by TheMoose63

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Erotica Sex Story: A story about a mature couple, married for many years but who are experiencing some sexual frustrations in their marriage. Sarah has figured out a way to solve her problem but it didn't include her husband John.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   .

It had been one hell of a Wednesday! I had finally had enough of my boss and I told him he could take his job and shove it! Hell I didn't really need the money anyway, even if it was over six figures. I had a nice retirement from the Navy and I had been drawing social security for three years and there was still my ample 401k plan that I hadn't touched, nope I was pretty much set financially. Next year when my wife of more than 40 years turned sixty five she would start drawing her social security and even without the 401k we would still be netting almost a $100,000 a year, much more than we needed to live on comfortably in our old age.

After I gave my boss my notice it was a long drive home but the drive gave me a chance to think about what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I worked a little over two and a half hours from where I lived and because of that I had rented a condo near work and only came home on weekends. My loving wife Sarah and I talked daily, sometime more and I think we have a great relationship — well mostly — there was the issue of sex. I loved Sarah deeply and in our 40 plus years of marriage I had no doubts that she had been completely faithful to me, she was just too religious to have an affair ... besides she wasn't raised that way! As for me, well that wasn't quite the case. I had a couple of flings in all those years, four to be exact, but I never loved any of them so I didn't think it was a big deal although I'm sure that Sarah disagreed even though she only knew about one of them and for that indiscretion she forgave me but it took a long time for her to ever trust me again.

Sarah at 64 was still a good looking woman and most people who knew her or met her for the first time were surprised that she was over 60 always guessing that she was a good 10 years younger. Sarah looked better in her clothes than she did without them but I think that is probably true of mature folks ... still naked, she was quite the looker. Standing five-six and a hundred and forty-three pounds she had a set of beautiful 36d breasts that hardly sagged at all and a nice ass. There was a little pooch around her middle when she bent over and her thighs had gotten a little thicker with age but other than that she was a complete winner!

I aged well too and most people thought I was in my middle 50's even though I was 68. Sarah and I had stopped making love like teenagers years ago and generally we weren't intimate more than once ever couple of months although recently she had expressed a desire to be more active in the bedroom. Now here is the thing, when you have lived with someone over 40 years it's more like living with your sister or a good friend than a lover and I had just grown too complacent with age ... I just didn't see the need for sex all that often but Sarah was becoming more and more demanding and I was fending her off more than I wanted too although I don't know why.

As I drove south on the freeway I thought about all the things we could do now that we were both retired for good. There was the travel we had always talked about and I really wanted to volunteer at our local hospital ... yes sir this was going to be the good life for sure.

I pulled into our driveway at three o'clock in the afternoon and noticed that our pastor, Reverend Jack St. James, was visiting Sarah as his car was parked in front of our garage. Now that wasn't anything new, I knew that he often visited Sarah while they worked on a variety of church projects and fundraisers. Sarah and I went to services every Sunday and I gave a good part of my salary to the church although it was really for Sarah, she was the religious one I just went along for the ride.

I walked into the house and didn't see my wife or pastor Jack anywhere so I walked across the living room and peeked out through the blinds and saw Sarah and Jack in the back yard sitting at the patio table. They were sipping wine and talking and when I looked closer I could see that there was an empty bottle on the table next to the one that was half full sitting beside it. Sarah didn't drink very much, an occasional glass of wine or a cocktail at a party, but when she got a little tipsy she usually became very amorous often initiating the sex between us. Curious to see what was going to happen I decided to stand back and watch for a couple of minutes. I could only hear part of their conversation through the closed windows so I got down on my hands and knees and eased open one window so I could eavesdrop.

I saw Jack scoot his chair closer to Sarah's and he put his hand on her knee as he talked. Sarah was wearing a yellow sundress that buttoned up the front. I had always like that dress because it was not only beautiful but if she opened the top a couple of buttons you could glimpse her breasts and because of the way it fit it gave the impression that she was naked underneath. Jack's hand seemed to be rubbing my wife's knee as he talked.

"I understand Sarah! I know that you have needs too and that you and John haven't been ... uh, intimate in a long while, so I don't think that this is all wrong."

Jesus, Sarah was discussing our sex life with the pastor! I saw Sarah ease her legs apart about six inches and Jack's hand slipped underneath the dress although it seemed to be still on her knee.

