Evening Class

by Winterfrog

Copyright© 2009 by Winterfrog

Romantic Sex Story: Romance, love and consequences

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Cheating   .

Many thanks to Dennis for his editing of this story.

It began in a very unexpected way, I got a small folder about evening classes in my mailbox and found out that some further education in Spanish would be fine because the Spanish islands are very popular tourist spots for us in the Scandinavian countries. Decision followed by action and two weeks later, I entered an evening class for people with some previous knowledge of Spanish. I skipped the class for beginners because I already knew some Spanish and now wanted to learn something more useful.

A pretty woman in her forties greeted me at the entrance and showed the way to a small classroom with 11 people of different ages. Not a good beginning to be late for the first evening and that got me some nasty comments from some of the others, however, I sat down at a vacant seat next to a very classy woman in my own age group and to my great surprise recognized her to be Amanda Hanson, daughter to one of the richest men in town. She gave me a bright smile and said, "Better late than not at all."

After the usual introductions we had our first lesson working in pairs and introduced ourselves to the partner so the partner could introduce to the whole class the other in Spanish during the next week lesson. Amanda told me a lot about herself how that she worked at her father's real estate company and had recently split up with her boyfriend.

She didn't know me so I told her about myself; Jacob Almskog, age 26, single, engineer and working with construction details at prefabricated house factory. Amanda obviously had a good sense of humor because she gave me one of her bright smiles again and asked, "Why single? Such handsome guy as you ought to be taken."

I smiled back and replied, "Miss Right seems to be avoiding me so far, but who knows about the future?"

After the class Amanda and I exchanged cell pone numbers and decided to meet the day before the class to rehearse of our presentation. I agreed when she told me that the rehearsal could be held at her apartment if I understood that it was only for the Spanish class and not for anything else.

Her three-room apartment was just as expected, expensive furniture and tastefully decorated. It took us a couple of hours to shorten down the presentation to about four minutes of the available five. We tried to use some humor to lighten it up. It was rather easy for Amanda who had spent six months in France and was fluent in that language which in some way is related to Spanish.

Our presentations went very well and after the class we went to the pub for beer and to chat. We decided to work together during the whole course.

Of course I dreamt about Amanda, but didn't dare to attempt any thing with her because though we worked well and had fun together, I still had a strong feeling that she wanted me only to be a friend. But she showed small signs that the time worked for me.

Then one evening when we sat in her apartment doing our home-works, she at least gave me an opening when she asked, "What about going together to Spain?"

"Where to? Mallorca, Marbella or Canary Islands?"

"No, not those tourist spots. I mean the real Spain, Madrid."

"Would be fine, when and how. But please remember that I guy like me is more apt for Ryan Air's budget flights than SAS business class that you are used to."

She gave one of her great smiles and said "No problems for me, I'm used to all kind of flights and have already done some research for a trip it in that way. We can fly with Ryan Air and you'll stay for free in my double room. What about that?"

What could I say? "Sounds great, I'm into it."

"And I hope that you'll understand that when friends have plans for sharing a room it don't mean sharing a bed."

I knew that such problems could be solved at location and it was no reason to plan such matters in advance so I said, "We can pretend to be married and if you want to be warmed up when you are freezing I promise to say the famous line 'Find an extra blanket in the cupboard'." Even she had heard that joke about a boss and his secretary and got a very good laugh.

The trip to Madrid was a great journey. Amanda had booked a room at a nice comfortable and expensive hotel near Plaza Mayor and we pretended to be newlyweds than long time married because we used only one of the beds during the whole week. In fact, the first thing we did at that hotel room was undress each other and having tender sex. For the first time in my life I understood that what we did was much more than sex, it was making real love.

Back home we got engaged and began to plan for our future though we got an unexpected serious problem. Amanda's parents didn't like me at all, mostly because my parents had been involved in local politics and at the opposite side. Especially her mother disliked me and she let me clearly know. I promised Amanda's mother doing my very best to avoid all connections with her in the future and didn't care that Amanda's mother still wanted Amanda to take her ex-boyfriend back, probably because he was from a noble family with an impressing name and an average guy with my background wasn't good enough compared to the ex.

Though Amanda worked in a well-paid position in her family business and was therefore economically depended on her parents she didn't care a shit about their opinion about me. She persuaded me to skip my own apartment and move in with her.

