Rob's Fortune

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2009 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: He decided to swear off women

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   .

I guess this story starts with a man I never knew. I knew of him, but I'd never seen him or even seen a picture of him.

My mother had two brothers named Wendell and James. Some time before I was born James did something that shamed or badly embarrassed the family and he split. As I grew up I would occasionally hear my mother or grandmother say, "I wonder where James is right now" and when I would ask who James was there would be a sudden change of subject. It wasn't until I was seventeen that I found out that James was my uncle and I was nineteen before I found out why he was the family outcast.

My Uncle Wendell had been married to a woman named Betty and one day he had come home unexpected and found Uncle James busy making the beast with two backs with Aunt Betty. When the smoke cleared and the dust settled Uncle James had taken off and the family had ostracized him. As far as I know no one in the family ever saw him or talked to him again.

Not to say that no one wanted to.

My grandmother took his absence badly. At family dinners when she would say grace she would ask God to watch over James and keep him safe. She did this even though it was a sore spot with Uncle Wendell. When Uncle James was mentioned he would he would swear, throw his napkin down and get up and leave the table. It got to where he would always show up late and after grace had been said so he wouldn't have to hear it.

The years went by and life happened. When I was twenty my father left my mother for some woman he worked with and the husband of that woman tracked them down and shot the both of them to death. Grandma passed away in her sleep when I was twenty-two. Cancer claimed my mother when I was twenty-nine. Uncle Wendell was my last living relative and a drunk driver ended his life when I was thirty-three. Curiously enough the largest flower arrangement at the funeral home came with a card that simply said "I'm sorry" and was signed with the single letter "J".

I was thirty-five when I received the letter from the law firm of Barton, Barton, Murray and Westin asking me to contact them on a matter of importance. It turned out that Uncle James had died and apparently had never married or had children and as his last living relative I inherited his estate. A man I never knew had left me eleven million dollars.

At twenty-two I left the University of Michigan with a degree in Civil Engineering and a wife. I'd met Marcy on my very first day on campus and had fallen head over heels in lust with her. She was absolutely gorgeous and the sexiest looking female I had ever set eyes on. I was a very inexperienced eighteen, but I knew that if Marcy wasn't already spoken for she soon would be so I sucked up the courage to approach her, introduce myself and asked her to have lunch with me. Shocked, surprised, overwhelmed and ecstatic describe how I felt when she said yes. Lunch was followed by a date which led to several more and then one marvelous night in June Marcy gave herself to me. For the rest of the year we were inseparable. I proposed to her on Christmas Eve and she said yes. We decided that we would both graduate before we tied the knot.

Life was good until spring break.

Several of Marcy's girlfriends wanted her to go to Florida with them and she said yes. I was working part time and couldn't get off work so I was going to have to be a stay at home. I hated to see her go. It would be the longest we would be apart since our first day of school.

When she returned from the trip we fucked like newlyweds for five or six days and then things began to change. We would make dates and she would break them at the last minute. I'd try to set up a date for this or that and she would tell me that she couldn't that night. I began to hear rumors of how she had gone wild on spring break. How she had a different guy in her bed each night. Naturally I didn't believe any of it until one Saturday night at a party.

There was a party at Stella Hansen's house, but I had to work that night so I told Marcy that I wouldn't be able to take her. She said that in that case she wouldn't go and we made plans for the next day. I was busy wiping down tables when a couple of guys I knew came in. One of them, Harry Short, was surprised that I was working.

"I saw Marcy at Stella's so I thought you were probably there too."

That's odd I thought, Marcy told me that she wasn't going. I got off work at eleven and I headed for Stella's. I walked in just in time to see Marcy walking up the stairs with a guy I didn't know and they were holding hands. I was stunned and I just stood there frozen for a couple of seconds and then I followed them. I had been in Stella's house before and I knew that all there was upstairs were four bedrooms and two bathrooms. When I got upstairs I saw that both bathroom doors and two bedroom doors were open and Marcy wasn't standing in the hallway. I might not be a Sherlock Holmes, but even I could deduce where Marcy and the guy she climbed the stairs with would be found. The only question was which of the two closed doors was Marcy behind?

I stood there trying to make up my mind and just as I decided to put my ear to one of the doors and see if I could hear anything a door opened and Charlie Smithers and his girlfriend came out. He smiled at me and said:

"Trying to find an empty bedroom for you and Marcy?"

