Staying True to Who I Am

by DG Hear

Copyright© 2009 by DG Hear

Erotica Sex Story: Joe lives his life as he sees fit. He does wonder if he will spend his future years alone.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   Group Sex   .

Note: As some of my readers know, every now and then I have to empty the crap I've been thinking about out of my head. This is one of those stories. I do thank Mistress Lynn for taking the time to edit it and make it a much better read.


I'm just an every day Joe. In fact, my name is Joe, Joe Walters. I'm not a great looking athlete, or a rich businessman. I don't have visions of future inventions or super powers. I have always been just a regular guy without a lot of drive. My job is okay, but I just want to enjoy myself without any of the unnecessary stress.

I'm in my late forties, I've lived in a nice trailer park for the past twenty plus years. I divorced a long time ago, and have two wonderful kids whom I love dearly. They're married and have kids of their own.

Back in high school, all I did was attend required classes and do my homework. I neither loved nor hated it. I wasn't a jock even though I could play sports with the best of them. But I didn't want to give up all my evenings and weekends practicing or playing sports.

Instead, I cheered for my school to win, usually with a cute girl sitting next to me. Some days I worked at the supermarket after school. It gave me the money to buy an old car and pay the insurance. That was the agreement with my dad; if I wanted it, I needed to earn the money to pay for it.

My parents wanted me to go to college, but I explained to them that I wasn't college material, so they would just be wasting their money. They convinced me to attend trade school, where I learned a little about being an electrician. I had only gone one year when the shit hit the fan.

Oh, I heard all the lecturers more then once about condoms and other birth control. I used them, but there was that one time it came off. I reached in and pulled the condom out and Marci saw it had cum in it so she wasn't too worried.

Three months later, she took a pregnancy test. It was positive. I guess a few of my swimmers got out. Fast little buggers they must have been. I wanted to do the right thing, so we got married. No one was overly happy about it, but I really liked Marci and figured she felt the same.

Her parents thought I didn't have a real future. I didn't really understand that, because I always thought I was an okay guy.

Anyway, I dropped out of school. Luckily, my dad had a good job in an auto plant and got me in. Taking the electrical classes helped too. They must have thought I was going to continue. My job offered courses, so I took those. They were usually only a couple of days to show us the latest way of doing things.

Eventually I made it into the general maintenance department. My job was quite secure, but the chance for advancement was almost nil. That was fine with me since I was happy to put in my eight hours and go home to Marci and the kids.

I say kids because right after the first one was born Marci was pregnant again. Both of our parents were pissed about the second pregnancy. I didn't understand the big deal. They aggravated me so much that I ended up having a vasectomy. I was happy with just the two kids. As I mentioned I was just an easygoing guy, and as long as the old pecker could get hard, I didn't care if it shot blanks.

Our second child was a few months old when Marci started back to school. She already had one year in toward her nursing degree. I guess that's why her parents were so aggravated when she was pregnant with our second child. Her mom watched the kids during the day so Marci could go to school full time. I even worked overtime to help make ends meet. I thought we were doing pretty well for a young couple.

We rented a small house and owned two used vehicles. Marci wanted something newer to drive, but I told her that we weren't going into debt just so she could have a better looking car.

Friends and family gave us a lot of our furniture, and I made sure we paid cash for everything we bought. Marci hated the idea that she couldn't have everything new and improved. I tried to explain to her that we didn't need debt; we were getting along fine.

About two years later, Marci received her degree. She got a job at a local clinic. Again, she wanted to go out and buy all this new stuff on credit. I put my foot down. If she wanted a new car, furniture or whatever, then she could save up for it and pay cash for it. I wasn't putting my name on any credit cards for her use.

It was downhill from there. She was even holding back the sex thinking I would give in. She loved sex as much as I did, so I thought I would just wait her out. After a couple of months, I had that feeling in my stomach that she was probably getting it somewhere else.

