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Sex Story: Even a nerd can be dangerous

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I got my reputation as a nerd early in life - before I was even out of grade school. Both of my parents were college professors and they saw to it that studious habits were deeply instilled in me. Another thing that they insisted on was a well-rounded education and so while the other kids in the neighborhood were out playing sandlot baseball or shooting hoops on some school playground I was being exposed to culture.

With my parents dragging me along we spent entire weekends in museums. We haunted art galleries and I had to listen to endless discussions on the differences in techniques used by Manet and Monet, the brush strokes of Villbert versus the daub and smear of Rachmann. We had season tickets to the opera and the symphony. Some of it took and some of it didn't, but the result was that by the end of high school my reputation as a nerd was well established.

Also well established was my reputation as Mr. Nice Guy. My parents had hammered at good manners and proper behavior and so my social comportment was perfect. What wasn't apparent were a few other things that they taught me, but more on that later. I dated a lot in high school, but I was still a virgin when I graduated - it was part of the 'nice guy' thing. Whether it was kissing or copping a feel if the girl said no that was the end of it - I stopped. I know that in a lot of cases it was just part of the dance and that I could have gone farther, but to me no always meant just that - no!

Nothing much changed at college. I studied hard, made the Dean's List every term, dated and in general enjoyed the college experience to the hilt. Then about four months before graduation I met Teri. She was a four foot nine walking wet dream and I fell hopelessly in love with her. She had a reputation of being just a little on the wild side and so I was very surprised that she said yes when I asked her for a date. I guess we hit it off because we were opposites and they say that opposites attract. Whatever the reason, by the third date Teri owned me. On the third date I tried to kiss Teri for the first time and she pushed me away, "It's a little soon for this" she said, "It's only been a week since I broke up with my boyfriend and I don't know if I'm ready yet." True to form I took no as meaning no and I made no further attempt to kiss her. At the end of the date I took her home, walked her to her door, said good night and then I left.

The next two days were spent cramming for midterms so it was three days before I got a chance to call Teri again. She sounded surprised to hear from me, "I didn't think you were interested in me anymore."

"Why would you think that?"

"Well, you didn't even try to kiss me good night when you brought me home and then I didn't hear from you for three days."

"But you said no when I tried to kiss you."

"Oh good grief. Don't you know that a girl wants the guy to work for it? If I just kissed everyone who tried to kiss me I'd have a hell of a reputation."

It didn't take Teri long to figure out that she could wrap me around her little finger. We became a steady couple, steady in that she spent two thirds of her free time with me, but she still went out with other guys. We were kissing, but any attempts I made at getting more intimate were rebuffed which is why I didn't believe any of the rumors that I heard about her. I heard some people say that she was a sure thing if you could get her to go out with you, but if that were the case I would have scored by then. I would ask her to go somewhere with me and she would tell me that she was sorry, but she had a date that night and then I would look at her with a 'kicked puppy dog look' and she would say, "Come on baby, don't be that way. A girl has to see what's out there while she is still young." I saw her point and she was spending most of her time with me so I didn't fight it.

Two months before graduation I took Teri out to a movie and on the way home she asked me to take her to a place she'd heard about and it turned out to be kind of a lover's lane. We started necking and after a bit Teri took my hands and put them on her breasts and things just went from there. We made love on the front seat and I'm ashamed to admit how quick it was, but then Teri gave me my very first blow job and got me hard again and I lasted a little longer the second time. Then Teri told me that since she had given me oral that it was only fair that I do her and while I did she played with me until I was hard again and then we moved to the back seat. We spent the entire weekend in bed and after that most of our free time was spent on any flat surface that we could find. The week of graduation Teri told me that she was pregnant. When I told her that we had to get married she told me that she didn't feel right in trapping me into a marriage that way and that I didn't have to marry her unless I really wanted to.

We were married in a civil ceremony the week after graduation. The baby, a boy, came seven months and three weeks later. When I asked the doctor if there were any problems because of his being born premature he gave me a funny look, "Premature? I'd say he's about two weeks late."

Teri had played me for a sucker and I knew that I was not the father of the child. But I was crazy about Teri and after all she had chosen me to be her husband so I decided not to say anything and let her keep on thinking that I thought little Andy was mine.

