Not Only Babies Nurse

by Howwee

Copyright┬ę 2007 by Howwee

True Sex Story: Names have been changed. My will be Paul. I was married to Susan. Terry, Robin's husband had been having sex with my wife Susan before he got married with my permission. I got off on it, and figured she couldn't throw stones at me if she was getting laid on the side. I had been trying to get into Robin's pants before she ever started dating Terry. This is the story of how I finally got between those long, previously closed legs.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Rough   Lactation   .


It was a year after they got married that Robin got pregnant. When she got to be about 6 months along Terry evidently lost interest in having sex with her. He was getting enough on the side that it wasn't killing him.

The baby was delivered surgically. A c-section so Robin's pussy stayed nice and tight. Something like another three months went by and they still hadn't had sex. So she's concerned that he doesn't find her attractive anymore or he's getting it on the side. He and I were just getting started drinking one Friday when she called, and the bartender asked who was there Terry said he was because it was still early. This was before cell phones, and the owner would lie for you because you helped keep the doors open.

She told him she was going to her mom's and they were going shopping wouldn't be home until after nine so he could stay out and play with the boys. Great deal for us.

Phone rang a bit later and it was for me. Figured it was my wife asking how long it was going to be, but it was Robin. She wasn't going shopping she needed to talk to me about Terry and didn't know who else to call. I wasn't supposed to tell him of course, and I didn't, although I wasn't looking forward to talking to Robin because I figured I was going to have to lie my ass off.

Told Terry I had to get home and went over to his place instead. When she opened the door she looked like she had been planning on going out. As I found out later she had been planning on going out, but with Perry. This was part of the problem she gets all dressed up, and then sits around the house waiting for him to drag his drunken ass home.

Looking at her was when my opinion of the evening changed. I'd only seen her in a tube top once before. Her tits were just too big. It barely covered them and her nipples were poking out. They were full of milk too. She had on cut-off jean shorts that ended right at her ass cheeks. Her hair was in a beautiful French braid half way down her back and she had make up on. Her sandals were maybe three inches high. The shorts were unsnapped and she had the zipper pulled down about two inches. That was kind of a thing for awhile that teenage girls did, not grown women.

She thanked me for coming over and turned in front of me to walk down the hallway and I started getting a hammer watching her cheeks just peek out from the shorts.

She got me a beer, she wasn't drinking because she was breast feeding her baby.

It started out pretty much the way I figured except I had no idea they weren't fucking.

She'd gotten her figure back with only a couple of stretch marks, as I was to find out later. She said that Terry wouldn't say so but he hated it whenever she leaked milk, and didn't like sharing her tits with the baby.

Bottom line was she wanted to know if he wasn't having sex with her because he was getting laid on the side, or if he just didn't find her attractive anymore.

I lied my ass off. I told her you know he likes to flirt, but as far as I know he hasn't screwed around on you at all, and I'd be the first one to know if he had been.

Don't think she really believed me, but I was doing my best considering that all I wanted to do at that point was fuck her. Got me another beer, while I watch her tits bounce and ass move on top of those long legs. I had a full boner now.

She said that I obviously had found her attractive at one time, did I still think she was desirable. I told her the truth, which was the first time that night. Hell yes. I still think you're beautiful.

More discussion about what she should do, say, act, etc. I really didn't care about any of that but I was playing the concerned friend.

I was on my third beer when the kid started crying. If there ever had been a chance I was going to leave without trying to seduce her it ended when she brought the baby out.

She pulled out one of those milk filled babies and the kid started to nurse. She asked me if I minded. Duh. When she switched to the other tit she just pulled her top down. Now I'm looking at one totally naked breast with milk on it.

She asked me if I'd get a tissue which I did, but when I went to hand it to her she asked me if I'd get it. A priest would have gotten hard. When I wiped it off I squeezed her nipple just a little bit and she moaned.

That was it for me. I'm in sales and you don't close without asking, and she was asking.