I smiled and nodded a yes and watched as he and Donna went down the hall and then down the stairs. I shifted my attention to the other door and moved toward it, but then I stopped. It had only been a couple of minutes and if I went in right away I might catch them just sitting and talking. I needed to give them time to get into it. I was hoping like hell that it was something innocent and that the two of them were just sitting and talking and had simply come upstairs to get away from the noise of the party and have some privacy. That is what I was praying for, but the rumors of what Marcy had done on spring break coupled with the fact that she has been holding hands with the guy she had come up the stairs with didn't fill me with a whole lot of hope.

I gave it another three minutes and then I opened the door and went in. Marcy was on her back, skirt pushed up around her waist and her legs were up on the guys shoulders. He was driving into her and she was moaning:

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard."

I walked over to them and the guy saw me and didn't even slow down.

"You can have her next" he said as he pounded her cunt.

Marcy's eyes were close and I leaned down close to her ear. "Marcy baby, open your eyes and be surprised."

She opened her eyes and saw me and her face lost some of its color.

"Keep the ring Marcy. Maybe you can pawn it for enough to buy some condoms. I notice that your new boyfriend isn't wearing one and we both know that isn't safe, right?"

I turned and left the room as Marcy was crying, "Oh no, oh God no. Please don't lea..." and the closing of the door behind me cut off the rest of it.

On the way down the stairs I saw Nancy Neubert who was one of the girls Marcy had gone down to Florida with. I went over to her.

"Thanks for talking Marcy into going on spring break with you. If she had stayed here I never would have found out that she was a cheating whore."

I turned away from her and left the party.

I had to work the next day and around two Marcy came in and sat down in a booth. I refused to even acknowledge that she was there even though she was sitting in my section I refused to wait on her. I sent one of the other waiters over to her and he came back and said that she wanted me and that is why she sat in my section.

"Just tell her that if she plans on eating you are her server and that if she waits for me she is going to starve to death."

When I got off work that night I found Marcy sitting on the fender of my car. I walked by her and was unlocking the door when she slid off the fender and said:

"We need to talk Rob."

"I've already heard all I want Marcy. That "fuck me, fuck me" you were calling out to your new boyfriend came over loud and clear and said it all as far as I'm concerned."

"He isn't my new boyfriend Rob and that is what I need to talk to you about."

"Why do you need to talk to me about anything? I've already heard about the revolving door on your motel room while you were in Panama City and then the guy from last night. And given the number of times you have broken dates with me and given the number of times you just couldn't see me on a particular night I'm sure that he isn't the only one you've had since coming back from Florida. I have to even doubt that Florida was the first time. How many did you stab me in the back with before spring break? Why do you even want to talk with someone you have so little use for that you need to fuck others?"

"It isn't that way Rob and that is why we need to talk."

"I don't want to talk with you Marcy. I don't even want to look at you. Just go away and leave me alone."

"I can't leave you alone Rob. You have to hear what I say and I'm going to bug you, dog you, stalk you and haunt you until you hear me out."

I didn't think I could bear to have her hanging around all the time trying to get to me so I decided to get it over with.

"Get in the car Marcy. I'll give you ten minutes if you promise me that this is the last time I will have to look at you."

"I'll promise if that is what you really want after you hear what I have to say."

I shrugged and got in the car and reached over to unlock the door on the passenger side so she could get in. She got in and turned to face me.

"In the first place the guy last night was not my new boyfriend. You are my man Rob and you always will be."

I started to say something, but she said "No Rob. You only gave me ten minutes so you listen while I try to get it all out. When I'm done you can talk. The guy last night was just a guy I met at the party and he turned me on so I went up to the room with him. He is the third one since I came back from Florida. And yes I did go out with other guys on the nights I broke dates with you but only two of them interested me enough to take them to bed ... There was never anyone before Florida.

"I don't know what you heard about what went on during spring break, but I did not have a revolving door. There were only two. I wasn't a virgin when we met Rob, but I had only been with one guy before meeting you. He was the guy who got my cherry and he had me maybe a half dozen times after and to be honest I didn't much enjoy myself. It was like that old Peggy Lee song "Is that all there is?" You will remember that I wasn't in all that big of a hurry to let you make love to me. When I finally did it was incredible. The difference between you and John was like the difference between night and day and I went from "Ho hum, are you done yet" to wanting all you could give me.

