Almost Divorce

by dangerouslydead

Copyright© 2009 by dangerouslydead

Flash Story: A "cheating" wife tried to subdue her husband. Since this is just a piece of fiction, the impossible happened - the husband was smarter.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Humor   Cheating   Caution  

Warning: The language of this story may be harmful for your health.

I had to do something about it. I just overheard the conversation between my Wife India and her best friend Natasha. The simple conclusion of the call was that my wife was going to ask me for a trial separation to jolt me out of my taken-for-granted attitude towards her. The plan was for me to stay alone at the house so as to understand how much work it entrails and for her to move into a motel nearby. The plan was despicable and I was enraged.

The taken-for-granted attitude of mine was nothing but extreme fatigue from working two jobs. I was working at the local factory as a heavy machine operator and then after hours I was working as a bartender in a local club. Why would I do that, you ask? Because, my wife wanted to live like white collared folks and we had to have the house with the white picket fence and we needed the club and gym membership to meet people.

Why did we need to meet new people? All my friends from high school were living around us and we had a healthy social life with them before we got married. Once we got married, though, the things changed. Now, I am deadbeat by the time I reach home and at the tender age of 28 I felt 40 and perhaps looked 50.

I have to stop here and tell you that that India is not a evil person, she is just vain and self-centered. She can be very loving at times but most of the time she is an evil monster who makes my life miserable.

India confronted me on the breakfast table the next day. "Den, I want us to have a trial separation. I think we need to reassess our priorities. You have become less than appreciative of me and I am not even sure if you are in love with me anymore. I will be moving out for about a month and at the end of the month we will have a heart to heart talk about things."

"Where are you going to stay?" I asked without even breaking a sweat. She was a little surprised at my reaction.

"I will be staying at the motel. I have asked Bob and Sheila and they are ready to let me use a room for a month." My wife used to work at a motel as the check in lady and the owners were a very nice elderly couple who I respected immensely.

"I am not very sure this is a good idea. We haven't even talked about this ever. This is the very first time I am hearing anything about me not loving you or not appreciating you. Are you sure you would not rather talk about this?" I wanted to give it an honest attempt if I was actually lacking as a husband.

"I think it will be best if we talk after a month." She insisted and I eventually gave in.

I called my best friend Suresh and asked him if he could make sure that his wife Aarti could take care of small things like grocery shopping for me and he readily agreed. Actually for the month that went by Aarti took over the household and mothered me to no end. She would take care of my food, the house cleaning and what not. One look at them and I could see where my marriage was lacking. Aarti respected her husband so much that it extended to his friends and her love for her husband showed in the care that she took of his relationships. India was nothing like it. She was domineering and had virtually cut me off from all my friends.

At the end of the month when India walked up the path to the front gate she was greeted by a very nice man who simply handed her a brown envelop and softly said "You've been served." and with a smile he was gone.

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