Curiosity and the Pavel Sisters

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2009 by Just Plain Bob

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Sitting at the dinner table with my wife Vivian, her sister Valerie and Valerie's husband Bill I thought again what I had been thinking for years — God but would I love to fuck Valerie. I could even remember the exact time and place that I'd had that thought. It was on my wedding night about two minutes after Vivian and I had consummated our marriage. Sick? Probably, but the circumstances were not necessarily normal.

Vivian and Valerie are identical twins, identical in every way. They walk the same, they talk the same, their mannerisms are the same and not even their parents could tell them apart. It was easy enough when they were young because the parents had some control then, they could dress them differently, put different colored ribbons in their hair and even cut their hair differently. But once the twins were old enough to realize what a unique situation they were in they began to play mind games with the world. They began to dress the same; they wore their hair the same and they did everything that they could to make sure that no one could tell them apart. Once they reached that point the fun began.

Their big thing was to double date and two or three times during the course of the evening they would get up to use the bathroom, come back and switch dates. If you went out with Valerie during the course of the evening your date would be Valerie, Vivian, Valerie, Vivian and so on. Even when it wasn't a double date the two girls still screwed you over. You could make a date with Vivian, but you would never know if it was Vivian you picked up or Valerie. At the end of the date you would take her home and say, "Thanks Viv, I had a great time" and she would giggle and say, "I'm not Vivian, I'm Valerie."

It drove the guys crazy and the two girls thought that it was great fun, but the great time they were having came to an abrupt end when the guys finally got fed up and said, "Fuck this shit!" and stopped asking the girls out.

And so it came to pass that at senior prom time the two best looking girls in school didn't have, and couldn't get, any one to take them.

In addition to having dated one or the other at one time or another I was also their neighbor. I lived just across the street from them and had for twelve years with the result being that in growing up with them and playing with them as kids I ended up being the butt of their pranks more than any other guy in town. In fact, I was one of the first guys to turn away from them. Five days before the senior prom my date had a death in the family and she and her parents headed back East for the funeral and I decided that rather than go to the prom alone I would just skip it.

Three days before the prom I came home from my part-time job of bagging groceries at the local market to find my father and Mr. Pavel, Val and Vic's dad, sitting at the kitchen table. I was invited to join them and Mr. Pavel said, "I have a problem and you are the only one I know well enough to ask about it. Neither Viv or Val has a date for the senior prom and knowing that they won't be going unless it is with each other is driving them crazy. That in turn is making my wife a basket case. What I can't understand is that they are beautiful girls and they have always been popular. I don't understand it. Do you know what is going on?"

I was hesitant to say anything, but then my dad spoke up, "He's here for help son. If you know anything that can help him you need to tell him."

So I told Mr. Pavel what the problem was and how it came to be.

"I knew that they liked to play games with their uniqueness, but I didn't realize that they had taken it that far. So the bottom line is that they won't be going to the prom, at least not with dates?"

"I'm afraid so," I said and started to get up and leave and then my dad said, "What are you going to do about the prom?"

"Nothing. Pam won't be back from Cleveland until after."

"So you don't have a date?"

I could see where he was going and I quickly said, "I really didn't want to go anyway. I was only going to keep Pam happy." I started to get back up again and my dad told me to sit back down.

"You have a chance to do a good turn here and help out Mr. and Mrs. Pavel."

"No dad. I will not be a party to any more of their stupid little games. I've had enough of them. Besides, which one would I ask? Whichever one it was would still leave the other one without a date."

"So take them both" was the answer I got.

"No! The two of them have screwed over me ever since they were old enough to figure out how to make their appearance work for them. It is about time that the two of them pay a price for all the grief they have caused."

That wasn't the end of it of course. Mr. Pavel didn't say anything, but my dad beat on me until I finally surrendered and I agreed to ask both of them to the prom.

That was a trip. That evening I went across the street and rang the Pavel's doorbell. Mrs. Pavel came to the door and I asked to see Vivian and Valerie. They came into the living room and I said, "You probably already know that Pam had to leave town to attend a funeral so I'm without a date for the prom. I came over to see if you might be interested in going with me."

They looked at each other and then one of them said, "Which one of us are you asking?"

"I was thinking more along the lines of both of you."

"You're joking."

"No I'm not. Think about it. Think of all the times I took one of you out and brought the other one home. Think of all the times I never knew which one of you I was with. This time I still may not know who is who, but at least I can be sure of whom I'm with."

We created quite a stir at the prom especially when I danced with both of then at the same time, which I did several times that night. We were also the only ones who arrived in a limousine (courtesy of Mr. Pavel). We hit several parties after the prom and while I never did know for sure which one I was with at any one particular time it didn't seem to matter since the bottom line was that they were both with me.

Naturally the two of them were not going to pass up a chance at creating a little mischief so as we sipped beer and got a little loose the two of them started playing. One of them got me in a corner and started necking with me. Things were getting a little steamy before we broke and came up for air. Five minutes later I was back in the corner and doing it again, but with the same one, or her sister? I didn't know and no one else there knew either and Vivian and Val played it up to the hilt.

"Your sister seems to have the hots for Rob tonight."

"Oh yeah. Valerie has always had a thing for Rob."

Some one else said, "Val better cool it. If things get any steamier in that corner Rob is going to start undressing her.

"I'm Valerie, that's Vivian."

By the time we were headed home in the back of the limousine everyone at the party thought that I was a stud to be handling both of the Pavel sisters. But was I? Was it Val all the time or was it Viv? Or was it both of them taking turns? I didn't know, only the girls did. The only thing that I knew was when I got them home and they kissed me goodnight I could not tell the difference. The only thing I knew for sure about that night is that it was that night that started me down the aisle with Vivian.

The next day one of the Pavel girls knocked on my door. I opened the door and she smiled at me and said, "May I come in?"

"And which one of the lovely Pavel girls wishes admittance?"

"I'm Vivian."

I stepped aside and waved her in and she sat down on the couch and said, "I just came over to thank you for what you did for Val and me. Neither of us would have gone to the prom except for you. It was a sweet thing for you to do and I'd like to show my appreciation by taking you out Saturday night."

She saw the look that came over my face and she laughed, "Just you and me Rob. No double date."

That started the romance. We went steady for the rest of high school and the first year and a half of college. We became engaged and three months after graduation we were married. Two minutes after I dropped next to Vivian on the bed, totally exhausted, I was staring up at the ceiling and wondering what it would be like to fuck her sister Valerie.

Hey, it was her own fault. She and Valerie were the ones always playing games before we started going steady. They walked and talked alike, they dressed alike and you couldn't tell which was which when you necked with them, so would they make love the same? Would they make the same sounds, clutch and grab at you the same way? Would their, "Oh yes, oh god yes, oh fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee" sound the same or be totally different? I had no way of knowing and even though the question was always on my mind every time I saw Valerie I knew that I would never know.

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