I'm Gonna Get You

by dangerouslydead

Copyright© 2009 by dangerouslydead

Drama Story: How things unfold for a wronged man the woman who wronged him.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Humor   Cheating   Cuckold   Slow   Caution  

This is a bit of everything and bit of nothing. This is my tribute to all the "subtle" revenge stories that I have read in Cheating Wife genre. This may be considered a spoof or it can be a straight read, depending on your interpretation. This is written in the format of a diary and the diary is written everyday around noon recounting whatever happened since noon last day to noon today. It is also nearly my longest work since Deeds. Thanks, please do write!!

Day 1

All of a sudden he has vanished. My wife is not talking about her boss at all. From being the guy with all the answers and all the funny jokes, he has vanished and I am a little worried. I am worried that something has changed. I am suspecting infidelity, mind you. I have been married to her for 10 years and they have been happy years for us. We never had any children because of a medical problem that she has. I am quite content to live my life with her even if it is without a child.

So here I am, James Marcus Sims, a 36 year old businessman thinking about my wife Amanda Sims, a 32 year old accountant. What could have transpired that brought about his disappearance from her conversations? I have met Mark O'Brian, the slimy bastard once and took an instant disliking to him. He is what can best be described as a used car salesman. He always speaks what you want to hear but never gives you the right feeling. He danced with every female at that party except my wife. My wife, however, always stole a glance towards him. He did not so much as look in her direction all night.

How can that be suspicious? From all the stories that Mandy told me I had come to believe that they were great friends. In fact the stories continued after that night at the party too. Their behavior felt a little strange and I decided to keep an eye out for trouble. Two people who get along so well with each other do not ignore each other the way that they did during that party.

Why am I making this entry today? Because today is when my plan gets into action. For the want of a more imaginative title I have dubbed this plan "Plan Truth". Bland? Maybe, but it is the truth.

Day 2

I have finally been able to install the voice activated recorder in her purse. It is a very small microphone and the recorder is in the trunk of her car. It is good for a distance of 100 meters. There is a micro recorder in the laptop bag at a place where it will be very hard to find. Now, all I have to do is to wait for my suspicions to be confirmed.

The landlines in the house are also bugged and all the calls will be recorded. It is not cheap to get these equipment but I am hoping it will be cheaper than getting screwed over in a divorce.

Last night I brought up Mark's name and asked how he was doing. She gave me a short answer that just told me that he was alive. Something about her body language while giving that answer did not feel right. Her body stiffened.

This morning there was a story about a man who had suicide after finding out that his wife was cheating will all his poker buddies. I brought the story up and commented that had it been me I would have castrated the cuckolding bastards instead. She did not respond to my comment at all. I am sure it must have gotten her thinking about the possibility of being caught and my reaction.

Day 3

It was Saturday and our Saturday ritual is to sit down in the evening and watch a movie together. Generally we watch a chick flick like Sleepless in Seattle and make love afterwards. I know it is a bit banal but this is what it is. Today I picked up a different movie altogether. I picked up a Pierce Brosnan flick "Butterfly on the wheel". The story is about a man seeking revenge on his cheating wife. I enjoyed the movie but she did not. Our Saturday night sex was a non starter today.

It is quite satisfying to see her squirm. Tomorrow when she goes off to play tennis I will retrieve the recordings and give them a go over. I have already taken the recorder out of the car.

Day 4

I am sure that you are anxious to find out what was on the tapes and if I was correct in my mistrust. Well, I was. She called up her best friend Jackie today and discussed her last love making session with Mark in detail. Apparently he was privy to her backdoor which I was denied all these years. Also, Mark had an extra long, extra thick dick that reached her at places that mine could not.

It was not pretty hearing about how inept a lover I was but I had to do it. I also found out that she found me boring. Surprisingly the Pierce Brosnan movie did not feature in her conversation. This meant that she has not started connecting the dots. In her defense, I have not made enough dots to paint a picture with.

I also found out that Jackie was a cheater too. She has been sleeping with her colleague for last one year. I was unable to find the length of Mandy's affair. Now, I had to up my surveillance.

And yes, the car recorder had caught her lovemaking session in her office. Since her office is in a secluded corner of the office it must be easier to fuck there. They were constantly talking during the sex session and most of it was just thrashing me and my manhood. I am not insecure about my ability to satisfy women in bed so I am alright but a lesser mortal may have broken down by the constant barrage of insults that the two piled on me. Well, not the perfect Sunday but at least she did not screw him today!!

Day 5

Yesterday night I refused sex for the first time in many years. I just told her that I was not in the mood. She was shocked but I don't think she will kill herself over it. When she asked me if anything was wrong I told her that I was not entirely satisfied with our sex life and would discuss things with her as soon as I could put my finger on the root cause of this dissatisfaction. I could see apprehension on her face. I have been living in doubt for a long time in this marriage and it would do no harm to make her taste the uncertainty.