We had a big confrontation where she told me she wasn't having an affair, but wanted out of our marriage. She called me a cheap asshole and said I had no drive and would never amount to anything.

I thought to myself, there it goes again. Someone telling me I wouldn't amount to anything. I worked hard everyday to support my family. I never missed work, and always made sure my kids got everything they needed. Just because I wasn't this big go-getter who needed all this material shit didn't make me an asshole.

We ended up getting divorced. She lived in the rented house with the kids and I had to pay child support plus a little alimony. The alimony didn't seem fair since she worked, but the judge said I made more money than she did.

I rented a place in a nearby trailer park. I was close enough to see my kids even though I usually took them to my parents during our visits. It was the only time my parents were able to see them.

When they were older and involved in school events, I always went to see them. It looked like Marci enrolled them in everything. I guess she didn't want them to turn out like me.

We stayed friends for the kid's sake, but didn't have anything to do with one another in any other way. Within a year of our divorce, she married a radiologist at the clinic. I guess he had that great future she was looking for. At least the alimony stopped, even though I still paid child support.

The kids told me they had a new car and were buying a new house. I guess she got her wish and was now part of the millions of people overly in debt.

The trailer I rented was an older model but was in decent shape. The owners offered me an option to buy it when I moved in. I saved up the money and purchased it for a few grand. So I was a homeowner of sorts also.

Over the years, I fixed it up, putting in new windows and siding, and replacing the roof. I put trailer skirting around it and added a couple of nice sheds. I paid cash for most everything. What I did put on a credit card, I paid off each month, no interest.

After my divorce, I hung around a few bars. I would stop after work and have a few beers. There were always ladies present, and I took of their wares. Many would come back to my trailer so we could have sex. I never mentioned that I was rather well hung, but the ladies seemed to like it.

I usually did my own cooking, and could grill up just about anything. It was surprising how popular I became. We must have had near a hundred trailers in our court. Many were divorcees who needed a cheap place to live till they could relocate. I often invited them over (one at a time) and fixed something on the grill.

Later we would do another type of cooking in the bedroom. I can honestly say that I bedded more than a hundred different women. I have seen everything from the hairiest pussy to those shaved. My favorite probably falls in the middle: a nice close-shaved mound, with enough hair to rub my face on.

I guess I almost have a pussy fetish. I got to a point where I love eating pussy. I feel great licking that little nub and watching the women squirm. It's even better when I can give them an orgasm with my mouth.

Most women have told me that their exes wanted oral sex but didn't like giving it. Even the married women I've been with have told me the same thing. I just don't get it. Give a woman all the oral sex she can handle and she'll let you do just about anything else.

I've taken a few married women anal who told me they would never let their husbands near them. Anal hurts my dick, but if it's taking a woman there for the first time, I'll go for it.

You have to understand that with these women it was all about sex. I didn't love them nor them me. We weren't out to build a relationship, we just wanted a little companionship for a couple of hours.

The trailer court has a lot of transient people always moving in and out. About a third of the trailers are rentals, so it makes for many new neighbors.

Back to the kids: I would have them every other weekend. Sometimes they stayed at my place and other times they stayed at my parents. I took them to the movies, the zoo, and museums among other places. We ate at home most of the time. I remember them telling me their mom and her husband, Dan, always ordered out. They rarely ate a meal cooked at home unless it was out of a box and microwaveable.

I did my best to spend quality time with my kids all the years they were growing up. At times, they didn't understand why I wouldn't buy them the latest play station, or other games and toys. I explained to them that when they were with me, I wanted to spend time with them. They could play their games at their house.

When my oldest turned sixteen, he asked me for a car for his birthday. Apparently, his mother told him they were too far in debt. I refused, telling him that just getting a car was the easy part. Paying for insurance and upkeep was the expensive part.

When he graduated three years later, I took him to a used car lot and let him pick out any car he wanted up to seven thousand dollars. I told him I would pay for his first year of insurance, but from there he was on his own.

