My Three Ex Wives

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2008 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: I thought I was rid of them.

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I am getting more pussy now than I have ever gotten before in my life and it boggles the mind that it is happening. I have three women who are trying to fuck my brains out. The odd thing is that one time all three of them hated my guts and all three of them, with varying degrees of success, had tried to ruin me. All three of them are ex-wives.

I married Helen in 1956 when I was eighteen and stupid and we were married just a little over seven years. The marriage ended when I came home from work early one day and found her playing hide the sausage with the asshole who was supposed to be my best friend. The divorce was a very bitter one and the custody fights over the three kids went on for the next ten years with neither of us willing to give an inch. Helen usually prevailed because the court system was loaded in favor of the woman even when you could show evidence of bad character. The Helen dropped out of sight and I didn't see her or hear about her for the next twenty years.

Nan and I were married two years after the divorce from Helen was final and that marriage also lasted seven years. It ended one day when I came home and found that I had been replaced by a cult. They called it a religion, but as far as I was concerned the Jehovah Witnesses were a cult of wackos. When Nan could not convince me to join them the marriage was effectively over, the final straw being when she called me a godless heathen. The divorce started out civil enough; we sat down and divided things up, agreed on what I should pay for child support for the two kids and on visitation and then I left it to her to file for the no fault divorce. Then, without telling me, she had a lawyer who belonged to her cult handle it and when the dust settled all the agreements we had made had been thrown in the trash can. Instead of dividing things she took it all. Child support was set at three times what we had agreed on and twice more than I could pay and then the courts gave her the right to use the kids as income tax deductions even though I was paying more than two thirds of their support. And then, to add insult to injury the fucking lawyer managed to get the court to order me to pay his fees. Within three years the kids were begging me to let them come live with me, but the courts wouldn't allow it because once again the system was loaded against men. Even though the kids ran away from home four times I still could not get them. Fights over the kids and treachery during the divorce poisoned what had started out as an amiable split.

Next on my hit parade of bad choices was Susanne. By the time I met her I had made up my mind to never ever get married again. I also made a vow to have no more kids and I had a vasectomy to insure that it wouldn't happen again. Susanne and I lived together for five years before I got weak minded and put a ring on her finger. But I figured that five years of getting along great seemed to show that it could last so we said our I do's and made it permanent. I was working afternoons at the time and Susanne was working days so we didn't see much of each other except on weekends. One Saturday during our eighth year together (three of them as man and wife) I found out how Susanne filled her free time when I wasn't around. "Guess what?" she said, "You are going to be a daddy." I just stared at her for a minute and then I said, "Guess what. No I'm not." Susanne was a little miffed that I hadn't told her about having a vasectomy. She did her best to try and convince me that the vasectomy hadn't taken and that I was the father, but I wasn't buying it. I had a knock down drag out with her dad when he accused me of calling his little girl an unfaithful whore. I told him that I hadn't called her anything of the sort. I only maintained that I wasn't the daddy and that her condition - absent my fatherhood - spoke for itself. Her father hired a high priced lawyer to handle her side of the divorce, but for once I won in court when the lab tests showed zero sperm count and the blood work showed that no way could it have been me.

Last year my oldest daughter decided to get married after living with her boyfriend for fifteen years and having three kids by him. The wedding was the first time I'd seen Helen in almost twenty years and I was surprised to see that she was just as sexy looking as she had been on the day we married. I was just as surprised to learn that she had moved back into town and had been living here for the last five years. Things had not mellowed any between us over the years and except for exchanging frosty glances we kept our distance from each other. Her husband was out of town and didn't make the wedding and the three kids saw this as an opportunity to push mom and dad back together. Even though Helen and I didn't speak we found ourselves being pushed together, shoulder to shoulder, whenever some one wanted photographs of the family. Given our relationship I was somewhat astounded to wake up the next morning with Helen's pussy only inches from my nose and her hot mouth on my cock. I didn't remember getting to the motel; I only vaguely remembered someone bouncing up and down on my cock, and I sure as hell did not remember getting together with Helen. I found out later that the two of us had gotten rip-roaring drunk and our kids had taken us to the motel, put us in a room together and then hoped for the best.

They got part of their wish. Helen and I didn't leave that room for two days. We might have gone three except she had to get home and be there when her husband got there. There wasn't any love or affection involved, just pure unadulterated sex and when we left the motel I never expected to see her again. Two days later I got a phone call from her asking me to meet her for lunch. Having nothing better to do I agreed to meet her and when I got to the restaurant she cut right to the chase, "I've got a room at the hotel across the street. You want to eat first?" The woman was insatiable. She sucked my cock and we fucked. I ate her pussy and we fucked. We went sixty-nine and we fucked and then we started all over again. I think we pretty much accepted the fact that we really didn't like each other, but realized that if we kept the conversation to things like, "Fuck me harder" and "Make me cum" and "Oh yes, oh God yes" that we could get along. Helen and I got together two or three times a week and once, when her husband was out of town for a week I slept with her in her own bed. She made sure that I was fucking her when she took her husbands nightly phone call and I think she got a big kick out of saying, "Yes honey, I miss you too" as my cock was sliding in and out of her cunt.

I didn't have a regular girlfriend at the time, but then I didn't really need one with Helen calling me and asking me to come over and scratch her itch. Then things got wackier. My youngest son graduated from college and his wife threw him a graduation party. Nan and I were both invited - (Abigail, his wife, having assumed that the two of us would at least be civil at our son's party) - and we both attended. Nan was with her husband and it was easy enough to avoid them. The party was fun and everyone was having a good time. About nine o'clock in the evening I went outside to get some fresh air. I walked out behind the garage to get away from the patio and it's lights so I could see the stars better and I was looking up at them when someone walked up and stood next to me. I turned and saw that it was Nan. I started to walk away but she reached out and grabbed my arm and said, "Please, don't go." I stopped and she said, "I just wanted to say that I'm sorry. You were right. They were a bunch of wackos and I am sorry for what I put you and the kids through. I know it is a little late, but is there anyway I can make it up to you?"

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