The Conference Attendees

by Prince von Vlox

Copyright© 2009 by Prince von Vlox

Sex Story: People go to conferences to learn things. Anne, a tech at Hubbard & Associates, learns about her job and her love life at a conference.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Safe Sex   .

Anne Taylor slumped against the wall of the elevator. "I can't believe there's three more days of this."

Jack Bristow, one of the other techs from Hubbard & Associates, grimaced. "Yeah, I know. I wonder if Bob and Gina are back yet."

"Gina said she was going to cut short the exhibit hall and go back to the rooms."

"Lucky her. If somebody had told me conferences could be like this, I wouldn't have believed them. One mind-numbing session after another."

"We were young and naïve. What can I say?"

The elevator dinged and the door slid open. Anne moved slightly, making room for the couple that got on.

"Going to the party?" the woman asked.

Anne shook her head. "I'm going back to the room and straight to bed."

"I'll do that when I get home," the woman replied.

The elevator door dinged again, and slid open. Anne led Jack down the hall. She took out her key card and slid it through the reader. The light turned green, the door clicked, and she pushed it open.

Gina was on one of the queen-sized beds, her legs in the air as Bob put it to her. She looked at Anne and Jack, a happy expression on her face. "Have a good time?"

"Not as good as I'm going to have," Anne said.

She toed off her shoes, dropped her jacket on the chair, and unzipped her pencil skirt. Jack was behind her, helping her with the buttons of her blouse. Reduced to her panties, bra and stockings, she turned and helped Jack remove his clothes. She pressed her hand against his shorts, feeling his eagerness.

Gina made some sort of noise. Anne looked at her. Bob had braced himself above her, and his short, hard, driving strokes had slowed. Gina had arched up into him, her face and the skin of her breasts turning red. Then her legs curled around his thighs and she pulled him down to her.

"I think we should follow their good example," Jack said. His fingers undid the clasp of Anne's bra, and he slid his hands around to cup her generous breasts.

She let him play with her breasts for a minute or so, and then turned and knelt, freeing his cock from its confines. It bobbed in front of her, and she gave its pink head a friendly lick. Then a suck. Then a deeper suck. She felt him reach for her, but she ducked away, sucking his balls instead. Only when she'd sucked each one did she return to his cock. This time she took it all of the way.

She sucked and jacked him until she began to feel him get close. "Uh uh," she said, pulling back. "I have a better place for this thing."

She scooted up on the bed. He hooked his fingers into the elastic of her panties, and pulled. When they were off she opened her legs in invitation.

One thing about the men at Hubbard, they knew better than to rush directly in. He kissed her ankles. He slowly kissed his way up her legs, each time a soft but fiery little kiss. She kept trying to anticipate him, kept trying to encourage him to go all of the way. He paused at the sensitive skin on the inside of her knees, grinned, and then teased her with the tip of his tongue.

She lay back on the bed, letting him do what he would. He played with her nipples, squeezing them, pinching them, pulling them until they were dark red points of feeling. She hadn't appreciated them until she'd started working at Hubbard. The twice-daily sessions in the Break Room had taught her a lot about herself, about what she liked and didn't like to do in bed.

He finally lapped at her core. She groaned her appreciation, pushing her hips up, seeking a deeper touch. He obliged, sinking two fingers into her, moving them just enough to massage the sensitive nerves in her channel.

When his lips descended around her clit she knew he was going to take her all of the way. That idea set loose a flood of heat. She closed her eyes, letting the feelings taker her where they would. She was burning up, and his tongue was pushing her beyond sanity. Twice she clenched, not quite there, but close. And then, suddenly, she knew she was going to. Her body twisted as she ascended that last slope. For one timeless moment she hung there, peaking, and then she was relaxing, breathing, flowing out into a sea of pure pleasure.

"My turn," he murmured, leaving little kisses on her tummy and chest. He sucked her mounds briefly, and then he was nestling his body against hers. She felt his hardness against her thigh, and reached between them to put it in the right place.

He slid into her—she left her fingers there so she could feel his hardness sliding over her—and she gave a happy sigh. The fires she thought had died down were raging again. He thrust home, stoking those fires. She clenched him, using her legs to try and draw him deeper. He'd braced himself over her, and she ran her hands over the strength of his shoulders. She drew him down for a kiss, liking the way it made him stir around in her.

He began to move. She clutched him to her, trying to take all of him into her. The feeling of him sliding into her shook her with each thrust. His chest was pressed against hers, now, and it was like an additional caress. She felt little jolts of electricity that shot from her breasts straight to her middle.

She began to move sharper. She was arching up into him, and he responded by driving his hardness into her in an increasing rhythm. Everything began to blank out, and finally there was just that moment when she soared straight up, bursting into a million pieces.

She came back down, totally relaxed, her breath slowing. Jack had slowed, breathing hard. They grinned at each other foolishly. Finally he dropped a gentle kiss on her lips.

They rested for a few minutes, cuddling, something they didn't get to do very often back at work. And to think, she thought lazily, he isn't even someone I see all that often at work. Girl, you've got to change that!