In the morning today I got up before her and deliberately made only one cup of coffee and I was drinking it when she came down. She went to the coffee pot to pour a cup only to find it empty. She asked me why I made just one cup of coffee and I replied I was not sure if she was still drinking coffee or if she had switched to tea. Mark O'Brien is a fall-off of the British invasion. His parents were from England and although he was born and brought up in the states he still acts and drinks like a Brit. My dig at tea was a direct reference to Mark without naming him.

Today when I retrieved the recorder from her car it had a conversation she had with Jackie where she said that I was making digs about Mark and also that I refused sex last night. She is getting worried and it won't be long before she will try to do something about it. I am going to have a nice sleep tonight no doubt she will attempt sex again but she did give him a blow job today.

Day 6

I have to admit things are working out much better than I anticipated. Last night she tried to initiate sex again and I told her I was too tired to try it. However, I did tell her that I could use a blowjob. I remember Mark calling her suck machine on the recording and just as she was sucking me I said "That's like a good sucking pump" I changed the phrase just enough to give her a startle but nothing to connect the dots on the spot. She went on sucking me but I could feel her body stiffening a little. Despite my status as a cuckold I was having real fun in a long long time. I guess it was nice to see her squirm.

Now, I had to do something to break up the happy couple. Not before I got some proof, though. Then again, why bother as mine is a no fault state. All I could really hope was a nice public spectacle of the two and by Jove I was going to get that. I left the home early and while leaving I told her that I would be delayed while coming home. Something has to be done fast. As much as I am enjoying this, I need to move on with my life sans my wife.

Day 7

Yesterday I arrived home and visibly upset. I entered the house and asked Mandy to come in the living room as we needed to talk. I poured myself a stiff Jack and did not bother to ask her if she needed a drink. When we were seated I asked her of anything was wrong with our relationship. I also asked her if I was still able to satisfy her in bed. She asked why I was asking such absurd questions and I told her that I received an anonymous call at my office today which said that I should perform better in bed because I was obiviously not taking care of her between the sheets.

She flew off the handle accusing me of doubting her fidelity and how I did not have enough faith in her. When her verbal diarrhea stopped I asked her if there was something I should know and that question started another round of abuse. She stormed out of the room and closeted herself in the bedroom. I knocked on the bedroom door and she asked what I wanted. Just to piss her off further I asked her if I should buy the blue pill I was not man enough for her bed anymore. She asked me to shove the blue pill someplace where the sun never shines and that it would be a cold day in hell before we would make love again.

I checked the bedroom recorder after she left for office in the morning and no surprise that she made a call, but this time not to Jackie, rather to Mr. Asshole himself. She told him about the phone call that I had received and told him that she would have to cancel the plan of a weekend together because I was getting suspicious. After a few minutes of referring to me by every adjective refused by the webster's dictionary she told him that she loved him and put the phone down.

As I sit in the office right now, she is perhaps fucking him or sucking him in her office. Tonight is going to another interesting night.

Day 8

I have vowed to keep on bugging her till she becomes even wearier of me than she already is. She was late in coming home and went to the bathroom as soon as she arrived. I made a quick trip to her car and heard the recording of the last hour and found out that she had been to Riley's Bar after office with Mark.

As soon as she came down I said that I had received a call at home about an hour ago saying that she was with her boyfriend in Riley's Bar and only because I believed her, I did not go and check. She was a little startled at the mention of Riley's Bar but seemed relieved when I said that I trusted her. She came to me and said that it was nice that I trusted her but she wanted me to say that to the prankster who was calling me and put an end to it.

I told her that the prankster was a woman and had a strange southern accent with a lisp. Now, this was significant news for Mandy. Jackie, the apple of her eye, had a lisp. While her accent was not southern, but that could be a part of her voice disguise. We ate dinner in silence and retired to the bedroom. She tried to initiate sex as a show that had forgiven me for last night but I said that I was rattled by the prankster and did not feel like it.

Day 9

The morning was uneventful as neither of us had to go to the office today. It was one of those rare holidays that fell on a Friday. This means three days of weekend and three days of screwing with her head. The first thing I did in the morning was to call over a few friends for a barbeque. Jackie and husband were also invited. It was a full house and we had lots of fun. Of course Jackie and Mandy went upstairs to the bedroom and came down about 15 minutes later looking visibly upset. Jackie kept on looking in my direction with glaring eyes and I took the opportunity to take her Husband Richard aside and talk to him about a potential of investment that was coming up. For anyone who was not within earshot it would look like a very serious discussion going on. I acted a little more animated and saw Jackie and Mandy looking in our direction all the time.