"Things were great until I went on spring break. I honestly never intended to do what happened, but I got pretty high one night at a beach party and a really cute guy took a shot at me. He was really working at it and I was just high enough to let him keep trying. I got to thinking about what it might be like to let him get to where he wanted to go. I thought about how much different you were from John and I wondered if the guy would be different from you and John. Then I decided that you were two thousand miles away and would never know if I satisfied my curiosity so I took him to my room.

"He was different from you and John. Not better than you and in fact not near as good, but different. He was like the Energizer Bunny; he just kept on going. It was a simple fuck. A wild fuck, but just a fuck. He did me six times before he left. No tender touches, no lingering kisses, just wam, bam, wam, bam until he couldn't get it up any more. Two nights later I met another guy and he was interesting enough that I wondered what he might be like. He was different from you, John and Troy. With Barry it was size. He wasn't any longer than you, but he was as big around as a Coke can. He wasn't better than you, but he did fill me more than you, John or Troy did and it felt good, but it was nothing Earth shattering.

"Two weeks after I got back I met Harry and he came on to me and being curious after my Florida experiences I tried him on. Again different, but not better. When it was over and he was gone I laid there and thought about things. Five different guys and all different. Then I dated Ralph and he turned me on so I tried him out. Again, not Earth shattering, but different. I decided that I wanted to try an even dozen to satisfy my curiosity before I quit. There was never any doubt that I was yours. Never any doubt in my mind that you were the man I loved and wanted to spend the rest of my life with. But I did have that curiosity and I thought I could satisfy it without you ever finding out and it turns out that I was wrong, but it doesn't change the fact that I love you and you are the man I want to spend my life with."

She sat there looking at me and waiting for me to say something and after several seconds I said:

"Just what are you expecting me to say Marcy? Way to go girl? Way to satisfy your curiosity?"

"I want you to say that it doesn't matter."

"Say it doesn't matter? Are you nuts? Of course it matters."

"No I am not nuts Rob. I don't know how many girls you had before me because we have never discussed our previous sex lives, but you can't tell me that you aren't curious about other girls. I've seen you look at Sally Jenning's 40 DD chest. I've seen you watch Marsha Moss as she walks around on her long legs while wearing short skirts. Can you honestly tell me that you have never wondered what it would be like to put your head between Sally's boobs? You going to tell me that you never wondered what it would be like to titty fuck her? You've never wondered if Marsha's long legs would wrap all the way around you and hook behind you? Of course you have been curious about those two and several others besides, but you have never tried to satisfy that curiosity because you felt it wouldn't be fair to me.

"The time to satisfy your curiosity is before you stand in front of a preacher and take your wedding vows. That is all I am doing Rob. Taking advantage of still being single. All I'm saying Rob is that the time to satisfy curiosities and urges is now while we are still single. Go check out Sally's boobs or Marsha's long legs, but do it secure in the knowledge that I love you and that I am still going to marry you if you will have me. Go and play Rob and don't feel guilty about it."

"You are serious about this aren't you."

"Yes I am. I am curious and I want to satisfy that curiosity without losing you. Maybe we could set up something like maybe spend two weeks together and then two weeks apart. Just us for two or three weeks and then a couple of weeks to work on curiosity. What I am asking Rob is that you trust me. Trust me to always be yours just as you will always be mine."

She showed me her left hand. "I took your ring off Rob, but I'm still wearing it. I have it on a chain around my neck. I'm asking you to trust that one day I will hand it back to you and ask you to slip it back on my finger. Please think about it Rob. Once again, I love you and I don't ever want you to doubt that for a second."

She got out of my car and walked to hers, turned and blew me a kiss and then got in her car and drove off.

I did think about what she said and my thoughts were not all that kind. They bordered along the lines of "Fuck that unfaithful whore!" But she had made some valid observations. I had fantasized about Sally's tits and more than once I had wondered about Marsha's long legs and if they would go around me far enough for her to lock her ankles behind me. There were a lot of other girls that I would have liked to try on, but I never tried and I never would have tried because I was already spoken for. To have done anything with any of the other girls would have been cheating on Marcy and in my mind you did not cheat on the one you loved. But Marcy had cheated on me so could she really have loved me? I very much doubted it.

I probably could have bought into her first fling with Troy. I could probably have passed it off as the product of the wild party atmosphere and being high and losing control, but the second guy and the three since she had come back? No way! So I went on home feeling exactly like anyone would feel after someone they loved had broken it off in their ass.

