One Drink

by Annabell Church

Copyright© 2008 by Annabell Church

Erotica Sex Story: "It's just one drink" he said, "What could it hurt"? I took his left hand and eased it down the front of my pants in the bar. He could feel how hot and wet she was. He rammed one of those penis size fingers up into her fire burning pussy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Cheating   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

I'm sitting at my computer, I'm hurt, lonely, and bored to tears and it's my weekend off. Then this IM comes popping up. "How are you"? He asked me. "Good how are you doing"? I typed back to him. "Are you busy"? He asked."No, just reading a story", I told him. "Are you doing anything tonight"? He asked me. "No", I said. "Would you like to go out for a drink"? He inquired. "No, I don't think I should", I said.

"Why not"? He wanted to know. " It's only one drink", he said. I sat and pondered for a few minutes, thinking of all the bad that's gone on in my relationship, and how I never did any wrong to that man. All the running around he did on me! I started getting pissed off and realizing that no matter what I say or do, there isn't anything I can think of that will change what once was a fantastic relationship.

"Ok, you twisted my arm, where would you like to go"? I asked. "Really"? He quickly responded. "I know a place". He said. "Ok, sounds great"! I told him. "Where should we meet"? I asked. "I'll pick you up about 7:30". He said. "Ok, see you then", I replied back. "What can one drink hurt"? I asked myself.

I've been sitting in this house for weeks, aside from working all the time, I do nothing, and I go nowhere, ever! I was really kind of excited because I was so fucking depressed and I really needed a night out and away from my home town where no one knew me, and I could just be myself.

I must say mind really started to playing with me, and I started thinking sexually. It's been a long time since I've had sex. Maybe this could be a night of wild passion, something that I really need. I turned off my computer and started to clean my house, you know the morning routine. But the whole time my mind was in the gutter.

I couldn't help it. I knew exactly what I wanted! I was just going out with him for "one drink", remember? And I really had no idea what his intentions were anyway, or if he even had an interest in me. A man spends most of his date wondering, wondering if he's going to get lucky or not, the woman? She already knows!

Time was drawing near; I can't believe how quickly this day flew by. I showered, put on my make-up and did my hair. What to wear for this guy, I thought to myself. I really didn't know what he liked, so I wore something simple. White paints and a blue shirt. Did I mention the twenty nine pounds I lost? I was really feeling good about myself and being naked was not going to be a problem for me, aside from the awesome tan I had gotten the day before.

I had erotic feelings dancing through my body! And horny as hell! My mouth was watering for sex! He picked me up right on time and off we went. "Where are we going"? I asked him. "About a half an hour away", he said. "Ok", I smiled and said. I must admit, it felt a little awkward at first, but I wasn't letting that ruin my night.

We pulled into a parking lot and got out of the car. He paid the parking lot attendant and took me by the hand as we crossed the street to a local bar. It was dark and quiet and only carried a few patrons. We sat down and ordered drinks. It was a much laid back place, which I enjoyed, no punks!

I have to tell you my thoughts were getting real sexual towards this guy. I hadn't eaten anything all day, so my buzz was coming on quickly. We kept staring at each other without words, but, if he could have read my dirty mind, we would have been in that hotel a lot sooner then we were. I knew it was the wrong thing to do, but when your heart's been stomped on so much, you just start to feel numb and you don't give a fuck anymore!

I leaned over and kissed him and I honestly don't think he was expecting that at all, because he looked at me like, "why are you kissing me"? I asked him if he was ok, and he said yes, with a nervous kind of giggle, and he told me, that I was one of the most beautiful women he's ever been out with. "Thank you", I said, and I kissed him again. I could feel his heart beating faster as our lips peeled apart.

You're such a sexy man, I thought to myself. And that was my green light to go! My dirty mind started to race, my body was burning with desire. The more I drank the more I wanted him. I was feeling good and hot! Remember, it's been a while since I've made any kind of love and that's no lie. Shockingly, he leaned over and started kissing me; his lips were warm and his breath so sweet.