Of course, my daughter asked if she would get a car for her graduation the following year. I did the same for her as I did for my son.

For my own vehicle, I generally bought a used truck and kept it for at least five years. I was always able to pay cash for it. I had a good job, a good life and no debts. Why others considered me a loser I never understood.

I got a little serious about a few women after my divorce. The problem was the sex was always great, but they all seemed to think I lived like a miser. They figured if I made good money, I didn't have to live in the trailer court.

Several asked why I didn't eat out more often. I explained that I preferred home cooking, even if it was my own. I wanted them to understand that I liked the trailer court, and met lots of nice people there.

After my kids were on their own, I took a part-time job bartending. I promised the kids I would pay for half of their college tuition. Their mother convinced them to go, so I figured I would stick her with half the bill.

My son John decided he wanted to be an electrician like his old man. That made me proud. My daughter was going to a community college for nursing. They both had the smarts, and got a few grants to help.

My boss at the bar was Sal, a friend of mine for many years. If there is such a thing as a mafia, Sal was part of it. He was into a number of side businesses, like setting up parties and catering services. I knew he owned a couple of whorehouses disguised as lounges and motels. If you were looking for anything, Sal had the connections to get it for you.

Sal has been trying to get me to bartend part-time for him for years. I just told him that I was with my kids every other weekend and they came first; he understood.

When I did start working for him, I covered special events or meetings at the watering hole when one of his regulars was off. I only worked Friday and Saturday nights so it didn't interfere with my day job.

Sal trusted me because he knew I could keep secrets and wouldn't be out to cheat him. He was one of the few people who understood I was happy with my state in life. The bartending job was to get me out more often. I got laid about every weekend since there was always some lonely woman who could use company.

The few times that I got serious about a woman, I was monogamous to her, and expected the same from her. If I found out she wasn't, I told her honesty and truth to each other counted in my book. Some might consider me a hypocrite because I fucked married women. They came to me and I gave them the loving they weren't getting at home. There was never going to be a future for us.

Here I was in my late forties, my kids had decent jobs and I would be a grandfather soon. Time was sure going by fast. I often wondered about finding a woman, maybe getting hitched, someone to spend the rest of my life with. The problem always came back to money and material things. Most women seemed to feel those things were more important than our togetherness.

Over a period of one year, I lost both my mother and father. It was really a downer for me. After we settled their estate, my share of the inheritance was well over a hundred thousand dollars. Most people would be elated. To me it was just money. I had more than that in my savings at work. So I decided to give each of my kids twenty thousand dollars to help them out. I took the rest and put it in a savings plan for retirement.

The kids loved their grandparents. They each got a few keepsakes, but my siblings took the bulk of my parents stuff. I didn't mind because they needed the furnishings more than I did.

I hoped my kids would use the money wisely, but within six months, they each had bought a new car. I guess they had their mothers spending habits.

I decided to try a little harder to find that special woman. I was working the lounge one Friday night when a group of eight women came in. They seemed a little classier than most.

One kept smiling at me while another one was casting dirty looks my way. Dirty might not be the right adjective, but she didn't seem to like me. I just figured it was her loss. In a way, she reminded me of someone I had seen before, but I would never be able to place where.

The smiling one came up to the bar and ordered another round of drinks. She sat on a stool and told me her name was Marilyn. This was her card clubs night out. They had gone to dinner, and then decided to come in for a few drinks.

"Who's the one giving the dirty looks?" I asked.

"Oh, that's my sister Sylvia. She's always watching out for me. Her husband manages the bank, and she owns a real estate business."

"Tell her when you get a chance that I don't bite," I said and laughed.

I carried the tray of drink over to the ladies at the table. They all seemed to be upper crust, but were still friendly. That is, all but Sylvia. She had one of those, 'My shit doesn't stink' attitudes. I just set her drink down and smiled at her.