A marriage was the natural next step in our relation and but we decided to keep our parents out of it. We decided to surprise everybody with a wedding somewhere abroad.

During our research we found out that the holy mountain Fuji is a popular wedding spot in Japan. Though Japan was out of question for us in this matter, we found it to be a great idea and as Spain was of great importance for our relation, a Spanish mountain felt as the right place for the wedding.

To our great relief we found out that the highest mountain in Spain, Teide, was a very popular tourist spot at the Canary Island Tenerife and the top is available by a cableway. There is even a small bar in the snow at the top.

A brother to one of Amanda's old friends happened to be a priest and he promised to join us for a week at Tenerife. We even invited a young couple we met during the Spanish class to be our witness during the wedding. Of course Amanda and I paid all expenses during a weeklong charter vacation for the priest and the witnesses.

Everything went exactly as planned and early one morning before Teide got too crowded by tourists we stood in the snow outside the small bar at the top and had a memorable ceremony even witnessed by tourists from several countries. Two young Italian girls with very good voices greeted us with a song.

Back home our wedding caused some hullabaloo among our friends and relatives and we held "open house" during several Saturdays for celebrating it. However, Amanda's parents disliked me even more after the wedding. Amanda avoided my parents as much as possible, because they had always regarded Amanda as a "spoiled brat" who only had me as a pet. Within five years after the wedding we had two sons. Though her parents still kept a chilly attitude against me, we were happy because they liked our children very much.

I've never complained about my wife or my marriage though she didn't do much at home and the sex wasn't at any "heavenly heights" any longer when the children took much of our time. Nowadays when we were living in a big house we used to have an au pair girl from one of the Baltic countries that did some job for the family. We treated them well and always paid them for all extra babysitting and other things they did for us.

Nobody is perfect and our shit hit the fan nine years after the Spanish class and seven years after the wedding. Amanda was still a very classy lady, still very beautiful, usually expensive dressed and now working as some kind of vice boss at their family business.

One Friday she rang and told me that she had to work overtime and probably be home very late at that evening. When I asked if I would bring her something to eat she told me they had already taken care of the food for the evening.

About six o'clock I got a new call, this time from an old friend by name Eric who said, "I'm probably stupid and ought to know very well that what your wife's doings isn't my business but just in case you don't know about it I can tell you that she and 'Pimp Olson" is at the pizzeria Napoli awaiting for two take away pizzas."

I got a very chilly feeling and told him, "Please do me a big favor, tail them and call my cell phone about their doings. I'll be on my way."

Pimp Olson wasn't any real pimp but usually involved in the gray-zone of legal and illegal monkey business. He was a genuine asshole who had got the nickname once in the time when he demanded his beautiful trophy wife to fuck a customer as a part of some complicated business agreement. She had refused and been beaten yellow and blue, what sent Olson for the custody of the state for three months and after that had to pay for an expensive divorce.

Olson didn't complain because he immediately had noticed that this worsening of his previous already bad reputation increased his source of pussy to new high levels. The rumors said that many married women, even from the best families, found great excitement in the shameful forbidden pleasures of been fucked hard and rough by a nasty jailbird with genuine asshole reputation.

Now the must unbelievable thing I could imagine had happened. My pretty, almost prudish wife Amanda was obviously intending to cheat me with such slimy creep.

I asked our au pair girl Irena to look after the children, went to my workshop in the garage where I took a crowbar and a sledgehammer to my car before heading against the address in a rather shabby area of our Scandinavian town where my friend Eric was waiting for me. To my great benefit he had been at the pizzeria with a friend and both of them promised to assist me if necessary.

He told me that the lights had been switched on in a second floor apartment when Amanda and Pimp Olson had gone into the three-floor apartment house.

I gave Eric the crowbar, his friend a tire iron and kept the sledgehammer for myself when I took out my tools from my car.

Then I rang Amanda's cell phone. She saw on the display who was calling and replied, "Jacob, why are you calling again. Has something happened at home?"

"Yes, indeed it has. Are you still at your office?"

"Of course I am, attending to my job. Where else? Why are you calling me?"

"Because I didn't know that your overtime job nowadays is in Pimp Olson's fucking bedroom. Shut up and listen; we are three men standing at the pavement outside his damn entrance door equipped with a sledgehammer and other break-in tools. If you are not out of the damn house within three minutes, we are crushing the doors and coming in. When in there, I doubt that neither Pimp Olson nor his furniture will survive our attack."