I was sitting on the couch staring at the wall when it occurred to me that sulking and pouting were stupid. Marcy had screwed me over, but it wasn't the end of the world. I was fairly good looking and there were thousands of Sally's and Marsha's around campus. It might take me some time to get over Marcy emotionally, but it could be done. As for Marcy? Getting even, getting back at the people who screw you, is part of the human condition. It may never happen, but the desire to do it is always there and I was thinking on it when I went to bed.

The next day I was sitting in class listening to Markham drone on and on about data points and the mean, the mode and the median when it came to me. Give Marcy what she wanted. Why not? Give her the couple weeks on, couple of weeks off she wanted. Insure a steady supply of pussy while I went out and sampled the Sally's and the Marsha's and looked for Marcy's replacement. Let her feel secure and when the day came that she handed me back the ring to slip back on her finger I would laugh in her face and toss the ring into the garbage.

So that is what I did.

I called her that night and told her that I thought her plan was a good one, but only with one condition. I never wanted to see her with another man and that meant a lot of communication between us even on the weeks we were apart so we didn't end up at the same party, same dance, same restaurant or whatever. She agreed. The nice part is that I was able to use the condition against her. I knew the places she liked to go to, the people whose parties she liked to attend and I was always able to get my oar in first.

"Hi sweetie. Just wanted to let you know that I will be at David's party tomorrow night."

"Hey Marcy. Just calling to let you know I'm taking my date to Augie's for dinner tomorrow and then to The Pit for dancing."

Hopefully she would be so pissed at not being able to go to Dave's party or go dancing at The Pit that she wouldn't have all that great of a time with whoever she was with.

For the next two years that is they way things went. Two or three weeks with Marcy and then a couple of weeks playing the field. I never did get to titty fuck Sally, but Marsha could get her legs around me and lock her ankles behind my back. Anita gave great head, Bev loved it up the ass, Carol was partial to cowgirl while Steph would rather do it doggie. There were a half dozen others, some good, some not so good, but what was the saying? "I've had good and I've had bad and the worst I ever had was wonderful." The only problem I had was that it didn't matter how good the girl was she wasn't half as good as Marcy and I found myself looking forward to our weeks together.

I didn't know how Marcy was doing on our time apart, but I did get the impression that however much she dated not much sexual was happening. Her stated goal was an even dozen and she'd already had seven when she told me that. A year into our arrangement I jokingly asked her how many notches she had in her bedpost and she said:

"Still have three to go."

Only two guys in a year? I wanted to ask her what kind of selection process she had, but decided that I really didn't want to know so I kept my mouth shut.

And then Robin Atlee came on the scene and things got interesting.

Robin was extremely good looking, intelligent and witty and for some reason Robin decided that I was the one she wanted for her significant other. It was a unique experience for me. I had never been pursued before. Well maybe pursued is the wrong way to put it, but Robin came after me before I even knew who she was. I was at a party (that Marcy had wanted to go to, but I got my phone call in first) and I was leaning on the makeshift bar with a beer in my hand when this sexy looking redhead came up to me and said:

"Hi. My name is Robin."

I told her my name and then she asked me who I was at the party with and I told her I had come stag. She gave me a big smile and said:

"I'm here with a guy who is turning out to be a big doofus. I think you're cute and I need a date for tomorrow night. What do you say?"

"I guess that since I'm not totally brain dead I have to say "Would you like to go out with me tomorrow?"

We had dinner, caught a show and stopped for a drink after. When I walked her to her door she said:

"If I really like the guy Rob, I usually kiss on the first date" and she rose on her tip-toes and presented her lips to me. It was a scorcher and when we broke the kiss Robin said, "I could stand a steady diet of this. Want to try again tomorrow?"

At the end of our third date when I walked Robin to her door she turned to me and said:

"I'm a very direct woman Rob and when I see something I want I get it. I want you Rob." She opened her door, stepped inside and then turned to me and asked:


I followed her in and was still there the next morning. Happy, felling great, but exhausted and if you had asked me "What do you think Marcy is doing right now" I would probably have answered "Marcy who?" I was scheduled to work that day and for the first time ever I considered calling in sick and spending the day with Robin, but then she told me she had things to do so I sucked it up and went in to work my shift. I spent the weekend between work and Robin's bedroom and didn't see my apartment for three days.

