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Drama Story: No likable character in the story. Only cheating and no forgiveness.

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This play does not go anywhere. It is at best a snapshot of how things ended. None of the characters like particularly likeable and morality and humanity of each of these characters is under question. Barring our heroine who forgives herself for everything, none of the characters have a forgiving bone in their body. In all — a story with no redeeming value or likeable characters. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Andrew Martin — A 35 year old attorney

Donna Stains-Martin — A 32 year old attractive woman, wife of Andrew

Sam Spade — A 36 year old Stockbroker, boss of Donna

William Stains — 56 year old father of Donna

Martha Stains — 52 year old mother of Donna

Donald Martin — 60 year old widower father of Andrew, a retired judge.

Act 1

[The sitting room at the Martin's. A beautifully decorated room where Andrew is sitting with his wife, her parents and his father.]

Donald — [coughs and looks at all present before speaking] I am sure that all of you must be surprised that I have called this meeting. It is a very important matter that has come to my notice and affects all of us. I am not sure how to go about this so I will come right to the point. Judge Harlen, a dear friend of mine called me up a week ago and told me that he saw Andrew going into a motel with a strange woman. He was having his breakfast at the diner across the street with his fishing buddies. Andrew stayed in that room close to an hour with the woman. Do you deny this Andrew?

Andrew — [getting up and lighting a cigarette] I neither deny nor accept this. Before you take things any further I must protest the way in which you are conducting this inquisition. Bill has a weak heart and I am sure that you, as his best friend, must take that into consideration before throwing him in this tense situation. Furthermore, it is matter between my wife and I. I have never interfered with any of your personal lives and I refuse to give you access to my private life.

William — Don has briefed me on the situation. In fact he came to me right after his talk with Harlen. Just to put or minds at rest we had you followed over the last week. We found that you engaged tow women from a certain escort service and spent time with them. As a concerned father I am taking steps to safeguard my daughter against such blatant infidelity on your part.

Donna — [calmly, yet emphatically] I am aware of my husband's extra marital activities and I will again say what Andy has already told you — keep out of the matter. It is our lives and we can choose to live it the way we want.

Martha — And what about Clive, your son? Will he not be affected by his father's low life activities?

[Donna gets up and walks around the room.]

Donald — If you are taking this in your stride because of the child — Don't. The court will grant you the custody no matter what. I will make sure of that. I am ashamed to even call Andrew my son. How can he go outside his marriage and then speak indignantly in front of me. [Throwing up his hands] It is your marriage and your life though. So, I will retreat and not bring this up again. My only request is that Andrew keep no contact with me this day on. I am putting this in my will that he is hereby forbidden to even to come to my services.

[Andrew gets up and walks up to Donna and speaks in a hushed tone]

Andrew - Now, this has gone far enough. Are you telling them or should I?

Donna — [nervous and distraught] But it will kill my father.

Andrew — And it is killing my father. If I have to chose between my father and your, I will chose mine.

Donna — Are you ready to be a part-time father to Clive? This will end in a divorce and we are a no-fault state.

Andrew — You have hung Clive as a sword on my head for the last two years and I am tired of this charade.

[Andrew turns towards the parents and sighs audibly]

Andrew — [Addressing the parents] Donna will tell you something that will make the matters clear why I was with a prostitute instead of my wife.

[All eyes turn towards Donna who is looking pale and unsure]

Donald — [with the kindness of a sage in his eyes] Don't be afraid child. You know I love you as much as Bill does, if not more.

Donna — That is what will make the whole deal even more difficult. But here it is for all its worth. Andrew was with a prostitute because we have not made love in the last two years. Andrew refused to make love to me the day he found out about my affair with my boss Sam. He has not divorced me because he is afraid of losing touch with his son.

[The faces in the room turned towards Andy who was sitting in a corner holding his head in his hand.]

Donald — I am sorry, son. I should have taken time to investigate the matter further.

Andrew — [shouting] No, what you should have done was to keep your nose where it belonged. Now, I cannot possibly live in this marriage and my relationship with my son will go down the drains. All my sacrifices for the last two years have come to a naught. What am I supposed to do now?

[Saying that Andrew walked out of the room and left Donna to deal with a handful of irate and shocked parents]

Act 2

[In the plush office of Sam, where Sam and Donna are sitting and talking]

Donna — I am sure that Andy will divorce me now. I want you to divorce your wife and set up household with me. Oh god, what am I supposed to do?

Sam — Tell me what happened after Andrew left the room.

Donna — I was left alone to fend for myself. While Don was quite and subdued after the revelation, my parents tore into me. They have denied me access to any money that I might have inherited from them. They told me that they would leave everything for Clive in a trust and make Andrew the executioner of the trust. I do not rue the loss of money but they asked me to lose their number.