The light was switched off in one of the rooms and I could see somebody looking out from behind a curtain. Two minutes later a crying Amanda ran out from the house. I told her to give me the key to her car and take a seat in my car. Eric's friend promised to drive her car to our house.

She sobbed, "Please believe me, it is not what it looks like. Please let me explain, I was only doing my work there."

I shouted back to her, "Isn't that what whores use to do for their pimp?"

Now she understood that her explanation had sounded as a confession of whoring and began to scream, "Oh My God, What did I say? I'm too shocked to think and speak in a sane way. Please don't hit me! I beg you, please don't do that! Please let me explain."

I told her in a lower voice, "I love you and will never hurt you. It doesn't matter what you are doing, I'll never hit you."

I didn't understand anything else but obviously she had got a shock of my intentions to break in into Pimp Olson's apartment and it was better to let her calm down for a while before asking any further questions. At our home I told her that I needed some fresh air and went out, called for a taxi to a popular bar. It was a rather crowded place but after some drinks without having a seat, a girl in her late twenties fixed me a seat at her table.

I had met her before at some job related party and even remembered her name, Jenny. She told me she been divorced for a year and I told her that I was on my way to be that after what happened today. She was curious about it and I told her how my wife had told me working overtime at her office when she been in Pimp Olson's apartment.

I think I had been drinking about one hour having good time with Jenny and her two friends when Amanda's three year younger sister Madeleine and a friend of hers came to the table and asked me if Amanda was there and when I said "No" she asked what the hell I was doing there alone with three girls.

What could I say but the truth? "Your pretty sister told me earlier this evening that she's working for Pimp Olson that is why we will split. Good news for your parents who never liked me. But I doubt that not even your parents preferred son-in-law, Amanda's noble ex had accepted any sloppy seconds after such creeps as Pimp Olson's cohorts."

Madeleine shouted at me, "Poor bastard, you've turned complete crazy."

Then she took up a cell phone from her purse and walked away searching for a quieter spot where she could call her parents for the news or rather call Amanda for asking her what the hell was going on between her and me.

Jenny took my arm and suggested us to go and I had no objections. She had an apartment not far from the bar ... Jenny asked me to sit down on a sofa and opened a bottle of red wine saying that it was what she had. I told her it was okay for me.

Of course, I ought not to been there but it was one of the most strange evenings in my whole life. Amanda told me her damn lies about working overtime a Friday evening and going to Pimp Olson's apartment where she continued lying when I called her cell. Then her stupid comment in my car, "I was working there".

I felt that I needed to relax and it felt good when Jenny switched on her stereo with soft music. Her wine tasted good and I told her that she was a lovely girl. She thanked me with a rather long kiss and said that she was sorry because her ex hadn't understood that. I kissed her again and said that I understood her.

She had no objections when my right hand happened to find its way slight under her short skirt why I let it rest there and after a while moved it higher up on her inner tights. The only matter that existed for me now was to fuck Jenny. She put her hand on the hard bulge in my pants and whispered in my ear, "What about moving to a more comfortable place?"

I said, "Yes" and she led me to her almost dark bedroom where we stood besides the bed and slowly undressed each other. Jenny was a very sexy woman with a great body and I can't deny that I really wanted her.

When both of us were naked she took a condom from a drawer in the nightstand and rolled it on my stone-hard cock and after a long kiss whispered in my ear, "Candy-time."

Obviously her condom was one of those made for with some good taste. I sat down on the bed and she went down on her knees, praised me for my big size and began sucking me very good. Then she climbed up on the bed, laid down on her back, spread her legs and I wasted no time to get between them and entered her wet pussy.

Fucking with Jenny felt as a quite different sensation from making love with Amanda, probably because I hadn't been with anybody else during the last nine years. Jenny began to sob after her intensive orgasm and said it was because I had made her so happy. My load went off slightly after hers.

During resting and drinking what remained in bottle of wine Jenny told me that I was only the second man she had sex with since her husband had left her. Then we did it once again and even that time it was very good.

We didn't promise anything when we parted but I was sure that Jenny would be high on my list if my marriage crushed. On my way home in a taxi I began to get remorseful about what would happen to my marriage when I found out why I had found Amanda in Pimp Olson's apartment. Of course nothing had happened during these few minutes she been there but would I ever know how many times she been there before I found out about it. Even her silly explanation, "I was only working" hurt me as hell. Working in a damn "pimp's" apartment!

