Night Watch

by DaddysSickSecret

Copyright© 2009 by DaddysSickSecret

Sex Story: Old ladies need the extra care that only I can give them. Note: this isn't NEC or SNUFF but there is a death and sex at the same time.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Water Sports   Scatology   Cream Pie   Hairy   .

I like pussy but more specifically, old pussy. Grandmothers. Great Grandmothers. The young ones don't taste right. The old ones are ripe.

I guess that's why I love my job. I'm the night watch at a Elder Community. I walk around, late at night, making sure the community is secure. Five and a half years and we've never had so much as a car drive by after midnight but the oldies in here feel better knowing I'm there.

They wouldn't, of course, if they knew me.

Take Mrs. Featherstone, for instance. Her meds knock her out. I slip into her unit every night — she's always first. I used to tip-toe around but ever since I broke a glass once and got it cleaned up without her waking, I don't even bother. Her bedroom has one of the security lights outside shining in so I can see just as if it were daylight. She sleeps through me moving the sheet and lifting her nightgown. She wears granny panties, which I find incredibly hot. I usually wack off on them and then find a towel in the hamper to wipe it off with. Then, I move the panties and let my eyes feast on the hairy, wrinkly pussy. I play with the gray hairs for a minute or two and then I finger the flesh. I have to lick my fingers to start because she has practically no moisture left in her body but I love the feel of the loose skin slipping under my fingers, around them, squeezing. By the time I put my tongue on that sweet twat, she's slick from deep inside. At first, I thought she must be faking and was really awake the whole time. But Featherstone snores. She sleeps through the whole thing as I suck that pussy like no tomorrow. She does cum but it's almost like her pussy is dry heaving. I usually stop then. Sometimes, if I'm up again already, I'll fuck her. But usually, I just suck Featherstone.

Mrs. Winick, I fuck. I don't go by her place every night, but when I do, I fuck her. Winick is hard of hearing. Actually, I think she's deaf without her hearing aide. She woke up on me once but she didn't see me so I stayed quiet until she went back to sleep. I only come by her place on the first and the fifteenth. She gets her retirement checks on those days. She'll cash them and stash the money but buys herself a little booze which she hides from the nurses. I make sure she's got a couple hundred in her hiding spot — some of these nurses would rob the poor old thing blind! — and look for empty bottles. If I find them, I take them with me and toss them in the dumpster. I don't want Winick getting in trouble for breaking the rules. Then I bang her. So long as I do it slow and don't shake the bed too much, she barely even twitches. She's got a soft fat pussy and I love the way it hugs my dick. Now, I don't cum in her. I don't want her wondering what happened in the morning. But I do wait until she cums to pull out because she gushes like nobody's business. She's not the wettest but it feels awesome so I stay for it.

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