I t almost never happened to be home during the daytime, unless some work related matter brought me to the hometown during daytime. But that Wednesday morning was one of the very few exceptions.

About ten o'clock my job related matters were completed and I decided to make a short stop at my home though I didn't expected anybody to be there. The kids Lisa and Elmer ought to be in school and my wife Monica used to spend two hours at the gym at every Wednesday morning before she began her part-time job in a fashion shop at noon.

Therefore I had a slight surprise when there was a silver metallic Volvo V70 on my driveway. Monica had not told me about any visitor and it was very unusual that she skipped her weekly gym hours.

I can't deny that the V70 got me a bit curious and as it is the most common car here and it didn't gave me any clue about the ownership. Our car register is a national register and information about a car owner is available by a cell phone. A text message of the plate was sent to the registrar and a few seconds later the car owner's name and address was returned to the phone.

The reply from the car registry got me even more curious because the owner of the car was the shop where Monica worked, PARIS FASHION AB. The shop was run by a Lena Alfredsson married to Eric Alfredsson, both in their mid forties. Eric was known for his climbing the ladder upward to increasing influence. I hardly knew both of them because I was never invited to any of their parties. What the hell did any or both of them were doing at my house at that time in the morning?

If Lena was the visitor, it must be of a very important reason and it was Eric, I began to fear that it could even be the worst possible crap because there have been some rumors about him. But I still had a strong hope of finding an innocent explanation about the visit.

However, I decided to prepare for everything and made my cell phone five-mega pixel camera ready for action. Not that I expected to need it, but just in case.

Then I sneaked in to the house, nobody in the kitchen, and nobody in the living room. Now my heart began to beat faster when I heard some muffled sounds from somewhere. The door to the master bedroom was closed but with my ear close to the door I could hear a female voice, probably Monica.

No time to lose. With the cell phone camera ready I opened the door and took a step inside. Monica and Eric immediately noticed me, when I took some further steps towards the bed, aimed and took a picture using the small flash in the phone camera.

After that I rushed to the bed, gave Erik several hard hits in his face with my both fists, dragged him to the floor and gave him several hard kicks at his balls. Monica screamed hysterically and I shouted at her to shut up.

Eric did not any attempts to resist when I dragged him naked out from the house and threw him besides his car. I went back in for his clothes and threw them to him and shouting, "If you don't get your ass of my property within 30 seconds, I'll beat the crap out of you!"

I think he was gone within a far less time and doubted that he had dressed.

Back in the house I told Monica to get dressed, piss off and not come back until tomorrow. I even told her that the children would spend the night with her parents and I would take them there after the school.

Before Monica left the house, she tried to tell me some mumbo jumbo that it wasn't what it looked alike and that I was her only love and so on. Once again I shouted at her to shut up and a few seconds later she obeyed and left.

Now afterwards I can only remember that I must have had a very serious shock because when looking back at what happened during the first hours after discovering them was like being in a fog.

However, I know for sure that I rang my job and told them the truth and promised to be back at work on Monday. After that I had rang Eric's wife and told her that I had found her husband naked in my bed fucking my wife. I can still remember her swearing like an old harbor worker. Thereafter I phoned for the largest garbage container to be placed on my lawn.

The next step was taking out all Monica's clothes and her other private belongings to the garage. I even took out the few things she still had left of those things she had brought with her when we moved together and even all those things she had got from her parents and other relatives during our marriage. Everything was piled on a plastic tarpaulin at the garage floor.

Thereafter I took my electric chainsaw and destroyed the rather expensive bed on which Monica had cheated on me. After that I had began to destroy all other furniture in the whole house except in the children's rooms which I didn't touch anything at all.

When I got the container I began to throw everything that remained in the cupboards into it and then filled it up with the broken furniture. It was an expensive loaded container, very expensive indeed. Monica had always preferred to buy things of good quality. Now I didn't care a shit about the value of the lost belongings because my lost marriage felt as a much worse loss for me.

One of my friends owned a summerhouse near the town which his family seldom used. I called him, told what happened and rented the house until I would find somewhere to live in the town where I worked.

During my lunch break in town I got our shared bank accounts and divided in equal parts.

When everything except my clothes and personal items was out, I began cleaning the house and at the evening began working in my still intact home office by loading the picture of Monica and Eric to my computer. It was a very good picture of them fucking in missionary position and both of them looking at the camera. No doubts about who were the people in the photo.

I knew that t Eric had several political goals at the local and county level and one of them was to be a leader in his political party. Politicians usually wants publicity and now Eric got a lot of it because I e-mailed the picture of him fucking Monica to all the local politicians whose e-mail address I was able to find. A text explaining who's fucking whom was added to the picture.

I even printed out some pictures, which I sent by mail to people without an e-mail address.

Monica rang me several times during the day. I took all her calls and told her every time that for the time being we had nothing to say each other. To my great surprise I didn't get the expected visit from the police. Obviously Eric had not accused me about the beating I gave him.

I slept the night in my son's room and can't deny that I got remorseful in the morning when I looked around the house and found out how much I had overreacted in my shock and anger.

No doubt that was why the Vikings had been feared visitors around the coastal areas in Europe. However, I thought that it was better to be an overreacting savage than a wanking wimp, when a man found out that his wife cheated on him.

When reading the morning newspaper I found an interesting headline, "NAKED MAN IN CAR CRASH". The article that followed said that a naked man had crashed his car to a garbage truck and as he hadn't used the safe belt he had got several injuries though the air bags had saved him from the worst thing that could happen.

One thing was for sure, nobody could accuse me for hitting his face and the next thing for sure was that there would be more to come. Indeed much more came in the newspapers about the scandal involving such an important politician...

Monica came home at ten o'clock in the morning and got a shock when she saw the container on our lawn and when she came into the almost empty house. She began screaming for several minutes before she was able to ask me, "What have you done?"

I replied, "What have I done? What have you done? You terminated our marriage and I have cleaned up what remained of it. Your things are in the garage. Take it away before the house is sold."

She screamed, "Do you know what happened to Eric and do you know that I'm fired from my job?"

"Don't blame me. Is it really my fault that Eric and you fucked up our marriage and your job?"

She didn't reply. Instead of that she walked around the house and screamed loudly when she understood the serious consequences of her cheating. Then she called the police and waited outside the house until the police car arrived.

Two young policewomen asked me if they could have look in the house. I agreed and they asked a few questions about Monica's belongings and spent a few minutes in the house and the garage before leaving they told Monica that they were sorry for her though my overreaction was incredible stupid thing, but it was not against the law.

Monica cursed me and left our house.

Our kids and Monica remained with her parents and when I rang them the next day I agreed to meet them for a negotiation because Monica refused to see me or talk with me.

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