Old Jared Knows

by Just Plain Bob

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Sex Story: Phone sex led to a problem.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Cheating   Gang Bang   Interracial   Pregnancy   .

There I stood in hospital greens, video camera in hand, ready to tape the birth of our first child. The doctor, the head nurse, the rest of the delivery room crew moved around in their well-practiced ballet. Janet was breathing hard and moaning as the doctor was telling her to concentrate, to push, and the nurses were all cooing, "Everything is going to be okay honey" and other comforting things. Then someone said, "Here it comes" and I zoomed in with the telephoto lens. We had wanted the surprise so when the ultrasound was done we told then not to tell us the sex of the baby, "We want it to be a surprise" and a surprise it was - a very big surprise. As the baby came out into it's first day of life in the open air everyone there saw that the skin of the baby was not white.

I went home from the hospital not understanding what had just happened. How could my wife have delivered a black baby? I mean the answer was obvious, but I was too shocked to be thinking straight and it wasn't until after I got home and had several stiff drinks that I faced up to the fact the my wife had been impregnated by a Negro. The child that I had joyously awaited since the day that Janet told me she was pregnant was not mine. The father was a black man. My wife had been fucking a black man! I don't know what killed me more; the fact that the hoped for child wasn't mine or that my wife was an unfaithful whore.

I'd left the hospital right after my 'big surprise' and I hadn't yet faced Janet. I had no idea what she was going to say or if I was even going to go back to the hospital and listen. I didn't even know if I was going to the hospital and bring her home when the doctor released her or just let her fend for herself. Maybe I should just let her call her black lover and let him pick her up and take her home with him. God knows there wasn't much left at our apartment for either of us to come home to. I couldn't stay there. There would be too many painful memories associated with the place. I thought that maybe the best thing to do was quickly move out while Janet was in the hospital and just never see her again. I couldn't understand it. I'd thought we'd been so happy together. How could she have done this to me, to us?

In the end the need to know was stronger than the outrage I felt and I went back to the hospital. Janet was in a semi-private room and there was someone occupying the other bed. I was extremely angry, but I'm the type who hates public scenes so all I could do was stand there and stare at Janet. At first she wouldn't look at me and she kept her face turned away from me. Then she said something, but it was in a voice so low that I couldn't hear. I leaned down and said, "I didn't hear that."

"You saw the baby?"


"So you know."

"Yes, unfortunately I know."

"I'm sorry. It wasn't supposed to happen, I'm sorry."

"What wasn't supposed to happen?"

"They weren't supposed to get me pregnant."

They? They weren't supposed to get her pregnant? Sweet Jesus, what had she been doing while I sat around fat, dumb, happy and secure in our love for each other? Just then the doctor came in and read her chart and then told her he was going to release her in the morning. He left and then Janet said again, "I'm sorry Billy, I didn't mean for this to happen. I love you Billy, I really do."

"Yeah, well that doesn't help any Janet, not one little bit. Best you get on the phone and call your black lover and let him know to come get you and take you home tomorrow."

I turned and walked out of the room as she cried out, "Billy, please Billy..."

The next morning the phone rang and it was Janet. "Please Billy, come and get me. There isn't anyone else I can call. Please Billy."

The ride home was a silent one. Janet apparently afraid to speak and I, for some strange reason, not wanting to say anything while the baby was with us. Once in the house I left Janet to take care of her kid and I went into the kitchen to make myself a stiff drink and then I sat down at the table to wait for her to come in and face me. I was on my second drink and she still hadn't appeared so I hollered out, "Janet, get in here and let's get this over with."

"I'm on the couch. I don't want to sit on those hard chairs. I'm sore and I need to sit on soft cushions."

Her tone of voice was the first indication that the unfaithful slut didn't intend to be all that contrite. I built myself another drink and went into the living room and sat down across from her. She opened the ball, "I suppose you will be leaving me?"

"What did you expect? Did you think you were going to hand me a black baby and that I was going to go, Ooh, isn't she just so precious" and then we would live happily ever after?"

"No, no I didn't think that, but I did have some hope that our love for each other would have been strong enough that we could at least try and work through this."

"Love? You hit me with a black kid and tell me that you are gangbanging niggers and you expect that I'm still going to love you?"

"It wasn't the way you make it sound."

"Oh no? The baby speaks for itself Janet, and as far as the gangbanging goes you told me that yourself. You are the one who said, "They weren't supposed to get me pregnant." They means more than one Janet and in my book more than one is a gang fuck."

"Damn it Billy, that's not the way it was. Okay, there was more than one, a lot more, but you make it sound like I was going out and picking them up and that's not what happened. I love you Billy and I would never have run around on you. I would never have gone out looking for another man, never. When you get right down to it what happened to me is all your fault. If it hadn't been for you it never would have happened."

"My fault? That's a laugh. I can understand your trying to put the best face on what you did, but my fault?"

"Yes Billy, your fault. You are the one who set the whole thing up, you and your damned penchant for phone sex when you are away from home. You are the one who has me stay at the office late when you are out of town so you can call the 800 number and have phone sex. You are the one who was so cheap that you didn't want to run up our home phone bill. If I had been at home it never would have happened."

"And just how does our having phone sex put black cocks into you?"

"It happened the week of Thanksgiving. You left on your business trip Monday and told me to be in the office waiting for your call at eight that night. I was there and I took the call the way I always did. My skirt and underpants were off and I had my rubber cock and I was lying on my desk with my legs spread. While we talked I worked on myself with the dildo and I came the same way I always did and the same as always I laid there in the warm glow that I always experience after an orgasm. You had already hung up and I was lying there all warm and fuzzy feeling and stroking my clit with my fingers when I heard, "That's not right, you having to do that. Old Jared knows what you need pretty lady."

"I looked up and saw one of the men from the janitorial service standing there and looking down at me and he had his cock out and was stroking it. Try and understand Billy. He wasn't ten feet across the room standing in the doorway where I would have had time to get up - he was standing right there! I had been lying there, eyes closed, basking in the afterglow of my orgasm. My feet were flat on the desk, my legs were spread wide and my pussy was wet from our phone sex and all he had to do was take a half step forward and push and he was in me. He grabbed my legs and held me and there was nothing that I could do. I tried to pull away, I screamed at him to stop, but I was pinned to the desk. I could bend at the waist, but I couldn't get upright enough to even beat at him with my fists. He just held my legs and smiled down at me and talked to me.

"Don't fight it missy, old Jared knows how to give you what you need. Been a long time since I had any white pussy. Don't you worry none baby girl, old Jared will treat you right."

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