I felt my pussy getting hotter. I was so fucking horny. His hands started to slide down towards my ass and he caressed me like I was a fragile piece of crystal. My God, you have no idea how fucking good that felt! We were a little far away from home and I told him he shouldn't drink too much because he had to drive.

"Don't worry about that", he said. "There's a hotel right across the street, we'll stay there tonight, ok"? "Really"? I whispered in his ear, as I slid my hot wet tongue all over it. "Oh yeah"! He whispered back. At this point I was soaking wet and horny? Ha! I wanted him to take me right there!

I started sucking those fat, delicious sensual lips of his, and dam did they taste good! Slowly and passionately, mmmmmmmmm! Is all I could think of. We started rubbing each other in the bar, every part of our bodies. I felt so incredibly good that someone actually wanted me! Dam! Did he make me feel like a queen!

I grabbed his left hand and stuck it down my pants, and his fingers, I tell you, were as big as a fucking penis! I could not believe it! A fucking penis! I don't think he could even believe what I was letting him do to me in a public entity, but I really didn't care what anyone had to say, and that's just me.

His penis size fingers started working their way into my hot, soaked pussy, which was throbbing immensely for him to just ram one of them up into her. I leaned my body up against his. I really didn't care who saw what he was doing to me. He started fingering me fast and hard I thought I was going to pass out right there in the bar, that's how amazing it felt!

I could only imagine that cock of his, slamming into my pussy on a big bed in the hotel. I thought I was going to explode right there in the bar! I made him stop, I really needed to go outside and have a smoke. That's how fucking good he was tearing my pussy up, "with just a finger"! I went outside and lit up a cigarette, and here he came, grabbing me from behind and kissing my neck, and gently squeezing my tits, that really turns me on.

I love any kind of touching, rubbing and kissing from behind. My body was burning; I didn't want to stay at the bar any longer. "Look across the street", he said, "a hotel", as he continued holding me and kissing my neck and face. "Ok, dirty boy", I said, let me call and see if they have any rooms available. "How do you know the number"? He asked me. "Its right up there on the sign", I said. I called the hotel and yes! Vacancy awaited us!

Now, I really didn't want to stay at the bar anymore. I turned around, smiled at him and he smiled right back. "Let's go", I told him. "Ok", he said. He knew, as well as I did that we were going to fuck and suck each other all night long. We went back inside the bar, finished our drinks, left a tip, and walked across the street to get "our" room.

We walked in the front door and up to the reception desk, "Hello", the little Indian man said, "Hello", we both replied. "How can I help you tonight?" "We need a room there Mr. Little"! I, being a buzzed wise ass, said to the little guy. But, he laughed it off. We paid the man and he handed us the key. Room number 8! My favorite number! Holy shit, I thought, this is going to be an excellent night!

My guy gave me a kiss and said he was going to get the car. I went across the street to a 24 hour store an got a coffee for the morning, screw it I thought, I need to wake up to my caffeine, I'll just heat it up in the microwave in the morning. When I got back from the store he was waiting for me by the hotel room door.

"Where did you go"? He asked me. "To the store across the street", I told him. I gave him the key and he led me into what would be one of the most passionate nights of my life! Can you imagine, at the age of 42 and still, have never made love like this? I had to use the bathroom, of course, when I came out he was waiting for me, and he grabbed me by the waist and started kissing me, I mean really kissing me, with those soft suction cup lips of his. "I want you, baby", he said. "I want you too", I told him.

His voice was very low and mono tone, and made me feel weak each time he whispered in my ear, sending chills up and down my spine. His beautiful blue eyes made me feel safe and comfortable. His lips were perfect and I imagined them sucking my out of control drenched pussy. He had the sexiest ass I'd ever seen or touched on a man, it wasn't too hard or too soft, with eye catching muscles in each round cheek. His legs, so strong and extremely sexy, he could probably kick like a mule! He's so hot!