Marilyn was back up to the counter a little while later. She wanted to talk, so I let her talk away. I found out she was in her mid thirties. She'd been divorce for four years. Apparently, they didn't see eye to eye. He wanted kids and she didn't. One day she found him making a baby with his secretary. End of marriage.

I told her the truth about myself. It's a lot easier to remember the truth than it is a bunch of lies. We seemed to hit it off rather well. Before the night was over, she slipped me her phone number. It was on a real estate card. She told me she was a secretary in her sister's business.

I remember telling her I was happy where I lived, and not looking to buy.

"I really am just the secretary, and I'm not selling anything," she said with a smile.

I wanted to put in a few less hours, so I told Sal I would be available every other weekend. He told me that was fine with him. I had decided that I wanted to leave some weekends open to date. Not every woman was free during the week, and Sunday was my day to rest and maybe go see the kids.

I called Marilyn on Tuesday and asked if she wanted to go out on Saturday. She agreed to go, so I figured I would take her to a nice restaurant for our first date. I think I surprised her when I picked her up in my pick-up. Hell, it was all I had, and it was good enough for me.

We went out and had a nice dinner and drinks. After she loosened up some, she became very talkative. Knowing she was married once to an insurance agent, I was interested to know more about her. They were married for seven years and she took birth control pills so she wouldn't get pregnant.

When her husband found her birth control pills, he went into a rage. He wanted kids, and ended up not talking to her after that. It was a week later when she found him fucking his secretary. They divorced shortly afterwards.

"What does your sister think about you going out with me?"

"I never told her. I know we would just get into a big argument."

"What the hell is wrong with her? Does she really think she's all that great?" I asked.

"To be honest with you, she thinks that you are beneath me."

"What? Who the fuck does she think she is? She knows absolutely nothing about me. Damn prick teaser!"

"Joe, she really isn't that bad. She married young to her high school sweetheart, and he turned out to be a real jerk. He never worked and went to prison for doing and selling drugs. She said after her divorce that she was through with losers. From that time on, she would only date men of distinction, with careers that would take them somewhere.

"She met her husband Ralph a few years later. As you know, he's the manager of the bank. He helped her get her real estate business started. Now she's worried that I might make the same mistake."

"So why are you out here with me tonight?" I asked.

"I don't know? I guess I like to live a little more dangerously. Look, it's a date, it's not like we're getting married or anything. You seemed like you would be fun. I don't have enough fun in my life anymore."

That seemed like an honest answer. So I decided to show her some fun. We got up and headed for a dance club that Sal owned. We had no problem getting in, and began to dance up a storm. We started with a few fast songs and were on the dance floor when the slow ones started.

I put my arms around her and held her close. She smelled good as I felt her breasts against my chest. There was no doubt she could feel my semi-hard on pressing against her thigh.

No pretence, I just kissed her; I wanted to see her reaction. She kissed me back. The rest of the evening, we danced all the slow songs. I held her as close as possible with my hands on her ass most of the time. She never said no or to stop, so I didn't. Both of us were getting horny, so I asked her what she wanted to do next.

"Take me home, please." She smiled, so I figured we weren't finished for the night.

When I pulled up to her home, I realized Marilyn and Sylvia both came from money. She lived in a beautiful house, expensively furnished. As soon as we were inside the door, we were kissing again. I unzipped her dress and let it fall. She stepped out of it then stood there in her matching bra and panties. They looked to be very expensive.

"Follow me," she said as she led me to the master bedroom.

Everything about her said 'High Maintenance': her clothes, her house, and the furnishings. I had to wonder why she had gone out with me. Right then I was only interested in getting laid and giving her the best sex of her life.

As she lay naked on the bed, I dove right into her pussy. Damn, she was wet. I licked, kissed and tongued her till she had an orgasm. She smiled when I took my briefs off and she saw the size of my cock.

I told her if she wanted it, she had to put it in. She grabbed hold of my cock, placed it at the entrance of her pussy, and said "Fuck Me!"

