Sharing Jenny Simms

by manfromthemoon

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True Sex Story: I knew Jenny liked to write about her experiences but wasn't expecting her to write about what happened that night. I thought it was time my voice was heard. What Jenny didn't realise is that I've know John for a long time..... To be read with Jenny Simms' "Share and Share Alike"

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   True Story   Cheating   Cuckold   Group Sex   Cream Pie   .

God knows how I got into this, but it's my turn now. I move behind you, seeing you for the first time. Fully on view, your arse pushed up in the air, black panties pulled down to your knees. God you look amazing. The golden softness of your skin, the soft curve of your outer thighs, the sinuous lines of your inner thigh, drawing my eyes up to your centre, your pussy, shaved, as he said it would be. Your lips are flushed and protruding, deep pink and open from the fucking they've just had. You're so ready for this.

I touch you for the first time, running my hands over your bottom across your back, running my thumbs close to your spine, the flats of my hands over your ribcage with my fingers along the side of your chest, feeling for the soft flare of flesh that signifies your breasts. I cup you in my hands, feeling your nipples, erect and hard. And then back again, taking in as much of you as I can, knowing is not likely to happen again. I pull your arse cheeks apart, stretching your lips into a lewd heart shape, the look of love if ever I've seen it. I see your taut and puckered hole, and wonder if I'll be fucking that as well. It's an open secret that like being fucked up your arse. I run my fingers along your wetness, reaching under you to caress your button, then across your lips, exploring the folds, and along you wet slit to your opening. You easily take two fingers. You're so wet and open that I think you could take more. I finger you whilst I unfasten my jeans, watching your pussy lips wrap around my fingers as I run them slowly in, then out. I can hardly believe what's happening here. I've just watched you being fucked by your boyfriend, my mate and now I'm going to fuck you. I've never seen you in bikini before, let alone naked, let alone like this.

I need both hands to remove my jeans. Should have taken them off whilst John was fucking you, but, I suppose I never actually believed you'd go through with it. Or that I would. I take my fingers out of you and suck your think sweet juices off them. I quickly remove my jeans and press my face into you, hands on your bottom, thumbs parting you, using my tongue to separate your folds. You begin to whimper as I suck gently on your clit, taking as much of you as I can into my mouth, pressing my face hard into your wetness, feeling your pussy juices being rubbed all over my face. I don't want you to come too quickly and although I don't want to, I stop, and replace my tongue with my fingers, exploring your insides, searching out the ribs of your G Spot and slide ever so gently along your slit to where I can tip your pucker, feel the muscles twitch to the rhythm of my tongue. Dirty girl.

I need to fuck you now. I can't wait any longer. I move in behind you and run my cock over your lips, front to back, running the tip across your hood, a few strokes of clit fucking. You mutter something under your breath that I don't catch. I place my head at your opening and slowly start to press into you. You lean back on me, onto my cock and you start to moan. You're tight. Really tight. Much tighter than I though and I don't know if I'm going to be too big for you. I can see my cock is much bigger than Johns and I don't know if you've had anything my size before. I have to push pretty hard to open you up and it's slow work. You start to make guttural little noises as I go deeper inside. I'm half way inside now and you're releasing sharp pants and gasps, your head pressed into the pillows. I don't know if I'm hurting you but you've not asked me to stop. John is holding your hand, staring at you, his mouth open in disbelief. I don't think he expected you to go through with it. Now, seeing you react like this, his emotions must be mixed to say the least.

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