I just asked her if she wanted me to suck it to make sure all the milk was out. She acted stunned that I would do that because Terry would have been totally turned off. I didn't even answer just sat down beside her grabbed her tit and brought the nipple to my mouth and starting sucking.

This probably sounds pretty weird you've got a baby nursing on one side and a grown man nursing on the other but I wasn't the one who asked for it she did. She told me how good it felt and if there was any doubt left about where this was headed that took care of it.

Then she did something that to this day still gives me a boner. Said she was uncomfortable and would I hold the baby for a minute. Not exactly what I wanted to do but what was I going to say.

I took the kid who wasn't very happy.

Robin stood up. She took her shorts off. She wasn't wearing any panties and she had pubic hair but it was either clipped or hadn't totally grown back yet.

That's when I saw the stretch marks. Worse then some better then others, but almost no tummy. The best was still coming. She pulled the tube top down to just past her waist and then stopped like it was a skirt. Then she sat back down and took the baby from me.

I'm not often caught at a loss but I didn't know what to do. Here I am sitting next to this huge boobed creature with almost nothing on nursing her kid on one side with a totally exposed white breast on the other.

Robin said I don't think it's quite empty yet. I'm no genius but I'm not brain dead either so I went back at it, and she started to moan again. No longer any pretense at meaningful conversation.

After some more sucking I left her tit and kissed her. Tongue stuff. Then I did what guys do I let my hand wander down to her snatch. It was a pond. My best friend's wife was soaked. When I thought it couldn't get anymore deviant it had. She's still nursing the kid we're making out, and I'm finger fucking her.

I don't know how long it had been since she'd cum but it only took her about 30 seconds.

I thought she was going to drop the baby. The kid was evidently asleep. She said don't go anywhere. Like I was going to. Robin got up to put the baby down.

You know what she looks like Rob. So picture this. She gets up with just her sandals, and tube top for a skirt on and walks away with half her ass cheeks showing and her mammoth jugs swinging back and forth carrying a baby.

It was all I could do not to cum in my pants. I walked into the master bedroom stripped, and was laying naked on their bed with my cock pointing straight up in the air.

They had a king sized waterbed with a huge headboard that had a mirror in the middle of it. Us Wisner boys always refer to the bedroom as the "stabbin" cabin. Hey, we're not poets.

I heard her call my name, and just said in here. She walked in and just stood looking at me for a minute. Said something to make herself feel better like we shouldn't be doing this, and then started to slide the tube top off. I told her to leave it on and her sandals too.

I don't think my cocks any longer then Terry's but it must be thicker. There wasn't any foreplay. I just pulled her onto the bed got on top of her and pushed my cock into her pussy. I didn't have to guide it with my hand she was that wet. If I hadn't had the beers I would have cum in no time. I probably didn't last over five minutes as it was. We came at the same time. I was able to look into the mirror and see her lying underneath me while I plowed her.

She thought we were done but I figured we still had plenty of time to do it again before we had to worry about Terry getting home. Plus I didn't figure I was ever going to get in her pants again so if I could get it up she was going to take it. I wanted her on her hands, and knees so I could see those big milk filled tits swing back, and forth while I took her from behind.

Her tits were leaking milk again so I started to lick and suck on them. After awhile she started to move her hips, and I knew I had her ass. I still wasn't hard. I was aware from talking to Terry that she wasn't crazy about oral but that was her problem. She didn't want to take it. Really didn't want to take it because it had my cum and her pussy juice all over it. I tried the nice guy approach but she kept telling me she didn't do that sort of stuff. She'd nursed her baby on one tit while some guy other then her husband sucked on the other one, and finger banged her snatch to orgasm, but she wouldn't do that sort of stuff. What bullshit. So figuring I had nothing to lose I just started in on her.

"Give me a fucking break would ya? You invite me over here because you're worried about what your husband is doing, and that he won't touch you so I'm supposed to help out. If you'd have had any less clothes on when I walked in you might as well as of had a sign around your neck saying, "Fuck Me." You've already spread your legs now spread your lips, and suck my cock."

I told her that she wanted to get laid, and she knew that I'd do it with a little encourage- ment.

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