Usually I had to start out slow, but she was so wet and willing that we were both giving it everything we had right away. As I came, I could feel her pussy pulsating as it gripped my cock. Damn, she was one good fuck.

We started going out every weekend I didn't work at the bar. Often we spent time at her house in her hot tub. Every time we were together, we fucked.

She went to my trailer a few times, and we grilled out. She never said much about my place, but then again, I really didn't care. At least she wasn't calling me a loser.

When Sylvia found out Marilyn was dating me, the shit hit the fan. I couldn't get over why her sister was so negative. But Sylvia told her she should be looking ahead, at her future. She felt that even though I might be a nice guy, it would never work out.

Sylvia told Marilyn that I was content in living in a trailer and driving an old truck. But she wanted to see her sister meet a good businessman and live better.

I had to laugh when Marilyn told her sister I was hung. She said that Sylvia told her sex would get old after a while, and then where would she be.

Funny thing was I liked Marilyn. I liked being with her and having sex with her. She never pushed me to buy her anything, or told me I needed to upgrade my lifestyle. I was wondering if eventually we might get together. I wasn't getting any younger and didn't want to spend my later years alone.

I figured that Sylvia thought I was going after Marilyn because of her money. She had no idea I had quite a savings of my own, and I didn't intend to tell her. I liked seeing her get aggravated that her sister went out with me.

One day I got a call from Sal. He asked me if I would be available to bartend an exclusive Halloween party. Held at a major hotel, it was going to be an all male revue. The male dancers were from one of the colleges in another state.

There was a hundred dollar admittance fee, and drinks were about twice the usual price. He informed me the dancers were available for additional favors for a price.

I had done a few parties for Sal before. Discretion was of the utmost importance. Some of the ladies became aggressive after a few drinks. Sal had told me that his cousin Vinny was the host, while he supplied the booze and the bartender. Sal always liked to use his own bartenders to make sure he got his fair share.

Sal trusted me, so I agreed to do the party. It was a costume party and I had to wear some type of mask. I mentioned that I had an old Frankenstein one that didn't obstruct my vision. My voice might be a bit different since I would be talking through rubber, but Sal was okay with that.

I mentioned to Marilyn that I would be working that Saturday. She mentioned that her card club girls were getting together that night anyway. We agreed that after closing, I would go to her place and we could end the night with a bang.

I got to the hotel early and met Vinny. He seemed like an okay guy, but a little high strung. He let me know what he expected of me. I was there to be the bartender; not get involved with the ladies. The more attention they paid to the dancers, the more they would drink. The only foods supplied were snacks such as pretzels, crackers and cheese, and chips.

Vinny knew has business. The snacks were what absorbed the alcohol. He also rented out a number of hotel rooms for those too drunk to drive home, or for extra curricular activities.

He hired a limousine service to take the customers home if they so desired. Vinny had all the bases covered.

As soon as the dancers arrived, we showed them to the changing rooms. In their mid-twenties, they were all muscular. I explained their drinks would be soda until the last hour. Vinny didn't want a bunch of drunken dancers. Of course, the customers would be paying for their drinks. The show went from nine to midnight. They could touch and feel the ladies if they let them. The women could also touch the dancers, but there was no sex allowed on the dance floor. That was to wait till after the party.

There were ten dancers in all. The hotel had a separate room for them to relax in until it was time for them to perform. Vinny didn't allow any women in there. Instead, the dancers could come out and mingle during breaks.

The customers started coming in; mostly women, but it was surprising to see a few men show up. I had already donned my mask and was serving drinks. Vinny just wore a fancy hat and shirt. I never did figure out what it was supposed to represent.

Costumes weren't mandatory, but most customers wore one. Some had their bodies completely covered, while others showed just about everything. There was lots of music, and lots of noise. It was really interesting watching the women let themselves go. I could see why discretion was important.

I couldn't believe it when I saw Marilyn come in. I guess everyone in the group had the money to attend, but I was surprised that Marilyn didn't tell me she was going to a party.