Monday was supposed to be the start of my time with Marcy, but Robin wanted me to take her to a showing at an art gallery so when Marcy called me and asked what time I would be by I told her that I would be busy that night. There was a little silence on the other end of the line — it was the first time I had ever told her that I wouldn't be over to see her — and then she said:

"How about tomorrow?"

"I'm working tomorrow."

"Oh. I guess I can wait until Wednesday to see you."

"I'll give you a call."

"Okay baby. I love you. Bye."

Robin had me busy Wednesday so I forgot to call Marcy. Thursday after class I was scheduled to work and twenty minutes before the end of my shift Robin came in.

"I was at the library and I had Cathy drop me off here so you could drive me home."

"I don't know about that. Every time I take you home I somehow end up too tired to do much the next day."

"Poor baby. Want mommy to go easy on you?"

"I don't know if you are capable of gong easy. I just know I can't afford to fall asleep in Business Law again."

"Okay lover. I promise that I'll see to it that you get some sleep."

Friday Marcy was waiting for me in the hall when I came out of my three o'clock class.

"What's going on Rob? I haven't heard from you all week."

"Been busy Marcy."

"With the redhead I saw you with last night? I came down to the restaurant to see if you would have a drink with me when you got off work and I saw you leave with her."

"Her name is Robin and yes I have been busy with her."

"This is supposed to be our time Rob."

"Maybe so, but when I met her I couldn't very well tell her to keep me in mind and I'd call her in two or three weeks."

"I want my time Rob. You will just have to tell her that you will be busy for the next couple of weeks."

"Can't do that Marcy."

"Why not?"

"Because I like her Marcy and there just might be something there. I might want to hang on to her."

"What about me?"

"What about you Marcy? I never promised you anything. When you said that some day you would like to give me my ring back so I could slip it back on your finger I never said that I would. When you came up with your weeks on weeks off plan I said okay thinking that it just might work, but I entered into the plan knowing full well that I might meet someone else just like you might find a cock that is different enough that you might decide to keep it. You had a sure thing Marcy, but you threw it away because you were curious. You took a gamble Marcy. It is a crap shoot and so far the dice are still rolling and when they stop we will see what numbers come up; yours or someone else's."

"When am I going to see you again?"

"No idea. When I come up with a free evening I'll give you a call and if you aren't busy with your cock of the week maybe we can get together."

"Damn it Rob, that's not fair. This was never about finding someone to replace you. It was just a time out so I could satisfy my curiosity."

"Whatever. Got to run or I'll be late for my next class."

The rest of the week school, job and Robin kept me busy. Robin had an out of town family function to attend that weekend and I didn't have to work Saturday so Friday I gave Marcy a call.

"Gee Rob, you should have called sooner. I already have a date for Saturday."

"Okay sweetie. Have fun. See you around. Bye."

Saturday night I went to a part at the Delta house. Marsha of the long legs was there and when her date drank so much that he got petrified she asked me to take her home. When I left her place at eleven the next morning I hit the Village Inn for some breakfast and then headed home. Marcy's car was parked out front and when I pulled up and parked next to her car she got out and stood there waiting for me.

"I tried calling you last night. About five times. I cancelled my date so I could spend my time with you, but I could never get in touch."

I looked her right in the eye and lied to her. "It wouldn't have mattered. You said you were busy so when I hung up from talking to you I called someone else. I already had a date before you had time to cancel yours."


"None of your business Marcy. I've never asked you for the names attached to all of your cocks and I won't be telling you the names of who I see."

"Okay, okay" she said and then she asked "Since I'm here may I come in?"

Once in the apartment she immediately reached for my zipper, but I pushed her hand away and she looked hurt.

"Have you ever come to me straight from one of your cock encounters with his juices still in you or on you?"

"Jesus Rob, I would never do that."

"I won't do it to you either. You will have to wait until after I shower."

I was shampooing my hair when the shower curtain moved and Marcy got in the shower with me. "I'll do your back." Two minutes later (or maybe a little less) she was leaning against the wall bent at the waist as I took her from behind. Later in bed after another rousing romp Marcy said:

"I am not a cock hungry slut."

"I never said you were."

"Yes you have, but not directly. The other day you said "my cock of the week" and outside in the parking lot two hours ago you referred to the names attached to "all of my cocks." There have only been three since the day we talked and none of them lasted more than two days."

"Almost two years and only three? At that rate you will be forty before you get your dozen out of the way."