My marriage would most likely crash even if I would forgive Amanda because her sister had seen that I went away with Jenny and now coming home about three o'clock in the morning could hardly be explained with, "I had to take a long walk for getting fresh air."

The truth was that both Amanda and I had done very stupid things, God only knew who was the worst sinner.

When the taxi stopped outside my home I knew that the pleasures were over. It was the payment-time now and the price would be high. I had noted that the lights were on in the kitchen and in there I found Amanda sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee.

She had red swollen eyes and asked me with a low voice, "Are you proud for what you have done."

I replied with low voice, "No, I am not. I feel as an ashamed creep plus I've even got a terrible hangover why I suggest us to have a serious talk about all our matters the first thing we do tomorrow morning.

When Amanda had agreed to that I asked her, "What the hell have we done to our marriage? We have turned to two stinking piles of crap. Maybe I stink at little less because I haven't lied and I didn't plan my wrongdoings in advance, they just happened by coincidence.

Amanda only said, "You are sleeping in the spare bedroom."

I did and felt better at the next morning. Amanda and the children had been up a long time when I did my breakfast at nine. When the kids had gone for looking at a children program on TV, I asked, "Can we begin? Do you mind if we agree try to do it in some order and speak one at time and not interrupt the speaker?"

She got a strange expression in her face but agreed. Obviously she suspected it had to be some trick, what it really was because it would be easier to limit the problems to what had happened on Friday evening. We tossed a coin and it was up to Amanda to begin.

She said, "I'm ashamed for my lies to you but working overtime wasn't any lie. I'm negotiating with Olson about the price for taking over two worn out houses from him because we need the space where they are located. Nobody knows that Olson is the owner of that Gibraltar based company who owns the houses. It is therefore the negotiation was intended to be hold at my office at Friday evening. But I had forgot that the Christmas Party committee would have their meeting there at the same evening. If somebody had seen Olson and me together at my office our negotiation could caused him to lose big money for earlier debts and the business had been without any real profit for Olson if his creditors found out he was making some money. That was the real reason we, by Olson's demand, left my office for his apartment."

She continued, "You scared the shit out of him when he saw you standing there with a sledgehammer. I didn't had a single thought about his nickname 'Pimp Olson' because for me he was only a slum-lord who did his best get a high price for those houses I want to buy. I've met him one evening earlier at my office and I can swear that he had never shown any interest for me as woman. I can even swear that I didn't have any slightest interest for him as a man, only for his two damn slum houses."

Amanda ended her story with saying, "I really don't know why I lied to you in his apartment when you rang my cell. I'm ashamed about that, very ashamed indeed. If you had listened to me on the way home when I told that 'I did my work in Olson's apartment' what you pretended to hear as 'I worked for Olson in his apartment' isn't it quite different. Please believe me, my relation to that man you use to call Pimp Olson but I prefer to see as Slum-Lord Olson has been real estate business and nothing else."

I wasn't convinced and asked her, "Why did you lie to me about being in Pimp Olson's apartment. If your story is true, it sounds complete insane you are going to such place without telling anybody about that. A man who pimps out his own wife and hit the crap out of her for not fucking his customers is capable to do anything that gains his interests. He could drugged you, raped you, filmed it and used it for increasing the price for his slum houses and even blackmailed you for further fucking sessions. It is difficult for me to believe that you really are so naïve. Weren't you a bit concerned about what that famous jailbird would do to you?"

She immediately objected, "No of course not. I swear that it was only real estate business."

"Why the lie about being at your office?"

"I wish I knew. I've thinking the whole night and my only explanation is Olson's demand to keep his part of that business hundred percent secret."

I looked straight in her yes and said, "Obviously there is no trust between us if you don't dare to tell me the truth about what you are doing."

Amanda said only, "Please tell me what you did?"

I told how it felt for me when I knew she was in Pimp Olson's apartment with him, her shameful lies during my call and then her explanation about working for him there. That got me to need fresh air. I told her that I met Jenny and her sister Madeleine at the bar and I had left the bar with Jenny. I had understood that if my wife had an affair with Pimp Olson, my marriage would soon be history and therefore it happened that I had sex with Jenny. The only detail I told Amanda was that we had used condoms.

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