After everyone left we went about putting the house in order again. Mandy casually asked me what the discussion with Richard was all about. I said that we were just talking about the weather. Yeah, like anyone really talked about weather. She laughed and asked me if it was something that I wanted to keep from her. I acted as if it was the secret of the Maltese Falcon that was entrusted on me, but then I told her that Richard was suspicious that Jackie was sleeping with her colleague Daniel. I already knew that she was and this revelation meant that Jackie was in eminent danger. I also know that even if Mandy will tell Jackie about our conversation, Jackie was in no position to confront Richard.

All in all it was a successful day of screwing with the serenity of her life. I acted tired from all the barbeque action and went to sleep without having to dip my pen in a public inkpot.

Day 10

It was Saturday and movie night again. I picked the movie that we saw on our first date — Addicted to love. Somehow it is fitting that this should also be our last movie together. I was going to let the shit fly sky high on Monday. After the movie she wanted to have a little nookie and I gave in. I made the last fuckfest memorable. We did everything possible and then some. We went to bed exhausted and it was a good night's sleep.

Day 11

Sunday was spent in doing things that would bring troubled times for Mandy and Mark. I have often wondered how little it takes to start a good gossip rolling. With the help of my techno-wiz friend Rick I sent out 300 untraceable emails giving details of her affair to all her business contacts. All the contacts were obtained from her laptop and they were just to start a bit of rumor flowing. With no tangible evidence I had no means of sending out pictures or videos but adverse publicity of any kind would cause trouble. All these emails would be opened Monday and there will be some interesting calls to Mandy and Mark.

I took Mandy out in the evening and had a nice romantic dinner at a very expensive restaurant. I also asked her to get some vacation time soon so that we could take a few days off to the Bahamas. When she tried to have sex in the night I said that I was more interested in just lying down together and having some quality romantic time. We talked about all the little things that we did when we first met. How I would bring her cheap but heartfelt gift, how she would wear my t shirt and nothing underneath while cooking so that I would jump her bone then and there. We talked about the child we could never have and also about the dreams we had of growing old together. Heck, I felt a little nostalgic knowing that we would be separated by the weekend.

I do not when sleep overtook us but when we woke up we were still holding each other within an inch of our lives. She kissed me lightly and I was confused for a moment because I could see love in her eyes. Yes, love! So, now as I sit in the office I do not know what to make of her display of affection today. Not that it makes much of a difference.

Day 12

When I reached home she was already there. This was not surprising. I am sure that the calls from her business friends must have caused her to run away from the office. I wanted so badly to check the recording but it had to wait. I was cheerful knowing that she was not and plopped in the chair opposite her and brought out a bunch of fliers about vacation in Bahamas and asked her if she had started planning for a vacation. She was a little distant and skipped dinner to go to bed early. I went and checked the recording from her car recorder and found that she had received no less than 50 calls within first three hours of being in the office and to each she had replied that it must a competitor trying to throw muck on them and that she was happily married woman who found any such insinuation offensive.

Around lunch time Mark came to her office and they had a heated argument about who had sent the email and why. They said that it had to be the same person who had called me. Mandy was worried what would happen if I came to know about it and Mark was worried how his wife would react to such a rumor. Before Mandy left the office she sent out a blanked email to all her business associates telling them to ignore the email because it was sent by one of the competitor in order to malign the business.

After reaching home she had called Jackie and asked her if she knew anything about the email. Jackie has a cute way putting five dots after her name in the signature of her email and the signature of the email from the prankster also had a similar five dot pattern after signature. She shouted a lot on Jackie telling her that she was the only one apart from her and Mike who knew about the affair. I could not hear what Jackie said but something said by her seemed to calm Mandy and she started crying saying she had no idea what she was supposed to do now. She also said that I was planning for a holiday and things were looking up in her marriage. Thankfully, this was one call in which I was not referred by R-rated adjectives.

I went up to the bedroom and although by her breathing pattern I could sense that she was awake, she pretended to be asleep and I let her go. I gently joined her in the bed and told her that although she was sleeping I wanted to tell her how much I loved her and how thankful I was to god each day that she was my wife. Then a minute or two of her praise and my undying devotion to her to make her feel even shittier than she was right now and for her to see what she was missing once we separated in two days.

Day 13

Yesterday a mail went out to Mark and it carried some key words like "suck machine" and "volcano tits", some of the words that he used while banging my wife. The email asked him to resign before the day was through otherwise all the recordings form Mandy's office would be distributed to the people who had received the mail on Monday. It also threatened that the recordings would be sent to his and her spouses too. His resignation would ensure that the whole game stopped at once. There was a not in the mail which said that this was a non-negotiable condition and if his resignation was not sent by the day end the threat would be carried out.

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