"Jack what we have been doing is wrong and you of all people should know that! I am being unfaithful to John and that isn't right no matter what the circumstances. Today has to be our last day together; do you understand what I'm asking of you?"

I saw Jack nodding his head in agreement.

"Yea I understand. Look Sarah, let's go upstairs to your bedroom."

So Jack and my wife were having an affair, Jesus Christ! God I would never have believed that in a million years. Now Jack was a young man, at least when compared to Sarah and me, he was only in his late thirties, but I would have never believed that Sarah would have strayed from our marriage. What a surprise this was! I started to go out and break up the lovers, tell them what I knew but for some reason I didn't move an inch ... I guess I wanted to see what was going to happen next. If there were headed up to the bedroom I was going to beat them to the punch and hide in the closet and see what they did, hell maybe I'm a voyeur at heart. I guess that like most men I had always fantasized about my wife being with another man and now I thought that I had the chance to see it for real.

"No Jack. I've always wanted to make love in my back yard and today is the perfect day, please — let's just make love right here."

Goddamn, I was really going to watch my wife making love to another man and at her age no less. As Sarah reached up and began to un-buttoned her sundress and as she did the dress fell open and I could see that she wasn't wearing a bra — so this had obviously been a planned event. When she undid the last button, by her knees, Jack opened the dress like a robe and she was naked except for a sexy pair of white lace panties. Her breasts glowed with the heat of passion and her right nipple was hard, while her left, an inverted nipple, always needed to be coaxed with my mouth.

"Play with yourself Sarah, I love watching you play with yourself." Jack asked.

Sarah leaned back in her chair, spread her legs and closed her eyes. I decided to get a better angle on them and walked over to the dining room window and watched. My wife had spread her legs enough and had one hand inside her panties while her other hand was busy with her breast. She was teasing her nipple, rolling and pinching it while her fingers were busy inside her pussy. God this was the sexiest thing I had ever seen ... Sarah had always refused to masturbate in front of me telling me that it was just too personal a thing to do with someone watching. Sarah's hips lifted up into the air and I knew she was close to having an orgasm.

Jack stood up as he watched Sarah and slipped out of his shirt and pants. When his underwear disappeared I could see that he was bigger than I was in the cock department, maybe eight inches and pretty thick too. He moved between her legs and stroked his cock as he watched her playing with herself. I could see him beginning to leak pre-cum as it began to drip down onto my wife's thighs. Sarah felt it too and she reached down and wiped some up with her fingers and stuck them into her mouth and tasted him.

"God Jack you taste so fucking good, you have always tasted good, I'll miss that, come up here closer and let me lick you."

Jack scooted forward and Sarah sat up and smiled at him then opened her mouth, she licked the head of his cock, then she wrapped her arm around his butt and pulled him closer and took all of him inside her mouth. I was so close to them that I could see the drool running out of her mouth and down her chin as she started bobbing her head slowly up and down on his cock. Jack wound his fingers into her hair and helped guided her. It was so fucking hot watching my wife give him a blowjob but the real question was - would she let him cum in her mouth, she never let me cum in her mouth on the rare occasion that she even relented to give me a blowjob. Good old Jack had taught her a few things.

"Sarah I'm getting real close so get ready to suck it all down!"

I saw her look up with her eyes and just perceptibly nod her head yes. Goddamn she was not only going to let him cum in her mouth, she was going to swallow it too! You go Jack!

"Here ... here I cum! Oh fuck ... oh fuck yesssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Jack yelled a little loudly for being out in the back yard.

I saw his hips jerk forward and Sarah held onto him tightly and he was so deep in her mouth that her nose was touching his pubic hair. I could see her swallowing but she couldn't take all of him and some cum dribbled out the sides of her mouth ... and then he was finally done. He fell back into his chair and was breathing deeply as she moved over to his chair and leaned in and kissed him passionately. I could see their tongues going back and forth and knew that he was tasting his own cum — damn, good for him!

Sarah stood up and slipped off her panties and I noticed that she had saved, probably that morning. She always liked to keep her pubic hair short and today it was almost completely gone. Her labia were prominently engorged with blood and I could even see her pre-cum on the lips — she was ready to fuck, no doubt about it.

"Let me make you cum now Sarah, then I'll be ready again."

"Oh yes Jack, I love the way you eat my pussy, God you're greatest."

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