"Can you go again?" Gina asked. She ran her hands over Jack's shoulders. "Or do you want him for the whole night?"

"I'm a guy," Jack said. "I'm always interested in a little more. Whether I can or not, though, is another question. Anne took a lot out of it."

Anne laughed and switched beds. "Somehow I think you'll get 'up' for the occasion."

Bob dropped a kiss on her cheek. "It sounds as if I'd better improve on his performance."

She laughed. "Yeah, I guess so."

And he did, bringing her to a happy climax that left her glowing. Afterwards she snuggled against him, pulling his arm over her, and dragging the sheet up over their cooling bodies. Now she was glad her boss had told her to attend this conference. And she was going to have three more days of this. She smiled and snuggled deeper against Bob.

Fortunately they figured out a way to open the door between the two sets of rooms. Officially the two girls were in one room, and the two guys in the other, but that wasn't the way they worked it. The only problem they had in the morning was the need to use two bathrooms. Partly that was because Jack and Gina wanted a quick one in the shower.

Anne didn't mind. She and Bob took the hint and did the same thing. Afterwards, as they dressed, it was remarkable how professional and composed they managed to look.

The conference was business attire, so the guys wore nice slacks, sport coats, white shirts and ties. Anne had worn gray the day before. Today—with the weather supposed to be cooling down—she wore a red blouse, a black pencil skirt, and moderate pumps. Gina wore a slightly looser navy skirt and jacket combination with a white blouse.

"Should we meet for lunch?" Bob asked.

"You just want some during lunch," Anne replied with a laugh.

"Well, you probably do, too."

"Guilty as charged, but a vendor is going to treat me. And before you get your hopes up, it's a 'he', and doesn't interest me at all."

"He'd better not," Gina said. "We don't want anyone picking up something from these people. Not all of them are safe. Keep it in the family and at work."

"Words to live by," Jack said. He reached down and squeezed Gina's bottom. "I'd much rather play with this than anything I've seen so far, with the exception of Anne's."

They made their way down to breakfast, and from there split up for the individual sessions. Anne was meeting with the vendor, so Gina felt she had to take care of the boys during lunch. She also wanted some, and a nice little threesome sounded like fun. She liked sucking Jack's dick, and that left Bob to put it to her, something she was never going to complain about. They had enough fun they were nearly late to the afternoon sessions.

The afternoon sessions were long, and the conference rooms freezing cold. Anne stepped out into the afternoon sunshine for a couple of minutes to warm up. Someone she knew from another conference sat on a nearby bench, swinging her legs and letting the breeze blow through her hair.

"Only two more days," Anne said. "Be good to get home."

"I don't know," the other woman said. "I rather like these. Sit by the pool, have a few drinks, and soak up some sun."

"You mean you're not here to get updates on all of the latest packages?"

The woman shook her head. "My company brings in teachers to train us on that. They send us to these conferences as a reward for a job well done." She sighed, staring at the bottoms of a couple of men as they walked by. "Now if I could only meet someone, maybe have a little fling, then it would be perfect."

"Huh. We're here to work. They've got us on the go from breakfast to dinner."

"You poor dear." The woman got up. "Be sure to get some fun and games. 'All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl.'"

"Tell that to my husband," Anne said. She got to her feet and picked up the sample bag crammed with hand-outs. "All work..." She grinned.

" ... does not make Anne a dull girl," Bob muttered. He was lying on the bed, holding his stiff cock up while Anne slowly impaled herself on him.

"So good," she murmured finally. She ran one hand through her dark hair, and the other over her breasts. The she smiled lazily at him. "Am I dull?"

"Not that I can tell." He ran his hands up to her waist, holding her. "And certain parts of you are definitely not dull. These, for instance," he added as he cupped her breasts.

She began to move, aided by his clever little thrusts. She could see people through the window. Even from six floors up their colorful clothing caught the eye. It was the evening, the sessions were over, and now it was time for a little fun.

She glanced down at Bob, and then leaned over and kissed him. "Let's have a little of that 'play, '" she said, and began thrusting herself back on him hard. She wanted to feel all of him, to take all of him, to be completely consumed by him. And she wanted to do it now because dinner was in 30 minutes.

Bob kissed and sucked her breasts, drawing moans of pleasure from her. She was making soft noises each time she hit bottom. The steady slap-slap-slap of their flesh as they joined finally brought Gina in from the other room. She gave them a soft smile and returned to the bathroom where she was primping.

Now matter how much she loved to do it, and how much she loved those times she climaxed—which were certainly a lot more than what her girlfriends reported—Anne reveled in those moments when her passions had peaked and it was just the two of them lying together.

"Out of bed!" Gina called as she came back into the room. She was naked, and bent over, sorting through the clothes. Finally she gave up, toed everything into a pile, and walked over to the closet. She pulled out a red sun dress and slipped into it. Then she gave her hair a few brushes.

"C'mon guys, time for fun!"

"You go," Anne said. "I'll stay here."

Gina pulled her friend off of the bed and pushed her into the shower. "We have 15 minutes before we agreed we'd meet those people from Houston."