His hair was dark in color, fairly long and soft like cotton. His arms were lean and tight when he made a muscle. He had a tan that made his skin feel like the most expensive silk you could buy. Talk was very spared between the two of us, from the moment I got into his car, until the moment I got out, we more or less gazed at each other all night long, using body language as a guide for our needs.

He kissed me down to the bed slowly, and started rubbing my already rock hard nipples. Then his hands went down the sides of my ribs. "OH MY GOD"! Did I love that! He kissed his way down to my tits. I slid my hands down to his ass and started rubbing and squeezing him, gently. I couldn't wait to feel him deep inside me. Just then he laughed, and I asked him what was so funny. He said. He couldn't believe he was making love me, never mind just hanging out! "Yeah, I thought," I can't believe it either", I told him. "It feels so good to be with someone", I said. As we lay there on the bed just staring into each others eyes.

He rubbed my forehead with his big beautiful hand and told me my skin was soft and sexy. Shyly and slowly he pulled my shirt up over my head. He eased his way into my bra and started slapping my nipple with his fat juicy tongue. At this point all I wanted was that fat juicy tongue slapping the hell out of my untouched throbbing clit, that was about to explode! As hot and horny as I was, I'm surprised I didn't cum in my pants! I took off my bra and I threw it across the room, then down came the pants and off with the panties, which were pink and spelled the word "MEOW" across the ass of them! I wanted to be totally naked for this one!

My body started shaking and bucking like a wild colt being lassoed. I wanted him so badly. He started kissing me and rubbing my fired up hot pussy. I just wanted him to ram me with those huge monstrous fingers, "My God" I thought, if his fingers are this big, I can only imagine the size of that cock he's got packing in those pants. I had to see the size of this guy. I started to pull his pants down and he quickly jumped up to help me. When he pulled those pants off, all I could think of was, "Holy shit"! He is going to rip me apart! I started getting nervous now. He lay back down next to me and started kissing my face. "What's the matter"? He asked me. "Nothing", I told him. I didn't want him to think "I didn't want him", so I thought I'd just go with it. But really, I was worried about him hurting me with that huge cock of his.

Just then he stuck one of those monstrous fingers up inside her, and I let out such a yell; I think the people next door heard me! He laughed and it made me laugh too. It really was kind of funny, it hurt a lot, remember I haven't had sex in a long time, it hurt, and it felt good at the same time. He started kissing my lips and down my neck, then he moved his way down to the middle of my tits, kissing and licking between them.

He ran his tongue all over my nipples and started biting them. I jumped! He's a little too rough, I thought to myself. My body is really sensitive. I wish it wasn't but, it is. He grabbed my hands and held them down as he was still licking and sucking my nipples. I couldn't move no matter what I tried to do, his strength just over powered me and I never felt such an amazing feeling before in my life!

Finally, he let my hands go and started his way down my stomach and into my belly button with his tongue, "WOW" this is fucking incredible, I thought! Am I fucking dreaming here or what? I can only fucking imagine what it's like to really be loved by this guy. I couldn't move. I didn't want to move! I just wanted him to do whatever the hell he wanted to do to me. His tongue just kept rolling around in my belly button!

He started to kiss his way down to my girl, and DAM! Was she throbbing, I thought I was going to cum without even being touched, that's how turned on he had me! He went right past my pussy and down to my thighs and legs, kissing me right down to my feet. He kissed and licked and licked and kissed.

"How are you feeling"? He asked me. "Like the richest woman in the world", I thought. Honestly, I couldn't even describe the way I was feeling because it was so intense! I know that a few tears rolled down my cheeks, because I've never made love like this before and we had only just begun! What kind of stupid woman would ever let you get away, I thought to myself. She must be a pretty dumb broad.

Even after years of being together, I wouldn't let the novelty of this one wear off! I'd of been fucking you all over the house, I thought to myself, even in the back yard! Crazy as it may seem this was definitely going to be one of the best love making nights of my life and I knew it, like I said, it was just the beginning of it all!

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