"I'm never going to get that dozen Rob because I've already satisfied my curiosity. The ones I've had have all been different, but not one of them was any better than any of the others and none of them satisfied me the way that you do. No more experimenting Rob."

She took the chain from around her neck and handed it to me. It had the engagement ring I had given her hanging on it and as she handed it to me she said "Please Rob?"

I looked at it for several seconds and then I handed it back to her. "I don't think so Marcy."

"Please Rob; you know that I love you."

"So what Marcy? You told me that you loved me before I gave you the ring, but your love for me didn't keep you from cheating on me. You cheated on me twice in Florida and you cheated on me after you got back from Florida. If I hadn't caught you at it you would probably still be cheating on me while all the time telling me how much you love me. I don't need that in a fiancé."

"If that is the way you feel why didn't you end it with me back then?"

"Because you are the best piece of ass I've ever had and when you came up with your weeks on weeks off plan I saw a way to keep fucking you without being tied down to you. It meant that if I didn't have any luck hooking up with another chick I had you to fall back on when it was my weeks."

"You never intended to put the ring back on me did you?"

"Nope. If it had been just that one guy — the first one — in Florida and you had confessed when you got back we could probably have worked it out, but you didn't do that. You deliberately went after the second one in Florida and then the ones here after you got back and like I said, if I hadn't caught you at Stella's party you would probably still be sneaking around behind my back trying to satisfy your so-called curiosity."

"You know that isn't so Rob. If I was doing that don't you think that there would have been more than three in two years?"

"I only have your word that it has only been three. It could be three hundred for all I know and you are saying only three so you won't look like a cock hungry slut."

"You can believe it or not Rob, but it has only been three. Damn it Rob, I love you and you know I do. There has never been anyone else who has meant anything to me. Don't chase me away."

"I'm not chasing you away Marcy, I'm just not going to marry you. You are still the best piece of ass I've ever had and you can stay around as long as you want to, but all we will ever be is fuck buddies."

"I can't change your mind if I'm not around so I guess I'll have to settle for that" and she scooted down and took my cock in her mouth.

Over the next two weeks if I wasn't with Robin I was with Marcy. Marcy wasn't at all happy about the time I spent with Robin, but she knew where she stood and she knew that her only options were to accept it or move on and I knew she wouldn't move on. I suppose I could be considered an asshole for taking advantage of her and I was taking advantage of her. I knew that she loved me. I never doubted that for a second and I knew that she would hang around till the last dog was hung trying to find a way to get me back and as long as she was hanging around I would never lack for pussy. It didn't matter what happened with other girls because Marcy would always be there to take care of my hornies.

There was only one problem. I loved the stupid bitch.

I loved her, but I had always heard and I believed that once a cheater, always a cheater and she had cheated on me.

Robin began making noises about taking our relationship to the next stage, but that was something that I was not interested in doing. Robin was a very good looking woman, was better than average in bed and a lot of fun to be with, but she wasn't the girl for me for the long haul. She'd told me way back when that what she wanted she went after and got. Robin was a "me" girl, a girl whose credo was "we are going to do this my way" and "we are going to do what I want." That was not the kind of woman I could live with so I kept ignoring her hints until one day, true to her nature, she told me to keep Saturday clear so we could go shopping for a ring.

"I'm not ready for that Robin."

"Well I am. We won't be married until we graduate, but there are a lot of things that will have to be done. I've already told my mother to start the planning. I saw just the ring I want at Zales. They open at ten on Saturdays so we can sleep in or go and have breakfast somewhere first."

"Didn't you hear what I said Robin? I'm nowhere near ready to make a decision on that."

"What's to decide Rob?"

"The decision to get married. I am nowhere near being ready to get married."

"Well I am Rob so we need to move forward on it."

I took a couple of seconds to make up my mind as what to do. Give up a damned good piece of ass or string it along a little while longer. I decided to get it over with.

"I am not ready to even consider marriage Robin, but when I am it won't be to you."

She looked stunned and then said, "Just what the fuck do you mean by that?"

"I mean that I won't ever marry you. You are too controlling and while I can put up with it as long as we date and keep company there is no way I would put up with it in a marriage. We would be at each other's throats before our first anniversary rolled around."

There was more said, but the end result was Robin storming out and slamming the door behind her.

With Robin gone I started spending more time with Marcy and she naturally assumed that it was because she was winning me back and I did not disabuse her of the notion. She worked hard trying to show me that she was mine and mine alone and by graduation she managed to convince me and I did slip the ring back on her finger. We were married a month after graduation.