[As Donna sobbs Sam gets up and walks to the large window that looks out in the parking lot.]

Sam — I am not in a position to leave my wife and you know it. My son has special needs and I cannot abandon them. I do love you but I was clear from the beginning, right since the time you started chasing me, that I will never leave them. My wife knows about you and has spoken to me time and again to end this and come back to her. I was looking at the possibility of ending this affair and both of us returning to our spouses, but that is not going to happen. If I know your husband even a little, he will not sue the company or create a ruckus. He is much too mild mannered for this. However, he will divorce now that things are in the open. I was never able to understand his rationale in staying with you knowing well that you were devoted more to me than to him. Can you convince him that you will be with him and only him from now on.

Donna — We have not slept in the same bed in the last two years. Unlike yours, my marriage is already dead. There is nothing to convince and nothing to salvage. He has been engaging prostitutes for his sexual needs and knowing how he believes in the sanctity of marriage vows it must have broken his heart to get in bed with someone else.

[Sam looks at her and bows his head before speaking]

Sam — I sometimes wish I had his conviction. Had it not been for the sexual prudeness of my wife, I would have been faithful for her but missionary style for 15 years had me on edges. You were young, beautiful and interested in me. I do not regret, do not get me wrong. I only wish it was easier to snap my ties with my wife and live on with you but it is not so. So, what is the plan apart from my divorce?

Donna — I will have to take the divorce in my stride and move on. I will have to change my job because it will be awkward working with you after this.

[There is a knock on the door and Sam's secretary walks in.]

Sam — yes, what is it?

Secretary — There is a man here to see you and Donna.

Sam — Who is it?

Secretary — He says its personal and he will give details only to you.

Sam — Send him in.

[A man enters the office. He is modestly dressed and is carrying a briefcase in his hand.]

Sam — Yes, what can I do for you?

Man — [handing him a document] You are hereby served for alienation of affection suit by Mr. Andrew Martin. The card of Mr. Martin's lawyer is also with the documents. [turning to Donna and giving her a bunch of documents] You are also served with divorce papers. Have a nice day.

[As the man exits, Sam starts reading the paper as does Donna]

Sam — He is going after with vindictiveness quite unlike his meek personality. He is suing me for an outrageous amount.

Donna — His terms of divorce is also quite harsh he is asking for a 75-25 split in assets with primary custody of the child and no alimony. The child support is generous but if he gets the custody I will be paying him!!

[Donna picks up her phone and dials the number of her husband]

Donna — What is this? Alienation of affection? 75-25 split? What has gotten into you? We have been civil with each other for the last two years and there is no need for such animosity now. You did not get angry when it could have mattered and now you are acting up. We need to have a talk about this.

[Donna listens quietly as Andrew speaks on the phone and then puts the phone down]

Sam — What did he say?

Donna — He said he would read the papers and get back to me. He said the papers were drawn by my dad and he was asked to sign it without reading it by my dad. He said he had no idea that my dad was going after me tooth nail and hammer. What is going on? Why is my dad doing this? I need to talk to him.

Sam — Your dad is rich and influential enough to make all this come true. When he was still active it was said that he was the most ruthless businessman that the town had ever seen. There were talks about the whole judiciary being his pocket but I thought it was farfetched. If he can pull these two law suits through the way he has outlined in these documents we are going to be on street with not a pot to piss in.

[As the scene ends we can see Sam and Donna looking defeated]

Act 3

[We are back in the living room of the Martins. Andrew and Donna are sitting there with their parents]

Donna — I will fight this divorce till kingdom cometh. I am being shortchanged. I am ready to take a 50:50 split with joint custody and no alimony and no child support but this is murdering me.

Andrew — Bill, I am all for punishing Donna but this is taking things a little too far. I read the alienation of affection suit and it will destroy Sam's business. He still has support his wife and Son. His son is autistic and needs special attention. I will not be able to sleep peacefully if I do that. I think if you want to symbolize a punishment for Donna make it 60:40 split. I am sure that she will need the money because she has told me that she is leaving her job.

Bill — Do you have any idea how much Donna was making for the last 4 years and where has that money gone? You are a good provider and you never felt the need to look at her income. She has been hoarding money for this eventuality ever since the affair began. So, all the money that she will need, she has. Again, I am not doing this to punish either of them. I am doing what is fair. If you were anyone else, I would have been more understanding towards Donna but you are the most decent, most god-fearing man I know of. What she has done to you is beyond contempt. If it were the old West, I would have slaughtered her in town square just to make an example of her. I will never be able to look into the eyes of Don or you, two of the closest people I have in my life and it is because my daughter thought it was alright to take a lover without getting a divorce.

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