They were all dressed like hookers of some sort, and had reserved a table near the stage. It was then that I remembered why Sylvia looked familiar. I had bartended a Valentine party and she was there. She got drunk and Vinny sent her home in a limo. I guess she didn't remember me; after all, I was a measly bartender.

I was busy serving up drinks but kept an eye on the card club group. I could tell that Sylvia was pretty much the ringleader. All the girls were feeling up the dancers, even Marilyn. The dancers in turn were doing some feeling up themselves.

I wasn't too sure what to think about Marilyn, with her feeling up the dancers and letting them do the same to her.

It was funny how many times someone came up for drinks, including Marilyn, but didn't recognize me when I talked. The mask must have really muffled my voice.

I had my cell phone on vibrate so as not to bother the customers. When I took a short break, I went into the kitchen and checked my messages. There was one from Marilyn. Because of the time she sent it, I figured she must have sent it while in the restroom.

Her text said she wouldn't be home later because she was staying at Sylvia's. They had all gone to a lounge but were back at Sylvia's getting hammered. She had added the she didn't want to drive home drunk.

I texted her back and told her that I would call her in the morning. Maybe we could get together then. I knew that most of what she had just told me was a complete lie because I saw the whole group.

The party was ending and Vinny said that he was going to need a limo to drive some of the customers home. The group Marilyn was part of arrived in two taxis, but since only six were leaving, they asked for a limo ride home.

He talked about several of the other customers also, but that was the only group I was interested in hearing about. Two of the women asked for rooms for the night Vinny said. You guessed it; they were for Sylvia and Marilyn.

They were having separate rooms, and that Sylvia (Vinny didn't know her name) was paying a thousand dollars to have some of the dancers sent to their room. He laughed knowing they would be fucked silly.

"Man, what I wouldn't give to have that on tape," I said to Vinny.

"What are you willing to give to have a video of them, Joe?"

I just stared at Vinny. He could see from my expression that there was a problem.

"Do you know one of the women?"

"Yes, I recently started dating the younger one. They're sisters and the older one keeps telling me I'm not good enough for her sister," I replied.

"I'm a businessman Joe. Since you're a friend of Sal's, I'll make you an offer."

"Okay, what's the deal?" I asked.

"You get three hundred dollars plus your tips for working tonight. I'm willing to let you keep your tips and give you a video of what goes on in each room. You won't get the three hundred. What do you say?"

Now I'm not for buying useless things, but here I wouldn't be giving up anything. I would make a few hundred in tips, and have the videos.

"It's a deal, Vinny. How are you going to do this?"

"Every room I rent has a bug. It's just business for me. You'll have the only copies of the tapes."

I had my doubts about having the only copy, but right then I didn't give a damn. Marilyn was cheating on our relationship and I would have the proof. Having a video of her sister wouldn't hurt either. The bitch thought she was better than anyone else was. I could prove her wrong, the slut.

After the crowd left, I helped the other bartender clean up the place. I had to take all the unopened booze back to Sal's place. Vinny was closing out the cash drawers and taking care of the business end.

When we finished cleaning up, Vinny came over to talk to me.

"Joe, are you sure you and that woman are through?"

"Yeah, I'm sure. Why do you ask?"

"Don't get mad, but if you want nothing else to do with her, I thought about tapping her myself. I wouldn't do it if she was your woman."

I didn't know whether to be offended or laugh. The thing is, Vinny was serious. "I'll make you a deal, Vinny. I wouldn't mind tapping the sister. She's always been an uptight bitch and I wouldn't mind getting even. I'll wear the mask and just have her give me a blowjob."

Vinny stared at me for a few seconds. "Okay, but if she says 'no', then you have to let her go. She paid for the dancers so I don't want any problems."

"No problem, Vinny. If she doesn't want to blow me, I promise to leave her to her dancers."

