The Competition

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2009 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: He had a deadline.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Gang Bang   .

I slammed down the phone. The conversations with Tina were getting harder and harder. Why couldn't the woman understand that I need to make the money when it's there? These out of town jobs are just as hard on me as they are on her. I want to go home and be with her on the weekends, but I can't turn down the overtime. When this winter comes and construction slows down I'm going to need the overtime I'm making now sitting in the bank to carry us through the lean time. It's a god damned no win situation. Make the overtime now and fight with Tina because she is horny and I can't get home, or go home now and have constant fights over money when the snow flies. Shit! I can't win for losing.

I slammed down the phone. The conversations with Al were getting harder and harder. Why couldn't he understand that I needed him? I needed to be held. I needed a warm body to snuggle up to at night and to cuddle with in the morning, and yes - I needed his cock, I needed it bad. How in the hell can he expect me to go from five and six times a week to zero overnight and then to go three months without hurting? Well, I've had it! I'm putting him on notice. Either he takes care of his duties as a husband or I'll find some one else who will and I don't expect that I'll have any trouble doing it. The eleven guys I work with have all hit on me at one time or another and they still come sniffing around from time to time hoping to get lucky. Al had better get his act together or one of them will. In fact I'll start the ball rolling right now with an Email.

I was on my laptop checking over some job specifications when the little box popped up telling me I had an Email. I opened it up and found a message from Tina. It was short and to the point, "If you don't come home and take care of my sexual needs I will find some one who will. Please Al, don't make me do it."

Getting all eleven of them into the lunchroom at the same time was a chore, but there they are. I guess the best way to do this is hit them with it up front, see who bails and then go from there.

"Let me see a show of hands on this. How many of you want to sleep with me?"

I'm not surprised that every hand shot up and I had to smile when I saw that three of them had raised both hands.

"Okay, let me explain it to you. My husband has been gone over three months and I'm horny as hell. I've tried to get him to come home and take care of me on the weekends but he is too busy working overtime. Yesterday I sent him an Email and told him either he comes home and takes care of business or I'll find some one else to take care of me. I'm not a big enough slut to take all of you to bed, but one of you could get lucky if you are willing to go along with me on this and play the game I've come up with. I say "could get lucky" because even if you do play the game and Al comes home to take care of business before the game is over none of you will win. I want to be totally up front about this - I am not cock teasing - one of you will get my pussy if, and only if, my husband doesn't come home and take care of me. How many of you want to play the game under those conditions?"

I was not at all surprised to see everyone's hand go up.

What the fuck is the silly bitch trying to pull? I read the Email for the third time, "Here's the deal Al. It's like the reality shows on TV, you know, The Bachelorette, The Millionaire and those kinds of shows. I'm going to start with eleven guys and then every Monday and Thursday I will eliminate one or two and if you aren't home by the time I narrow the field down to one man he will get the prize - my pussy for a whole weekend. Your choice Al, money or me." God, she couldn't be serious, could she?

"Before we start I want to get a picture of all eleven of you with me and then we will start the game. Before we do that I want you all to know that I would love to sleep with each and every one of you, but I can't. I'm just not that big of a slut. I have to narrow the field down to just one man and so I have come up with a series of competitions. Tonight every one of you will take turns dancing with me and the two worst dancers will be eliminated. Then next Monday tonight's survivors will get together for the next test. You will all get to dance with me, in rotation, as many times as you can before the band quits or the bar closes and they shut off the jukebox."

The fucking pump breaks down on me, I get two flat tires on the front-end loader and now this shit. I stared at the laptop screen at the picture of Tina surrounded by eleven assholes that know she's married and are still willing to help her fuck over me. I wonder if she really expects me to call her bluff. Well fuck her. I know she's not going to follow through, she's just not the type.

"Okay, the nine of you circle around me and let's take the picture. Tonight's competition will be to find the seven best kissers. Just kissing guys, no touchy feely stuff. Hands on my body disqualifies you. There is a time limit - you have until the bar closes. Henry, why don't you go first."

