Kelli: New Wife And New Mommy

by Tom Land

Copyright┬ę 2007 by Tom Land

Erotica Sex Story: Kelli, a 20-year old new wife and mother, came to work in the same office as Tom. She's nursing her newborn baby, and one morning Tom is confronted by a dilemma that Kelli's having but he's able to help her out with her problem.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Lactation   .


I will never forget that first day I met Kelli. What a sexy young blonde and she was sitting there waiting to be interviewed for a job. It was one of the few times I ever saw Kelli in a dress but she looked great in it. Little did I know what I was really seeing at that moment, but later I found out that I was looking at the very sexy and nicely endowed chest of a young mother about 20 years old who'd given birth to her first baby only about a month earlier. What especially caught my attention was the pretty dress Kelli had on but also that her breasts were at least C-cup and nicely full and rounded but also that she was very pretty and had beautiful blonde hair. I wanted to ask her to stand up and twirl around so I could enjoy all of her but that would have been a bit forward at that moment. Later, when Kelli and I had become much more than just friends and co-workers I'd be able to get Kelli to do that for me -- totally naked.

But, that hot sexy experience was down the road. That first day I felt my cock growing hard in my pants when I first laid eyes on my potentially new blonde co-worker. One thing that caught my attention was that even in the nice yellow dress Kelli had on, her bra didn't seem to fit right. Later I realized that with her newly lactating tits, Kelli was fighting breasts a cup size bigger than they had been and she'd hadn't gone out and invested in new bras. One of our other female coworkers quickly took Kelli aside and they went out and bought her some new bigger bras that took care of her newly enlaged bust, too. I knew the day our mutual friend was taking Kelli bra-shopping and the next morning I could hardly wait to see the results. Wow!!! Cock-hardening because the other young woman had helped Kelli find just the right shape, size and type of bra to suit her lactating and larger than normal tits at the point in time.

It didn't take long after Kelli began working in the same office as me -- the very same office -- that I began to realize that this young wife and mother was truly a MILF -- Mother I'd Love to Fuck. And, Kelli was very open and forthright about her life as a budding sexual teenager before she'd met her husband, got married and then got knocked up with the baby she'd just recently given birth to. I quickly found out that Kelli was a very sexy and very horny young wife and mommy.

One morning when I came to work about 45 minutes early, I actually found Kelli in our office with her bra unfastened in front and of course, her blouse unbuttoned where she could undo her bra. I came in on her unannounced, and there was Kelli sitting there with her bra loose and I was able to see that she had some very nice large tits. My mind had already spent a lot of time imagining what Kelli's large breasts might look like and the rest of her body. Now, I was actually seeing a large portion of her tits.

"Kelli, I'm sorry," I stammered as I started to back out of the office and let her finish whatever she was doing.

"No problem, Tom, you've never seen a young woman with her tits bared in front of you before?" Kelli said in a rather sexy and titillating tone that told me it didn't bother her that I'd come in on her like that and that she actually liked it that I was a bit uncomfortable seeing her tits naked like that.

"Yeah, but normally not when I'm coming into my office at work," I said.

"Well, there's always a first for everything. I was trying to get these damn nursing pads adjusted in the cups of my bra so I don't leak breast milk through during the day," Kelli said.

"Damn shame, Kelli, to have that sexy mother's milk going to waste on a nursing bra pad, isn't it?" I asked, my cock growing very hard from both seeing Kelli's exposed swollen lacating tits but also from us talking about the fact that she was obviously nursing her newborn and trying to deal with leaking milky tits.

"Yes, Tom, it is a shame, but what am I supposed to do? I fed my little baby boy before I came to work this morning and my tits are producing milk so fast that they get full and start leaking through my nursing bra and onto my tops. That's embarrassing," Kelli said as she looked into my eyes for suggestions.

I fought with deciding whether to take Kelli right then and there -- I mean, "take" as in going over to where she was sitting, sliding my hand down inside her pants and throwing her over on the nearby desk and fucking her. That's what I really wanted to do with this sexy young mother and wife who had such sexy hot lactating breasts.

"Kelli, are you saying that you've having a real problem with breast milk leakage?" I asked my sexy blonde co-worker.

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