Anne laughed softly. She felt hot and loose and all liquidy. She could feel the wetness on her thighs from Bob's spending, and her skin was super-sensitive. She really didn't want anything touching her, but ... She sighed and twisted the handle of the shower.

Twelve minutes later she looked at what she had to wear. After a moment she decided to do what Gina had done. She dropped her underwear back in the drawer, pulled on her sun dress, and began brushing her hair. Make-up and the rest would just have to suffer. This was supposed to be fun, not work.

"That's all you're wearing?" Jack asked as he looked past her to check his own hair.

"Just want to keep you guys thinking," she said. She took his hand, ran it down her bottom, and smiled seductively. "I want you to keep your mind on what's important."

"As if I could think of anything else."

She laughed and led him out the door.

The parties were fun—she flirted with every guy she could see—and she let out all of that pent-up energy later with Jack. The next day was a repeat, though she felt tired and so skipped any noon fun in bed with either of the guys. And that night they went to bed and actually slept.

Sunlight was lighting the drapes from the other side when she awoke. She could hear soft breathing from Gina and Bob's bed. Jack was on his back, and snoring very very lightly. She studied his form, not really awake, but too far 'up' to go back to sleep.

He certainly wasn't like her husband. Alan was taller and leaner, with a cragginess to his face that she liked. She peeled back the sheet. Jack had a flatter stomach, but that was true of almost all of the men at Hubbard. She didn't know what it was, but within a couple of months of hiring in all of the guys began to look like studs. She laughed to herself. The women all toned up and looked knock-out gorgeous, too. It had to be all of the exercise they got at lunch and during the breaks.

She saw his dick lying against his thigh and pushed it. That woke Jack up.

"Whatcha doing?"

"Studying your dick. I don't often get to see one when it's soft."

"It'll be hard in a couple of minutes."

"Would you believe me if I said 'that's all right'? We don't have to do it this morning."

"We have been rather frantic, haven't we."

"Just a little." She rolled his dick back and forth. She felt it twitch, but it didn't seem to grown any larger. "Most girls never get to see one of these things when they're soft. They're rather fascinating."

He squeezed her breast, but it wasn't an arousing squeeze, more of an exploratory one. "And most of the times when I get to touch these, we have something else in mind."

"I've been wondering..." She dropped a kiss on his tummy, pausing to inhale his male scent. His skin was rougher than hers, and there was more hair, but she liked rubbing her cheek against it.

"You've been wondering... ?"

"I've been at Hubbard for three years now, and it's been like my honeymoon, only all of the time. I mean, I like sex, but two and three times a day?"

"It's not what you find anywhere else."

"Well ... true." She scooted up a little and kissed his flat nipples. "I enjoy it, but sometimes I wonder why everyone's like the way they are."

"Only a woman would look at something like this whole set-up and ask questions."

She smiled. "That's because sex, to a woman, is more than just a joining of our bodies."

"You certainly seemed frantic about it last night."

She laughed softly. "I did, didn't I. Okay, I admit it, I like feeling a man inside me. Most women do, though we're not supposed to say that. And I suppose you like being inside us."

"That's one of the differences between men and women," he said. "Guys can admit that sort of thing."

"Except to women, where it's considered sexist or something." She traced imaginary circles on his ribs. "You ever notice there are no sexual harassment complaints at Hubbard?"

"There's no time or place for innuendo," he said. "Not when you can go to the Break Room and get it on." He smiled at her expression. "Hey, I'm a guy. I'm simple compared to a woman."

She sighed and rested her head on his chest. "Yeah, I suppose so."

After a couple of minutes he got up. "Come on, time to get up and at 'em. Only this time, wear some underwear. We're supposed to be IT professionals, not professionals in another sense."

She laughed and let him pull her upright. She was aware of his body and how it felt against hers, but she didn't have that frantic sexual need, either. It was just two people who happened to be naked with their bodies pressed against each other.

That night they had sex, but it was like with her husband, long and slow. He took his time, exploring her body, seeking out her most intimate places, teasing, caressing, bringing her along, but slowing down if it looked like she would go too soon. At the end she clung to him, relaxing as the demands of her body were sated and she was wrapped in his strength.

Gina and Bob seemed to have moved beyond the urgent necessity of getting laid, and were doing a lot more touching and holding. Anne smiled at that. There really weren't any barriers between the four of them any more. The guys were now close friends, not just the sex partners they'd been the first two days of the conference.

The flight back home was long and quiet. She felt tired; too many late nights and early mornings had robbed her of any enthusiasm. She leafed through her session notes, comparing them to the ones Gina had made. Between the four of them they'd managed to make almost every session and seen every booth in the Exhibit Hall.

Alan met her at the baggage carousel. She leaned against him, inhaling his scent, content to have him hold her. And that night he was attentive and thoughtful, respecting her need to be held and cuddled. He'd started getting that way shortly after she'd started at Hubbard. He still was too quick, but she did enjoy the cuddling. The other girls reported the same thing, and one of them had even joked, "There must be something in the air here that encourages that."

She'd missed her two-year-old, too. She bounced Lizzie up and down on her knee, smiling and giggling with the little girl. And when her daughter fell asleep against her that night she had reached out and held Alan's hand.

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