The Silent Treatment

by Chris Anderson

Copyright© 2009 by Chris Anderson

Incest Sex Story: A silent surprise after a hard day. (Formerly Time To Unwind chapter 1 This story has been reformatted and a "Time To Unwind Universe" created)

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Incest   Uncle   Niece   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   .

It was a hot and humid afternoon at work. I worked late into the evening as usual, squeezing in every bit of productivity I could. When quitting' time came around I was ready to go home, take a hot shower and unwind a bit.

I walked into the quiet house kicking off my shoes in the living room, though I knew it would get the wife nagging' again. A man's home may be his castle, but it was clear who the queen was around here. I closed the bedroom door and began to shed my sweaty clothes as I walked into the master bath. There she was, leaning against the counter top, that sexy sly grin speaking volumes, though she said not one word.

She quietly crossed the spacious bathroom, her eyes watching mine as she moved with the utmost of sexual prowess, slowly reaching into the shower and turning on the hot water. I watched as the streams splashed off her hand and rivulets of the moisture traveled to her elbow and dripped to the bath mat. She adjusted the water temperature, as I removed my shirt and began taking my work soiled blue jeans off. Approaching me, she reached out and traced a finger around my right nipple, scratching across it with a long red painted fingernail. The sensations sparked a fire in me and my cock began to twitch to life.

She smiled at me as I undressed fully, my cock standing half hard, pointing toward her as if indicating its desire for her body. She blinked very slowly and just looked at my hardening manhood, licking her lips slightly, the finger she had teased my nipple with was now being sucked gently between her bright red lip-sticked lips. I knew that what her lips would appreciate was a hard clean cock, so I stepped towards the shower as I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek and then down her jaw line to her neck. Her soft hand gently grasped my cock, sliding over the length of it with a firm squeeze, as a needy groan escaped my throat.

I stepped into the shower and let the steamy water begin to work its magic on me. Soaping my body and washing my hair, I closed my eyes and wished for a moment that she would join me, though I knew the motions of this game well. I looked at her blurred form through the glass shower door and as if on cue, I watched as she leaned back against the counter across from the shower. Her hands slid over her shoulders, sliding the straps of her thin top down her arms. I could see the flesh of her beautiful pert breasts being exposed slowly and my now fully hard cock began to throb with need as I watched her blurred form, caressing her breasts and teasing her nipples.

Soft moans were flowing from her as she worked her right hand down over her flat stomach, pushing under the elastic of her shorts. My hand found my soapy cock and began to slowly stroke it with firm pressure. I removed the shower wand from its mount and set it to massage. The hot water began to pulse out against my chest and I directed the flow to my left nipple as I watched her left hand squeeze and pull on her right breast and nipple. I could see the tell-tale quickening movements of the hand beneath her shorts, and hear her whimpers of pleasure as she plunged her fingers into what was sure to be a soaking wet pussy.

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