The next five years flew by. We were both doing well in our chosen fields and we had the perfect marriage. It all came apart one Monday in June. I was scheduled to fly to Detroit for some contract negotiations and I was already at the airport checking in when my boss called me on my cell phone and told me to change my flight to the evening flight because he had some last minute instructions for me. He told me to meet him at the Marriott for lunch and we would go over the changes. I didn't bother to call Marcy since she was already at work and she knew I'd already left and would be gone three days.

I was having lunch with Jack and going over the last minute changes he wanted me to bring up at the Detroit meeting when something caught my eye. You could see the check in counter from where we were sitting and I saw Marcy and a man I didn't know approach the counter and minutes later they left the counter and moved to the elevators and got on one. I excused myself and went to the counter and asked the check in clerk for the names of the couple that just checked in. He started to say he couldn't do that when I showed him the fifty dollar bill.

"Is there going to be any trouble?"

"Very likely, but not here and not today."

He took the bill and slid the registration card across the counter to me. Mr. and Mrs. William Sherman is what it read. I copied down the information on the card, thanked the desk clerk and got back to my lunch with Jack. When lunch was over and Jack had finished briefing me I checked my watch and saw that I had four hours before I needed to head back to the airport. I hit the hotel gift shop and bought the latest Robert Parker novel and then took a seat in the lobby where I could watch the elevators.

I didn't get much of the novel read since I kept having to look up every time I heard the 'ding' as the elevator doors opened. My four hours was almost up and I was just getting ready to get up and abandon my vigil when the elevator doors opened and Marcy and Sherman came out. I got up and walked over to them.

"Bill Sherman?" I asked and I held out my hand. He took it to shake and I said, "Damn Bill, it has been a long time since I saw you last. This Mrs. Sherman? Did okay for yourself. Lucky dog to have such a good looking wife. Anyway, nice seeing you. Have to run. Got a plane to catch" and I walked away leaving a deathly pale Marcy and a confused William Sherman.

I didn't bother calling Marcy when I reached Detroit to let her know where I was staying or how to reach me. The meetings in Detroit went well and three days later I flew home. I got in ay ten-thirty in the evening and checked into a hotel room. The next morning I went by the office and filed Jack in on the Detroit meetings and then I took the rest of the day off. At one in the afternoon I was in the office of Morrisy Investigations talking with a Mr. William Miglio. I gave him all I had on William Sherman and told him that I wanted to know all about the man. Where he worked, was he married or engaged and any other information that might be pertinent to a divorce action. I left there and stopped at the back and closed all of our accounts and cleaned out the safe deposit box and then took everything to a different bank and opened accounts in my name only. We were a no fault state and eventually I would have to settle up with Marcy, but I would rather have the money to disperse than let her have it and trust that I might get my share from her. Then I went home.

Marcy wasn't home from work yet so I used the time to move all of my things out of the master bedroom and into one of the spare bedrooms. I went and got a beer from the fridge and then went out and sat down on the patio. It was a nice house and I loved the patio area which was surrounded by flower beds and I was going to miss it. Unless I could get Marcy to agree to let me buy her out which would probably be a hard thing to do since she loved the place as much as I did.

I was drinking my beer and watching the sunset when Marcy got home. She came out on the patio and sat down on one of the lounge chairs.

"You didn't call."

"No point to it."

"It wasn't what you thought."

"I don't want to talk about it Marcy. Just sit on whatever you have to say until Tuesday."

"Why do I have to wait until Tuesday?"

"Because I won't know what I am going to do until Tuesday."

"I don't understand."

"You don't need to."

"We need to talk now Rob. We can't let this fester any longer than it already has."

"Tuesday Marcy."

"No Rob, Tuesday is..."

I got up and walked into the house. I hadn't unpacked my bag from the trip so I grabbed it and headed for the front door.

"Where are you going Rob?"

"I said Tuesday and you won't leave it alone so I'll leave and come back Tuesday."

I left the house and checked into a motel and then I spent the weekend lying by the motel pool.

Tuesday afternoon I met with Mr. Miglio and then I headed home. Marcy either took the day off or she left work early since she was waiting for me when I got to the house. I set my bag down inside the front door and then headed for the kitchen for a beer. I opened it and sat down at the kitchen table and waited for Marcy to come in and sit down. Once she was seated I said:

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