She has to be making this shit up. I know Tina and she's just not a slut. I wonder how far she intends to take this shit.

"Down to seven Al. The kissing competition eliminated the two best kissers. They both got disqualified when they broke the rules. The rule was no hands on my body, but Steve managed to get a finger in my pussy and Todd managed to get his hand under my bra. After five hours of swapping tongues I was hot enough to fuck all of them, but I didn't. I'm still hoping that you will come through for me. How about it Al? Coming home any time soon?"

"Okay guys, first the picture of the seven of you. Tonight's test is a simple one. I want each of you to tell me why you want to go to bed with me, what you plan to do to me if you get me there and just why from a purely sexual standpoint, I should chose you. I'll pick the five best and those five will met with me on Thursday for the next test."

I looked at the seven smiling faces and wanted nothing more than to be able to smash my fist in every one of them. I can't believe the shit that Tina is pulling on me.

"Number five says he is into eating pussy and will do it for hours if I want. Number three says he is hung like a horse and had tremendous staying power. Number two says he isn't all that long, but is as big around as a beer can. My pussy is dripping Al. You had better hurry up and make a decision."

"Okay guys, tonight you five get to find out that I do have a slutty side. The reason that we are doing this here in my house is that tonight's test is a little more personal than the last tests and is something that we can't do at the bar. Tonight's competition will find out two things - how much will power you have and how good you are at doing one of my favorite things. The three men best at eating my pussy will move on to the next round. The rules are simple, no hands above my waist and no hands on yourselves until after you leave here. Jerry, why don't you go first."

I can't believe it! I just can't believe it! That's our kitchen table that they are sitting around. And what the hell is this "too personal to tell you" shit?

"Down to five Al. Tonight's competition was too personal for me to talk about. All you need to know is that I picked the three best. Time is running out Al. This Thursday there will be three to chose from. That means that if you aren't home Friday, Saturday morning latest, the survivor gets his prize. I'll Email you two pictures following Thursday's competition, one of the three semi-finalists and one of the winner. Don't make me do it Al. I don't want to, but I will."

"Tonight one of you will win the right to climb in bed with me on Saturday if Al doesn't come home. I've spent a lot of time trying to come up with a good final test and this afternoon I finally decided on something that is both a test and a reward. The reward is for putting up with all the bullshit I've put you through to get to this point. You've hung in there with me all the way even knowing that Al could show up and rob you of your prize. I showed you that I had a slutty side on Monday when I let you eat my pussy. Well, tonight the slutty side of me is going to take over again. Tonight I am going to suck your cocks. I'm good at it and I think you will enjoy it. The competition will be to see who can hold off coming the longest. I'll do Danny first and then you Paul and Matt will go last. Ready for the picture?"

The bitch has gone too far this time. What the fuck is she trying to prove here anyway? I've known all along that she is just trying to yank my chain with all of that phony bullshit about kissing contests and picking the best dancers and shit like that, but this is too much. Where does she get off sending me a picture of three guys sitting naked on my living room couch? Christ! Could she really mean it? Is she really going to do this thing?

"Al baby, just look at those three marvelous cocks. They could have had me tonight Al, every one of them. I'm so horny that if even one of them had made a move I'd have done them all. One of them will be in me Saturday if you are not here. I'm not going to tell you what tonight's competition is other than to say I'm not going to go eeny, meeny, miney moe. I'll be telling the two losers who they are in about an hour and then I'll send you a picture of the man who will be fucking me on Saturday if you aren't here."

Jesus, I've never had an hour go by so fucking slow. There it is, the "You have mail" message." Oh fuck! She means it. She really is going to do it. Why else would she send me pictures like this. Look at that arrogant bastard lying naked on my bed with his cock sticking up in the air and staring smugly at the camera. And that one - how can she do this to me? What have I ever done to her that she could do this to me? I can't believe that she could send me a picture of her with another man's cock in her hand.

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