In retrospect that was a mistake. It gave Teri the sense that she could put things over on me and over the next five years I'm sure that she did even though I never knew about it. I finally found out by accident that she was indeed putting things over on me. My job requires that I spend about three days twice a month calling on our outlets and I was scheduled to leave on one of those trips the next day. I had taken the elevator down to the parking garage and was unlocking the door to my car when I noticed what looked like damage on the left front fender. It looked like it had been run into. I was squatting down and looking at the damage when the elevator doors opened and I heard " ... see Teri while Brian is gone?" The voices belonged to Mark and Stan, two guys that I worked with. They stopped at Mark's car and kept talking.

"I don't know. She's a great fuck, but she is just a little bit too wild. Sooner or later Brian is going to catch on and I don't necessarily want to go down when she does."

(Short laugh) "But going down is one of the things that she does best."

(More laughter) "Why did you stop fucking her?"

"She cut me off. I went over there one afternoon and she had two scruffy looking biker types and she was doing both of them. She told me to hurry up and get undressed, but I was reluctant to have anything to do with those guys. They looked unclean, not dirty, but unclean if you know what I mean."


"So anyway, she told me to get out and not to bother coming back."

"Do you think Brian knows?"

"I wouldn't doubt it."

"Why doesn't he stop it?"

"Who knows? He's a nice guy. But in my experience nerdy nice guys are wimps. He is probably too afraid to say anything."

"Yeah, she might cut him off."

More laughing and then car doors slamming and I heard them drive off. I slowly stood up and stood there staring at the ramp they had driven up and wondered how in the hell I was ever going to be able to work with them after hearing what they said.

Dinner was quiet and when Teri asked me if anything was wrong I told her that I was just thinking about some problems at work.

"Well put them aside sweetie. You will be gone for three days so you have to come upstairs and see that I get enough to hold me until you come back."

That's something that I couldn't understand. According to Stan and Mark she was not only fucking them, but others too and yet our sex life couldn't have been better - damn near every night and usually more than once. Could they possibly have been talking about another Brian and Teri? As soon as I had the thought I knew that I was trying to go into denial; I was the only Brian that worked at the company and there were no Teri's working there either.

In the morning Teri woke me with a blow job and when I tried to pull out of her mouth so we could make love she wouldn't let me. She took her mouth off me just long enough to say, "I don't want you to forget about me while you are gone." When I came she kept sucking and licking until I was soft and the she said, "While you're away keep it in your pants. You know you won't find anybody else who is as good as I am." I was tempted to say the same to her but I didn't.

I left the house at my regular time, but I didn't catch the Interstate for Kansas City. I stopped at a Denny's and sipped coffee while I called all the outlets I was supposed to visit and told them I would be a day late in getting to them. Then I went to a Target and bought a large thermos bottle and went back to Denny's and had it filled with coffee. I got a copy of both of the daily papers and a USA Today and drove back to the neighborhood, found a place to park where I could watch the house and settled in to wait and watch.

It was a long wait and I nodded off a couple of times before a van pulled up in front of the house. It said Regal Painting on the sides and two men got out and went into my house. They didn't knock or ring the bell, they just opened the door and went in. I waited fifteen minutes and then I drove into my driveway and went into the house. I could hear them as soon as I went in the front door. Teri is very vocal during the sex act and her cries of pleasure rang through the house. I walked upstairs and stopped at the bedroom door and looked in at Teri riding the cock of one man while she was sucking on the other one. Both men were facing me and saw me at the same time. Teri's back was too me and she hadn't seen me yet. He first clue that something was wrong was when the man in her mouth pulled out of her and the guy she was riding stopped pushing up at her. She turned to see what they were looking at and then she surprised the living hell out of me - she smiled at me! She smiled and said, "Baby, you're back. You are just in time. Theses guys are going to need some help."

I was stunned into silence for several moments and then I cleared my head and said, "It's time for you guys to leave."

The guy who had been getting his cock sucked said, "You got that wrong buddy. We don't leave until the lady tells us to."

Then Teri spoke up, "I don't want them to leave Brian. We were just starting to have fun."

The guy she was sitting on pushed her off him and stood up, "There you have it pal. We stay, you go."

I pointed at the bedroom door and said, "Out! Both of you and right now!"

The two of them looked at each other and then one of them said "I guess we will just have to throw him out" and they both began to walk toward me.

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