With that said, I headed upstairs to see if a blowjob was in the picture. I put my mask back on in the hall. I didn't want Sylvia to know it was me.

As I opened the door, I could see two guys sitting in chairs while another was plowing his cock into Sylvia. Something told me this was her third fuck already. I could see they all wore condoms. At least she was playing it safe.

While the young stud hammered her pussy, I walked up to the bed. She opened her eyes and stared at the mask. She sounded like she was going to say something, but the young stud was fucking her hard.

I undid my jeans and pulled out my cock, which was getting harder by the second. She looked at it and wrapped her hand around it about half way back. I leaned forward and she took it in her mouth and gave me one hell of a blowjob.

I didn't have on a condom and I was ready to come. I knew she could feel my cock pulsing. When it finally let loose, she had cum coming out of the corners of her mouth. She never pulled away until my cock had stopped spitting sperm.

She let go of my cock and smiled at me with cum dripping from her mouth. The guy fucking her let loose and came hard. Too bad he had a condom on. I turned and walked out of the room. As I passed Marilyn's room, I heard the sounds of sex. She was getting fucked too.

I went downstairs and loaded up the booze to take back to Sal's place. I counted my tips and still made over two hundred dollars. Vinny told me I could pick up the tapes in the morning.

After arriving home, I slept great. Good thing I found out about Marilyn before we got more serious. I liked her, I really did. But I could never take the lying and cheating. We were over.

I went over to see Vinny the next day around eleven o'clock. He told me the women were still in bed. "Must have had a rough night," he said and laughed.

He handed me the videos, said it was nice doing business with me, and wished me luck.

When I got in the car, I called Marilyn on her cell phone. It sounded like I woke her up when she finally answered.

"Where are you at?" I asked. "I just called your place and you didn't answer."

"I'm still at Sylvia's. Had a long night with the girls. Slept in a little," she said.

"Why are you lying to me? I'm at Sylvia's right now and you're not here. Your car is though. Where the hell are you?"

"Joe, I can't talk right now. I'll call you later, okay?"

"Hell no, it's not okay. Your out cheating on me with some guy, aren't you."

"Joe please, we can talk later."

"No, we're through talking. You go tell your sister she won. She wanted to break us up and she succeeded. Let's just say I know you lied and cheated. Just in case you don't understand, we are through. Have a nice life. Hope you find that guy your sister wants you to have."

I didn't listen anymore, I just hung up the phone. It was funny that she never tried to call me back. I guess she didn't have a good story prepared. I headed home to watch parts of the videos. They were just as I figured: four hours of fucking and sucking.

At one point, I shook my head. Vinny turned around and waved at me through the hidden camera while he fucked Marilyn. It actually was funny.

I didn't hear from Marilyn the entire week. She had no idea what I did or didn't know. Sal asked if I could work a few extra weekends at the lounge. Since I had nowhere else to be, I told him I would.

"Joe, I'm sorry about Marilyn. I've known the Dunbar sisters ever since they were little girls. Their dad was rich and bought them everything. I knew the kind of life they lead way before I saw you getting serious about Marilyn. That's why I asked if you wanted to work the Halloween party, and wear a mask. I knew they would be there. I wanted you to see what they were really like. I figured it would be better than trying to explain it to you. You deserve someone much better."

"Thanks Sal, I have to say it was a real eye opener. Sure I can help you out with the bartending for a few weeks, no problem. As I mentioned, I have nowhere else to be."

I usually worked till around midnight unless it was really busy. On Saturday I went home around midnight. It was a week since the Halloween party. Five minutes after I got home, there was a knock on the door. Who in hell would be coming by at this hour, I wondered. When I looked out the door, I couldn't believe it was Sylvia.

"What the hell do you want?" I asked after I opened the door.

"I need to talk to you about Marilyn. May I come in?"

"Sure, if you can stand being in a trailer."

She stepped into the living room and looked around. "This is much nicer than I expected."

