So Much for Happily Ever After

by Scheeme

Copyright© 2009 by Scheeme

Fan Fiction Sex Story: Turns out Happily Ever After only lasts about six months. Belle (of Beauty and the Beast fame) learns what's really important.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Fan Fiction   Cheating   Slut Wife   Wimp Husband   Rough   Sadistic   Size   .

Turns out Happily Ever After only lasts about six months.

Belle sat at the loom, frustrated beyond belief. Billy (AKA the former Beast) was out attempting to hunt, but long experience told her that he would come back empty-handed. Once she got done mending the latest 'accident', she needed to head out to the garden and collect enough vegetables for their dinner. She sighed, and wished for the hundredth time that day that at least SOME of the magic had remained. Especially the part where the dishes and appliances sprang to life with a joyful song and fixed five-course gourmet dinners. Unfortunately, when Billy had finally admitted his love for her, all that went away. The servants, returned to their former state, had fled quickly from the place of their centuries of torment, leaving Billy and Belle to their wedded bliss.

Belle had been so happy at first, enjoying the attentions of her Prince. His breeding still shone through, and his manners were impeccable. Belle had been treated like a queen, from the dining room to the bedroom. On their marital bed, he had been somewhat dismayed to find that she was no virgin, but he had rallied to a satisfactory experience. And then fallen asleep. Every night since was more of the same, and Belle was sick to death of satisfactory. She craved danger, intensity, and passion, but her prince of a husband was far too prim and proper for anything of the sort.

So Belle worked, and worked right hard, to keep things going. If she didn't garden, then they didn't eat. If she didn't clean, then they lived in filth. And all the while, her Prince went out hunting, and came home empty-handed, often with a torn cloak or stained breeches for her to mend or clean. Belle was at the end of her rope after only six months, and she didn't know what she was going to do.

The sound of hooves on the drawbridge caught her ear, and she turned, puzzled. She peered out the window and caught her breath.

Gaston, the beefy hunter from town, was approaching on his massive horse. Belle closed her eyes and sighed, leaning against the stone wall. Gaston. The man was a brute, a total pig ... and a million times manlier than her poor Prince could ever be. Her heart recoiled at the thought of him, but the rest of her hummed.

The massive knocker boomed once, then again. After less than a second, Gaston bellowed her name, his bass voice reverberating in the sparse room. Belle collected her long skirts and made her way down the staircase, wondering what in the world this man could want. She pulled the chain to unlatch the massive doors, and started to pull. She stumbled and fell, though, as the door flew back before Gaston's big fist.

Gaston loomed. There simply wasn't another way to put it. His overly muscled frame cast a huge shadow across Belle, and she struggled to her feet, unable to catch her breath.


"What ... what do you want, Gaston?"

He chuckled, and Belle swore she could feel the vibrations of it in the pit of her stomach.

"Want? Why ... the same thing I've always wanted ... you."

Belle stammered and blushed, and Gaston took a long step toward her. She took a step back, though every inch of her wanted to step forward. He backed her up against a wall, the cold stone pressing against her damp back. He reached a hand up to her hair, and brushed a lock out of her face.

Belle was panicking. Her body simply wasn't responding the way she wanted it to. She knew she should tell him to leave, that she was not his for the taking ... but her body believed exactly the opposite. She craved him. She could feel her insides turning to jelly at the scent of him. She watched in fascination as the muscles played through his arm, and let out a low moan as his finger touched her skin. Her eyes closed, and she leaned into his touch. He chuckled and ran his hand around to the back of her neck, then pulled hard, pulling her whole body off the wall and against him. He guided her lips to his in a vicious kiss, and she tasted blood against her teeth. Her head spun, and she threw her arms around his massive neck, kissing him back with a ferocity that startled her.

He grabbed the front of her formal gown and yanked, literally ripping the front away. She gasped as the fabric fell away from her breasts, and pulled away, trying to cover herself. He growled low in his chest and grabbed her wrists in one beefy paw. He yanked her arms over her head, and pinned her against the wall. Belle was held motionless as Gaston perused her naked torso, a pleased look on his face. He reached his free hand down and massaged the front of his breeches as he watched her, and her eyes grew wide when she saw the outline of his massive cock. She felt a sliver of fear at the size of his tool, but it quickly turned to need.

" ... please..." she whispered.

"Please? Please what?"

"Please ... I need you..."

His grin was wide and evil, and he rumbled his approval. He yanked down the front of his breeches, and she gasped. His cock was bigger than she had imagined, and was an angry red color. He yanked her forward, pushing her down to her knees.

"Suck me, you stuck up bitch!"

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