Divorce Celebration Party

by Winterfrog

Copyright© 2009 by Winterfrog

Erotica Sex Story: She envied her newly divorced friend and got involved in stupid matters.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   .

Many thanks to Dennis for the editing of this story

My pretty common-law wife, Helene, was wearing a sexy dress with a short skirt, which gave a good view of her nice legs. She was standing in the kitchen waiting for a taxi taking her to a "Divorce Celebrating Party" held by a Jenny, one of her best friends. Divorce party sounded as a strange event in our Scandinavian town that is why I asked her, "Why this sexy outfit for that stupid party. Please don't collect any foolish ideas for your own divorce party there."

Away she went and the next time I saw her was slight after half past two in the morning when she was back. I pretended to sleep and could hear that she after undressing in the bathroom fell down on the bed and was a sleep in a minute.

I knew that the bar where Jenny held her stupid party always closed at one o'clock, that was why it was obvious Helene had been somewhere else at least for one hour, probably longer if she had left the bar earlier. That got me suspicious. I waited a few minutes to be sure that she was sleeping before I went to the bathroom where her clothes were thrown in a pile. I found her panties, which looked soiled in the crotch. That was why I took them from the pile for further investigation later on. I also noted that there was only one of her expensive eardrops on a shelf.

During the breakfast Helene looked a little worn out but said she was fine. When I asked her about the party she replied, "Rather boring with not many people at the bar. Short of guys for dancing; I danced only a few times and was home rather early I think".

What a shameless lying bitch. Now I was almost sure that she had fucked somebody during the night and lost her eardrop while fucking. A friend of mine had trapped his cheating wife by finding traces of semen in her panties with the help of a detector kit he had bought from a mail-order company. A phone call to him and his kit was used again after the work.

As I suspected, we found trace of semen in Helene's panties and she had obviously been fucked during the divorce party.

It was a sad day for me. All my plans for a marriage and a happy future with Helen had to be cancelled. I really hated cheating because of painful experiences in the past. My first wife had an affair with a married fellow worker less than one year after the wedding and our divorce was terrible mess.

To my great luck I had met Helene, a single mom who had been dumped by her husband of three years. She and her son had moved into my house four years ago and I had been very happy together with her. We had been talking about a wedding, children and adopting her son Oscar.

Depending on the circumstances my dear Helene now had very limited chances to avoid being dumped. I decided to wait a while to see if she regretted and confessed her cheating with some sane explanation of been drugged and raped.

Of course, she noted that I was in bad mood and tried to cheer me up with sex when we went to the bed at the evening after her party. She got a real surprise when I, for the first time in our relation, refused her sex offer and the same thing happened even the next evening. Helene didn't mention her missing panties but ought to been thinking about some connection about my refusal to have sex with her.

Friday I rang her best friend and fellow worker, Linda. Even she had been at the Divorce Party, so I went straight to the matter asked her whom Helene had fucked after the party during that party night. When she pretended to know nothing I got nasty and told her that she had a simple choice, "Tell me about Helene's cheating or I will tell your husband what you did with a Ronny at the last Christmas party."

After calling me names, Linda told me she only knew it was a blond guy by name Lars, who had eaten lunch together with Helen several times during the last weeks. It was Helene who had suggested he come and sees her at that pub where she had neglected all warnings from the others when leaving the pub with him.

Linda knew about the missing eardrop and said that Helene, though she got several new warnings from her friends when she had promised to see Lars in his apartment for a couple of hours after work on Friday. Helene had said she had agreed to pay Lars with some sex for getting her expensive eardrop back and Helene wanted some exciting bonus sex with that well equipped Lars.

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