Cara's Mother

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2009 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: A mother has to protect her babies.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Gang Bang   .

When Darryl and his family moved in next door I took an instant dislike to him. He was a professor at the local community college and was just as arrogant and egotistical as most of the professors I'd studied under. His wife Judy, on the other hand, was as sweet as they come. She was a little on the plain side, wore her hair up in a bun all the time and it seemed like every dress she owned was a shapeless sack, but she was sweetheart and I loved talking to her. She and Darryl also had a sixteen-year-old daughter who was a walking wet dream. Cara may only have been sixteen, but she looked and acted every bit of twenty-one.

I lived alone - my wife of eleven years having taken off with a drummer for a rock band, a kid ten years younger than she was. I hadn't heard from her and I hoped that I never would. If she would just stay away for another six months I would be able to sue for divorce on the grounds of abandonment and I would get the house and everything and the bitch wouldn't get a dime.

Along with living alone I also worked from home which gave me plenty of chances to watch Cara sunbathe in a bikini. The teasing little slut knew I was watching and she milked it for all it was worth. From the window of my home office I could look right over the privacy fence and more than once I saw her look my way as she rolled around on a blanket to work on her all over tan. Every five minutes she would roll over and her legs would get just a little wider apart. She knew what she was doing to me and so, I came to find out, did her mother.

Like I said, I liked Judy and I liked talking to her. She had only lived next door for about two weeks when one day I heard her cussing, if 'darn' is a real cuss word, and I looked outside to see her fighting her lawn mower. I went out to see if I could give her a hand and I found that she had flooded it. I got a wrench and pulled the plug and cleaned it and then set it aside. I told Judy that we needed to let the fumes in the cylinder evaporate and I invited her into the house for coffee. She was intelligent, she was witty, and she was fun to talk to and it soon became our habit to have coffee almost every morning after her idiot husband had gone off to school. I was smart enough to keep my dislike of the asshole to myself since I liked Judy's company and didn't want to chase her away. We had been having our little morning ritual for about six months when one morning Judy said,

"Is she getting to you?"

"Who? What do you mean?"

"Is Cara getting to you? I know what she does when she knows you are up in your office working."

"Maybe. Maybe just a little."

"Please remember, even though she just turned seventeen she is still only a child. She may be trying to be twenty-one, but she is still only a kid."

"I know, and I also know what happens to guys my age when they get involved with girls that age. You have nothing to worry about from me, but don't expect me to ignore the view."

But I did start ignoring the view because it was becoming way too distracting. I installed a set of blinds and whenever Cara came out I would pull them shut. This of course pissed her off and she began to look for new ways to tease me. One afternoon she came over to borrow a stick of butter wearing nothing. Oh, she had two strips of almost nothing on that she called a bikini, but we both knew she was naked. The fear of jail was the only thing that kept me from pulling her in the door. Another time she came over fully dressed and offered to wash my car for five bucks. The car needed it and so I told her to go ahead, but when she came to the door to get paid she was in short shorts and was obviously bra-less under a soaking wet tee shirt. All I could do was stand there and look at as perfect a pair as I had ever seen. No seventeen-year-old should be allowed to have a rack like that.

I did my best to stay out of her way and away from her. She was trouble looking for someone to happen to and it wasn't going to be me. But fate has a way of putting what you don't want right in front of you. It was a Saturday night and I was out walking my dog and as I came down the block toward the house I noticed movement in a car parked two houses down from mine. There had been a series of break-ins two blocks over and everybody on our block was in the "neighborhood watch" mode and I slowly walked toward the car. The two people inside the car were too wrapped up in what they were doing to pay any attention to anybody outside the car and I managed to get right up to it. The two people were Cara and one of her boyfriends and they were doing their best to try and steam up the windows. No criminal activity here and nice guy that I was I had no intention of ruining it for them. But my dog had other ideas. He started barking and the boy's eyes shot open, he saw me and then he frantically tried to push Cara away. Cara looked around, saw me and her face paled. I turned and walked away and then I heard a car door slam, an engine start up and then footsteps running after me. I turned and saw the car make a u-turn and disappear down the street and Cara running after me while trying to button her blouse.

"You going to tell my parents?" I just looked at her and she said, "Please, please don't tell them."

I hadn't intended to, but she didn't know that but I was also mean enough to let her think that I would. After all, the little bitch had been deliberately teasing and taunting me and I felt I was entitled to a little revenge. I gave her a stern look and was about to say something when she said, "Please don't tell them and I'll find some way to thank you."

I was starting to think of a few ways she could do it when her all seeing, all knowing mother came running to the rescue - mine or Cara's I'm not sure.

"Get in the house young lady."

Judy gave me a long look and then turned to follow her daughter into the house.

I never did find out how mommy knew that something was going on, but the next morning Judy came for coffee and asked me what had been going on. I told her about the neighborhood watch thing and that I had approached the car saw the two kids necking and had turned to walk away - no threat to the neighborhood there - but then the dog started barking and scared the kids. Judy gave me another long look, "I'm very protective of my baby and I can see that for some reason she has a major crush on you. You are only flesh and blood and if I don't do something to take your mind off of her sooner or later you are going to be put into a situation where you will forget that she is only a child and then the poop will hit the fan."

She stood up and did something with her hair and it cascaded down to her waist. She pulled the shapeless sack she was wearing up over her head and I saw the most fantastic body I had ever seen. Cara was magnificent, but mommy made her look like a baby.

"You stay away from my baby and you can have me as much as you want."

I sat in my chair, too stunned to even think straight, and Judy walked over to me and knelt down in front of me. She opened my fly, took out my cock and leaned over and licked the head of it; then she looked up into my face and said:


"Deal" I barely managed to croak. Her blow job was state of the art; a blow job as they are meant to be - no hands, just mouth. I wanted it to last and I held out as long as I could and when I could hold out no longer I tried to do the gentlemanly thing and let her know, but all she did was take me further in her mouth. She grabbed my hips and pulled me to her as I exploded in her mouth and she held me there until I was soft and then she said, "I've never seen your bedroom and I have this strange desire to see what your bed feels like."

She was fire and she did her best to burn me to the ground. As soon as I would cum she would go to work on me to get me hard again and we would fuck some more. When she left me three hours later I was both sorry and glad to see her go, sorry because I wanted that body again and glad because I think one more fuck would have killed me.

That morning changed our morning coffee routine forever. Now it was a morning blow job followed by a morning fuck followed by a morning sixty-nine followed by more fucking. Judy was like a drug to me; I just could not get enough of her. Even when I had been on good terms with my wife we only had sex three or four times a week - Judy wanted it three or four times a day! I was exhausted when she left me and I started to fall behind in my work. I almost missed a couple of deadlines, which is the kiss of death if you work from home. It was only going to be a matter of time before Judy fucked me right out of a job, but I was powerless where she was concerned. All it took to make me as hard as a rock was to see her hair fall to her waist and to know that the next thing I would see was that fantastic body. She owned me and I loved it; I could barely remember her daughter's name.

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