Sister Bang Again

by Bakerman

Copyright© 2009 by Bakerman

Erotica Sex Story: When the pussy's away the mice will play. An afternoon sex session with only my sister in-law while my wife is away. Can I do her and not get caught? What a fantasy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

For the next few weeks sex with my wife was great, we both seemed filled with extra enthusiasm and desire to take risks. We explored different avenues of excitement even to the point where I purchased a ball gag from a sex shop, then we dragged a futon mattress out onto the new pool deck one evening and had sex while our next door neighbours had a family BBQ.

While the gag stopped my wife's cries of pleasure attracting any undue attention just the thought that a wandering glance from that direction could bring us to their attention brought us both off with shuddering orgasms that left us sweaty and naked only feet away from an unexpected public.

Hey I'm a guy and guys sometimes don't think with their brains so always bubbling away in the background of my sex life was the idea of the re-inclusion of Junee or even worse was my continual fantasies of getting her alone because in my mind I replay that afternoon and feel that I was a bit restrained and that next time I would not hold back as I banged her.

I have a sense that even though my wife was a willing participant and did encourage me to have sex with her sister I sometimes feel that she saw that event as a oncer and so I have not raised the issue again.

Five maybe six weeks later and I'm home early from the job and I was thinking of throwing a few steaks on the BBQ, maybe a salad, bottle of wine and see what the warm summer breeze blew my way. Charl-e arrived not long after me and applauded my suggestion and we set about getting things ready.

Just as we were about to fire up the BBQ Junee arrived wearing an almost see through sun dress and carrying a small bag containing the new bikinis she had purchased that afternoon. Knowing we had a pool she decided to come over and give us a show. Maybe it was just me but I was sure I could feel the temperature drop as Junee made a bee line for me while Charl-e stood on the other side of the counter. I was glad she had put down the knife she was using to chop the vegetables.

Junee was completely oblivious to the look on Charl-e's face as she pulled out an assortment of bikini bottoms and held them up to me to examine. Noticing that we were preparing a meal Junee invited herself to dinner but Charl-e pointed out that there was only enough for two so Junee pulled a twenty from her purse and suggested that Charl-e go and get some more.

I offered to go but Charl-e said her car was behind mine so it would be easier for her to go instead. 10 minutes there, 10 more in the market and then home so a half hour round trip I felt I could hold off Junee for that long. Charl-e would call once she was heading back so I could get things started.

The car was barely out of the drive when Junee was beside me asking if I could undo the clasp on the back of her dress. With a shaky hand I undid the clasp and pulled the zip down until Junee could reach it. She pulled it down far enough that I could see she wasn't wearing a bra. Next she stepped out of the dress but held it in front of her while she picked up the bikini bag. She turned away from me and I stood mesmerised by that arse as she strutted away from me butt cheeks quivering from side to side with just a thin strip if white material as a divider.

It was going to be a long 30 minutes. I needed a cold drink. Junee was gone for a while which I took to be a good sign as I watched the clock and waited for Charl-e to call and let me know she was on her way home. At least then I would have my hands busy working the BBQ.

It was the clicking of heels on the tile floor that alerted me to Junee's return. I took a deep breath not knowing what to expect. Whoa, what a knockout I felt my cock give a twitch.

The bikini bottom was a triangular patch of electric blue material barely the size of my palm, the side straps and butt was an imitation leather look made from neoprene so it hugged the curve of her arse like a second skin. Junee was holding the top of the bikini which again was small electric blue triangles that just covered each nipple. She had one hand under her hair and the other behind her back so I knew that it wasn't done up.

With perfect timing Junee was right next to the phone when it rang, she let go of the bikini top and picked up the receiver in one smooth motion then stood there topless talking to Charl-e like it happened every day. I was struck dumb as all I could do was stare at those breasts as Junee finished her conversation.

She told me someone had parked badly and had blocked Charl-e's car in so she might be a while but she would call again once she was on her way. Junee walked towards me and with her hand kept low she grabbed my cock, that had tented my shorts, and leaning in close to my ear said "so, you want to fuck me?"

My resistance melted like ice in the sun.

We were all over each in seconds kissing hard and loud as our hands roamed over each others bodies. I slipped one hand between her legs and my other beneath her butt and carried her to the nearby sofa depositing her with a sudden drop. I was immediately on my knees on the floor as Junee spread her legs to let me get at her pussy.

I peeled off the bikini bottom that was covering her snatch and replaced it with my face. Since our last fuck session Junee had trimmed her pubes even further until now they were just a thumb size triangle above her clit. Also of note was the stainless steel stud that pierced her cunt lips, this girl was getting seriously nasty, but my tongue went straight to work anyway getting her slick and ready to receive my throbbing member.

All the time I was eating her out Junee told me what a poor job I was doing. Junee was getting my blood to boiling point. I don't usually use much profanity but I took two fingers and rammed them into her gooey cunt because this bitch was going to get the mother of all fuckings.

My tongue worked over her clit while my fingers pumped in and out of her cunt; I spread my fingers and twisted my hand as I plunged in and out. I added a third finger and used my thumb on her clit and I could tell from the way her muscles tensed that I was getting the job done properly despite what Junee was saying.

One slimy finger now slipped from her heated cunt and began probing at the back door. It took no effort for my finger to pass into her sphincter and slide as far as I could reach then it joined with the two at the front to pound away as fast as I could move.

My free hand pulled my shorts down enough for my cock to spring free so I stood up and grabbed Junee by the back of the head, my greasy fingers tangling in her hair. She opened her mouth to comment on my hair pulling but I silenced her by plugging my cock into her mouth at the same moment.

I held her head steady as I pushed my cock in until her nose was in my pubic hair. She was coughing and spluttering when I pulled back but I gave her a second to grab a breath before I shoved it in again. Her cheeks were puffing out as she worked away at getting me ready to fuck her. If she thought my face fuck was rough then she was going to be surprised at how hard I was going to hammer her cunt very soon.

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