"Well gee, thanks, I feel much better now. So what's so almighty important about Marilyn that you show up here after midnight?"

"She wasn't with another man last week. She went to a party with me and we stayed at the motel because we had too much to drink. She never cheated on you. Yes, she did tell a small white lie saying she stayed at my house, but nothing happened."

I knew I had Sylvia in a boat without a paddle, but I thought I'd play along for a few minutes.

"Why the big change in attitude? You wanted us apart, and now we are. Let me tell you what I think. You had your hubby check on my credit rating so you could tell Marilyn all I wanted was her money. Only it backfired. You see, my investment broker called me this week to report that your hubby was checking into my financial records. Why would that be?

"I guess you got the surprise of your life when you found out I didn't need your sister's money. That made it okay for her to go out with me, maybe even marry me. Well I have news for you. Your sister is both a liar and a slut."

"You son of a bitch! You have no reason to call my sister names. She didn't do anything wrong. She just went out with me and you don't like it," screamed Sylvia.

"Sit down for a minute. I have something to show you."

"No thanks, I'll just stand. What is that?"

"It's a tape given to me." I turned on the video and there was Marilyn fucking one of the dancers while sucking the cock of another.

"Oh my god, where did you get that?" Sylvia asked as she fell into a chair.

"I had no idea Marilyn had men in her room. I was tired and went right to bed. I'm so sorry she did that to you."

I looked at Sylvia. She was quite the actress. If I didn't know better, I could have almost believed her.

"So, as I said, your sister is a liar and a cheater. I'm not interested in building a relationship with her. By the way, I have something else to show you."

I took out Marilyn's video and slipped in Sylvia's. "The part about you slipping into bed is true, but I don't think the sleeping part is."

On the screen, she was screaming out for the young dancer to fuck her harder. She had her legs spread and one of the men held them up.

"Where did you get that? You have no right. I'm going to sue you for invasion of privacy," she screamed at me.

"Shut the fuck up. No one even knows this tape exist. You think I'm going to tell the authorities I have it? Get real! Oh, let me show you my favorite part."

I fast-forwarded it to where the man in the Frankenstein mask unzipped his pants and Sylvia grabbed his cock and started sucking it. I paused it at that point.

"Wasn't that the bartender? I guess I'm the only bartender you don't like."

"I want that video. Give it to me or I'll get even with you..."

"By doing what? Convincing your sister that I'm a nobody. I'll tell you what. I'll give you that tape and the one of your sister. All you have to do is give me the best fuck of my life, and they're both yours."

"You bastard; are you blackmailing me?"

"No, I'm giving you a choice. Either way, you'll get the tapes back. You either fuck me for them, or I'll give them to your husband and he can give them to you."

"You're a no good fucking bastard," said Sylvia.

"Fine, so I'm a bastard. Now either start taking off your blouse and skirt or turn around and get the hell out of my house."

She stared at me while unbuttoning her blouse. She had a black bra on underneath it. She didn't say a word as she slowly slipped it off her shoulders and put it on the chair. Seconds later, she unfastened her skirt and removed it. I had to say she was one sexy woman.

"Leave your bra and panties on for now. I'll help you remove them later. Come over here and unzip my pants." I already had my belt undone.

"You really are a bastard," she said in a very low voice, almost a whisper.

She got on her knees and pulled out my cock. "Let's have some background music," I said as I started the video back up with her sucking Frankenstein's cock.

She looked at me and then over at the TV. "You were the bartender, you son of a bitch," she said right before she took my cock in her mouth and began sucking like a pro.

I wanted this to last for a little while. My objective was to bring her down a few notches. I stopped her from sucking me and quickly dropped my jeans and briefs, my cock sticking straight out.

I reached down and felt her pussy through her panties. They were soaking wet; she loved this. I grabbed her panties and literally ripped them off her.

"You son of a bitch, those cost fifty dollars."

"Anybody who would pay fifty bucks for a pair of underwear needs them ripped off," I said.

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